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Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Private Indemnity Bond, the Church, and the Broken Spell

By Anna Von Reitz

I received an un-marked communication asking me for a copy of the Private Indemnity Bond that I lodged with the Treasury; it must be understood that it is "private" only in the sense of being on the private side of the Treasury Ledger, and is in fact available for anyone to research at the United States Treasury by Bond Number.
What it says is that I and others including Witnesses who have established the fact that unlimited credit is owed to us, have indemnified (that is, underwritten) the States -- meaning the actual States --- to do mercantile business and to insure them against loss.
To do this effectively, we placed liens first upon the assets of the National Credit, and then upon the assets of the Municipal STATES OF STATES and then upon the assets of the Territorial States of States, and rolled all of that into the Federal State Trusts. After that, we brought it all full circle and returned the Federal State Trusts to the actual Union, The United States, and The United States then returned assignment of the international "Powers" to our unincorporated Federation of States --- The United States of America.
The indemnity bond is necessary for the Federal State Trusts to be liquidated and for The United States of America [Unincorporated] to do international business. Similar to owning a car, the Ship of State must be insured and underwritten when it conducts international business.
In the same way, The United States of America takes precedence as the Priority Creditor in "international waters" over all Delegated Authorities (the Queen and the Pope) and also over all Federal entities (including all US Corporations, States of States, and so on).
Basically, the people (The United States) possess it all-- the whole shooting match, in sum total--- and the People acting as State Citizens in behalf of their States together operate The United States of America to serve the people.
Those operating in an international capacity serve those operating in the national capacity.
This is so that local rule cannot be overcome by any foreign effort to imperil national security and suborn it through control of global or international levels of government.
The lawful tradition we honor prevents exactly what is going on right now, where Globalist criminals and self-interested internationalists are attempting to take over all the countries of the world through the simple device of owning and operating government services corporations--- misdirected and evil corporations which the Pope is refusing to liquidate even though he is obligated to liquidate all such THINGS that operate in a criminal manner.
Corporations are only allowed to exist for "lawful" purposes, not "legal" purposes, a fact that Pope Francis and Company have clearly never learned, have forgotten, or chosen to ignore.
Chief among those offending corporations are those of the City of Westminster and the Bar Associations and all their associated accounts. Next are all the offending Municipal CORPORATIONS of the United States and all the other countries that have been abused by this "system" in which persons are treated as public properties.
Thus the liens are secured for the benefit of the living people of each State and for the State in terms of any property entrusted to any Federal State Trust or State of State organization's holdings, and the people in turn indemnify the operations of the States and The United States of America in their behalf.
The assignments had to be done in this peculiar fashion thanks to the obstructions that the Perpetrators placed in the way of the lawful governments, but the plain and simple fact of it is that the way our government is constructed, as long as there is an American breathing on this planet, our government lives.
I am not putting the blame for all this on rank and file Catholics and as everyone knows, I have done more than my share to attempt to raise the conscience and the consciousness of the Roman Catholic Clergy, but the facts remain:
1. Incorporated "commercial" entities are all ruled by the Roman Curia within the Roman Catholic Church;
2. As they created these business structures, they are responsible for riding herd on them and making sure that they cause no harm;
3. They have thus far failed this critically important social function and let the corporations, especially those that they directly own or benefit from, run wild;
4. They have directly supported "operant programming" that is highly immoral through investments in organizations that target young children, like Disney, which is now owned by George Soros, and the illegal Federal Department of Education that Jimmy Carter used to dumb down four generations of Americans;
5. They have supported a worldwide program of chem-trail spraying that impacts every corner of the globe except Vatican City, which always makes sure that the chem-trail garbage is not spread on their soil and in their air;
6. They have condoned sexual abuse within the Church, among the Clergy, and among the members, and taken such a lax stand against it that chronic repeat offenders have been allowed to continue their activities with the protection of the Church;
7. They have taught a form of cannibalism as Doctrine of the Church by the adoption of the notion of "transubstantiation" teaching that communion wine and bread actually magically transforms into the blood and body of Jesus;
8. They have insinuated their operatives into over 700 of the largest corporations on Earth to form a criminal syndicate controlled by a massive Interlocking trust directorate;
9. They have planned to liquidate all the actual national governments and add two new layers of "corporate government" --- both regional government and United Nations Government, on top of the very lucrative corporate "governmental services corporations" they have in place, and to burden the people down with the expenses of their betrayers and oppressors;
10. They have allowed the pernicious teachings of idolatry and usury to run rampant and unopposed and have attempted to hide these issues "under the rug" and keep the obvious fraud going against people of all nations;
11. They have promoted the fantastic Big Lie that carbon dioxide emissions are dangerous, when they are naturally buffered and amounts to .035 of one percent of the atmosphere;
12. They have failed to report and take appropriate action to address the actual problem which is a 5% drop in the amount of atmospheric oxygen in the past sixty years --- a problem that can be countered by cleaning up pollution and planting trees and restoring other vegetation;
13. They have hatched a flagrantly fraudulent taxation scheme based on this ridiculous idea that carbon dioxide is causing "global warming" and attempted to make otherwise sane people agree to the Paris Accords they proposed;
14. They have participated in and colluded in the biggest human trafficking and enslavement scandal in the history of mankind and benefited themselves from it, along with the Queen and Westminster, all of whom owe us good faith service and perpetual amity.
I suppose I could go on, but why bother? That accounts for Jesus and the thirteen Disciples, all trampled underfoot, defamed, dis-served, and mocked. It is painfully apparent that however sincere Catholics may be, and however compassionate, and however devout ---- their Church Leadership is following the Father of All Lies and doing so flagrantly to the detriment of life on this planet.
It's really simple, if you think about it. Choose life and truth over death and lies. How much more obvious does it have to be?
Recently, leaders of several Italian families have repented. They don't know much about religion or philosophy, but they know how they have lived lies, and told lies, and used lies to prosper. And they know now that Satan is the Father of All Lies. They have turned away from the evil infesting the Church.
I don't know what put the fear of God into their hearts, but there is a great turn around coming. The shivers of the "earthquake" in the global power structure are being felt from Stockholm to Bangkok.
I felt exhausted this morning when I woke up, tired in a way beyond physical stress ---- the kind of tired one feels after a great spiritual battle, so tired in fact that I didn't immediately notice the change in the atmosphere. I was just going about my business drying my hair, checking my messages, and it hit me:
The spell is broken.
Enough people have awakened so that the powers of illusion and propaganda and lies and pretending to be something you are not, are broken, snapped like a rotten rubber band.
I shook my head in wonderment. The spell that has kept people enslaved for thousands of years, kept people worshiping idols, kept people are war --- all of it --- is broken. Gone like a bad smell or a black cloud.
All of a sudden, the atmosphere has changed. We are not in the same world we were in yesterday or all the other days we can remember. And all of a sudden look what has begun:
Tucker Carlson warns that America is being attacked by its own ruling class: Another brother woke up..... a flicker of life in the corpse of the Fourth Estate.
This really is unheard of --- someone else besides me reporting on the Brits at the bottom of every dog pile?
Do you all realize that I have waited for this day, without knowing that I waited for it, all my life? And now that it's here, I can't quite take it in and am too tired to enjoy it? But tomorrow, a great many more Americans will wake up, and more Italians, and more Swiss. More Germans. More Brits.
The Tipping Point has been tipped.


