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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Just MORE Evidence Against Them

By Anna Von Reitz

As we have endlessly discussed on this blog there are three kinds of citizenship available to us.  

We can be American State Citizens and live as Minnesotans, Floridians, etc., and support our respective State Governments as Jurors, Justices, Peacekeeping Sheriffs, and so on.  

We can be United States Citizens, that is, Administrative and  Military Employees or Dependents of the Territorial Government. 

We can be Citizens of the United States, that is, the Municipal (Civil) Government of the United States, their employees and dependents, etc. 

This is never explained to us directly and forthrightly in schools getting Federal funding, for the obvious reason that if we choose to live on the land and soil jurisdiction of the actual States of the Union, it cuts down tax revenues. 

What we basically have is a giant racketeering scheme: both the Territorial and the Municipal Government corporations claim that we are citizens belonging to their organizations, so that both can tax us.  

If we claim (mistakenly) to be United States Citizens, they prosecute us using the MUNICIPAL COURTS.   

If we claim (even more mistakenly) to be UNITED STATES CITIZENS, they prosecute us using the Territorial Courts. 

To further confuse the issues, we have Municipal Officers, like WILLIAM P BARR occupying Territorial Offices, like The Office of the United States Attorney General.   This allows him  or any other "Federal Official" to wear two hats, just like the description of what the "State" Legislatures and "US Congress" are doing. 

And we, having been left in the dark our whole lives, never realize that we are not any kind of Federal Citizen, and that there is a Third Option that we are naturally owed and are heir to:  American Citizenship, as one of the Citizens of the States of the Union. 

Much of my work has been to bring this to everyone's attention and to encourage as many Americans as possible to wake up and reclaim your natural birthright political estate and get organized to operate your actual, factual State of the Union, instead of being dependent on and at the mercy of foreign service providers and their out of control alphabet soup "agencies". 

It all hinges on "Who's citizen are you?"  

We have to be able to stand there and say with absolute certainty (and the paperwork on record to prove it)  --- "Minnesota Citizen" or "Illinois Citizen" or "Montana Citizen".  

People who bother to secure their Certified Birth Certificates and their two Witness Testimonies affirming that they are "the" living man or woman whose physical birth details are noted on the Birth Certificate have evidence of non-consensual and unconscionable contracts being presumed against them as mere babies in their cradles.  Such contracts are totally illegal, immoral, and unlawful and not due any kind of presumption or enforcement.  

People who took the extra step to have a State Certified Birth Certificate "Authenticated" by the United States Secretary of State have proof that they are owed the Geneva Conventions, not the Hague Conventions, under international law.  

These two things taken together are absolute proof in any court in America that you have suffered illegal, immoral, and unlawful conscription, and that you are in fact a State National with the option of acting as a State Citizen upon reaching age of majority (for our States, that's 21). 

If you additionally completed and recorded the Paperwork we developed and published as part of Article 928 on my website:  you have even more evidence as proof that you have been mis-identified and that you have taken steps to correct this, up to and including expatriating from any presumed "US Citizen" status and serving Public Notice of it to the authorities responsible. 

And who are the "authorities responsible"?  It turns out that it all comes down to the United States District Court and no other.   The State of State Courts can't deal with us as Americans at all.  That lies outside their scope as local franchises of the Federal Corporations.  

We are, in terms of international law, "Foreign Sovereigns" with respect to the Federal Government workers, either Territorial or Municipal, because we occupy a completely different jurisdiction of the law ---- land law.  We act as Lawful Persons.  They act as Legal Persons. 

And here is just more confirmation that all of this is true, factual, reliable, and important for all Americans including Federal Employees and Dependents (IRS OFFICERS, for example) to know: 

UNITED STATES v. SLATER, 545 F.Supp. 179 (1982)  

Unless the defendant can establish that he is not a citizen of the United States, the IRS possesses authority to attempt to determine his federal tax liability.

Please note that as we have always said, only Federal Citizens are liable to pay Federal Income Taxes and only Federal Citizens can be presumed to have Federal Income.   

"What is Federal Income?" 

