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Saturday, July 6, 2019

The American Form Of Government

Sir, what have you given us? A Republic Ma'am, if you can keep it.

Found Here:

NOT A DEMOCRACY.  A REPUBLIC.  At least to start with. Now we are an Oligarchy.

A Corporation is an Oligarchy.

Here is how Merriam-Webster defines Oligarchy.

1government by the fewThe corporation is ruled by oligarchy.

2a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposesa military oligarchy was established in the countryalso a group exercising such controlAn oligarchy ruled the nation.

3an organization under oligarchic controlThat country is an oligarchy.
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  1. How come all government movies fail to include native cultures? Even a local picture in the paper showed two county employees looking over at local tribal priest who blessed the bridge as though he was crazy, not smart like the civilized. The civilized were surprised greatly to find that North American Native Che ifs did not have authority to sign away everyone elses share of the planet.
    Civilized always creates confusion so those under control will think someone, some group, some power of earthly men and women or even a statue has power over them. Failure to be responsible and own up to your own rules, and know why you need to respect each others rights and lives, then blaming it on some government group or a few also seems a popular theme of the civilized. How many native people say it was the fault of the chief, elders, advisors, medicine folks or mothers were the cause of the problem releasing themselves as though innocent. Being truly deceived aside, knowledge of how to get along is needed by everyone, not some agent of power that will force it on people many of whom admit they cannot do it themselves, falling in to the trap once. The basic knowledge of how to cheat and get away with has been far more popular amongst the educated civilized and possibly to an extent in the "viewed as a kind of savage animal" other people living on the planet.

  2. Wouldn't it be nice to see videos with native cultures and other people of color? Video after video, no representation of any people of color even among the so-called enlightened ones. Yet they claim to desire oneness with the Almighty. Did not the Almighty make all of the cultures? How can you be one with the Almighty and yet think yourselves so different and above the other cultures? How is American culture so better than native and indigenous peoples culture when American culture is built on unsustainable lies and error? The only way to solve any of today's problems is to work together with other cultures and learn to listen with respect and stop thinking that you have all the answer. If you did, the world wouldn't be in the trouble it is in now.

    1. depends on definition of "almighty". if we are talking the jewish/egyptian (well, when they switched to monotheism) "the lord" then he wants no gods before him (but is cool with lesser deities beneath him, kind of like zeus)

      if we are saying christ is only begotten, and noone has seen "the father" (except via holy ghost in christ)...then he is only for people who accept him/baptised/what have you.

      point being, "almighty" is void for vagueness. the gnostic/rosicrucian one never came down to earth, we only catch glimpses/emanations/"light from light" (and their definition of "light" is christ goes back up to heaven, doesn't return, but 2nd coming "everyone can be pharaoh" and initiated into the 6 "mystery schools" takes his place)

      the undefined vague "almighty" is just slang for "satan" IMO, the one-size-fits-all-never-defined-anywhere. IMO it is being used as an excuse to try to overthrow all religions under false "peace".

      i would say the reason "christianity" and "catholicism" is so screwed up, is the "bible" is full of hundreds of "gods" and people have no idea what they are doing saying. example: amen. amon-ra, egyptain sun god. self-proclaimed "satanists", rosicrucians and other freemasons, this makes sense.

      but why oh why do "catholics" and "christians" invoke amon?

      all that is to say, this is a common problem. the "almighty" is meaningless/undefined/fill-in-the-blank. which is what masons did for "america" on purpose. under the disguise of "civility" and "freedom". in reality, the rosicrucians say flat out their "illuminism" is the true "christianity" and is the "state religion" of "america" and "america's destiny"

      their theory is once all religions were one. so the u.s. must merge with mexico and england. "atlantis" will rise, everyone reunited.

      (paraphrase, their words) preferably without bloodshed.

      so i expect that means if blood needs to be shed to make this happen, "so be it" "amen" and they will do so.

      ultimately i dont see any "cultures" having any say whatsoever. looks like the "secret societies" have things wrapped up.

      it really comes down to the bankers IMO. they are doing the all-seeing-eye rosicrucian "2nd coming" thing. i don't expect them to "switch" (except as another disguise/tactic)

      "satan" is "god of this world" "satan".

      so that is another reason "almighty" is vague IMO. just another way for "satanists" to hide while appearing pious/holy/pillars of society/etc.

