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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Read It and Weep

By Anna Von Reitz

I am so sick of hearing the snakes --- the real ones --- whipping up on me for my "service" to Pope Benedict, which was in fact a service to the American People as demonstrated very clearly by the example of The Letter to Cardinal George of Chicago, posted as Article 1 on my website, and as fully detailed in my book, Disclosure 101.  (See, Article 1.)

To all those who have slandered me and accused me of being a "Vatican Agent" based on their own ignorance and false assumptions, take heed. 

A "private attorney" seeks to overturn wrong-doing and the return of assets to the people they are owed to.  If you don't want your property returned to you, then continue to make false assumptions and spread false claims and rumors about what I have done and am doing toward that aim.

Continue to call me a "snake" because I grasp the language of snakes and have the education to beat them at their own game.

God knows you don't stand a chance without me and many other people like me to defend your interests before you even know that they are in danger.

Ignore the admonition to be "Wise as serpents and gentle as doves.". 

Show what fools you are in public and stand ready to be shamed to the soles of your feet. 


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  1. Surely this Wrongberg will flip & soon! Because of Anna, many of us will land on our feet. THANK YOU ANNA & INCREDIBLE TEAM.

  2. Enough said about the idiots who keep the bs going...leave them behind. We have work to do. Help the ones who want help and leave the others to pick up the dog crap...we dont want to do that anyway.

  3. anna's "materialist analysis" of "law" is spot on. it is the bogus "religion" that seeps in "snakeism"

    ignorant of catholocism, she doesn't realize the "popes" have no office, not for decades/centuries.

    neither does "ucadia" who doesnt even read his own books.

    it is the bible/enlightenment type of "snakeism".

    luckily for us, in masonic "neutral" america you dont have to subscribe to anyones "religion"

    for "america" and our "masonically-inspired government" she is about the best you can get.

    any "church" you find will be just as full of heresy as anna.

    this is masonic/illuminist "america". enlightenment. "nature's god". the "snakeism" runs far deeper than one woman's religious "doctrines".

    "satan" is not going to put all his eggs in one basket. he/she is a spirit, not any single man or woman. even if he was, like the 2nd-most-powerful spirit is not going to repossess someone else?

    "what would satan do?" possess one single person and make it easy for you? nope.

    1. unless you are going to go back to a king/pope, anna and her heresies is about the best "america" can get.

      "snakeism" is part of "all men are created equal". its called "manesism".

      "the real founder of masonry" -- p. 355 memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism.

      check your us senate logo for a jacobonist "liberty cap"

      the 'snakes' are all around. thats all we've ever been.

    2. dear detractors:

      unless you want feudalism the choices are all just variations of templarism.

      door number 1: crown temple templarism disguised as law
      door number 2: post-reformist anti-pope templarism disguised as piousness
      door number 3: the "american" brand of templarism masquerading as "all men are created equal" and "freedom of religion"
      door number 4: pre-reformist pope and king/etc. suppress the templars
      those are the major choices i see. bankers and lawyers are created more equal than everyone else, everyone is "equal" to "satan" who must be tolerated, or keep the templarism and heresy but let's reset back to 1776

      door number 4 is disallowed in america.

      do you want princes and kings and popes wiped from the face of the earth? how about "we the people" kings? how about masonic "princes" are they included in the "wiping"? how about esquires? how about banker kings?

      its really just a question which stage of templarism you prefer. who do we want to genocide today on our never-ending quest for equality?

      "Laughing Out Loud"
      the "default" if nothing happens is door number 5 "world citizenship" the next stage of templarism, so we are all even more "equal". this is essentially already accomplished via "private" finances.

      doors 3 and 5 are not mutually-exclusive. that is really up to the bankers regardless of which doors people think they chose.

      do we want to be open about our templarism or masquerade?

  4. Anna- " God knows you don't stand a chance without me and many other people like me to defend your interests before you even know that they are in danger."
    i do hope many of you are now able to see a problem here?


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