Well, the Supreme Court danced around this question and described it instead of defining it.   The learned Justices described such income as "profit separated from capital" --- which it is, but they fell short of stating the obvious -- that a Federal Income Tax is a corporate tax on Federal Income received by Federally chartered corporations, by their Federal Employees and their Federal Dependents. 

It has nothing whatsoever to do with us and never did.  

So when you see YOUR NAME in all capital letters, you will know that you are looking at a Federal Corporation being operated "in your NAME" and nothing else.  This "PERSON" doesn't really exist, but they "presume" that you accepted their offer of a "franchise" and that that obligates you to operate as a "citizen of the United States".. 

Ah, so, but wait a minute.  This PERSON doesn't actually exist, and if it does, you have already sent its Birth Certificate back to the Secretary of the Treasury, so that makes it his problem, not yours.  

You can demand to see the details of "your" alleged federal "CITIZEN" --- name, address, job description, supervisor, etc., and proof of Federal Income received by this PERSON.  This will really startle the IRS, because nobody ever asks and they never have to present all the falsified records related to "YOUR" account. Now, what are they (and you) going to say when they have to reveal that YOUR NAME is (as in my case and maybe yours) the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados?  

Are you going to stand there like I did and spurt, "What in the name of the Living God does this have to do with me?  A Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska, who has provably never even visited Barbados?" 


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  1. Very nice, clean, simple explanation Anna - of the series of frauds and "legal presumptions" being made on paper created by bureaucrats against anyone in the United States of American who may take a job with any corporation domiciled in one of the States of States of the United States. Corporations cooperate with this scheme for their own benefit: to get a reduction in tax it must pay for the privilege of incorporating in one of the franchised federal States of State, the corporation then reports your earnings to the IRS, who then begins sending presumptive letters to unsuspecting you that you must file a tax return and sign it under penalty of perjury that the tax return is true...including the presumption that you are a United States "person", and a U.S. Citizen, subject to pay the tax. Because if your read the very first introductory part of the Internal Revenue Code you discover it clearly states the tax is on United States Citizens. On such is it presumably imposed, ( and with further definition it is actually imposed on those who are participating as Citizens of government, the tax is a kick back scheme returning a portion of what they receive for the privilege of being a paid employee of government.

    Instead, we are simply American State Nationals, naturally and by birthright and in fact, we are. Once you get your records showing you do not accept or depend on the wacko job Birth Certificate that begins the whole charade of the Municipal United States making the presumption you one of the U.S. Citizens it created and enslaved under the Congressional legislated 14th Amendment, you now have solid presentable evidence that you cannot be presumed to be what they formerly presumed you to be.

    This kind or clear, simple explanation is exactly what the doctor ordered, Anna, thanks again for having a clear understanding of the facts and the shenanigans being played to steal our money, our children, our homes, and our Birthright from us - by a cheap, slimy, secretive, devilish set of circumstances fully supported and approved by every Senator, House of Representative member, U.S. Officer, State Governors, State Legislature, Income Tax Preparer, Accountants, all either knowingly or ignorantly riding the bandwagon to destroying our American States and their sovereign people, the American State Nationals. Mindlessly following in this path of thuggery upon unsuspecting Americans is like the grossly fat man stealing candy from a baby.

  2. To Whom This May Concern: What to do about G.C.R. R.V. Dinar Exchange. I have heard that this is a BAD Thing. Of Coarse (If it Happens?) Meaning Yet another Cabal Operation Please help me

  3. Anna Von Reitz contends: "Please note that as we have always said, only Federal Citizens are liable to pay Federal Income Taxes and only Federal Citizens can be presumed to have Federal Income.

    The following is from the IRS article entitled: "The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments:

    1. Contention: Taxpayer is not a “citizen” of the United States and thus is not subject to the federal income tax laws.

    Some individuals argue that they have rejected citizenship in the United States in favor of state citizenship; therefore, they are relieved of their federal income tax obligations. A variation of this argument is that a person is a free born citizen of a particular state and thus was never a citizen of the United States. The underlying theme of these arguments is the same: the person is not a United States citizen and is not subject to federal tax laws because only United States citizens are subject to these laws.

