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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

For the Hawaiians and All the Ans

By Anna Von Reitz

I've been getting quite a bit of push back from various people, especially tribal leaders who think that they are so special and so unique, that they should be "more equal" than others. 

Some Hawaiians think that they would be better off with a monarchy and a Kingdom of Hawaii, despite the fact that their last Queen sold their land out from under them --- which should give them all pause and time to think -- hey, wait a minute. 

Maybe we would be better off if we do the work and govern ourselves using our existing State Assembly?  

What a concept.  Self-governance.  Self-determination.  Being responsible for your own assets.   Whoever came up with that? 

We did. 

Europeans, Mandans, Mendotans, Mohicans, Lakotans, Athabascans, Canadians, Scandinavians, and yes, Hawaiians and Japanese are all part of the same family --- the Armoricans, transliterated as "Americans".  

See the common language and family identifier in the language?  The suffix "an" refers to the children of "Anu" and "Ana" ---- that's your family and your tribe.

We have people of many colors in our family and our tribe, much as you might have black, yellow, and chocolate colored Labrador Retrievers, and they are all still Labrador Retrievers.  Our people circle the globe and occupy approximately 30 degrees North Latitude to the North Pole. 

They are all descended from common ancestors.  So you can just stop all the "Native Pride" ideas, because there is literally nowhere else or better for you to go, and nothing stopping you from having control of your State. 

Do your job and learn the ropes of populating and operating your State Assembly and you will have all the power and property rights you could ever want---- and not be subject to the whims of a quite possibly despotic or irresponsible monarchy.

We are only now realizing how inter-related all these various people are, despite external and cultural differences that have developed since the last two Ice Ages, when we became geographically isolated from each other and developed along many different paths.

When you see the letters "an" you have found kinsmen and brothers, however separate and different they may now appear.

And they are all "Native" to these lands, whether they are Siberian or Mongolian or Scythian or Egyptian or Lebanese or Jordanian or Cuban or Iranian or Syrian or Korean or Russian or German or come from the Isle of Man or stem from the ancient Franks....or Welshman or Irishman or Scotsman or Englishman.... or Alaskans....or Mexicans....or Nigerians or Cambodians.... or Indians or Africans....or Mandarins.... or Polynesian....

Now that you finally see it, you can't "unsee it". 

The Truth has been staring you in the face since Second Grade, but somehow nobody clued you in.  You never noticed or thought two seconds about the mysterious appearance of those two letters in the names of people and nations scattered all over the globe --- but think about it now.

These are all your long-lost relatives, whether black, red, white, or yellow, whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or Wiccan--- and you must come to see and realize that and take it to heart as we settle the World Trust.


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  1. There was a time when our ancestors called the new arrivals "our little brothers from across the sea", but clash of cultures ensued. "Native" is too close to the word "Nativus" which means a born serf or villein - Black's Law. Is there some other definition we could all share?

  2. Exactly where can one find the factual documentation to back this statement up?
    "...despite the fact that their last Queen sold their land out from under them."

  3. Queen Liliuokalani and the monarchy were overthrown by white businessmen, sons of missionaries. At the time all people of all origins living and working in Hawaii were citizens of the Kingdom of Hawaii. It is a long and complicated matter. I don't believe there is any likelihood of ever restoring the state back to the the time of the overthrow. I think the best interests of the Kanaka Maoli ( native Hawaiians) is to become a State National and get involved in the State Assembly of Hawaii. BTW the queen did not "sell the land from under them". That was done through previous royals and land grabs by the whites. Thanks...

    1. Anna in the coven wiccan way, revising history to her usage, but not Truth:

      "Some Hawaiians think that they would be better off with a monarchy and a Kingdom of Hawaii, despite the fact that their last Queen sold their land out from under them --- which should give them all pause and time to think -- hey, wait a minute."

      Queen Lili'oukalani husband was a 33 degree Mason. She received the jewel of Mystic Shrine from General Powell who was the Grand Commander in the Western Jurisdiction. When she met with Hon. Daniel Nash Morgan, the Treasurer of the United States, he asked her for its history...

      Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen, Charles E. Tuttle Company, 6th printing, 1972 414 pages total. Newer versions have many less pages & may be edited.
      ISBN 0-8048-1066-4

  4. Buzzy, most of your response is what historical archives support & what I believe to be the facts. Hence my question to AVR for the basis of the "sell the land fromm under them" claim. It is an entirely baseless therefore inaccurate statement, unless AVR knows something we don't. After the overthrow of the kingdom govt, much the same happened to Hawai'i as happened to America's govt because it happened to America's govt. Of which Hawai'i was deemed a part of.

    I still believe the Kingdom govt should be restored to truly set things straight but, sadly, I must agree that what the best course of action is after all that has transpired over the years is to ally with the American states assemblies for strength against any would be agressors & the safety of all of Hawai'i & people.


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