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Friday, October 25, 2019

The Only Currently Available "Common Law"

By Anna Von Reitz

People in the patriot community like to go around bleating about "Common Law" this and "Common Law" that --- what they mean is our American Public Law, which is our Common Law --- but which is not widely available.  

The Federal Courts have no obligation to "interpret" the Common Law for actual States of the Union, so in 1938, they announced that they don't have a "General Common Law" --- that is, Public Law; all the Federales have is Military Common Law, and nobody in their right mind would wish to be judged under Military Common Law.  However, when you ask for "common law" in their courts, that's what you get.  

They don't do the kind of common law people are thinking of.  They no longer carry the Bible into the courtroom with them.  And since they have taken over what poses for most "State Courts" and operate these as "State of State" Courts instead, the same problem applies to what appear to be state level court actions.  You still are not accessing American Common Law and for the same reasons.  

To correct this requires that Americans: (1) declare their political status; (2) establish their standing; (3) populate their lawful jurisdiction on the land and soil of this country, (4) assemble their State of the Union; (5) form their own courts to serve their own people ---- county and state.  

We are a separate population and have our own form of law that is a higher form of law than what the Federal and State of State courts practice, but until you "come home" and operate your own government --- that is, self-govern --- you are presumed to be a federal employee or dependent and to be subject to their foreign forms of law. 

Once you realize that what you are looking at and thinking of as "your courts" aren't your courts, you can begin the process of restoring order to this country, starting with correcting the presumptions about your own political status.  

Are you a Federal Employee or Dependent?  (This does not apply to Federal Retirees, except in the matter of income tax.)  If you aren't a Federal Employee, you need to stand up and say so.  

You need to record your political status declaration and seize control of your own name and estate.  Otherwise, you are going to be held responsible for the Queen's debts and the Pope's debts and your own assets will be at risk and they will continue to have an excuse for hauling you in and prosecuting you under foreign law in foreign courts. 

And once you have your own political status declared as an American State National and not as a British Territorial "United States Citizen" and not as a Municipal "citizen of the United States"----- you have another decision to make. 

Are you going to join your State Assembly and build the court system you are owed?   So that you can access the form of law you are owed?  -- American Common Law?  

The reason that NLA and so many of these other groups are wrong-headed is that they want to build just part of a State Court or State Assembly.  I have likened the NLA effort to form Grand Juries without having Courts to support those Grand Juries ---to building a car door and trying to operate as if you had a car.  The same thing applies to those groups organizing "Jural Assemblies" without a State Assembly.  A Jural Assembly is part of a State Assembly, again --- building the transmission without a fuel system.  

To restore and enjoy the benefit of the American Common Law, you have to stand under the American Common Law as a conscious decision that is determined by your declaration of political status as an American State National.  And next, you have the obligation of self-governance, the obligation to provide yourselves with your own courts.  

That means joining and supporting your State Assembly, serving as a Juror, and doing the work to open your own State Court.  Bear in mind -- yours is a State Court, not a "State of State" Court.  Your judges are "Justices".  

Our people are being fleeced and pillaged in foreign courts and subjected under foreign law, because they have been deliberately misidentified as British Territorial and/or Municipal Government Employees.  It's time to wake up and correct that situation by restoring your own State Assemblies and your own own American Common Law courts. 

Once our own courts are up and rolling in each State and our people have "re-populated" our States of the Union, it is already agreed that the foreign quasi-military courts that you see operating in your courthouses today, have to stand down and  withdraw themselves back to the limits of their own natural foreign domain.  

Military "Common Law" will no longer be mistaken (or misrepresented) as the American Common Law.  


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  1. A clear, logical, understandable lesson. By focusing on the key points without a lot of added commentary makes your lesson stand alone under a clear light of its own logical reasoning. It is written with a dispassionate tone that gives it dignity and clarity, being solid as thought on its own terms. Thanks, Anna

  2. A documentary about castles showed the castles first started as military plunder protective fortresses doubling as the home of the commanding officer. Troops defended while completing the structure used for headquarters and further plunder and empire building. Norman invasion forced all county militias to work as a larger army to plunder and collect booty. King WIlliam a wealthy land owner did preserve the common law. Easier for him that people took care of their own common law in their own courts and stay out of the Kings civil law courts. Curia families sought to push common law out to provide access to people’s property.