    The Law: The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution defines the basis for United States citizenship, stating that “[a]ll persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” The Fourteenth Amendment therefore establishes simultaneous state and federal citizenship. Claims that individuals are not citizens of the United States but are solely citizens of a sovereign state and not subject to federal taxation have been uniformly rejected by the courts. The IRS has warned taxpayers of the consequences of making this frivolous argument. Rev. Rul. 2007-22, 2007-1 C.B. 866; Notice 2010-33, 2010-17 I.R.B. 609.

    In a variation of this argument, taxpayers argue that although they are citizens of the United States, for the purposes of the Internal Revenue Code they are non-resident aliens and are subject to taxation only on income that is connected with the conduct of a trade or business. The 11th Circuit rejected this contention as frivolous.

    Relevant Case Law:

    Taliaferro v. Freeman, 595 F.App’x 961, 962-63 (11th Cir. 2014) – the 11th Circuit upheld the lower court’s dismissal of Mr. Taliaferro’s complaint seeking to enjoin the IRS from collecting taxes assessed against him. The court rejected as meritless his argument that, despite his U.S. citizenship, he is, for purposes of the tax code, a nonresident alien who is subject to taxation only on income that is connected with the conduct of a trade or business.

    United States v. Bowden, 402 F. App’x 967 (5th Cir. 2010) – in denying an appeal of a sentence for tax evasion, the 5th Circuit rejected the taxpayer’s argument that he was a sovereign and not subject to the laws of the United States.

    1. you didnt do your research. the irs is telling half truths. it is true noone is naturalaizing/verifying "state citizens" because ALL the courts one way or another are part of the "one nation" of "Federal citizens only" (legislative democracy)

      you are missing american jurisprudence that for purposes of acquiring us citizenship (federal citizenship) at birth, this applies to people born into TERRITORIES (not states)

      as anna says, they are running legal fiction inchoate incorporated "states of x" and variants, and saying everyone is born inside a united states "territory" (which they call states, but are not; not allowing state citizens violates "equal footing" doctrine, that all states join the union on equal footing as the original; of course, they just started a new "union" of legal fiction inchoate "pseudostates" that are inhabited by "Federal citizens" (also only electors/voters for ALL offices of their fake "states")

      it is true that even non-federal citizens are supposed to pay income tax on "sources received from federal corporations"

      "We the people" are sovereign/joint kings. but not in the legislative democracy "Federal" "united states" fake "union" that they started post civil war and beyond.


    2. the fact they have new fake "courts" for their fake "one nation" and impersonate the actual states (while pulling everything into private international law merchant and roman civil law, both foreign types of law; american common law is the law of the land/realm of the serveral states, which are composed of state citizens; indeed, in american common law, the people ARE "the state" and THEN they delegate outwards, create courts/state legislatures/etc.

      intheir top-down federal legal fiction inchoate "States" all the COUNTY OF X CITY OF Y etc. are subdivisions of their federal territorial "state" and part of their bogus "one nation" union.

      as usual, the IRS is telling half-truths, and like all bar attorneys, refusing to answer why there are no longer any state citizens who are non-federal citizens. (Because noone is naturalizing them/verifying the, so you have to do it yourself)

      anna is general full of heresy on religious matters, but perhaps it takes a heretical person to understand masonic/illuminist "america". she is spot on on "Secular" things.

      if you REALLY have a problem i can point you to sources, but you havent been paying atetntion/must be new.

      start with correct 14th; "united states citizen" BEFORE the 14th was also "CODE" for state citizen; strictly speaking, there was no such thing as a "federal citizen" but only "citizen of ONE of the states" (more accurately perhaps, there was such a thing, but they werent roaming about the several states, kidnapping americans and trying to "Secede" into "one nation" of "Federal citizens only"

      andrew johnson already settled this. impeached but failed by one vote. saved the constitution. the "Radical republicans" told him he was "no longer a citizen". he fled the south, the "north" thought he was a "southerner" who couldnt be trusted, the "south" thought he was a carpetbagger, but he did the right thing: refused to "Secede" then after the "War" asked how come non-federal citizens can no longer "vote"? what kind of "reconstruction" is that? the "war" was over.


