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Friday, February 21, 2020

Abuses of THEIR Courts

By Anna Von Reitz

Every day I get horrible letters and emails from Americans who are being prosecuted by these foreign carpetbagger courts.  And day after day, I have to answer them, and basically what I have to tell these suffering Americans is: it's your own fault. 

A recent exchange with a State Assembly Coordinator regarding court issues being suffered by members went like this:

"The most effective way out of their courts is to provide your own Court.  What progress have you made?  Once you have set up your own Court the provisions of Milligan Ex Parte kick in and you can just notify their whole Court System to stand down with respect to you and your membership."

For some reason people seem totally stymied by the task of rounding up twelve jurors and electing a Sheriff and a Justice of the Peace to address the needs of their own Assembly members.  

Your softball team could function as a court, and you are all sitting there staring into space, crying and griping about how you are being abused by these foreign courts, when your own inaction is what allows these foreign courts to address you.

All you have to worry about is the needs of your Assembly members.  You aren't being asked to provide court services to thousands of people.  You are being told to service yourselves. Self-Govern.

Once the civilian courts arise to service their own people, the quasi-military courts have to stand down with respect to the civilian authority, and that has already been decided by the Supreme Court in Milligan Ex Parte. 

When you declare your birthright political status and record it and form a State Assembly, there is no more denying the fact that you are the civilian authority.

So -- you are being improperly railroaded and hounded and fleeced by foreign courts?  What's the actual cure?  Get your rumps in gear.  Get motivated.  Declare your political status, record it, join your Assembly, form a Jury Pool to serve your Assembly, elect a Sheriff, elect a Justice of the Peace. 

How difficult is this?  I am serious.  Your Softball Team could staff an American Court.  Why are you all stupidly sitting there putting up with being attacked by foreign courts that you are not naturally subject to? Why are you putting up with this situation at all? 

The essence of Self-Governance is to make your own decisions and deal with the consequences.  You all know the consequences of inaction.  You all know the Ten Commandments.  You all have brains and feet and can talk.  Get yourselves a copy of the Geneva Bible and get moving. 

Name someone in your Assembly as the Court Administrator.  Make it their job to organize the Court and arrange the Jury Pool and manage the election process.

End of story. End of abuses.  But it is in your hands, just as it always has been.  So long as you cling to your chains, nobody can help you.  That includes me. So stop bringing me your sob stories about these Big Bad Courts abusing you and stealing your stuff.  You have the remedy and the authority in your own hands.

Like God told the Israelites coming out of Egypt--- I already told you, Moses, what you need to do to deal with the Egyptian Army.  What are you bothering me for?  Walk into the sea and it will part its ways for you. 

But if you don't walk into the water --- guess what?


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  1. Have you formed a assembly and if so can you provide us with your blueprint to do it. We the people at this point and time find it hard to start what you say is simple.

    1. Cmon wake up! Everything you need to know is in her writings. Get to work. You may be your own worst enemy. If you can’t comprehend her work from what she has already written, this task is not for you, but only for the strong hearted. The fact is maybe you’re just too scared. Chances are there is already a jural assembly operating in your state. One thing for sure you won’t be leading it if you have not even recorded your proper political status yet. You want to someone to do all for you? not happening.

    2. assembly = what parameters in their courts does this exist ?

      assembly = what parameters are used to judge the participants?

      assembly = what parameter in Law(s)will be used?

      The people on an assembly; what and who are they; are they free and own land? To be anything you must own land or property.

      Are the people on the assemblies Americans;are they under the B.C.; are they under TWTEA;are they under the patriot act are they under Cestui Que Vie Trusts; do they use the fiat currency - dollar to offset and discharge a purchase - what people call buying (LOL)

      Are they using the Fiat dollar - FRN; if so its taxed and make every one a slave and decedent - not exhaustive.

      Is that correct; if not then why not ?

      Gratitude - the mad-hatter......LOL

    3. Dopey,
      American Common Law is our system. No harm, no cime , no remedy
      Anyone who has declared and publically recorded their political status is qualified to be a juror. Jurors are your peers, peers can attest to your character.
      This is just common sense . Anna has written thousands of articles and has gone over this stuff many times...start reading and taking notes and discuss this .

