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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Prince of the Air and the Rupture of Time Lines

By Anna Von Reitz

The Bible calls Satan "the Prince of the Air" --- because his original domain was the air, the realm of ideas and beliefs and sound. 

Since his fall from grace, however, I tend to think of him as the Prince of Hot Air ---- the Author of All Bushwah, the Doctor of Bunk, the Grand Master of Horse Hooey, Father of All Lies, Perpetrator of Fiction. 

Having lost his grip on the air, the realm of true ideas and beliefs, he was "cast down into the sea" ---- the dominion of international trade and Admiralty, that has, of course, been infected with his disease. 

A lie is any departure from the truth. 

At a very basic level, it doesn't matter why a lie -- a departure from the truth -- exists.  A lie is separate from and is set apart from the truth, like a waste by-product.  This is what the Refiner's Fire in the Bible is about: the process of separating truth from lies and casting aside the impurities and dross.  At the end, we emerge from this process in a state of purity and truth and there is no longer any fault in us.

Okay, so that is where we are all headed -- ultimately.  We all undergo this process of being refined like gold, melted in the heat of misery and the joy of exultation, raised up and cast down, milled through our lifetime experience, learning from our mistakes, observing what we are here to observe, testing karma's cause and effect, bit by bit "eating" the bowls full of our sins, until we have no more sins left.

In this process, we are all ashamed. 

We all fail the tests we are given.  Not just once, but over and over and over.
We don't learn important lessons from only one perspective. We have to do the full monty and learn "the all of it", which means we all play all of the different roles and taste all the variations of experience. 

We are the oppressors and we are the victims, we are the true loves and the jilted and the cads, we are all forced to play all the roles there are, until we know and are able to recognize them -- and not just from the perspective of knowing what the role is, but from the perspective of having been there, played "it", and taken home the experience.

We all have the soaring moments when we go over the top and pass the test with flying colors.  And we all have the moments of truly epic failure, when we betray our highest selves and everyone else in the theater.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. 

But what all this is leading to, is being able to recognize and be part of the Truth.

Think about that.  The Truth. 

Satan's realm is the realm of Make Believe. It's the realm of images and fakes, falsehoods, and vain imagination. 

Pornography is a good example of what Satan is about.  We see images on the page, and we know that they are just images on the page, but we react to the images just the same.

Money is another good example.  Objectively, we know that what we carry around as money is just paper or little rounds of metal or even a plastic card. It couldn't possibly be more fake or arbitrary, but we use this "symbol" to buy and sell things.  Sometimes we even sell ourselves.

Again, as with pornography, money is fake, and we all have cause to know that it is fake, but we react to it as if its real.

Are you seeing the pattern here?  We are delusional.  Tricked.

Some of us are so far gone as to believe that living people can be redefined as "Special Purpose Vehicles" and go around talking glibly about "SPVs", as if these constructs of their imagination are real. 

A similar process happens when they wander around with a clipboard and "assign street numbers" to property that belongs to others, and then use the street names and numbers to claim an interest in that property. 

It's all batshit crazy when you realize what they are claiming--- and the basis for their claims and actions.  It's complete Looney Tunes with Ding Dongs on top.

These basic "functional irrationalities" and their proliferation is causing a non sequitur response in our brains, a sort of unconscious alarm bell, and, along with that, a vague sense of anxiety and unease. 

At the edge of our consciousness, we know something is wrong, but we aren't stopping and focusing on it long enough to perceive what is causing the alarm buzzer. 

It's like the fire alarm went off, we look around, there's no smoke visible, so we ignore the alarm, turn it off, and go back to sleep.

The accumulation of lies ---and of liars---  continues as a result, until we need hip waders to read the newspaper. 

Under such conditions, it becomes a desperate effort to sort through what is true and what is false, and our sense of reality becomes both schizophrenic and increasingly subjective.

You can see this bifurcation of reality in the political dialogue going on in this country.  

In the world of Democrats, Joe Biden is a leader, even though he's a crook.  Government control of everything and everyone is desirable as a moral imperative. Mountains are made out of rock candy. Taxes are good because they support welfare programs and kickbacks. And anyone who doesn't agree, is The Enemy.