    3. if you need "sources" then start with bouviers 1856 "specie" "specie is the only constitutional money in this country" "at la[w]" "new york" "virginia" (showing fedreal citizens arent part of nromal states, and even before "civil war" some staes naturalized "negroes") "paper mone" "maxim" also cover/title page to see [roman] civil law is all foreign. (shortened names are due to OCR typos)

      cia world factbook "united states" based on english common law.

      "the dispatch of merchants" tells you law merchant is also private and international and foreign type of law. anything non-specie (except perhaps your handwritten IOU, acting as an unincorporated natural person/people without limited liability) automatically pulls people into "law merchant" aka admiralty aka municipal law.

      this is old half truths from people who havent researched, trying to pass off their "one nation" of fake "states" and "Federal citizens only" as the actual gov. they are doing their new fake "constitution" and "democracy". THERE IS ABUNDANT EVIDENCE THEY ARE TRYING TO "SECEDE". problem is, if "Secession" is allowed, only state citizens/we the people can do so. "Federal citizens" have no such "right". they are all naturalized/"creations of congress"

      the fake "us congress" is trying to "Secede" and drag everyone with them into their imposter "democracy" and law merchant "dollars". that is all that is going on.

    4. do your research atticus. i am not affiliated with anna (doublyy so on "Religious" issues) but you simply are being told hafl-truths and "appeal to authority fallacy" i.e. the "courts" are behaving "lawfully" (waht type of law? they never say. just "rule of law" without saying what type(s), or is that "martiall aw", or ....)

      if you dont read and understand hegelian/masonic/spinosoan "Synthesis of opposites" (first they synthesis the fake 2 "Sides") then nothing will make sense. this is a deliberate tactic to try to "merge" and "replace" things, subjective versus objective. if you cant understand that, you will be lost.

      "new lies for old" "perestroika deception" stanley monteith brotherhood of darkness PDF and video (youtube or have them) also "the forbidden secret" 2007 google for video.

      if you dont understand the "satanic" "luciferian" "masonic" "merging" going on, you will always be "mislead" "used" "Deceived by appearances" and miss the "substance"

      study "red symphony" and know where the phrase came from. study "Deception" edward jay epstein.

      perhaps that is MORE IMPORTANT than "legal sources" although you should study all concurrently.

      THEN You can understand their "philosophy" and see the "mergers"

      "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism" is useful too, but only if you understand the "continuity" and "progression" of masonic "philosophy" and "law". note jacobin "liberty" cap on "us senate" logo.

      you have no idea the satanic things going on.

    5. they figure they can "Deconstruct" america, and rebuild it more to their liking (fabian socialist stained glass window quote omar kayyim; there is a "Cat" version of omar kayyim too FYI)

      so, you have to able to abstractly "deconstruct" (Break down into constituent components; not start "wars" "conflict" false hegelian "conflicts" they do) to see how things are supposed to be prior to all the fake "mergers"

      this really requires reading sources prior to ~1929, but especially prior to ~1860s, and THEN comparing with modern e.g. "IRS statements" "bar attorneys lies" etc.

      if you can understand the "philosophy" and false "mergers" going on, then nothing will make sense, all the "law" in the world wont save you.

    6. you also missed domicile versus "residency" atticus. american jurisprudence (google for short PDF extract)

      again, compare to 14th and paul andrew mitchell re: a "correct" 14th.

      they told the "South" not to secede, then after the "war" they pull the same garbage. this is nothing new, happens all the time. standard deception tactic.

      another deception tactic is to warn about "upcoming" things that already happened, e.g. "Cashless society" ("cash" was specie, "paper money" even "law merchant" dollars is supposed to be redeemable for specie; nowadays it is "credit in paper form" from "bonds"); In other words, we are already long ago a "cashless society"

      while it is easy to see once one knows definition of "money" and "cash" and redeemability requirements, this can be described as nothing less than bankers trying to brainwash everyone.

      research edward and francis bellamy re: the "pledge". a "christian socialist" and a "mason." read "looking backwards" book (mentioned in "brotherhood of darkness" PDF/book).

      if you dont understandthey think it is ok to "lie" to people because they are "chosen" "enlightened" "better" than everyone else,you will just end up used and abused and enslaved.

      they want your soul, by means of capturing your mind. it is a side benefit they want your gold/labour/property etc. too.

      if you take the "IRS" or anyone at face value, they will ALWAYS be full of half-truths. the most common way to "lie" is everything they say is is 100% true../.they just leave all conflicting evidence/proofs out and dont mention them.

      if you dont get used to that, you will remain mislead/confused.