    4. Patriot, we already know the common law, but the vermins don't want to recognize such a C-L 7th amendment, even after we paid fees to them, they took away our rights several times. Like I said, my Names are not corrupt by them, they always treat every one in America as their slaves, programmed in UPPERCASE, you cannot change their system, in their courts. Outside you can, but they still won't recognize your fixes anyhow.

      So Revolution probably will work.

    5. Anna doesn't understand common law and in fact has claimed it doesn't exist. If people understood common law Anna wouldn't be able to push her snake oil nonsense she does here

  2. OMG I just got 4 paragraphs in and Im already ticked. Not all of use out here Anna can run to the library, or do crap, or go round up folks for an assembly, or find people to be the sheriff, and NO ITS NOT OUR DAMN FAULT, its the evil that runs the world. Now had I been in my twenties, as apparently YOU were when you ventured down this road of intelligence, I on the other hand was raising 3 children, never having worked because my husband kept me pretty much a slave. I had no car, wasn't allowed to look at anyone when going anywhere with him, because he accused me of sleeping with them, he was a sick and evil man. I had no family in my town, no money, and no way out, until twelve years later. So please don't lay that blame on me. Most Americans just wish to live their life, thinking they ARE, and attaining their piece of the pie. We had no idea the a/h/s were doing what they've done to us all. Now, I'm to damn broken to do much of anything, to include get to the bathroom!
    And why the hey don't you have all that info in a pdf file so ALL of us can access it, instead of having to have office or some other dang software! NO I CAN'T GO TO THE LIBRARY!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Carol,
      I feel for your self imposed plight. Now that you uave ditched 1 slavemaster it should be eaay to do the next step. Reading Annas articles will give you an answer to just about any question. We used to have a discussion group before she short circuited.. maybe if enough of you bug me enough we could arrange another.

  3. Do you own your children? NO! B.C. for one and all the other stuff the Oligarchy have created to ensnare the people. Here's part of one - go to the url to read the rest.

    When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another . . . ."
    These are the words that started a Revolution propelling several English colonies into the nation known as "The United States of America."
    This new nation was designed to function under the laws of Nature and Nature's God. The people believed they would never again hear the words of enslavement, i.e.; "under the sovereignty of the King." Living under the sovereignty of the King made you the King's chattel. He owned you. You were his property. You could own nothing, not even your children. The King ruled by divine right.
    The framers of this new nation designed the Constitution to be a government "Of The People, By The People, For The People." Representatives of this government were to be elected by the people, not born to power. And so, in 1776 the great experiment in freedom, known as "The United States of America" began.
    People from each colony fought in the Great War to enable the colony to become a Sovereign Nation State. These States then created a new state, designed to exclusively serve the several Sovereign Nation States. Under this concept the nation of States united was born. Every Sovereign Nation State joining the Union had a Constitution. The newly created State of the union received one as well. It was written by delegates of the people of the several states and when ratified by two-thirds of the people's conventions of the then Thirteen Independent and Sovereign States was ordained and established as "The Constitution for the United States of America." This new Union of States was comprised only of those states which had ratified the Constitution. (North Carolina did not join the union until 11 months after the United States was established, and Rhode Island held out for nearly a year and a half, and continued to operate under the King's Charter until 1842.)


    1. now the real reason children are taken/kidnapped has been all over the news and POTUS has created several laws connected to the matter - Child Trafficking and other atrocities - research and see how deep and bad it is -

    2. Children is a work of Art, (Character) born alive is likewise. This has nothing to do with the people. Baby is a word omitted from the Vital Stats Act! People are not included in their private capacity. only "PERSON". If this "PERSON" isn't listed with SOS, it doesn't exist on and for ant record, fraud.