In the world of Republicans, leaders are cat herders. Government control of everything and everyone is necessary to maintain coercive power. Mountains are made out of minerals to be exploited or cashiered away, so that no competitors can exploit them. Taxes are good--- so long as you can avoid paying them yourself.  Anyone who doesn't agree is The Enemy.

This is what happens when "truth" becomes subjective and logic is overcome by self-interest and fear.

As our mental playing fields polarize and diverge, a predictable rupture in our common experiential reality occurs.  We are no longer living together mentally or emotionally, so physical reality begins to unwind, too.

All sorts of weird things start to happen.  We start observing the Mandela Effect, on top of all the other confusion.

Books no longer say what they used to say.  Roads disappear.  Landmarks change. Dems are Republicans and Republicans are Democrats.  Cats start acting like dogs and men start acting like women.  You start seeing newscasts from the future.  Literally.

You will assume that it's a typo when, on March 31st of 2020, you read a newspaper article about something that occurred in September of 2020, but what you are seeing is the Mandela Effect. 

The news story is appearing in the "now" of this time line, but it is being projected from a future standpoint.

You, poor sod, can't tell if you are living through a zombie apocalypse or the promised resurrection. 

Powerful magnetic forces start to hum and buzz, and the magnetic pole starts to "walk" toward Siberia as oxygen in the atmosphere is hyper-energized by 5G transmissions and also thereby depleted in the usable form we need as biological organisms.  Oxidation is disrupted at a cellular level and toxic waste products build up. 

Soon, we are sick, but we don't know the cause.  Is it a new bio-engineered form of the flu, or radiation sickness caused by oxidative and electrical stress?

With the Mandela activated, who knows?  Anything could happen.  

Just as we, ourselves, go through a refining process to know the Truth and to become the Truth about ourselves, the world around us is being sorted out. 

The lies and delusions of many centuries are being brought to light and burned away, and as most of this mental world we live in was founded on self-interested lies and willful delusions, it should not surprise us that this process of revelation is causing huge disruption.

The important take-home message is that the Truth is the only thing that matters at the end of the day, and all this disruption is taking place for your good, so that the lies are weeded out, and the glorious truth shines through.

Let it be, and be at peace, and keep your Shinola Sensors set on "High". The Prince of Bunk won't give up without a fight.  


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  1. Anna , this just may be your best post yet , AMEN Sister !!!!!!!!

  2. Anna........this is a great post! I am reposting where I an!

  3. I was just thinking using my brain and image files, logic and anylyzing feature or my multi-dimensional self to take a look at the paltry smallness created for "the public". I though it strange that almost all of the small airports have been collected up in to the governments public properties and most if now caught up in old UN orders concerning the closing of these small airports ( clue is that now the are public property and one law still is that governments only exist to protect the public) Basically it appears now that these small airports people loved to go to and simply hang around with friends, have some coffee, perhaps go flying and later private owners hosted dances and good times to be had. But know we are told these people things, are non-essential. Anything still open are large, and the corporations, municipal airports made into jet and large plane centers for the wealthy so a few still open if "essential" Signs around saying "the public" is ordered to stay home, close their businesses, and if needing anything the essential services will take care of them. Like one lady tested positive and spent some time in the hospital then upon being OK and not treated with any special corona medicine got a bill for 34,000 dollars. Oh well she should get 1200 dollars to help out. Municipals kept upping taxes on many of these popular bustling airports and finally the owners staying on till in rags had to close down and due to essential needs the municipals took possession of the airport, often selling to real estate tycoons who put urbanization in and established essential things like Walmart, corporate policy officers to collect fines from anyone they could threaten enough and sell it in the news as an improvement over the previous things like happiness, sharing, love and just living life all of which are non-essential we now find out. And since we allegedly agreed to trade in our being americans who are the employers of such governments for services like stabilizing economy between states and a few other public needs. So with the trade what were considered people are now considered public and public is that area that so called government claims as its property. US citizens, being a kind of property that they are must be cared for, vaccinated, used in all kinds of tests and observations and reduced to the most simple form for easy management. So why to I trust plants and seek knowledge from them and the few that are using their hearts and are not brain only. It would surely seem that following Sir Isaac Newtons math and Louie Pasteurs' bacteria theories and pals who sold the first poisons to kill the theoretical bacteria said to be the cause of all disease. Claiming that people mostly peaceful who lived in tall trees, plants and forests and large grassy lands were savages and once properly enslaving all things animals, plants, animals and people then assigning a money value not to mention how many had to be killed off to get such an insane thing going. Plants and nature speak the truth, their are no lies within it, no plan other than to supply us with essential needs and just be love. People must think nowadays about what love is, how it works as far as science has found out and bundle it all up in linear school flat thinking compartments viewing the heart as a mechanical pump only rather than the amazing multi-dimensional sensing device that connects us to everything with meanings. Gotta wonder why big plans to put in a fake network around us when we already have our own that is simply really rusted up, feels hated and not wanted for much of anything other than what was learned about them is schools ( actually the training centers already here for centuries) and growing into a menace getting people to push no-essential feelings down in side them where they fester trying to get out. Like one old fellow loudly announced upon coming in to a hardware store ( fortunately counted as essential) "Don't fence me in"