    7. atticus: "maxim" bouviers 1856. a "delegate" cannot "redelegate" .

      that mneans "Federal citizens only" fake states/etc. are disallowed, even if "We the people" signed off on it(which we/they never did).

      andrew jackson pointed this out re: nicholas biddle's bank. IF (a big if) congress (Actual congress back then) has the power to print irredeemable paper money, it was for them to use, not to "delegate" to private bankers.

      thomas jefferson they likely put him in the treasury to try to "appease" him. see his letter re: reasons why first bank of united states was unconstitutional.

      if you dont understand "statutes/laws of mortmain" (mentioned by TJ in that letter) then you will be "lost" as well. we've already been through this "incorporate everyone and everything, disallow common law, make everyone civilly dead, give it all to the "church") countless times over the centuries. "foundatinos: their power and influence" book opening pages mentions a few times in history these statutes/laws of mortmain were needed.

      the "difference" this time is they are doing the same thing "give it all to the church" but it happens to be an illuminized fake vatican (with various "protestant" incorporated branches) etc.

      the federal "united states" is just another branch of the masonic/illuminist "church"

      study rob ager's analysis of "the shining" if you want to understand "red symphony". google for it. give trump/the IRS etc. a copy of the movie. "woodrow wilson: disciple of revolution" ( has copy, out of print) also might explain why they wanted to "overthrow" all the several states/etc. WW was a rosicrucian.

      if you dont understand so-called "occultism" none of their "mergers" will make sense (or you will dismiss it as "They are just evil" without any understanding of their "philosophy")

      "secret doctrine of rosicrucians" also explains there "merge" things philosophy. these are all "Eastern" philosophies. google for it, or you can probably find a used copy for ~$3.

    8. atticus: also, the actual states are disallowd from making anything non-specie legal tender. (i believe articles of conf. they could; each state had their own money(s) of various kinds; after the federal constitution this was "Delegated" to the feds; the problem is, the "Feds" are no longer running an actual specie-based treasury, derelict of duty, MIA, abandoned their posts) see also "clearfield doctrine" (same law for governments as "the dispatch of merchants" rule for anyone else; whoever acts like a merchant (uses their private "dollars"/"credit"; anything non-specie i believe) "volunteers" to go to courts of the staple/private "law merchants" courts.

      so, based on that alone, any "state" entity that is not dealing with specie is a private/international law "law merchant" imposter (At best, they are doing "permanent martial law" "banking emergency" neverending, and LBJ already said they have no intention of returning...which is breach of trust/bad faith.)

      compare woodrow wilsons quote and carter glass about giving the people opposing the federal reserve act the "shadow" while keeping the "substance" (that is, giving william jennings bryan/etc. the appearance of "gov." money, as it is "Backed" by "the gov." in case of "Default", but all "private" in actuality). then you can begin to understand all the "mergers" and so-called "occultism" (which is really just lying, putting up false images to deceive). that quote can be found e.g. in creature from jekyll island book, g. edward griffin.

      if you dont have some understanding of their "occultist" philosophy, you will fall for all their lies and get distrcated by all the "images" with substance carefully removed/weeded out, leaving you with a "Shadow" and the illusion of "law" "Gov" "money" "religion" etc.

    9. atticus: there are also to be no new states inside other states (Federal constitution i believe)

      the fact in american common law state citizens are "The state" means the feds arent supposed to be overlaying any other "states" on top of the actual states (which in the end, are "We the people" who THEN delegate outwards at ALL levels

      they might claim state citizens are within the borders of their fake territorial "Federal citizens only" pseudo "states", but this shows that to be a bogus/specious argument. they arent supposed to be creating new "States" on top of state citizens, whose physical bodies (+ soul to make a living man or woman, not just a corpse) are "the state" in the end.

