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Thursday, January 9, 2020

IRS Kicker 2 -- Hunting the Hunters

By Anna Von Reitz

Pursuant to all the Good Garbage we have been digging up about the IRS/BATF and DD150 "Commissioned Officers" who have been pulling off this pillaging and plundering on our shores, a thoroughly "unanswerable" letter has been composed exposing the short-comings of their system and process, and yes--- it's criminal nature, and the resulting liability that all these characters accrue for participating in it.

The IRS Officers can be prosecuted and fined for these activities against American civilians, a fact brought home to them along with the basis for it.  Most of these people dislike the prospect of losing their jobs and their bosses dislike the prospect of having their corporations (including banks and incorporated 'government' entities) liquidated for criminal activities.

They've been misaddressing you, so now it is time for you to take them to school. 

Within the next 24 hours, a "Red Line" Letter will be posted both at my website: and on the website,

This is a letter in template form that you can use to stop any IRS or "property tax" action administered by the IRS.  The instructions and places where you need to add in your own specific information are in red, so you go through and make the additions and deletions, then change the color back to black.

The reason that this letter is so effective, yet so polite, is that by law the IRS Officers are required to put their own wet-ink signatures on the Amount Due Notice and none of them want the liability of doing so for reasons that become obvious in the course of reading this letter.

This Notice Process should be sent to the IRS officers that are harassing you and bringing false charges, as well as your bank CEO, the Social Security Administration or any other agency that might garnish payments or services owed to you, and the State Commissioner of Natural Resources, who is the one responsible for allowing these characters to post bogus Tax Lien and Tax Levy Notices in the first place. 

All these people need to be educated and you might as well do it all at once to encourage them to stop improper publications of bogus liens and levies, garnishments and "property tax" claims that have nothing to do with you and your actual assets.

This one is in word format so you can edit, then change the red to black, then print it.
When you click the link it will download to your downloads folder.


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  1. They have a new way of getting out of liability...last time i checked my record the person signing the document says they are only signing as an " accomodation party" and not taking any liability...!! They though of everything...its better to charge the DA for fraud for letting the county rerorders office to let them get away with this...go after the attorneys, because they are the ones allowing all this fraud...if we arrest enough of them, trust me they will chance their tune...!!

    1. Just another example of how important it is to declare ones political status at minimum, but also to strongly consider the service of citizenship to your state and fellow countrymen. The need has never been greater than now, that we persist in expanding our influence, knowledge and application skills, our awareness of who we are as a people, coming to the grips with the minor temporary discomforts of learning the laborious truths about what it takes to self govern. I'm sure it's made many cry themselves to sleep at night having to think of what has been taken from us, and mercilessly done to us.

      This world is a rebuttal world make no mistake.
      It's polarity in it's own face. Duality and choice of which we each must deal in our own best interest. We are far from the oneness awaiting us when we leave this world. However, we are making progress.

      The lessons we are learning regarding the 'how to's' of re-population and reconstruction are nothing short of history making. It should be our goal to earn honorable mention as future Americans read the history reflecting on those of us who joyfully made the choice to give up our lives for this fight. We truly are called to go before and make the path straight. There will be plenty following along over the near and long term.

      Today, our world is in a state of decay socially, religiously, emotionally, politically, economically, nutritionally and nearly every other way and have been for many years. Regarding Anna's work, there were probably many of us there at the time First Source, or Creator, or God, laid out the potentials for mankind to Anna and she accepted the proposed primary creation focus of First Source to rid the planet of inhibiting factors successfully separating man/woman kind from their rights and responsibilities in future development not only of this world, but worlds to come.

      Some, otherwise able and capable, for various reasons, make choices not in everyone's best interest and that is what got us into this mess in the first place. This of course includes all of us at one time or another. So be it. There can be no judgment. But we must heartily embrace our task of establishing self government.

      My perception of what Anna has been called to is nothing short of history in the making in my humble opinion. It's an honor to be sanctioned by our Creator, First Source. The way I figure it, is one day my grand children will wonder why I just let the world go to hell in a hand basket, or, they will live in the world that I along with others who laid their lives down, chose to create for their good use and the joy of Heaven and all at the behest of our Creator

      Now, we know who we are, but if we are not able to provide standard material proof, common to all, of our status, before those entrenched against us (identification papers have always played a vital role in the identification process) it goes without saying we will continue to be treated as the political status showing throughout their records, and that means we will be treated as a US citizen, citizen of the United States in all matters and have to resign ourselves to the fact we have no rights guaranteed by the Constitution because we failed to fight for the birthright that is ours. Thorough self identification is a valid requirement common to all, and therefore should be undertaken by all who value what was once upon a time their own individual sovereignty.

      The successful implementation of the jural assemblies in all the states will enable a steady reversal of the encroachment we have suffered at the hands of all those employed by those in favor of individual and corporate slavery, namely the attorneys. Is there a price to pay to bring these things to pass? Yes. There is. But your children's, children's, children's, children will thank you, and so will everyone else's.

      Our remedy lies immediately within our reach.

    2. pay attention to the details are the letters signed? sworn? certified? does the DA/attorney have first hand experience? hearsay? lacking sufficient evidence? then they lack jurisdiction...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Just a note regarding the pdf. The dollar amount is not in red consistently and signature By: John D. Doe is not in red either. Just mentioning it because if it is not in red it may not get the attention deserved and an incorrect letter may be mailed.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Anna, regarding this excellent article...

    Can this new template be used also for the "NOTICE OF FEDERAL TAX LIEN" {{{ FORM IRS668 }}}

    If so… what would we need to correct this letter?

    If not, is there another template available please?

  6. This appears to only address a IRS Notice CP504 – Intent to Levy State Tax Refund or Other Property.
    Be sure to find & replace every instance if you received a different notice.

  7. "The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation." -- Vladimir Lenin

  8. Anna, are you sure we need to send this to the commissioner of natural resources? In Missouri they have nothing to do with liens and levies. Our county recorder is responsible.

    Please comment and advise.

    Thank you,

    1. From Anna:

      The Department of Natural Resources is the agency that maintains the public records of liens and actual levies. Therefore they need to be given notice that these Notices are fraudulent— so they can stop participating in the False Legal Process.

  9. does anyone have information on how to stop federal student loan garnishments

  10. Is this letter applicable for active and ongoing levies providing the CP504 for the tax years being levied is sent with it?

  11. what changes should be made for a CP91 letter, levy of my social security check.

  12. How can I apply this letter to stop property taxes?


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