    2. my opinion is all this "merging" is the problem. it is how cultures are destroyed. and that is how they setup "america" on purpose, a lie that everyone all worships the same "god" however you want. really just a cover for illuminism/masonry to rule from behind the scenes. "occult theocracy"

  3. Tension between three branched of government keep them in can rat out on the other!

  4. Riel #1 control the public bulletin boards or mass media

  5. The video makes perfect sense and is no big surprise considering what I have learned from reading Anna`s articles


  6. Dear Donald Trump,

    Regarding July 4 2019

    You are doing a fantastic job, but 243 years ago, a small group of brave corporate commercial business men rebelled against a cruel, tyrannical, sovereign ruler and declared all men are created equal, and at the same time, these men bought, sold, and owned human beings? They also bred human beings like cattle to create more slaves who were born into slavery? And then for about 120 years after 1776, the USA murdered the humans who were the rightful owners of the land of North America in order to steal the native peoples land? I am glad your 4th of July celebration is staged at the Lincoln Memorial today instead Mount Rushmore which is the ancient and sacred land of the Lakota Sioux. We have a lot of work to do because for over 300 years the land now called America has been anything but great, compared to what it once was when it was being managed by the honest, decent, proud, civilized, respectful, generous and hospitable people of the First Nations. Forgive me for raining on your parade today, but the Trail of Tears of the people of the First Nations has never dried. Now, let us go and make America great again because, after over three centuries of broken treaties, forked tongue lies, broken hearts, Vatican so-called 'right' of conquest, disrespect, death and environmental destruction, it is the least we can do for our fellow man and mother earth! And let us not forget that a few hundred years ago, illegal immigrants were called 'white people' In hindsight it appears we should have built the wall two or three hundred years ago! Now what I really like about Trump for president, is you have a plan and stick to it! Thank you for your service, my friend! You have my utmost respect and appreciation. I was not born in America. America was born on my land. I am America! And on that note, I have to admit that I am concerned that you are turning into a typical politician and are more concerned about your next election victory and not your promises three years ago to re-open the investigation of 9/11, never lie to America and hold judges accountable to the constitution.

      It's all in the acting families
      Deceiving the masses for decades

  7. And yet the right to a trial by one's peers was brought in by Monarchy, please check for yourself and look no further than the 1640 Habeas Corpus being an English law. The reason Habeas was brought in was to combat the Holy See which is alo why the Magna Carta was drafted in order to combat the 1213 pact with the Holy See. Look at the Bill of Rights 1688 and again we see law brought in to combat the Holy See. The greatest single threat to mankind is none other than the HOLY SEE, history does not lie. Look at the French Revolution and again the Rulers of all Evil the Jesuits and the Holy See. America has been under the influence of the Holy See since 1964 when the Unidroit Treaty was signed off by that parasite Johnson, so remove that America and then and only then will you get to experience a Republic.

    1. this is true, except also so other courts could get jurisdiction. only later was it found "maybe no court has right to hold this man without charging him"

      "holy see" is masonic since 1777. see they LOST the "french revolution". "america" has been doing "novus ordo seclorum" along with the rosicrucian post-1777 holy see, yes.

      the "vatican" was illuminized long ago. america always was, and always strong "2nd coming" "jewish millenialism" "a whole new world" (see francis bacon, new atlantis)

      a good word is praemunire. the trick is, while this was used to keep the pope out of england, it could not be used on the "church of england" necessarily. various kings were protestant or catholic, with or without the vatican.

      so, more hypocrisy, there still wasn't freedom of religion per se. read blackstone on praemunire (google for it).

      notice in the old days if you could read a bible verse, it proved you were clergy, you got a pass or two.

      again, england may have tried to keep the pope out (depending on king) but that doesnt mean freedom of religion, it meant you have to follow whichever king's "church" was in vogue today.

      america and the post-1777 holy see (and anna, and mormons, and various others) are all doing "2nd coming". that is the common denominator.

      if the "vatican" ran america you'd have a pope-appointed king, and there wouldn't be all-seeing eyes on your "dollars". it is the illuminized vatican and illuminized bankers and illuminized england that is running "america".

      thats exactly what the masons/illuminists want: everyone destroys the fake "holy see", they get off scot free.