      (see where eagles soar and turkeys get slaughtered, see PDF cases linked to) use wayback machine if site is down or links broken. that is a judge circa 1792 noting the people are "the state". becasue we dont have a "monarchy" or roman civil law (technically, we have a monarchy composed of multiple kings, all the "we the people" are joint "monarchs" who then delegate; we dont have a traditional "one single king" monarchy)

      the judge doesnt note he is speaking of american common law, and the other system where the people are not "Sovereign" and instead there is some separate "State" that is "Sovereign" (e.g. state legislature, state courts, etc.) is roman civil law, but he explains the distinction nicely, and noted in america we have (well, are supposed to have) the former and not the latter.

    10. Go ahead xerces yakir and don't file your federal income tax returns. Make sure you tell the IRS about you are not a citizen of the United States.

      You remember Irwin Schiff? He was a local character here in Las Vegas who argued that the Income Tax laws did not apply to him. Well he was convicted of tax fraud and at the age of 78 years old he was sent to prison and later died in prison.

      Other individuals who have been convicted of federal tax crimes after following Irwin Schiff include Warren J. Burdett; Christopher and Pamela Harrison; Scott D. Haynes; Kenneth Heath; Joseph Letscher;David Middleton; Robert L. Mosel; James C. Payne; David G. Pflum; and Steven A. Swan.

    11. atticus: see bouviers law dictionary 1856 cover/title page (click "Database copyright information)

      NOTE "american union of several states"; note the non-english phrases on cover page too.

      the new "one nation" of "federal citizens only" is some other "union".

      they are trying to "Secede" (i.e. "Cede" is to "Give", "Secede" is to "Take back"; the problem is "Federal citizens" are not "Sovereign" within the several states of the american union; they technically cannot "Secede"; all their poweres are "delgated" in the first place, they are not "sovereign" unless we say england wants to "Take back" america and we never were "independent" but merely at their "consent" they let us pretend we were; as lincoln said in an inaugural address (project gutenberg website has free copy of his speeches) like the "south" the best the "federal citizens" can do is break the contract(s), and claim "natural rights" i.e. the "Revolutionary right" to "Secede")

      problem is, they never proclaim/ed that, they deliberately try to trick/confuse people (War crimes, even during war) and they have no right to be in the several states in the first place unless "We the people" say they do; it is like france going into mexico and trying to make them "secede" into france; these are war crimes, even during so-called "War"

    12. atticus: see also bouveirs 1856 "conversion"

      trying to convert "several states [of state citizens]" into "one nation of federal citizens only" is giving people the illusion/shadow of "states" while in substance/reality they are all federal "territories"

      this is "unlawful conversion". re: "citizenship" it is a war crime/kidnapping/pressganging/dragooning. see "Dragoon" see also "piracy" bouviers 1856 see also "misprision" as in "misprision of treason". see also "treason"

    13. Xerces, thank you, your comments provoke thoughts.
      In addition to your seeking, please add:

      1901 case of Downes v Bidwell Justice John Marshal Harlan, dissenting:

      It would seem, according to the theories of some, that even if Porto Rico is in and of the United States for many important purposes, it is yet not a part of this country with the privilege of protesting against a rule of taxation which Congress is expressly forbidden by the Constitution from adopting as to any part of the 'United States.' And this result comes from the failure of Congress to use the word 'incorporate' in the Foraker act, although by the same act all power exercised by the civil government in Porto Rico is by authority of the United States, and although this court has been given jurisdiction by writ of error or appeal to re-examine the final judgments of the district court of the United States established by Congress for that territory. Suppose Congress had passed this act: 'Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress assembled, That Porto Rico be and is hereby incorporated into the United States as a territory,' would such a statute have enlarged the scope or effect of the Foraker act? Would such a statute have accomplished more than the Foraker act has done? Indeed, would not such legislation have been regarded as most extraordinary as well as unnecessary?

      (Capitalized emphasis is mine re: even the Supreme Justice couldn't wrap his mind around 'incorporation'.)

      In my opinion Porto Rico became, at least after the ratification of the treaty with Spain, a part of and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States in respect of all its territory and people, and that Congress could not thereafter impose any duty, impost, or excise with respect to that island and its inhabitants, which departed from the rule of uniformity established by the Constitution.

