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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Vodafone CEO Reveals the Deception

Found Here:


  1. This is not a viral pneumonia....something else is Killing peoples...5G is def a does have flu like symptoms Radio frequencies as 1918 and now 5G yes cell poisoning BUT>>>but the pathogen that that Chinese doctor had and died or a pathogen and somehow was released .....and attacks the ventilator will save u (some are lucky) >>IS IT IN THE AIR??? this pathogen is it a scam and now used as this flu covering up 5G?,,,,,,my thoughts thanks

  2. Well the government is rarely honest about anything!!!!

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  4. What’s taking place is beyond sinister and evil. We are definitely living in extraordinary times. Turn of the HELLAVISION(TV), get rid of Facebook, Instagram, Porn, Video, Games, etc, time to clean house. If you watch TV and mainstream media you will not have eyes to see and ears to hear. Dear Heavenly father I pray in the name of Yeshua you would stop these evil government leaders and the 1% of the 1%, let the traps that they have set for the innocent be their own demise. Father in heaven I pray that all men, and woman repent and turn to you. Wash us with your blood, and save us from our revolting flesh. May God be with you all, Noah preached for a 100 years before it rained and we’ve become so immune to these false flags and boy who cried wolf, that many will not see it coming. On the bright side Jesus(Yeshua) is coming back again!!!!! For more info on 5G check out the Fullerton Informer,

  5. This is just like no other than 2012 end of the world hoax. Making big deal out of 5G. It's really stupid truly and non sense. Covid 19 can be transferred human to human and it didn't start within.


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