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Monday, December 23, 2019

Virginia is taking a stand. This is real and it will effect every state.

The last time the National Guard was used to seize weapons, 72 were killed and more than 200 injured.

The last time the National Guard was used to seize weapons, 72 were killed and more than 200 injured.

This article is on the Law Enforcement Today blog. 
Are you ready for this?


  1. In 1946 in Tennessee tyranny struck & we won; watch this to see what happened:

  2. I am to the point that I question if they are doing this to hold our attention while they are really up to something else. Red Herrings seem to be everywhere. I have been reading info on these trust laws and it makes more sense then allot of these straw man and all caps stuff that is all over the net. Caution people deception is their favorite tool.

    1. Watch all the so called legislation they working to get on the books specifically the so called NOAHIDE laws

      Remember the are infamous for doing things over the CHRISTmas hoildays like passing a so called Federal Reserve Act while the cats were away the mice played

  3. There a moles and family members everywhere

    A lot of these so called websites and these various groups are nothing more than CIA intelliegence fronts

    CIA established in 1947 is the premier front organization that runs all these ops and their agents are everywhere and hollywood is nothing but CIA

  4. EXCLUSIVE! Phone Call w/ VA Nat'l Guardsman on Martial Law/Gun Control (12-17-19)

  5. I suppose, Virginia, being a total Blue State, President Trump is in the process of draining the Swamp, They have much to worry about. Corruption Reaks in all Dem States. The Elite is worried that their people come with pitchforks and Guns when finding out the truth. Confiscating Guns, State run Healthcare, is the beginning of Communism!

  6. Be careful of knee jerk reactions.
    Virginia is not the only place this has happened. i contend “they” are nudging you, and many of you (judging by the comments) are allowing yourselves to be nudged. Nudged into fear and violence. Or being nudged into being pawns in a false flag event.
    Heard this yesterday, made a few notes, so at least listen and consider these things.
    Guy Relford (The Gun Guy)
    To the right of the page see podcast: 12/21/19
    Listen to what he says about Virginia,
    85 out of 95 counties have passed 2nd. amendment sanctuary resolutions not to follow the governor and the leftist laws.
    Laws on the books yet they are not enforced is not that uncommon.
    What can the state do about it,and is this the only place (Virginia) that this scenero has occurred?
    This is not unique.
    Colorado was a red state, when it turned blue the Liberals and Dems passed a bunch of unconstitutional Gun control laws, 38 out of 64 counties responded by declaring themselves second amendment sanctuaries.
    Also see:
    Illinois 67 out of 102
    New Mexico
    New York
    etc. etc. etc.
    i would suggest watching the enemy, wait until they send in the national guard. i see this as a bluff.
    Have any of you played poker?

  7. December 9th 1945 International Organization Immunities Act relinquished every public office of the United States to the U N.

    [[ Guess WHAT, ALL those IDIOTS in CON-gress, State Capitols and any CORPORATION Governments, County, City ect, are no longer citizens !!!

    As FOREIGNERS, AKA, FOREIGN AGENTS, they have no JURISDICTION over We The People !!! ]]

  8. 1939 -45 is the memorable time of CIA in Laos (Indochina), revealed by American soldiers. The Banker War Economy organized by the British and French turned into a 30-year Insane war , extracting American Trust funds, at Se Asian & American expenses, when they could no longer extract se Asian resources. They helped Siam stealing 67% of Laosland. The Jap came to slow them down or take over. Then the Free-Mason attempted to hold on to Indochina again. 1962, JFK advised the CIA to “Consult with the British and French”, before spreading their mercenary wars into Indochina. Then LBJ killed JFK after he changed his heart to quit support them for 2 reasons.


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