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Thursday, June 25, 2020

URGENT ALERT! Oxygen - Deficient - Atmosphere!!

Found Here:

If the Oxygen test in this video is legit, the implications of what all the MANDATORY mask-wearing directives will lead to are HORRIFIC. Tonight I'm covering something via livestream that you are ABSOLUTELY NOT gonna wanna miss!!


  1. The Government (service corpo.) is the killers, liars, and deceivers. The want people dead in order to avoid paying back, for our debt they owe. That's correct 21% oxygen is normal rating, I checked it myself all the time in 2005 - 2009 we had plenty, now less? So, they monkey around. Go get them people.

  2. My friend in Anchorage Alaska posted a test she performed on her twitter page. Her pulse oximeter went from 95 to 88 while wearing a mask. Do you see the reason for the forced mask wearing? It causes oxygen deprivation - the same deprivation caused by the virus and exacerbated by 5G. China was a beta test of this "kill system". Now imagine someone whose oxygen level is lower than normal due to conditions like COPD, emphysema, asthma. Forcing those people to wear masks is a death sentence. Why; because if they don't die from passing out and fracturing their skull, the hospital will immediately place them on a ventilator (because that's protocol for breathing issues)and kill them. Check out the China videos where people simply fainted and died for lack of oxygen.

    I have my own pulse oximeter with out a mask it was 95 with a mask in 5 minuets I was at 88 I stopped it because I want to breath. Ok I took a snap shot of both:

    1. Two Cell Tower Workers Shot and Killed in Florida – Suicide Ruled Out. The People Know....

  3. Sweden - No Masks, No Problem....

    jon kirby@jonkirbysthlm
    No abnormal in Sweden, no masks and life as before, this is Stockholm the “hardest” hit area. Please RT if you don’t want New Normal in your country or state as it’s important people see how it can be if you allow true science to make your decisions #nonewnormal

  4. James Perloff Retweeted
    It started as a virus, and has mutated into an IQ test #coronavirushoax #coronavirusplandemic

  5. My God the earth has officially become the "Planet of the Freaks"

    People in Lincoln County Oregon elected a male who has a penis but dresses and identifies as a woman....who also happens to be a racist because he hates the white race. And you people in Lincoln County who elected this "whatever" believe this guy is a good fit for public office and doesn't have mental health issues...amazing.

    Henry Makow@HenryMakow Planet of the ??? John 8:32
    “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

    Meet Clair Hall, formally known as Bill Hall. This is the commissioner in Lincoln county, Oregon who mandated that face masks are required, but only if you’re white.

  6. I just would like to know if any of this information is going to the White House? President Trump? The CDC?
    Send this information to the head of the Republican party, and other Conservative video channels to get the word out.


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