  4. Maximus and all, the "world" is layed out of concepts. The major ones are about land and name. Living human beings exist along with soil, trees and frogs. We do now owe anybody or anyone for our existance. Everything exists. Since huma beings were somewhat different than frogs, they created conceptual environment called social life. In here, the concept of land and name kics in. Human being is a land, walking, breathing, thinking, authonimus, not dependent, just exists. To identify one, besides smelling and hearing, came "thing"/name. Now, there were nasty beings and found a way to take advantage of sheeps and of human beings. All this is private property if it is within owner's boundaries. However, human beings produce more: they sing, dance, believe or whatever, more than sheep. The owner/master started identifying human beings by "name". Those human beings knew that only soil/land can sustain them, bad master never cared. Upon time, owner's ownership was inherited, borders expanded, many thousands upon thousands of years were passing by, the nature's biological cycle replaced old or sick with new beings. Inside the borders, nobody ever had a concept that their body itself is land and they are owners of it; the name is also their property, as if he would die without the name like without oxygen! cha cha cha!!! These human beings created so much, taught themselves alot and created all for own survivorship, but the very key knowledge never, ever ever teached their minds, because their mothers and fathers were not being able to pass this knowledge. Nobody knew, for thousands of generations, that lifestyle has been considered as norm, the way it is, the best. They never knew about the borders and that "other life" exists there...
    This is why bible speaks about three deaths... Its all conceptual. We biologically exist. We conceptually live. one can live only via name, as tool fixing identity concept.

    Very smart and very brave people figured this out and left the borders of the "farm". They own their body and own their name. Thats a propery. That is private property. You choose everything in life. Those human beings chose not to enslave own kind or any being. They possess those concepts and to distinguish themselves they created a name "The United States" with geographical territory and they lived by a very simple rule: do no harm.
    This is how beutiful life is, this is what Trump is achieving, this is how bubles interconnect with bubbles in the bubble... We each of us is a state of being. We are united states. Those are concepts.

    Thank you Anna, I bow to you.

  5. Correction to my typo. It must read: "we do not owe anybody or anyone for our existance".

  6. Watch this video of amazingly sharp minded being. Have you ever heard of anybody around you sparing those thoughts nowdays? Well,anyway, do you see what he is till lacking? He is conditioned to concepts of trust to somebody[government is a father, provider]color: purple, pink, white, black... Those are private property, definitions patented (color coded private vessels of "the United States of America" - Territorial British and Municipal Papist's "United States" - those are subcontractors for "The United States of America" federation formed by those living beings, private owners of their bodies and names: united sates, who formed union "The United States" and hired governmental services providers, and via federation and confederation jurisdictions, specifically for that purpose, hired [newly created] federal government (first step was confederation, then it changed its structure, was expanded to be called federal[contracting] government), consisting of : Federal, Territorial and Municipal branches, each branch acting upon individual constitution, therefore there are 3 constitutions, as subcontractors. Today, since 1860 March 27th, Federal is in abeyance, and Territorial, since April 17[?] 1860
    administered by Lincoln's administration, was a trustee till 1933, which went bancrupt and pledged all assets to the next branch up: Municipal, who extended trusteeship and governmental services till last year, went bancrupt and now succseeded by U.N.INC, dba United States) who also have own subsidiaries, extention of governmental services, subcontractors...

  7. Yep. This is brilliant. She's right . really only 12 people, I'm not being facetious - it is that simple. One has to get oneself out there and start talking to people. You really only have to wait til someone is nattering to you about the government, tell them what you know, sign them up and go to the next one...and sign them up. Granted we all know that people look at us like we're crazy, so it might take a little time but it can be done. And considering how the tide is shifting in DC lately, it is do-able. I said simple - not easy. But then nothing worthwhile ever is...right?

  8. I love Anna Von R. for her Bravery. She's our good example, to take actions b2L.

    The EU foreign courts and agents are too-extreme-Fraud in self-interested misrepresentation. We were forced to help them since 1933 forward, and yet they still didn't have enough.

    1930-1931 They agreed and promised to comply with the UCC International Commercial Law. Yet they failed blatantly, manipulating everything to hide facts, evidences, even to disallow us to access our HJR 192, in exchange for their 4/1933 gold theft, and much larger X Theft thereafter.

    Since 1705, the British business had always been in Great Fraud. There's nothing new. Their greed's grow exponentially, at least 312X times that of 1933 gold confiscation.