    1. Air Carvings – just so Folks know, we’re lied to about everything & to push war imagery. On castles, it doesn't seem so from our experience that they were started as military fortresses. Familial castles in Germany aren't fortressed off, but may have a moat, bridges, yard directly open to the fields w low fence as one would have a fence & gates today. Silos, a bit of a yard for animals, chickens, stables, barn, blacksmith, mill. The use was a center for the people too, to gather for celebration, baptisms, even school room, a chapel. Everyone contributed, still do even with modern advancements, they're very hard workers.
      There aren't fortress walls. Seems the image propagandized is war, defense, to hide their true history, of productivity, education, healthy people, animals, good crops, strong community, all under Christianity of its time.
      They weren't ignorant peasants as portrayed. Children were taught to read from a 'bible' (massive book, foot thick, instruction on all things, history, animal husbandry, agriculture, astrology, math, geometry, society, child rearing, marriage, scripture, etc). And we have to ask, how could a war torn, dumb population construct such magnificence, still standing, thats barely capable of being done today? Expert tradesmen, architects, draughtsman, supremely skilled, well educated, as it takes generations of expertise, experience to accomplish what Europe has. This cannot be done while warring. This indicates generations of peace, productivity, teaching, procuring, trade, open communications, transportation, plus feeding housing supplying everybody & animals. And then there are the towns.
      Some areas were more prone to warring, defense, but not the majority in Europe, tho security yes. If we think about it, the extraordinary architecture alone shows us a people who were so highly advanced, strong, at peace & with extensive knowledge. This isn’t at all what (((they))) want us to know!! It’s the exact opposite!! There has to have been enormous lengths of peaceful time to accomplish the castles alone. And, if the peoples weren’t happy, productive, healthy then nobody would last for very long. Winters are brutal, frozen, just spring & summers for growing & harvesting. Everybody, everything contributed. Question is Who really were these astonishingly magnificent accomplished peoples?? Who really were they? Not what we’re told. Thanks & stay sane.

  3. Whatcom County Jural Assembly Vote for "Joy" in Whatcom County, Joy will restore American Common Law, and read NINTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS refusal to find FRAUD ON THE COURT and HASTENING DEATH IS MURDER where DEATH WITH DIGNITY STATUTES created by the state Department of Health in Washington eliminate civil and criminal liability for murder under color of law for responders, doctors, nurses, risk management employees who forced Gloria to sign for Death with Dignity and Comfort Care when she was drugged and incompetent according to an eyewitness affidavit who saw three women employees force Gloria to sign without informed consent. Whatcom County and Bellingham Fire Dept, Sheriff Elfo, the Governor and state and federal courts are all complicit. DOH and Courts failed to find conclusive evidence for wrongful death and outrage after the responder brutally murdered my wife, Gloria Jean Brown, despite the UWMC autopsy confirming the internal jugular vein was punctured while responder lied claimed he only did an IV to the external jugular vein. Ninth Circuit eliminates civil and criminal liability for the Pope's PeaceHealth Hospital for assigning a DNR without informed consent and telling responders husband was going to shoot them despite a Bellingham Police Detective telling them allegations were erroneous. Lies went back to the false arrest of the husband after he was accused of hitting a witness for a luring suspect of the Browns seven year old granddaughter who the sheriffs department left overnight with a complete stranger. Two months later sheriffs department accused the grandfather of assault on a witness who after the trial was discovered to be an infamous canadian goldrobber who stole millions in gold bullion from Air Canada. Whatcom County Sheriff, prosecutor and judge related to deputy made up the entire scenario after sheriff had to pay eight million dollars to another family in Lewis v. Whatcom County for leaving their little girl in what the COA called a "worse case scenario" PeaceHealth falsely claimed Gloria was in excruciating pain and dying from leukemia, tests done by UWMC Ethics Committee found PeaceHealth lied, Gloria was not in excruciating pain or dying from leukemia. Gloria would still be alive but for all their lies that led to her brutal murder while she was breathing and her heart beating after simply fainting at home. There should be outrage by the public that a responder would ever do such a despicable act. There should be outrage by the public and our county and state run corporations, this proves we need common law juries and DEATH WITH DIGNITY STATUTES REVOKED AND MURDER CHARGES FOR those involved.

    1. Bobby Brown - We are so sorry for your loss. We're not unfamiliar with these circumstances, however, we have not lost someone to it. We are experiencing what seems precursor to advancing evils you've experienced. Medial kidnapping in the dead of night by a state sanctioned surgeon, said head of all his specialty for the entire state!?? The state, forcing our health care into the full control of one venial egotistic bastard, & a JEW at that.
      WE WARN PEOPLE WHATS GOING ON... folks seem barely able to acknowledge it, much less recognize it.
      Recently took an elder to see a doctor, 1st visit, had to sign papers. We scratched out a few things on the paper, autographed a by-line (c) etc - We see its all in their favor, & destructive to the patient. The staff said they'd never seen anyone do this. I said its a contract & we don't agree with the terms.
      It looked like a double, triple financial harvest of patient & subjugation to their control. HORRIBLE. THEY LIE, KILL w impunity.
      We've learned to take names, write it down then w correct spelling & info. We also ask what pharma, med, supply contracts the docs have. Shocks them. We're polite about it, so double surprise.
      We are so pained by your loss & its circumstances. We are furious too. All the strength & peace to you & your family.

  4. Contact number 360-223-0892 Bobby Brown

  5. Bobby Brown, Sorry. I almost lost mine too, to the Vermin Extreme misbehavior. They cared not for the consequence of their acts. As I said Restoring American Common law, would take if not 20 years it would be longer. Do not be confused with Case-law where the vermin's wanted to defraud people, based on their Unjust Legal Process, known as Citations. These are NOT public laws as Anna said. I am well aware of the American Court system usurped, after 1938, mentioned this to the Crooked Courts. They continue to play mind-games where they have NO authority to enforce anything in legal cases, or in their Failed / Railroading Gov't Service, due to Act of 1871 Repealed.

    Beware, the vermin manipulate the Post Office as well, to avoid legal binding, and still want to argue after the game over. Don't let them turn the table on you. Refuse to play their same Railroading games, with he forms, legislation Codes.