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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Grandma's Rewrite of The Three Little Pigs

By Anna Von Reitz

All Americans grow up knowing the story of The Three Little Pigs, but just so the details are reviewed and my readers from other countries are fully able to comprehend what I am saying --- let's review:

There are three pigs, brothers, that are starting out in life.  Being pigs, they are aware of the Big Bad Wolf and his appetite for pig meat, but let's just say that some pigs are more motivated than others. So....

The first brother builds his house of straw.  The second brother builds a house of sticks.  The third brother builds his house of bricks.

Enter the Big Bad Wolf. 

Well, the Wolf easily blows away the house made of straw and leaves the terrified owner to run to his brother who built his house of sticks, but the Big Bad Wolf comes again, and demolishes the house of sticks, too--- leaving both the unfortunate Pig Brothers running as fast as they can go, seeking shelter from their brother who built his house of bricks.

Much to the Wolf's consternation, no matter what he does, he can't tear down the house of bricks.  It just stands there and all his huffing and puffing and strutting and howling have no effect, because it is made of bricks. The Three Pigs are safe, the Wolf is out of luck.

What do we learn from this story?  --- For starters, building materials matter!

There are various groups of people running around throwing together this and that and claiming that they are operating valid "State" Assemblies, but they are not using the right building materials.  They are using straw (Citizens of the United States) and sticks (United States Citizens). 

So when the Big Bad Wolf comes (the commercial corporations and central banks) they will have no defense.  Everything they construct will be blown away.  All their hard work will be wasted.  And they will be endangered.

But those that took the time and made the effort to educate themselves and correct their own political status records are like bricks, and the State Assemblies they build on the land jurisdiction of their country will stand impervious to whatever the Big Bad Wolves might want to do.

So--- my advice?  Build with bricks.  Don't mess around or waste time, either.

Get your copies of the Certified Birth Certificate issued in YOUR name, get your two (2) properly constructed Witness Testimonies, do the paperwork to formally convey your assets back to the land jurisdiction State of your birth, join or help organize your Lawful State Assembly.  Serve Notice on the Big Bad Wolf. 

Then when the rain comes and the wind blows and the Big Bad Wolf is rampaging around eating everything he can find, you will be snug and warm and safe inside your house of bricks---and you will have space to shelter your hapless brothers, too. 


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  1. Hi, I live in germany, from Missouri. Can my grown children or my german wife sign a witness testimony for me? Thanks

    1. Yes, whoever has reasonable firsthand knowledge of who you are.

  2. No Sunday evening status correction call
    Easter..I will be with Family



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