  4. I second you, Len, this is a great post, and God Love you, Anna, for your bravery and strength to stand against this tyranny in these times of great change and transformation. I so respect your integrity in telling it how it is, the TRUTH of this insaneo world we are living in now.

    I am in the process as well of sending these decree's over to these EGO maniacs.

    I will quote a Christed being walking on our planet today:
    All the lies the Mind conjures to create an illusionary external physical world. "These thoughts are all clouds that will come and go in time, this temporal world will come and go. But the Supernal being within is infinite no beginning no end, been here before the snake trickster mind created all these EGO delusions".

  5. Stand straight and firm for we are surrounded by the devil and his snakes. Living in america has changed drastically to say the least.

  6. For anyone who is familiar with Jimmy Dore, he is a very smart alt-media guy, who incorporates it into a comedy routine. He was previously associated with the Young Turks and Cenk Uygur. He regularly speaks to Dylan Ratigan who was a regular on MSNBC as a market commentator. Anybody who knows MSNBC will know that it is about as establishment as it gets.

    In this interview, Dylan so upsets Jimmy Dore that you can almost see the blood drain out of Jimmy's face on this one. Very gripping interview but I agree that the criminals were going to use this opportunity which is a liquidity crisis at its core, to setup another heist. That is why this virus psy-op had to be done the way it was to crush everything and to buy distressed real estate at fractions of the current value in a deflationary scenario.

    Worth the time to listen, and I can't say that about much these days. Watch Dylan's meltdown from 10 years ago at the end to see what Jimmy was referring to when Dylan said he took the first crisis 10 years ago.

    1. Will, Yes, I found Jimmy Dore a few months ago...funny guy.
      By the way, Trump supported the "stimulus" bill that screwed Americans and particularly Americans out of work - sad.

      Jimmy Dore@jimmy_dore
      "Here’s what’s coming to America after your leaders sold you out with a 96-0 vote to keep you poor & in the service of the Corporation." Caution, some profanity.

      Italians don’t have any money for food, so they’re taking it. Government responds with military not aid

      Hoards Of Hungry Italians Storm Groceries Stores!

    2. Ready, if you see from the same video, Jimmy was visibly crushed that Sanders folded and sold out the public, and Trump too as you noted. Humpty Dumpty was obviously pushed into compliance, or as someone said, figured that if they didn't fold they would be "JFK'ed" which would surely have been the case.

  7. Tacoma Washington the military is moving a lot of brown Conex containers through out the city here in Fairbanks Alaska is pretty normal for now but what are in those Containers though how do we go about fighting this MoronVirus expose if for what it is a complete sham cause the more i talk to sheep the more distance they want to get anyhow i have few family members that are awake an see the deception were under an want to correct there poltical status also i still have to correct mine an lay claim to my Christian Name an lay claim to all the straw man names also Thank You.....Anny Von Reitz for everything as soon as i get ahead ill start donating to the cause hopefully can get back to work an out of this crazy virus .

  8. I can't help but wonder if this virus psy-op and the plan to steal trillions from taxpayers to bail out banks was part of the planned reaction to increasing public exposure of their tricks by Anna in particular, but also American Intelligence Media (AIM) and others. I know there is some question over AIM's credibility with Douglas being an "ex-Jesuit" or Jedi or whatever. Michael McKibben is not an ex-jesuit as far as I know, and he seems like a solid guy. But you know what? Who the hell knows, this is war?

    The important thing to realize is that the criminals involved were not about to give up their positions, and in this case they have launched a preemptive strike against anything the legitimate government of America (vis-a-vis Anna's claims) might have had in mind.

    Now as Anna implied in this particular post, it ain't over until the creator decides it's over, this is first and foremost a spiritual conflict that translates into the physical here and now. We have never had the opportunity to be more educated than we have been in the last years with all the info available on the internet. The decree that Anna published is public notice and I think she is still confident that this can be done without a bloodbath, but historically there is some precedent otherwise I am sorry to have to suggest. We need to stay smart enough to always remember to not turn on each other as they hope we will do, and keep sight of who the real target should be.

  9. Thank you Anna.

    The good news is, I see the ending coming to the "(British) American Bar Association" as well as the Vatican Empire. Not immediately, but less than 9 years.

    Since 2007, the BAR Ass. roam the world and many States, charging little countries to write Legislation Codes, to help little countries defraud their own people.

    They use 2+ professional ID's, with strong appearance; pretending to be someone real and powerful, acting as "able leaders".

    Uranus is shaking up their false Identities right now, for the next Six years, to let go their Deceptions, and Scamming habit.

  10. This Huge Jewish Finance Firm Just Took Over the US Treasury and Fed (Blackrock, Transcript + Audio) Mon, Mar 30, 2020
    About the FTN and TRS podcasts:

    FTN and the other podcasts on the TRS podcast platform have become required listening for anyone serious about understanding American politics. In a highly professional and competent manner, they analyze topics, including Jewish influence, that others won't.

    Oh lookie, they know its JEW.
    Anybody see where Mnuchin is wearing an ankle bracelet? The perfect JEW'lery.

  11. Just what on earth did those JEWS have in mind?

    30 Groups Release Letter to Fed Raising Concerns Over ...
    March 27th, 2020: Today, signaling concern over the Federal Reserve handing public money to a private corporation, 30 groups sent a letter to the Fed raising critical questions over the recently announced deal with BlackRock to handle the new multi-billion dollar debt purchasing programs on behalf of the U.S. central bank. The letter cites potential conflicts of interest, lack of transparency …

    The letter points out that BlackRock was also hired after the 2008 financial crisis, and while the asset manager profited massively from that, the American people never fully recovered. As a 2017 New York Times analysis found, while the average American household was still thirty-per-cent poorer, in net worth, than in 2007, the top ten per cent of households were twenty-seven per cent wealthier than before the crisis."


    1. Hoarding Brooklyn jew can't help but make a few shekels! Don't worry he'll plea insane & get off, OR Trump will commute his sentence. NOT FIELD MCCONNELL, oh no, he's White!

      Brooklyn man accused of lying about hoarding medical supplies, coughing at officers - A Brooklyn man has been accused of lying about hoarding medical supplies and of coughing on police officers, officials announced Monday.
      Baruch Feldheim, 43, was arrested over his alleged large supply and illegal sale of surgical masks, medical gowns and other medical supplies. He also was charged with assault for allegedly coughing on FBI agents while saying he had COVID-19, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced in a release.
      Feldheim allegedly sold medical supplies, including N95 respirators, to doctors and nurses at an inflated price.

      Jared Kushner's Family Is Cashing In With The Coronavirus ... - Jared Kushner's family is making a ton of money off of the Coronavirus, and they see a lot more in their future. Kushner's brother owns a health insurance company that is setting up testing centers for the disease, and they stand to make a hefty profit off of the pandemic. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins […]

      Chabad jew Yael (aka Ivanka) wants a DARPA type health hub to help with our health concerns?? Wow, such subtle brilliance. And Jared can help, so can his brother, & Soros too??


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