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Monday, July 6, 2020

Government Officials Globally Expose Themselves and The Big CV-19 Lie - Solid Proof of Trickery!!

Found Here:


  1. Henry Makow@HenryMakow

    This morning, my Uncle went to his knee doctor (in a large well-known city) for a post-op check-up, and his Doctor told him a story...

    "Four colleagues and I did an experiment; we sent in 7 unused tests with fake patient names, and all 7 RETURNED POSITIVE."'

  2. This is a Good spot to ask Wink-wink and others about Anna rambling of the past. To see if you guys can help clarify something for me.

    March 31, 2019: Anna said this:

    The US Presidents boss [the State of State Governors around]. This is because the Governors are in fact running corporate franchises that are ultimately under the President's thumb. [??] See all the information I have provided about the States of States having EINs, TINs, CAGE numbers, and Dunn and Bradstreet ratings as corporations.

    Did she mean the bosses of Donald Trump are the Governors? I read something like this in the Act of 1871. But, Anna rambling got me confused also. If that's true, then the Governors are higher than the US Presidents, Why then would they be interested in running for US president office? It makes no sense. I know the Blue States are very corrupt, the Pacific NW governors wanted to run against Donald Trump.

    I have also heard of the Governors receiving their paychecks from the UN directly. Someone in this group said, so. I was unable to find the poster.
    Any way, Thanks for your clarification.

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  4. Please check this video out

  5. This is THE video to share with still skeptical members of family, friends and correspondents, and neighbors. Old news worth another cycle! At one minute, you get the gist of it. By three minutes, you have an accurate grasp of the scope of skulduggery. By the end, you'll have a sense WHY many resisted increasingly centralized ownership, and CON-Troll, of all mass media, multi-nationally!

    You get closer to realizing there are Master Minds afoot, the playwrights and script writes hired by Power$ That Be. It's that monstrous CONs' Piracy you keep hearing about. Plain as the nose on your face -=- in fact, in your face!!

    So, WHO FED the subservient newscasters (!) and obedient politicians and dutiful bureaucrats their talking points??

  6. Greg Rubini@GregRubini

    The CIA playbook:
    - Egypt & Tunisia 2010 - riots & Coup
    - Libya 2011 - riots & Coup
    - Ukraine 2014 - riots & Coup
    - USA 2020 - virus, riots & looting - & Coup attempt

    2010 >> 2020 - same playbook

  7. ALL LIES! Research who is feeding the news media and make some arrests! We are being played like a Fiddle, and I'm not going to take it anymore! No Mask, NO Vaccines! Blow up the LABS!

  8. Everyone I posted about the 33 11 and 22 and Paul removed it. Yep I can see it now that this websight is tainted and does not promote free speech what was wrong with me saying 22 11 33 33 22 11? It was in the video you posted Paul. I am done with this pretend to be friends and asking for us to help you out buy from me etc this websight is a joke

  9. Corona- Crown
    19- Slaughter
    33- Come- ◄ 33. age ►
    Strong's Concordance
    age: come!
    Original Word: ἄγε
    Transliteration: age
    Phonetic Spelling: (ag'-eh)
    Definition: come!
    NAS Exhaustive Concordance
    Word Origin
    imper. of agó
    NASB Translation
    come (2).
    Is it a coincidence that the opposites are happening? God is calling saying come, and the world is calling, Come to the slaughter.
    This is the choice.


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