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  1. On the subject of Holy Communion.

    Once again there is serious misunderstanding of the what this is.

    Communion is commanded by Christ Himself in several places in the Bible.

    From Mathew 26 v 26--
    And whilst they were at supper, Jesus took bread, and blessed, and broke: and gave to his disciples, and said: Take ye, and eat. This is my body. [27] And taking the chalice, he gave thanks, and gave to them, saying: Drink ye all of this. [28] For this is my blood of the new testament, which shall be shed for many unto remission of sins.

    "This is my body": He does not say, This is the figure of my body, but This is my body. (2 Council of Nice, Act. 6.) Neither does he say in this, or with this is my body; but absolutely, This is my body: which plainly implies transubstantiation.

    "Blood of the new testament": As the old testament was dedicated with the blood of victims, by Moses, in these words: This is the blood of the testament, etc., Heb. 9. 20; so here is the dedication and institution of the new testament, in the blood of Christ, here mystically shed by these words: This is the blood of the new testament, etc.

    From 1 Corinthians 26---
    [26] "For as often as you shall eat this bread, and drink the chalice, you shall shew the death of the Lord, until he come. [27] Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord. [28] But let a man prove himself: and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of the chalice. [29] For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord."

    [27] "Or drink": Here erroneous translators corrupted the text, by putting "and drink" (contrary to the original) instead of "or drink".

    [27] "Guilty of the body": not discerning the body. This demonstrates the real presence of the body and blood of Christ, even to the unworthy communicant; who otherwise could not be guilty of the body and blood of Christ, or justly condemned for not discerning the Lord's body.

    [28] "Drink of the chalice": This is not said by way of command, but by way of allowance, viz., where and when it is agreeable to the practice and discipline of the church.

    So YES it is really the body and blood of Jesus you receive in Holy Communion but under the appearance of bread and wine. Real Christians have believed this for over 20 Centuries.

  2. Many people have been brought up their wholes lives to hate the Catholic Church, but have never read or studied anything from the Church. One would think that when we want to find out what any organization believes we would start with the writings they put out.
    People that write here spend hours on end studying political writings, videos from secular sources, history books from the same, and scouring all manor of internet information, but they will come here and shoot their neighbors philosophically without the slightest effort to understand where they actually stand from their own writings and actions.

    Many say that the two forbidden subjects one should never talk about in public are religion and politics. Well that old saying only underscores the two most important subjects we could actually talk about that can change anything for the better.

    Be careful when you think you are fighting evil, that you don't end up fighting what God Himself has left as our narrow but more sure path to Him.

    The Church or the Bible.

    The One True Church

    All of you need to remember that I am keeping my promise. I promised not to talk about my religious beliefs unless you use my blog's comments section to attack them.

    As I have said before, Christ predicted, speaking to the Apostles, that the time would come when "...Those who kill you will think they are doing a service to God". Talk like the above, when there are no pains taken to explain the difference between real Catholics and Novus Ordo modernist false "Catholics", will do nothing but exacerbate that problem and put Catholics like me in danger, when in fact we have a fierce loyalty to our county, but not to it's illegitimate so called "goverment", and are certainly not responsible for a new and false religion calling itself Catholic when in fact it's getting it's orders from Satan.

    Please do a lot more study about what real Catholics believe now and have believed for almost 20 centuries before condemning that organization lest you might find in the end that you are fighting the very organization that Christ Himself founded and continues to be with until the end of time.

    1. Watch your language. You could have said all that without the foul language.

      You are falling victim of one of the main heresies of protestantism.

      Understood right it is true that God (who is external to us and independent of us as our creator, who had no obligation to create us beyond that fact that He is all good and has judged that He could make good come out of that creation) dwells in us in a spiritual manor and if we let Him will fill us with His Grace, both actual and Sanctifying, and loves to dwell in us as he loves to be with the children of men.

      Understood wrong it reads like this. "God in man, no man, no God"

      So why not just say "The True God" and leave off within. Some men or women will not have anything to do with God. And in Fact, God, in the person of Jesus Christ His Son, redeemed us all, without our Cooperation, but He does NOT save us, without our cooperation.