    They believe they were meant to control the world, bc of their Numerology 9 - 6 - 3. (a Triangle sign on a $1 bill)

  9. Replies
    1. May I humbly ask you, Paul, why you say no to the Geneva Bible? And yest to The Do/Rheims? ~ It was always my position that the Geneva bible had many marginal notes that were key to self governing and that it was indeed the preferred bible pre 1611 AKJV. I was also under the influence of thinking that the Dou/Rheims was a catholic bible...I am NOT catholic nor do I want to be. I don't mean that in any way to be insulting, but I am not a Papist and especially take note of the revelation in Daniel regarding these times and just who it is that has "changed the seasons and the times: Pope Gregory. I am especially protesting against the notion that such an apostolic appointment resulting in a "vicar" is based in Truth. I can thank Francis Swaggert for her wonderful work Modern Babylon. It truly opened my eyes even more to comprehending the Papist and Pontiff deception...the Roman Emperor/Anti Christ figure.

    2. Because the Geneva Bible was and is a protestant creation not approved by Christ's true Church.

      Who and what is the Pope?

      List of Popes

      "And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
      [Matthew 16:18]

      Papist? Go to Amazon and type in the search box:

      A Papist Misrepresented and Represented

  10. The Rise of the Rothschilds: The World's Richest, Dishonest Family. No this is not a conspiracy theory site, we have thousands of facts, evidences to back-up. Some people in America are smart enough to point out that, Rothschilds/England paid the Chinese to silence them around 1950's - 1970's, using our resources to pay. The same way the current EU agents doing to us, using the fictitious NAMES, to mount against people HJR192, that the crooks-FDR setup, and disabled us to use, particularly on large items, such as our houses, commercial buildings, public buildings, etc.. All paid by HJR192 that were supposed to be for people.

    This means the UK committed Great Theft, sorry England. Please look at your history from 1700, to present time. Rothschilds only earned by Deceptions and Theft, 90% most of the time. If Rothschilds-forefathers failed to inform you, you can get the senses why they taught you how to accumulate unjustly, oppressively, continuously? through your deceptive courts.

    • So who are the top Rothschild agents in America & around the world?
    American Bar Ass., and International Bar. They allure or interfere with naïve states/countries around the world, creating admiralty/oppressive laws to harass people for their schemed false debts for our moneys/energies - exchange ticket $IOU's.
    • How do we fight with them? in common property Theft problems?
    Don't play their ABA court or mind-games, watch out for their fake jurisdiction by chicanery arts. Don't fall, in America, England/Rothschild don't have any. Look in your Warranty Deed, or Statutory Warranty Deed. Somewhere around the original seller signature. See a link to external fake debt. The perpetrators used people HJR192 to pay the house in our behalf, by deception, they pointed us to agree to undisclosed Exhibit A. which in turn points to the ALL-CAPT, NAMES similar to our Names. This is set up by the crooks’ mortgage brokers, escrow, and the dishonest Title Corp.’s. Figure out the rest, how to fix their trap/messes. Go to Youtube, use good logic to fix their messes in your NAMES.

  11. "Inside", there is a human being, One , Whole: body mind and spirit. Not that many human bings on earth have this standing. Pope is an office it's "like president" of corporation, but its ecclysiastical, woo-doo business of unexisting substance, but mind tricks - "faith" or believes... Pope in white dress represents the baby, an innocent. The Pope acting Pontificate, is a Christ/the "Thing"/the "Name, as "Adam and Eve" where named human being becomes as animal, mail and femail, those creatures come from "water", they are on Noahs boat- ark of covenance/the contract, to adopt the name/beast when either via baptismal sea jurisdiction ritual or in the mail box. Such products and services have advanced...
    The baby has trinity within: body as land/territory, consciousness as government and soul/spirit. Its a 3D house. 2D house is created by Teritorial government, via contractual land claims, tgen giving birth to a parcell as a vessel, where father is State, address is the Name of parcell, but to become real estate, equal to 3D, the human being's BC statutory name must be attached to carry on this structure: trinity. There are no fucking gods involved, no bibkes needed, neither i need to enslave my brothers, sisters and children to go work for free, buildnparts for printing mashines, register fake business structure and pull the patent to get bible product achieved, that gets pushed doen the throat or else...


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