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Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Apple

By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine that you have an apple, a cutting board, and a special "bionic" knife.
You use the knife to cut the apple in half, then quarters, then eighths, then sixteenths, and you just keep on cutting away, until the pieces are so tiny that there is nothing but apple mush.
Thanks to your special knife, however, you are able to go on cutting and cutting, until finally there is nothing left but molecules of apple.
Still, you go on cutting away until there is nothing but a cloud of dissociated atoms that were once molecules of apple.
But even that is not enough, so you slash away until even the atoms of the original apple are broken into electrons, protons, neutrons, and sub-atomic particles.
There are people in this world so stupid as to believe that more pieces of apple means more apple.
They forget that there was just one apple to begin with.
They forget how fractions work.
They forget, for example, that 1/48th of an apple is not the same as 1/8th of an apple.
And they will try to convince you that splitting up the original apple into all these pieces has in fact created more apple. Which it hasn't.
These same dolts actually believe that they are in possession of bank accounts holding "infinite" digits, and they call these "infinity accounts" simply because they went on cutting the apple down to the level of the Higgs Boson.
They think that they are all heirs to vast fortunes and that their original "apple" has magically multiplied into an infinity of apples thanks to the "fractionalization" make possible by the "fractional reserve banking system".
They completely missed that math unit on fractions back in Fourth Grade.
Very soon now, the reality of how wrong-headed, ignorant, and even insane this is, will come crashing into view ---and that realization will trigger panic and despair, anger, and a rush back to the "safety" of silver and gold as a hold-in-your-hands asset.
So what happens when you start out with a silver United States Dollar and you substitute a paper "certificate" standing for that Dollar?
The paper isn't the same as the silver.
The paper just "stands for" the silver United States Dollar and is "redeemable" as a United States Dollar at the United States Treasury. The Silver Certificate is basically a receipt showing your ownership of a silver United States Dollar that the Treasury owes to you and which you may claim at any time. It is proof of actual silver belonging to you, on deposit at the United States Treasury.
What happens when you are given Federal Reserve Notes in exchange for your Silver Certificates (and obliged under force of "legal tender laws" to accept this "exchange")?
You are basically being robbed and the Treasury is being allowed to skip out of town without paying you back the silver you deposited with them in the first place: they are stealing your deposits and giving you an I.O.U. backed by something deceptively calling itself the "Federal Reserve".
They called themselves the "Federal Reserve" to make it sound like they were an official government institution, but no, in fact, the Federal Reserve was nothing but a private association of banks engaged in the process of seizing your silver at no cost to themselves, issuing I.O.U.s --- promises to pay you back at some later unspecified date --- and promoting institutionalized fraud.
By this unexplained, undisclosed process initiated by Parties deliberately misrepresenting themselves as someone or something that was part of the "Federal" Government, vast quantities of silver deposited by Americans in banks throughout this country, and other assets of ours deposited around the world, were seized upon by the members of the so-called Federal Reserve System.
It was and is a "System" all right, in the gangster sense of the word.
They paid nothing but the cost of printing Federal Reserve Notes in exchange for purloining all that silver. And they did the same thing with gold. And they did it on a worldwide basis. Whether we knew it or not, whether we agreed or not, we were imposed upon to loan --under force-- our deposits to these private banking interests.
And what did they do with all this unearned, unlawfully importuned, unjust enrichment?
They cashiered the gold, mostly in the Philippines, and invested the silver and other precious metals in the stock and commodity markets of the world.
They created the "Exchange Stabilization Fund" ---- a giant currency commodity rigging fund, with which they could control, expand, or collapse the supplies (and values) of any national currency. This then gave them coercive economic power and control over all the national economies. And also over the governments of those countries.
They also bought controlling positions in all the Fortune 500 Companies and controlling positions in all the commodity markets in America. Once they had ownership of these companies and markets --- all paid for initially using our purloined gold and silver --- they began rolling the printing presses, and every time that any of "their" corporations and "their" market shares threatened to tank, they simply bought up shares of their own corporations using funny money issued against our assets.
That, in turn, created the impression that these corporations were incredibly successful and well-managed, real Superstars that offered extreme value over the long term for investors ---- but in fact, they were being propped up by artificial means for self-interested reasons, and that over time has led to these corporations being grossly overvalued. And this same process was proliferated all over the world.