    2. anna has already declared everyone on the land should follow "the lord" and his 10 commandments. so goodbye freedom of religion. she also pushes/pushed "2nd coming" antichrist.

      the rosicrucians have already declared the "state religion" of america illuminism (their brand of christianity, the reason for pyramid on your "dollars"). see rob ager "the shining" analysis.

      see also 68th convocation of the rosy cross order, fundamental laws, 1916. has it

      woodrow wilson was a rosicrucian. that was the start of this "make the world safe for democracy". see woodrow wilson: disciple of revolution. also has it (out of print). see also stanley monteith "brotherhood of darkness" youtube and might have PDF or you might find somewhere to buy the book.

    3. if the "vatican" ran anything, usury/unjust weights and measures is a "crime against nature" (as distinguished from crime against god, crime against how "god" made things) the same as masturbation/homosexuality/etc. no productive fruits/gains. completely wasteful/self-serving.

      if the vatican ran anything, all the bankers would be in jail.

      but but but this is just a "indulgence" allowing this? that is just a fancy way of saying rothschilds and co. bankrupted the "vatican" long ago.

      modern day "vatican" is just a front for illuminism, and perhaps rothschilds as well.

  8. Granted a Republic is better than the other forms discussed but the best is a Elohim based society where Elohim rules with His instructions and justice is administered rightly. No one owns the land because it has been given to us by our Creator and many of the Native Americans understood this. Our nation made a set or rules and laws based upon several governments, Roman, Greek, Babylonian and Christian. It is a mixed soup. We are not to depend upon man but upon Elohim. When we depend upon man, man will greatly disappoint us and will fail if they do not seek Elohim's Face.

    1. Please use a handle that is not "unknown" or "anonymous" see our policy at the top of the page in blue. The least you could do is to put your name on the first line of your comment so I can see your unique handle. There are too many people using unknown or anonymous and it makes this moderation job much more difficult.

  9. "What have you given us?"
    Nothing if we believe we received this gift from God.Egypt
    Notice the "washington monument?"
    What is it really? And why did the freemasons bring one to New York from Egypt?
    "What have you given us?"
    Nothing if we believe we received this gift from God.Egypt
    Notice the "washington monument?"
    What is it really? And why did the freemasons bring one to New York from Egypt? Have we in effect returned to Eygypt?
    Ruled by Law?
    Is this ideal? Is this what Gods government is to be all about? Law?
    Adams World Sentenced:
    "Go, therefore, Adam, and all your progeny that shall form the world, produce your own fund of knowledge. Decide for yourself what is good and what is evil. Produce your own educational systems and means of disseminating knowledge, as you god Satan shall mislead you. Form you own concepts of what is god, your own religions, your own governments, your own life-styles and forms of society and civilization. In all this Satan will deceive your world with his attitude of SELF-centeredness--with vanity, lust and greed, jealousy and envy, competition and strife and violence and wars, rebellion against me and my law of LOVE.
    Does the Gospel of Christ set us on a course to worship Law solely?

  10. America form of Government as it was set, by the founding father now 2019 there must be a little change now, because we ran into the Queen Bastard children, first of all we must think to remove the Queen Bastard children out of Washington D.C. if we don't.... we will never have a
    Republic as it suppose to been, we must think hard, Break down little bit bring God almighty into your life and except lord Jesus. Haile
    Selassie state department in Washington D.C. Has the power legally and lawfully, Central Government, Then the Jural Assembly for there county and all agencies in HUD etc assembly oversee all of the usa properties and the chief just monitor the asset in the account america the Republic, come America stop pretending very simple let do this. Queen Bastard Children shall be remove and now America The Republic is back this Emperor love America and the most High so America must bend rule little bit, since 150 yrs. Ethiopia is a Unitary System and Ethiopia know America is Republic and Ethiopia will work with America with there High Contracting Power remember Ethiopia, respect liberty for the peoples we must act as one, to remove England and anyone else in America. Peace and One Love.

  11. we don't need Housing and Urban Development it's the Assembly run there county in social service, there county they suppose be the 4th branch of the Government. So the Host of the conference line on Monday Teri, and your assembly in Washington start recovering all federal properties that was stolen hold them all, so when the chief fiduciary can have her expense account and let leave the donation along, remember the 4th branch of the government the county assembly. gmail don't hesitate to send me a link, peace

  12. A good primer for those who don't know, but then, they don't listen or read this type of information. I have to disagree with him using Hitler as an example he was just another "useful idiot" in the Globalists agenda.


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