      God can and is often driven from our souls by our own mortal sinfulness, which does drive the life of Sanctifying Grace from our souls.
      It is up to us to prepare our souls as a sincerely repentant sinner to be less worthy of His indwelling, and in fact when Jesus walked this earth He gave us a sure method of once again regaining that Sanctifying Grace lost by Mortal sin. It's called Confession. And it wasn't a dream or fairy tale. It was his own institution and a sacrament.
      Here are His own words from John 20 v21-23.
      "[21] He said therefore to them again: Peace be to you. As the Father hath sent me, I also send you. [22] When he had said this, he breathed on them; and he said to them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost. [23] Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained."

      On Sanctifying Grace.

      On Confession to a Priest

      On the Indwelling of the Divine Persons

      None of these ideas are new. In the over 2000 years Since Jesus Christ walked this earth all these questions have been decided conclusively for all time. There is nothing to wonder about. The only question is are we doing enough to find the truth.
      There is nothing new under the sun, and that includes all heresies that are possible against God.

  3. It is not appropriate to diminish the facts by religious beliefs that do not benefit the cause. I would ask everyone to stick to facts and identify the details in the process that will carefully return this country to freedom where everyone then can choose to believe how they will

    1. "Religious Liberty" is a trap of Satan. We are not free to believe errors and we should never be. What we are free to do is to find the truth. Once found the way God looks at it, truth is then to be believed and acted upon.
      It is not in the mind of God that people can believe anything they want, and still be saved. Only the true Faith as God has presented it will lead to salvation.

      Again, we are NOT free to believe and do anything we want and still expect to be saved. We were all redeemed without our cooperation, be we will not be saved without our cooperation and true Faith, correctly acted upon.

    2. Paul, I respect you and your zeal for the faith is admirable but I cannot agree with your stance. Minus the rough language, I have to agree with Bellerian1 that Christ did not come to set up a religious institution to be His mediator but the government of His church. "And the government shall be upon His shoulders..." (Isaiah). I too was raised RC but after diligent study of the scriptures I could no longer bow to Rome. So today, yes, I am a catholic, which simply means universal, and I am part of the universal church of Jesus Christ, but I am no longer a Roman or subject to Rome or any of its dogma. I am now born from above and of the water of the word and of the spirit according to Jesus' command in John 3:3 and 3:5. As I was studying the scriptures I had to keep asking myself, what weighs more, RC doctrine and their traditions or scripture? It was a no brainier to choose for the latter and eventually discovered so many contradictions with and even against scripture that I finally came to the conclusion that I had to "come out of her" and I did. I have never regretted this decision and it was the beginning of a long journey to where I am today. Now am I a son of God as John confirms in his epistle. Here are just a few items form my extensive studies:
      Contrary to what RCs believe, Jesus did not make Peter the head of His new church. He called Peter "Petros" which means stone or little rock and called the revelation that Peter spoke "Petra" meaning big rock. When Jesus asked Peter "Whom do you say I am?", he said "You are the Christ, the Son of God." to which Jesus replied that flesh and blood had not revealed this to him but God. It was upon this rock of revelational truth that Jesus distinctively said "and upon this rock [petra and not petros] I will build my church." Yes, Peter was to be a very important part of His church but certainly not the head of it. Christ is solely the head of His own church and no one else and the believers are his priests. Peter was to be a stone and part of the whole while Christ is the cornerstone of this rock of revelation which Peter uttered that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God.

