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Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Smelly Roses -- Public Notice and Demand

By Anna Von Reitz

When it comes to talking about money, I still have to overcome waves of cognitive dissonance. Here is a good example of it from Egon von Greyez:

"In the West, ordinary people’s standard of living has been maintained by increasing personal debt and also by governments running ever bigger deficits. These deficits are used for buying the votes of the average citizen to improve the perceived standard of living at the cost of an ever increasing national debt. "

This is an example of what everyone assumes, what everyone believes, and what everyone endlessly prattles--- but, this is not what is directly, observably true. What is true and what you can see for yourself is quite different:

The foreign subcontractors running the Federal Government came in and passed "legal tender" laws, and forced everyone to accept "Notes" --- that is, I.O.U.s --- as money. As a result, you haven't been paid for anything, not your goods, not your labor, for decades. You haven't been allowed access to the corresponding National Credit you have earned, either. This is what causes any "National Debt" --- and it isn't your National Debt.

It's the debt of the Queen and the Popes who created and enforced this system on their Federal Employees, and then failed to ride herd on it.

We, Americans, were supposed to get exemptions and to be able to exercise Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges that were never provided to us. Instead, the vermin instituted a vast identity theft scheme to "redefine" us all as United States Citizens and/or Citizens of the United States, so as to deny us access to the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges and exemptions we are owed.

Mr. von Greyez has been bamboozled along with everyone else into assuming that we, rank and file Americans, are responsible for this " National Debt" and that it is the result of reckless overspending and under-producing on our part, or, that alternatively, it's all the fault of "useless eaters", all the poor people riding on our Socialist coat-tails....

That's exactly what the perpetrators of this colossal scam wish for us to assume, but we have two eyes and two ears and a brain, don't we?

Look at what has actually happened. We have contributed our goods and labor in exchange for corporate I.O.U.'s since the 1930's and we have never been paid anything for it, not money and not credit, either. That's what the "US National Debt" is--- THEIR debt to us, not our debt to them.

So, the source of the debt and the problem is not reckless overspending on our part and it is not the fault of all the poor people receiving welfare benefits, either.

This whole situation is the fault of the Queen and of the Popes who allowed: (1) the imposition of "Legal Tender" laws on the Federal Employees; (2) the identity theft of Americans and mis-characterization of Americans as either United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, thereby cheating us out of our exemptions and the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges we are owed.

These Grafters are running no less than three (3) primary Bunko Schemes at once on the American States and People, all under color of law:

1. Identity Theft --- claiming that we are all either United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, that is, some species of Federal Employee or Dependent, and amassing falsified registrations and undisclosed contracts as evidence for their False Claims;

2. Credit Fraud --- based on the Identity Theft -- they claim that we are accommodation parties and co-signers allowing them to access our private and public assets as collateral backing their borrowing. They access our credit via a process of "hypothecation of debt" which leaves us totally unaware of what they are doing. They charge our "credit cards" up over the max, then claim bankruptcy protection for themselves, and leave us on the hook as co-signers to pay their debts for them.

3. Abandoned Assets Scheme -- based on Identity Theft -- as a result of mis-characterizing us as United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, they deny us access not only to any actual payment for our goods and services, they also deny us access to the credit that we earned as a result of their receipt of our goods and services.

Over time, this results in the massive accrual of our National Credit which exactly mirrors their National Debt. Bearing in mind that they have deliberately kept us from accessing this credit via the initial Identity Theft, they then propose to come in and claim that our National Credit is a "gift" to the Church or that it is "Abandoned Assets" left unclaimed by unknown parties who are "lost at sea, presumed dead."

The problem for them is that all of this was completely undisclosed and non-consensual and the result of unconscionable contracting practices and Gross Breach of Trust.

A good 90% of us are not "United States Citizens" nor are we "Citizens of the United States". We were not given full disclosure and were instead deliberately misinformed.

We aren't lost at sea. We are back home, standing on solid ground, and we are claiming all our rights, all our constitutional guarantees, all our assets, including our purloined credit.

That includes all the Historic Trust Money and actual Assets left on deposit with all the various Federal Banks and Savings and Loans across the country and around the world. We are the Priority Creditors and we, the Lawful People, are also the actual Trustees--- not the Bank Trustees. Not, in other words, Kim Gougen, and not, for example, Manna World Holdings Trust. Not Karen Hudes and any Dropbox created to bail out the criminals at the World Bank, either.

This is Public Notice and Demand:

Deposits of actual assets in the possession of commercial banks are lawful goods and can belong only to Lawful People. That means us, the actual Depositors.