The Federal Reserve has been doing exactly that kind of "buy up" and market tweaking to the tune of almost a trillion "dollars" worth of purported debt and digits issued against American assets for the past month.
Think of it as a mini-TARP that you are paying for at the grocery stores and gas pumps, as the trickle down hyper-inflation resulting from this buying back of "Federal" corporations hits just in time for Christmas. It's the same Spool Up they used in the 1920's and it is being done using your assets against you.
And "your" military and all the politicians are standing around with their thumbs up their butts and snide smiles on their faces, thinking that they are so much smarter than you.
The so-called "US" military is siphoning off the middlemen (bankers and brokers) who are siphoning off of you and your assets. They apparently think that bilking their actual employers is smart.
It's all just another Cluster Eff .... brought to you by your own public employees acting as middlemen "for" you, and a bunch of crooked, power-hungry bankers and securities brokers working as a crime syndicate worldwide.
If the military would just do their job and put the bankers and brokers in jail, and return the assets to the actual owners, all the looming unpleasantness could be avoided for everyone concerned---worldwide.
All the actual assets that were "unlawfully" converted could be "lawfully" converted, and we could all sail on.
Instead, the dolts and crooks among us are attempting to crash land and save themselves at the expense of everyone else, including the people they purloined the assets from in the first place.
In 2009, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors bankrupted their trademarked "Federal Reserve System" with the result that all those "Federal Reserve Notes" issued to us as I.O.U.s became worthless. Very quietly. And, purportedly, any obligation to us to repay us the gold and silver they purloined under color of law, also went away.
The crooks have stolen all your gold, all your silver, and they are trying to steal your land, too.
But there is no statute of limitation on the crime of fraud, and absolutely all of this has been accomplished via the use of fraud of all kinds.
We, the States and People of The United States of America, are here to protest this whole snake pit of institutionalized fraud and racketeering executed under color of law and to demand that the Federal Reserve and its associated brokerage and investment firms be held accountable and that our purloined assets, including our good credit, be returned to us free and clear, without debt or encumbrance.
We have the power, insight, right, and ability to straighten out this whole hairy ball of wax and return this planet to a normal course of business ---- and we can do it without harming any living soul.
In fact, we can make things a lot better for everyone on a worldwide basis, without coercion, without racketeering, without phony bankruptcies, without dubious currency, without counterfeiting, without obstruction of trade, without phony generation skipping trusts, without excuses, and without any of the BS which was designed to allow the perpetrators to skim the profits, cook the books, and live like kings via the misuse of assets belonging to other people.
The only thing standing in the way of a happy resolution is the fear and desperation of those responsible for this Mess. They are locked into the thought processes of habitual criminality and still scrambling around trying to find a way to save themselves at everyone else's expense.
It still hasn't come home to them that a re-venue of assets is the only way out and they are still not understanding that: (1) we are presenting ourselves, not using the offices of any foreign government to "represent" us; (2) Lawful Assets (gold, silver, land, etc.) can only be possessed by Lawful Persons, and (3) digits are not apples.
There is indeed a need for a new government plan for the whole world, which has been seduced into this corporate nightmare. As it turns out, the new government we need is our old government restored, and the same can be said for all the national governments worldwide.
The Globalists don't like to hear this, because they will lose power and their crimes will be evident. Nonetheless, the only way forward is to take two steps backward, pivot, and go in a new direction--- with a new commitment to honest self-governance.
In recent days, the Israeli government has threatened the whole world with nuclear blackmail. They need to know that the Sphere Alliance will not allow them to detonate anything.
If the Israelis try any such atrocity in an effort to save their skins, every building in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv will be sunk a hundred feet deep into the sand and bedrock, never to be seen again.
Remember--- the threats and evil you intend for others will be meted out to you, just as the Bible says. His hand is outstretched to protect the Earth and no mortal man will gainsay him. You have cause to know his name.
As for the "US Government" which persists in trying to sidestep and/or entrap and/or genocide their Principals and Priority Creditors, its time to stop making excuses and delays and promoting more end runs.
Get to the negotiation table and show some respect. We have not come so far, so fast, merely to hear your childish criminal schemes--- carbon taxes, a "meritocracy" of criminals, remedy that the victims pay for --- with interest.
You are all under the Judgment of the True God. Be aware of that fact. Satan is already in the Abyss. He won't be walking through the door to save the Liars. So hurry up and reform yourselves and re-think all your thinking.