    3. Even more surprisingly why they would declare Peter to be the head of the church since he never traveled to Rome, Paul did. There is not one scripture that places Peter in Rome. Whoever they have buried in Peter's tomb in Rome cannot be Peter since he never set foot in Rome. Most likely it is Paul's body and the name on the grave was changed because it did not fit the political narrative of the new RC institution when it came into being. Peter was the apostle to the Jews while Paul was the apostle to the gentiles as the word confirms. Ironically, Peter started out as the apostle to the gentile Cornelius but then became the apostle to the Jews for which Paul withstood him to the face for his hypocrisy in gathering with the gentiles until the Jewish believers came to town and then being afraid of their possible criticism, he fraternized only with them instead ignoring the gentile believers. Paul started out being the apostle to the Jews but then became the apostle to the gentiles as the Lord directed him. The fact that he kept going to the Jews after the Lord directed him to go to the gentiles is what got him into trouble even being stoned and left for dead. The Holy Spirit even warned him that if he went to Jerusalem, he would be bound. He refused to listen and went anyway saying that he was ready to be bound and even to die for the gospel so the Holy Spirit relented. The word confirms that had he not appealed to Caesar, he might have been "set at liberty." But nevertheless God used it all for His glory and revealed to Paul, as per his desire that it would behoove him also to see Rome, that he would be sent to Rome to testify of Jesus.

      So if Peter never was the head of the RC institution then the whole thing crumbles to the ground because that is their sole foundation of sand upon which they stand.

    4. You can read about this in full detail in an excellent dissertation by F. Paul Peterson called Peter’s Tomb Recently Discovered In Jerusalem

    5. Guess who else' bones were found in an ossuary along with Peter's? Mary's! Yes that same Mary who was the mother of Jesus the son of man. So much for the doctrine of Mary’s Immaculate Assumption. She was not immaculate since she “did not know her husband Joseph until after Jesus’ birth” which means that she did know her husband after Jesus’ birth because she had 4 more sons James, Joseph, Judas and Simon and at least 3 or more daughters. James the apostle, who wrote the epistle of James, was one of them and Jesus’ half brother. RC doctrine is very adamant that Mary remained an immaculate virgin and never had relations with Joseph in her lifetime and did not die but ascended to heaven in the same manner as Jesus did after his resurrection. There is no scripture to confirm this, of course.

      Well, if Joseph already thought of putting her away (divorcing her) after discovering she was pregnant, how much more would he have divorced her if she had refused to have relations with him for the rest of his life? Like most RC doctrines, this is just not natural and totally illogical and completely against the Mosaic law as well as all scripture. Even the Jews, who denied Jesus’ divinity and sought every possible opportunity to discredit Him, recognized all of Mary’s children and publicly testified of them by name (Mark 6:3).

      Mary also never was, or is, or could possibly be, the mother of God as they claim (Hail Mary, mother of God,…) but only the natural mother of Jesus as the son of man and not as the Son of God. The seed by the Holy Spirit was divine but Mary’s ovum was not but was of sinful flesh. Jesus blood had 23 chromosomes from his natural mother but only one male chromosome from His Father (See Ron Wyatt’s Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and Chromosome count in ‘blood’ sample) . God does not have a mother or a wife and Mary is certainly not his wife. Even in the inspired Song of Mary, a.k.a. The Magnificat, cited in Luke 1:46 – 55, Mary herself admits that she is a sinner in need of a savior.

      And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. Luke 1:47

    6. If she indeed was the mother of God and “immaculate”, she would be sinless and not in need of a savior. And as a sinner in need of a savior herself, she cannot possibly be a “Mediatrix” between man and Jesus. How many Catholics are led astray to actually pray to the “Blessed Mother”, when no such individual exists, instead of directly to Jesus? How many Catholics are actually taught and encouraged to pray to dead “saints” or to lifeless stone statues? Since we are forbidden to pray to anyone other than God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, this amounts too idolatry which is against the 1st and 2nd Commandments to have no other gods before Him or to make any graven images to bow down to or serve them (pray to them) . That is why the RC institution conveniently did away with the 2nd commandment and split the 10th commandment into number 9 and number 10 so they would still have 10 total, since it did not line up with their teachings. The Vatican openly admits to this right on their website.
      We all know what the word tells us what happens when we take away from the words of scripture, right?

      Commandment # 1: I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:2-3

      Commandment # 2: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. Exodus 20:4-6

      Yes, all generations shall call Mary blessed as the word confirms, but that does elevate her to divinity or any other fallacies invented by the RC institution to indoctrinate their followers.