Deposits are loans made to banks and are bank liabilities. Our deposits don't belong to the banks, and they are not abandoned assets, and they are not subject to claims by bank creditors. Those actual asset deposits belong to the depositors who are the Primary Creditors of all these banks. Period.

Along with all the other criminal mischief promoted by our Federal Public Servants, both Territorial and Municipal, they have offered to mis-characterize Depositors as United States Citizens and/or Citizens of the United States, too, and thereby offer an excuse for stealing our Trust Deposits and actual assets left on deposit in Federal Banks and Federal Savings and Loans.

The assignment of Bank Trustees by the Bank to oversee these accounts does not mean that the Bank Trustee takes precedent or authority over the actual Private Trustees who made the Deposit, and no phony claim that we are "acting as" United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States can stand in our presence otherwise.

All the phony dossiers that the schemers have created via the IRS are also fully discovered. It turns out that, for example, I am not the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados and I am mad as Hell to discover than any such fanciful "colorable" idea has ever been advanced by any flat-rumped bureaucrat in my employment.

It's time to make a deal or sit down and shut up. The Sword of Truth hangs over all your heads. The People --- not only of this country --- but the whole world, are now fully informed.


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  1. I am glad to see you are aware of "Kim" and her lot. Unfortunately, those of us banking are now opted-in to bank bank bail-in's should they need rescuing...we do not own our accounts, they do. They just let us use the account for a fee of course. Dodd-Frank made sure we have no control over our money.
    Bank of America doesn't accept cash anymore!Many banks require an appointment to withdraw more than 5000.00. Any deposit over 9,999 is an automatic red flag and could be cause for detainment under terrorist/money laundering laws with a non-negotiable loss of your funds.
    we have credit cards, credit accounts, loans, normal living expenses all going thru these shysters. How do we resolve these issues? How can we live as the American state nationals that we are and participate in citizenship activities without imperiling ourselves?I don't want to live in a tee-pee and have no job or automobile...

  2. As a young child we used to play games as Ludo. It happened more than once that the party who lost got angry, picked up the board and smashed it to the floor. That is what will happen in the USA when the federal government who is forced to see that they have lost their trickery game they played for hundreds of years. Of course, they know they are wrong, but they refuse to admit it, and they do literary everything to regain control even when that implies killing millions of innocent people who were victims of their cheating and lying. Read about FEMA camps. They have killed in the past for their own interest in other parts of the world; they will do it again without limitation.
    Consciousness is very critical, but we underestimate the meanness of the opponents.

    1. Please use a handle that is not "unknown" or "anonymous" see our policy at the top of the page in blue. The least you could do is to put your name on the first line of your comment so I can see your unique handle. There are too many people using unknown or anonymous and it makes this moderation job much more difficult.

  3. Frank o'Collins your an asswipe,and a troll
    Go away

  4. Frank go troll in the cesspool you crawled out of and leave REAL men and women to FLUSH the likes of your kind down the toilet with your troll friends ...

  5. Everyone who has done their paperwork needs to hit these ministry you tube sites and make comments -
    Leaving these three links on those sites will open eyes - plant the seed
    We cannot hope and pray that people find these sites we have to get this information out there at every turn
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. Don't bother answering the troll that uses Frank O Collins name. It's not Frank, and he also uses unknown and Ucadia at times. I delete everything he writes for many violations of our policies on this blog.

  7. Are folks able to access PaperUpNow? We aren't able to go to it, a 404 dead end from several browsers, including DuckDuckGo, Startpage, Bing, Google Chrome - Hope the site is ok... Yikes!

  8. Suggest everyone watch this video - very interesting things he reveals
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. Anybody live in Indiana? Have a look at this and look at the notation complies with Title 23 CFR Part 450
    This is yet another COG who seems to be working under the CFR - now tell me why are they working under the COuncil of Foreign Relations?
    Based on reading the following
    It would appear that all the folks involved in the CFR are actually the Illuminati rebranded - hidden in plain site
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  10. After you read the information I left above then go here and listen to the video
    See the link they have for The First Testament of the Illuminati
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Shelby,
      This is my backyard, i live here and work here.The world is very interconnected. Has anyone ever checked in to their (sister cities?)
      Now that was a pretty wild commercial, and filled with many Truths. of course that is how the enemy operates. Do you think they will play this commercial on T.V. or has anyone seen this?
      George Washington warned us about the infiltration of the Illuminati. And many have done their worst to destroy him and the True history of Him.

    2. Just putting these links out here for anyone inerested in reviewing
      In the first link read the very top, the 7th and final kingdom
      Just the other day I saw a lady reading a book named the Eighth Kingdom??
      Just some things to review
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved