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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Daylight in the Swamp!

By Anna Von Reitz

If there's some lying skullduggery afoot, some mean, deceptive, sideways knife in the back, it's always the Brits.  That's 100% of the time.  Those who were reading my blog at the time (and anyone who cares to go back in the archives and look) will find that I reported (months and months ago) that the Brits were the ones in back of the now-infamous Dossier framing President Trump for "Russian Collusion" and now --finally--- this basic truth is coming to light.  

Even if I hadn't seen British fingerprints on it, I would have still assumed out of hand, sight unseen, no questions asked --- that the Brits were the ones at the bottom of it all.  And I would have also guessed that they and their American pals were in fact the ones colluding with the Russians to sell out our Uranium.  So guess what?  

A few days ago it came out that the Italian Secret Service was supposed to be employed to plant emails and other material gleaned from Hillary Clinton onto Trump's computers, so as to make it look like he was the one colluding when in fact it was her behind it the whole time.  Look a little further into the rabbit hole and what do you find?  Oh, a New York-based FBI unit was in it up to their little pink whiskers.  And under whose direction were they working?  Oh, the Secret Service.  

Goodness me, how it all comes around and around and around and always lands back on Britain.  Always in the past fifty years that I can verify.  It's as if everyone else stopped stirring the pot and just let them have at it. 

And here's today's news from the Alt Media---which is the only media we have left:

Those of you who have been reading a while will also remember that I told you it was the Russian Czar who sent his navy to intervene and stand between us and the British at the end of the Civil War.   I mentioned it again just recently.  

Russia has often been our friend and the Brits have often been our enemies, but somehow nobody notices these things because we are not thinking and looking at the facts in front of our faces.  Nor are we trying hard enough to reason our way forward from the facts. 

America has always been the death-knell of feudalism and monarchy.  Every American born on our land is a sovereign in their own right.  350 million of us, all equal to the Queen.  Imagine how that went down the old pipes? 

And it was bad news for the Pope, too.  How could absolute Papal Supremacy be maintained in a world where average people, even low-life dirty American Commoners without a shred of culture, could aspire to rule their own lives, consult their own conscience, and own their own property? 

This is self-evidently why, in 1822, the then-Pope and the then-British Monarch authored and signed The Secret Treaty of Verona, admitting that our form of government was antithetical to their form of government, and agreeing secretly to undermine us in Breach of Trust.  

They've been at it ever since.  

They co-sponsored the Civil War.  They engineered the substitution of British Territorial States of States for American States of States.  They picked and chose the Presidents from Whitehall.  They lapped up the cream of their perfidy.  They stuck a straw in America and sucked us dry and used us as unbelievably cheap mercenaries in endless wars for profit. And they did it all behind such a nice facade that nearly everyone was content to blame all the war-mongering and evil-doing  on "the Americans, the Americans, the Americans...." 


They have also sought to make the Chinese and the Russians into our enemies, when in fact, neither one have been.  The Chinese just want to have reliable  trading partners who pay their bills.  The Russians want to have peace, free markets and economic opportunities for themselves. There is nothing about our Sino-Russian relationship that is hard to observe or explain....except, why should we be enemies with them?  

To put it flatly and in a nutshell --- because the Queen and the Pope want it that way.  

The Chinese and Russian Communists are in fact closer in sympathy to the American Dream than the European Monarchists could ever be.  They enshrine the Worker and we enshrine the Common Man.  We are not that far apart in our egalitarian attitudes.  They simply focus on the group while we focus on the individual.  At least we are in the same sector of the Human Values galaxy.  

If we became friends and Allies with the Russians and Chinese, that would be the end of the Spiderweb in Europe, and the end of the ability of the Queen and the Pope to use America and Americans as the Bulwark for their own monopoly interests.  

They'd have to pay for their own defense.  They'd have to come out of the shadows and stop pretending that "the Americans" are the aggressors and bullies.  They'd have to take their greasy paws off of Africa and stop meddling in the Middle East.  

It would be a whole new world.  

Interfering in the American elections is the least of it.  They have been interfering with and funding and manipulating and hand-choosing the Electors in every election for decades.  That's a no-brainer and not even worth discussing. 

What should be more "newsworthy" is the fact that they have been running a de facto government on our shores in Breach of Trust for a 150 years. 

It's not just the elections, folks.  It's the whole Shizzam.  It's the two party system.  It's the Democrats and the Republicans. It's the whole concept of having two groups of lobbyists in Washington, DC, fighting over the spoils and handing off large chunks of the profits to the Pope and the Queen.  It's everything we have taken for granted and "trusted" and not questioned. 

Daylight in the Swamp!  


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  1. So you are aBrit and mot a German,makes sense.

    1. Kevin, pointing fingers again? Where oh where is the substance of this current accusation? Evidence?

      So now you hate Anna, fine, that is your choice. We dont need your opinion, so take your ball and go home.

      Maxim of Law: Let those who wish to be decieved, be deceived! Since we are each individually responsible for ourselves we also get to make that choice for ourselves and guess what, you don't have a dime in it. If we don't want to read Anna's articles we have the free will to "Unsubscribe" to this blog.

      You made your choice, so be a man and move on. You are awake, do it your way some place else.

      IF you have concrete evidence Anna is a "Brit" with the intention to cause harm to American Nationals, please post it or give the whining a rest. You made the accusation so you are responsible for producing the evidence. If you don't have evidence you are bearing false witness against a man. Aren't you the one supporting public hanging? Works both ways! Defamation of character is a TORT Claim. This is a public forum, is it not?

      If you are not part of the solution for those who chose to research here, don't be part of the problem. Individual egos need not participate.

    2. Annie McShane, that was very well written and I have 2 words for you: Thank you

    3. Patriot58, first change your screen name because you have evidenced you are NOT a patriot. 2nd: STFU, will you. Sorry I am being impolite but you have fallen out of the Tree of Stupidity and clearly struck every branch on the way down.

      Educate with your comments, not troll with them.

    4. It's always the Brits?100% of the time? Are you kidding me? Why? Because americans are all perfect?
      Americans have been deceived and the brits and the Jews ( thanks wink wink) have not?
      New American Standard Bible
      He who winks his eyes does so to devise perverse things; He who compresses his lips brings evil to pass.

      King James Bible
      He shutteth his eyes to devise froward things: moving his lips he bringeth evil to pass.
      i do not know if you know or remember this america, The Tribes are Brothers to "the brits."
      Evil has no distinct bloodline, we are all capable of it.
      Do some of you not know what love is?Love also speaks up when others are glossing over the Truth or condemning groups as a whole. Those who are only spewing half Truths need to stop and think of what they are doing.
      Love does not mean you ignore the Truth or to go along to get along.
      Marcus, Did Jesus just get along?
      Now i am not denying we should get along better, all of us should be striving for this.
      Annie, you assume Patriot now hates Anna?
      Lets ask him? What if that is not the case?
      Do you think i am here "because i hate Anna? Or could it be the opposite?

    5. Here s more proof of what Anna has said about the Brits,

    6. Here is more proof of what Anna has said about the Brits, just came across this site.

  2. @Kevin. What part of love your neighbor as yourself do you NOT understand? FYI: This includes Anna! Now I suggest you let it go and move on... And Anna, thank you for everything you have done, are doing, and will do. On my fathers death bed, his last words to me were so poignant when he asked: "Why can't y'all get along?"

  3. Everyone listen
    Never is Switzerland addressed in any of this, never
    G20 summit, G7 it all originates out of here and back to the 13 families we don't see or know about
    Here's one of them
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Shelby - Swiss Octogon, global center of Pharisee jews, all for their highest echelon Pharisee jews. jew is a rather recent incarnation. And yes, they are criminally insane. Who guards the Vatican, but Swissy, eh. Who rules UK, but the Crown, City of London. Who places whom in highest perches? Swiss Octogon. Even Kim Jung Un was schooled by Swissy & his family has a nice compound.
      Its (((their))) same business model repeated over & over & over.
      You may appreciate Zeus's work, thos his sites are taken down, he rebounds

    2. The TABU page belongs to someone named Jamie out of California - also had several you tube channels aplanetruth and aplanetruth2, he did a lot of reporting on the paradise fires 50+ videos then they took the first channel down
      IsrealZeus had a page up on weebly for a short while and within the last few days that page is no longer up
      My guess is that TABU is Jamie and he is taking information from IsrealZeus they are not the same guy
      Anyways thanks for the link
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. @ ShelbyMay 28, 2019 at 2:59 PM

      If you want to know more about the 13 families and
      the structure above, then you must read the story
      of a dropout of these societies.
      It is very interesting. At least read the first
      few chapter's.

    4. Not much information on that page at all
      These links here have a whole lot of information

      They have their own web site promoting the First Testament of the Illuminati

      UN agenda is the illuminati and those families - cfr is illuminati as well and they have other groups such as this all over the world

      The blogger page I left above describes how they are hoarding the resources for their own use while the rest of the world will be thrown into abstract poverty

      But on their page they have this
      While they claim everyone matters they creating the end times wars to get rid of a huge chunk of the worlds populations

      All leaders that we are shown are part of the plot/script

      The religious books are part of the plot/script

      As they move to zero growth de industrialize the globe people will be left with no jobs, homes, money and this to will assist their efforts to depopulate

      They do not want countries/nations to prosper they want slaves all around the globe groveling to survive even though they paint the picture that 8 billion people will be cared for?

      Georgia Guidestones says differently

      The so called nazis did not lose WWII - they continued on all over the globe

      They stole technology and resources from Germany while they killed hundreds of thousands and then they enslaved the people shipped their faithful servants to other parts of the globe to continue with their crusade

      They have used the United States and it's people for their knowledge and technology advancements and they have been for the last few decades destroying the entire nations employment base, factories, industries and killing off the masses using big pharma and their healthcare industrial complex

      While on the other side of the globe they have been bombing the hell out of all nations, killing off the populations, taking over the land and importing the survivors to 1st world countries to destroy them - the blogger page I left above describes how they are shipping the survivors to execution camps in other countries, ongoing genocide of the worlds populations in plain sight - US, EU all taking in refugess and sending them to death camps while they believe they are being led to safety

      Wolves in sheeps clothing is an understatement - Insanity is more the term I would use

      Their commandments

      Anyway hope these links are useful

      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    5. Shelby: At last--a post of yours I can read easily! Thank you!!!

  4. Have a listen to this -
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. hey ever body and anna more evidence that we are humane capital and the us link to uk.Just search web for (executive order 13037) find pdf and take it.clinton bank rup the u.s debtor is the dod credited to american people with real arms and legs and put 14,000,000,000,000,000 back to the people in credit for another round of raping us in 2011 wth

    Eustace Mullins President Hoover & The Bankers' Wars and Revolutions more evidence us funded russa and germany from 1917
    thru the second world war f ing fed res (15 min video must watch)

  7. STOP 5G
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. Shelby - when I put in your reference: I get - Trump and his connections with the Elites / Marcellus Vega / 54 views 8 months ago
    Source :
    Is this what you want us to watch, because everytime I go to your references it doesn't make any sense. Please list a title with your link or actually provide a clickable link that will take us directly there. I have tried so many times to follow your idea and it go nowhere that I do not even try anymore. Sorry, just trying to follow your train of thought.

    1. That is the link and the video you should watch
      It goes in to his connection with the elites and the mafia and the arms deals he did with Saudi and the bombing of Syria
      Not sure where that source link came from you posted
      I share information that I find is all
      These families are all connected at the hip is my train of thought they are all working together
      I've been researching heavy for 5 years now and this monster is huge and has layers upon layers of mafia at the very very top
      Go to the channel where that video came from and listen to them about the families at the very top - they control the vatican
      So how is it that we expect to get satisfaction through the pope or the queen if others are controlling them is my point
      Anyway hope this clarifies
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. although anna's research is useful, the problems in the grand scheme are unresolved:

    It's everything we have taken for granted and "trusted" and not questioned.
    start with "the creator" and luther's "two kingdoms". how can "christians" or "catholics" believe in such a thing as a "secular" kingdom and a private "conscience" ?

    there is the devil and christ. that's it. every other "duality" is a temporary distraction. that is simply the rules of christianity and catholicism of whatever "sect".

    those are the underlying assumptions, without which "christ" simply is meaningless.

    noone goes to the father except through me -- bible christ

    “But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, shall never have forgiveness, but shall be guilty of an everlasting sin.” - Mark 3:29 1899 D.R.
    the mistake anna always makes, is she is correct on "Secular" matters, but has a deep spiritual blindness.

    as note in my modern translation introduction to "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism": ultimately it is "satan" behind the "triple conspiracy"

    so it goes to the present day. all the "brits are evil" "russians are our friends" etc. is besides the point.

    whether you have "rights from the creator" is immaterial.

    to christians and catholics, either you are for the devil or christ. the fact the devil/father tells you you can go outside of christ / holy ghost and he will "give" you "freedom" and "rights" is the bait on the satanic hook.

    catholics are forbidden from putting their names on masonic/naturalist organizations, humanum genus.

    ultimately, that is what this all boils down to.

    so, "america" is stuck in eternal limbo, the battle rages on, and while anna is correct on "secular" things, in the final analysis, there is no "secular" it just comes down to which "creator" you worship (or don't).

    the "creator" of "america" is identical to rosicrucian egg-based philosophy. it is identical to gnosticism "thousand points of light" regardless of trump's denials. it falsely sets all "gods" on an equal footing, none are really "true" or "false" we all just have "glimpses" of "light" as suits the era i.e. everything is relative, there is no true god.

    while paul is stuck in the same boat as anyone else in masonic/illuminist/rosicrucian "america", there is no "salvation" in "america" and its gnostic/rosicrucian "creator"

    1. for non-gnostics, non-rosicrucians, "america" is based on a false god.

      what would be useful is claiming "natural rights" and american common law state citizenship and/or national, but without the false "the lord" character, without the false "the creator" of declaration of independence.

      oldest claims are preferred, so bible christ says he precedes the false gods of abraham/moses.

      again, this comes down to "oldest god wins, but has to be actual god"

      in the end the dilemma of "america" simply comes down to christ versus "the lord" of the "bible" (Same as rosicrucian/gnostic "the creator", see albert pike the book of the words, "the lost word of gnosticism" is L alpha omega, aka lord jesus of the apocalypse (antichrist, instead of god jesus christ, i.e. deum jesum christum) )

      "russians" and "brits" have nothing to do with anything in the grand scheme.

      every time she says "the pope" just shows anna's deep and willful spiritual blindness.

      “To err is human, to remain willfully in error is satanic” - St. Augustine

    2. "america" is based on the idea people can outrun satan.

      "in god we trust" is simply everlasting blasphemy against holy ghost. borderline perhaps, but no genuine christian or catholic would ever insinuate such or give the impression that christ is not god.

      "america" will have to choose a "god" at some point, or forever remain gnostic/rosicrucian/masonic and have to continually synthesize phony "masonic christian" "illuminist catholic" "american" variants to try to wedge them into false compatibility with gnosticism's "the creator"

      this is what underlies the whole "american" system, the declaration of independence being the false foundation: deep and willful spiritual blindness.

    3. when people claim stewardship of the earth under genesis and present it to an "antipope" for "redemption" it is just one false pre-christ god ("the lord") applying to another one (post-christ god of vatican II).

      a twofold "going outside of holy ghost" if you will. one

      non-holy ghost appealing to another non-holy ghost, christ gets doubly denied.

      somewhere there is a "two luciferians walk into a bar" joke here.

    4. gnostic "america" on one side driving nails in christ's wrists because our man-made "scriptures" say "the creator" is supposed to be "god" in "america" ("the creator" of declaration of independence)

      an anti-pope denying holy ghost. (switched to holy spirit 1777, spiritus sanctus instead of spiritum sanctum)

      britain denying our lady/notre dame.

    5. Egg based philosophy caught my eye.Will look into this.
      Yet what comes to mind is this "new age " egg and being reborn garbage that is very evident if you follow the music scene at all.
      Lady Gaga and being born in the egg. Look at all the footage you can find easily by looking complete it with this video:
      Now many of you may not want to hear this or see this but i have found evidence that Anna, and some of her thoughts and connective groups do seem associated to this. And yes i have concerns.
      i do not hate her or any of these connected, i simply think each individual should have a look and see perhaps which side they are truly serving.
      in my opinion, you are better off to look and search for yourselves, yet i will provide info and make the case, if asked and as i am directed from above to do.
      The Bible warns us of and against Goddess and idol worship, also witch craft and sorcery. All, i do not think you can make a case that it (the Bible) does not.

    6. Xerces you are missing out on a lot of history and it leaves holes in your faith. I am not stuck anywhere.

  10. xerces, why claim to be anything other than what you are: a Man created in the image and likeness of God? Does God need to declare his status before we will recognize him?

    If the Devil claims there is a contract, make him prove it.