    7. Link for Ron Wyatt’s Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and Chromosome count in ‘blood’ sample:

    8. Typo: does NOT elevate her to divinity.

    9. Who Changed The Ten Commandments?

  4. Myself and several others have been trying to provide information for months if not over a year now that the information provided is not accurate and no living law firm has ever been revealed, no proof of any claims, NOTHING

    I read the blog and provide input

    People have to make their own minds up and make their choices

    If we have been lied to about absolutely everything there is no reason to believe that this STRAWMAN stuff wasn't also another lie set in motion to keep everyone busy while their plunder continued without any hiccups
    Not to mention it was meant to enrage the populace finding out they are SLAVES AND HAVE BEEN ALL THEIR LIVES

    I wonder how many innocent people have went to jail over this??

  5. I personally think no matter what is proposed or implemented as long as private entities control the entire gambit

    For decades now, minimum wage has held all people to poverty level and it hasn't changed nor will it

    So just who comes up the the minimum wage? Well the crooks fleecing the world thats who

    And as they move towards their planned zero growth economies, and planned massive UNEMPLOYMENT just where in the hell do they think people will get any income to pay any taxes?

    Let's not forget they shipping in their new crop of workers so to UNEMPLOY AND IMPOVERISH AS MANY AS THEY CAN
    THEY PLANNED FOR DRUG ADDITON, GAMBLING ADDICTTIONS, ALCOHOL deaths to be contributed to no employment for the American workers



    Very very sad

  6. Still not sure on these bills, looks like more trickery to me
    In this link
    Reads this
    H.R. 5404 would impose an intergovernmental and private-sector mandate as defined in the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act (UMRA) by extending the period during which insurers would have to cover certain care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to veterans with conditions related to military service.

    So INTERgovernmental and PRIVATE sector stuff

    Also not CBO

    I do believe that CBO was the acronymn used to describe the 'EXECUTIVES' on wall street that orchestrated the 2008 MASSIVE THEFT

    No honor at all in any of the military commands
    Knowing that they all went along with this and watched as man after man after man slaughtered for this disgraceful scheme
    Men, women and children of all walks of life intentionally slaughtered in cold blood

    They know where these planners are, they know where they live too and yet day after day the world is moved closer to total destruction and NOT ONE MAN DOES A THING TO STOP ANY OF IT

    Absolute disgrace at all levels

  7. Don't read them, skip over them, no one forcing you to read them

    I look at the technical, computer and data side in all of this


    How about this, company called Healthcare Highways = HH, Heil Hitler
    Through the healthcare system they are working their eugenics

    As per the UN, DATA IS THE NEW GOLD

    You can accuse me of fear porn all you want, everyone needs to know this

  8. those are the fake "federal citizens only" "congresses" doing those bills.

    they won't go anywhere anyways, just grandstanding/appearing like doing something; they aren't intended to go anywhere
    03/22/2018 Introduced in House
    01/03/2019 Introduced in House

    no recourse for any little people. no admission of fraud. no apologies for human trafficking/barratry/press-ganging/dragooning civilians from the cradle to the grave.

    the goal is just more "human capital" as trump said to the UN.

  9. Whatever the condition of "the Church"[1] there are "pearls" that were formed and that appear to at least point toward redemption of degradation and the like. One "pearl" appears to have been: "Julian of Norwich, or ‘Mother Julian’ as she is tenderly known, (who) was a Christian renunciate living in England in the Middle Ages.":

    I recommend listening to at least a two-minute segment in the middle of this presentation starting at 25:00' and continuing for two minutes to: 27:00'.

    [1] For me "the Church" is firstly and fore-mostly the Body of Christ - not any organizational entity no matter what the name for that entity may be.

  10. Hello Anna! May I please use your bond in my cause of action? please may I have the reference no and information to copy and print? Thank you <3


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