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  1. ..all roads lead to...

    1. They are all in on the looting of entire nations - it's their craft

  2. Very good Anna, you understand the science 0f chemistry, as well as the Wall street Bastards. They keep on cutting our SS benefits, our disability benefits/Trusts, all the goodies from the FDR Bad New Deal, in violations of contract, and Trust. We are awake, working on the plan. So far so good.

    1. Social Security pension payments and medical services...NOT BENEFITS!, that is for those of us who have been paying in all our lives. If you're sucking off the labors of others then it is called benefits since what you are receiving from Social Security is given to you even though you have paid nothing in to Social Security on your own. In the latter case you are a welfare case for sure.

  3. Below is what the bastards taught people to be their slaves, by making people believe in their untested Quantum of fake loans, and ideas that we won't need moneys any more, in the future:

    Quantum computer is a scam also, don't invest in it. It is part of the Wall-street past and future scams.

    Why? There is NO super AI above (human as GOD's given us human necessary skills, knowledge and ability to perform better or worse progressively through times, before we arrived to earth, by contract or by challenge to topple the evils, for a handsome reward).

    Evil is also done progressively via human, controlled by sub-planted Gene energies. So that's the question I wanted to ask GOD why did HE co-ordinate with the Crooks Master?

    We are GOD's products, and of the Devil products. Perhaps GOD would want to test HIS product performance??

  4. How to steal land and the minerals underneath and set up Wisconsin for the new FOXXCONN plant

    You have your actwhores create national forest and then when the time is right you mine them for the copper and set up a new factory by the Chinese in Wisconsin, ship in immigrants from all over and give them the newly created low paying jobs while the CORPORATIONS rape the land, ruin the water and scream and indictrinate under UN sustainable development communist core education that the baby boomers killed the earth and that we must save it

    While on the flip side of the coin they got the IPCC and the carbon credit, cc = 33, climate change = cc = 33 scheme going to rip off the companies and the people for their carbon footprint

    Watch the video in the middle about how this scam is working

    Not to mention they got climate stock exchanges set up as well, this must be the private block of trading the frauds got going

  5. That has been the plan of the CIA in switzerland all along - hold the world hostage

    CERN IS the world wide web

  6. Please explain what this Sphere Alliance is????????


      And check out the Romefeller Foundation

      I smell the Rockefeller Foundation or is it the Reichenfelder Foundation?

      Just looking stuff up in their digital world they have layed out for all of us - quite the story line

  7. The 9 1 1 GOLD HEIST

  8. Read number 47

    1. Shelby this one is also interesting.

      "54. Fidel Castro was a Jesuit plant."

      Winston Shrout said that Chairman Mao was a Jesuit.

  9. Interesting Re: Higgs Boson - had to look that up and then got inspired to search it further + "Neutrino" now with the following result:
    "Forget the Higgs, neutrinos may be the key to breaking the Standard Model":

  10. Greg Rubini
    Eric Ciaramella attorney - Mark Zaid – bragging that he obtained Security Clearances for officers who had “child po*rn issues”. Oh my…what kind of pervvert ….disgusting.

    Mark S. Zaid
    I’ve gotten clearances for guys who had child porn issues.
    8:02pm 10 Feb 2018

    Greg Rubini
    2. and what do you make of this
    Eric Ciaremella’s attorney Mark Zaid bragging friendship with Epstein. Is the Mark Zaid name on the Flight logs of Epstein’s Lolita Express? And the Adam Schiff name? Bill Clinton and Hitlary – we already know...Disgusting

    Mark S. Zaid Aug 29
    Not sure if being “little known lawyer” is good thing or bad, although associated with Epstein probably a good thing.

    Polk Co Sheriff on Pedo Ring take down/Disney /Mark Zaid

    1. Just an observation byt the guys last name starts with CIA (Ciaremella’s)

      Like Kim PacaZIO involved in the Field McConnell, Timothy Holmseth deal - her last name ends is ZIO?? Like maybe Zionist??

  11. Good video of the world wide counterfitting bankers

  12. And I could be wrong but with all the weather warfare happening this is their ploy to get the world to save Mother Earth
    Hence their Earth SUMMIT

  13. Trump meets with the CLUB

  14. Cynthia McKinney PhD Retweeted
    These traitors voted to send our SONS to die in the Middle East over oil. And they made sure their SONS were sent to the UKRAINE to make millions on oil. The 4 democrats involved want this fact hidden-thus the impeachment circus.

    1. It's All in the Family like I've been saying - they are all in bed together, no ands, ifs or butt$$$$$$


    2. Hey, Shelby, I noticed the "Cia" in his name too. A reporter visited Eric CIAremella's father's home. The home is a huge mansion. I thought I wonder if the father had some connection to the CIA. I wonder what the father did or does for a living. Well, come to find out, both the father and mother worked for the federal government. You don't acquire a mansion like that working a middle class job. Here's One America Network video showing the home.

  15. The only thing standing in the way of a happy resolution is the fear and desperation of those responsible for this Mess. They are locked into the thought processes of habitual criminality and still scrambling around trying to find a way to save themselves at everyone else's expense.

    This is exactly why they will never give in...
    They have a pathological fear of being broke...!!

    After centuries of having more wealth than all counties combined, and power to do as they want, is it any wonder why they will never give it up...
    And the military is just as bad...they will take anything possible to continue their role in this military mess they have us in...everyone is just trying to keep what they have until no one has!!

    To bad the America people arent routing for the American team like the NFL or NBA...then people would realize how corrupt it has become ...!!

  16. 5G scaler waves killing the birds


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