      Original full text Downes v Bidwell:

      Peace. ra

    14. atticus: i dont have "income" not a "dollar" to my name. LOL. if people want to be slaves to"Federal corporations" they should "file" and enjoy their eternal usury slavery/illuminist existence

      what will the IRS say? i stole...nothingness? noone can be "Taxed" for exercising a basic right such as right to be a state citizen) or breathing air. thought crime

      why would i work for free (FRNs made out of my own credit, and "banks" i supposedly authorized to do "fractional reserves")

      that would be "communism" "slavery" unjust weights and measures and "satanic"

      im not a private law merchant trying to overthrow "america". im not part of the quiggley formula. not part of the "red symphony"

      see "maxim" he whose assets are at risk should receive the profits (of bonds/ a loans/etc.) )

      the "national debt" is a "mortgage" (properly it is a live pledge, vadium vivum) on the [one] nation.

      if im a "Federal citizen" they are supposed to "offset" my stolen credit; if im a state citizen why are they saying i "owe" 18 trillion+ of non-specie and demanding i pay via "taxes" ?

      either they borrow(ed) my credit and refund/credit me, or leave me and my credit out of their "national emergency".

      taking of private property for public use w/out compensation is disallowed. they do this every time they "inflate" their fake "dollars"

      the "law merchants" want "fractional reserves" and a monopoly on legal tender? then they can follow the same "banking laws" as "actual gov."

      if they want a "pledge" i want my maiden(s) and rent-free hovel (in exchange for "knights service"). such is the ancient law of "pledges". i have received no "protection" the "esquires" have not taken care of my ford mustang in its "stable". feed my horse. do they REALLY want a "pledge"?


      the "landlord' has legal title under "pledges"; i only have "Equitable". the "landlord" is supposed to pay all
      "taxes" i am just lowly beneficiary. been that way a couple centuries. see hanbury's modern equity re: "trusts".

      if they want to be "sovereign" "landlord" they can pay the "taxes" just like its been for centuries.

    15. atticus: if they want a "pledge" the esquires have to call me "sir knight" see "knight"

      counterfeiting/debasing the coin of realm is misprision of treason"/treason. see lord coke (pronounced cook) commentaries on the laws of england (might also be in blackstone, who american lawyers e.g. lincoln studied before the bar associations took over).

      see ezra pound "this difficult individual" quote mullins "cash is not cash" see eustace mullins "Secrets of the federal reserve". "federal reserve is a fount of credit, not capital". compare to "red symphony" has PDFs (mullins did not mind internet versions, already had his work/finances embezzled, is dead; you can perhaps donate to ezra pound institute of civilization if you so wish) "maxim". "maxim" also contains many reasons "State citizens" cant be disallowed.

      "by blood" citizenship/nationalism can never be revoked. even if they invade and "occupy", technically you never have to "consent". you can always be "neutral" on all their imaignary "emergencies" "war on terror" etc. peaceful civilian non-combatant.

      watch "knights templar" on history channel. note baphomet/john the baptists head. compare to re: fake baptisms. this is more of the same "merging" same exact plot. see "the rite" movie with anthony hopkins.

      when you understand their "tactics" then you can see they re-use the same "mergers" over and over again.

      how do you destroy a state/church? fake baptisms (fake citizens). then there is no "church" no "we the people". same old script.

      hedge maze. 13 layers high. see rob ager analysis "the shining".

      the bar attorneys are the "hedge animals" come to life to suck your lifeblood.

    16. Xerces, agree with Robert Allen, great insights and information, but carbon unit finch is either:

      1) New to the planet
      2) New to this blog
      3) Controlled opposition
      4) A paid troll
      5) A really ignorant minion
      6) Many of the above

      There is of course a risk that I will be seen as unkind. But really finch? You pop in out of nowhere like that retarded guy I forget his name. It doesn't take a genius to realize that you are going to raise some red flags. What kind of response did you think you were going to get here when you post that kind of crap?

      Except for that, come to your senses already, get with the right side of the program, and have a great life dude!

    17. xerces,
      Baptism, the act, the going through the 'motions' is nothing but a first step, no matter what group is putting on the physical act.
      The True Baptism of and by the Holy Spirit, or Ghost if you prefer only comes from above and comes only through True repentance. True repentance is something many only 'think' that they have done.
      The "History channel." i have watched it many times, and have come to believe and know it is also full of misdirection and agenda driven chaos. As are many of the sites we now are directed to and frequently visit.
      "Our Lady is God?" ?
      i greatly agree with this comment of yours from above. And yet? i ask.
      " anna is general full of heresy on religious matters, but perhaps it takes a heretical person to understand masonic/illuminist "america". she is spot on on "Secular" things.
      How can we (True followers) hold up heretics? We do not have to be heretics or continue to be heretics, to see, nor understand what is going on in this world.
      There is a pattern to be seen and warned of, a pattern throughout the History of Biblical Life.
      This female goddess worship that continues to be in so many threads is wrong, it is false, and it is a key to being led down false paths.
      i do not believe we should be enticed to follow heretics for any reason. Nor to Merge, be blended with etc. This is just going to result in repeating our mistakes. Luke warm comes to mind.

    18. Baptism is a Sacrament.

      What is a Sacrament?

      Are there seven Sacraments?

      What is Baptism?

      Baptism The Door of the Church and Necessity for Salvation.

      Effects of Baptism

      Are all bound to receive Baptism?

  4. More information from the IRS:

    3. Contention: Taxpayer is not a “person” as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, thus is not subject to the federal income tax laws.
    Some individuals and groups maintain that they are not a “person” as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, and thus not subject to the federal income tax laws. This argument is based on a tortured misreading of the Code. In a variation of this argument, some individuals and groups argue that IRS correspondences addressed to taxpayers in all CAPITAL LETTERS are not valid. Proponents of this argument claim there is a legal distinction under state law that entities such as corporations are legally addressed in this manner and since taxpayers are not “fictional legal entities,” the correspondence is not valid.

    The Law: The Internal Revenue Code clearly defines “person” and sets forth which persons are subject to federal taxes. Section 7701(a)(14) defines “taxpayer” as any person subject to any internal revenue tax and section 7701(a)(1) defines “person” to include an individual, trust, estate, partnership, or corporation. Arguments that an individual is not a “person” within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code have been uniformly rejected. A similar argument with respect to the term “individual” has also been rejected. The IRS has warned taxpayers of the consequences of making this frivolous argument. Rev. Rul. 2007-22, 2007-1 C.B. 866; Notice 2010-33, 2010-17 I.R.B. 609.

    Relevant Case Law:

    Young v. Commissioner, 551 F.App’x 229, 203 (8th Cir. 2014) – the 8th Circuit rejected as “simply meritless” the taxpayer’s argument that the Internal Revenue Code does not make individuals liable for the payment of federal income taxes, imposing an $8,000 sanction for his frivolous claims.

    United States v. Karlin, 785 F.2d 90, 91 (3d Cir. 1986) – the 3rd Circuit affirmed Karlin’s conviction for failure to file income tax returns and rejected his contention that he was “not a ‘person’ within meaning of 26 U.S.C. § 7203” as “frivolous and requir[ing] no discussion.”

    United States v. Studley, 783 F.2d 934 (9th Cir. 1986) – in affirming a conviction for failure to file income tax returns, the 9th Circuit rejected the taxpayer’s contention that she was not subject to federal tax laws because she was “an absolute, freeborn, and natural individual” and noted that “this argument has been consistently and thoroughly rejected by every branch of the government for decades.”

    1. This is really pretty easy Atti. Section 7701(a)(14) defines “taxpayer” as any person subject to any internal revenue tax. So a taxpayer is a "person" liable. An Individual is a person. So an individual which is a taxpayer is a person which is liable (I'm substituting which for who for better digestion). IRS is using people who don't understand their legalese to demonstrate that their word magic makes Men and Women liable for a tax that only applies to taxpayers which are individuals (which are persons) liable for the tax (all of these things are fictions). A US citizen is a "person" subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and therefor a Taxpayer.

  5. god bless sister anna for the hard work she has done and is doing for us all, much love sister anna.

  6. Can someone point me to the process/article explaining how to get my State Certified Birth Certificate "Authenticated" by the United States Secretary of State "..I think this is a very powerful step that should be completed ..

  7. If anyone here thinks that by following ANNA's advice in telling the IRS that they are not subject to federal income taxes because they are not "federal" citizens and as such are not liable then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I like to sell to you.