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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Our Address For The Queen

From Anna Von Reitz

While it is wonderfully apparent that our lawful government has suffered Gross Breach of Trust at the hands of several generations of British Monarchs, ruthless mis-representation and mis-characterization, and deliberate theft and violation of international treaties and commercial contracts owed to us, the Queen of Great Britain must be notified and given all assistance and means to make correction--- therefore our unstintingly polite correspondence:
Her Majesty The Queen June the Sixth of 2018 A.D.
Buckingham Palace
London SWIA 1AA
Your Majesty:
It has come to our attention that you have apparently lost our address and are therefore unable to correspond with our Sovereign and Unincorporated Government, The United States of America. We find it necessary in view of current affairs to remind you that our address has not changed in over 200 years and that our mail may still be received by sending to:
The United States of America
General Delivery
316 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[19106] The United States of America
Or more securely and directly to:
The United States of America
c/o Clinton Belcher
2848 South Sheridan Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[19148] The United States of America
No doubt this lapse in communication has resulted in the current circumstance in which we have not been informed of the “abeyance” of the Federal United States organization and the substitution of the Territorial United States as a Trustee and Secondary Beneficiary. No doubt, too, this has occasioned the failure to Notify us of the numerous bankruptcies of Territorial and Municipal United States corporations charged with providing our States and People with “essential government services”.
Any presumption on the part of Your Majesty or of Your Government or of the Government of Westminster that we “no longer exist” or that we have been “de-populated” or that we are inhabited by “disregarded entities” or that we no longer maintain our Post Office and our addresses in Philadelphia would indeed be a false presumption owing immediate correction. As we have informed the United Nations Secretary-General and the Vatican Chancery Court, we are alive and well and our Hereditary Head of State is similarly well-disposed, in full life, and enabled to competently administer our affairs---as we have been from September 9, 1776 to date.
Indeed, our earlier correspondences with Your Majesty would indicate that we have shared our closer regional office address with Your Majesty and invited Your Majesty to honor our reversionary trust interest in all soil and land assets naturally belonging to our States and People, despite the incapacity of our original federal subcontractors doing business as the States of America.
Here again for your reference and convenience:
James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska [99652]
Non-domestic - The United States of America
As our Estates have been subjected to probate in error and in apparent Breach of Trust, we request corrective action by Your Majesty, and note that by Operation of Law, all Delegated Powers have now returned to The United States of America owing to the incapacity of the Federal United States being held in abeyance, and the bankruptcies of both the Territorial and Municipal United States.
This circumstance, as unfortunate as it is, does occasion a form of emergency but conveys no granted emergency powers; pending return of our assets, including the misappropriated “Life Force Value Annuities” owed to six generations of Americans, we shall be continuing to work with Mr. Trump’s Administration to restore and rebuild our First Estate, to convene a Continental Congress to resolve unfinished business, and to resume exercise of our formerly delegated powers.
Yours truly,
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


  1. The dark force just got slammed!

    1. I'm quite certain this will go directly to the top of her "Majesty's" to do list! Why would anyone address the snake as her Majesty? That sounds as if you're bowing down and acknowledging that she has some superior authority! She's the Matriarch of a family built on fraud and incest for Christ's sake! Her rightful place is 6 feet under!

    2. Yes I agree, the parasites should be exterminated!

  2. What will a letter do when entire armies have accomplished less...?

    1. Who knows, but information of vast corruption of those controlling currently certain assets does wonders to the spirit of those needing some confirmation that we here (& there) r on the right track.

  3. Can't say beligerent, like officials call us sovereign citizens too.
    no very formal.
    wouldn't loose any sleep waiting for a responce.
    better spent with base as usual strength in numbers .
    all the marbles are in play win or loose.
    either law exist or it doesn't .

  4. Re: "...316 Market Street,
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania" - Apparently -
    "This post office is on the list to close":
    If it closes then what will the address be?

  5. Bravo Anna! I thank God every day for you and your team and the Generals who chose Trump for President! God Bless America and all her People!

  6. Everything starts with giving notice. Non response to a proper notice and affidavit is default and acquiesence by tacit agreement. Final default of an opportunity to cure creates estoppel and is stare decisis, res judicata and Summary Judgement which gives rise to a commercial lien. Filing an amended complaint in court secures final judgement since there is no controversy and agreement of the parties based on the unrebutted affidavit which stands as the truth in commerce. FJ in hand allows for issuance of a writ of execution, foreclosure and seizure of assets to satisfy the judgement. This is standard administrative process codified in the APA and applies internationally. Just filing liens does not accomplish much until they are executed upon.

  7. Every thing on that side of the pond starts at the center of London in the place called The city. The Lord Mayor of the City has no obligation to even allow Liz and her\ crowd into his mile square domain! i doubt if any of the several "chosen" members of the City's administration gives a hoot who is owned and/or owed by Her Majesty's gentry! She most likely doesn't know how to apply a stamp!

  8. She may know a little more now, but she was only 18, when she was coronated (falsly), and what 18 year old knows international politics.....or any of the things we talk about on this site...!! As usual the real players always have a front figure for their shenanigans...the always remain in the shadows, until now.....Has anyone ever heard of Soros before this election..!! But she knows now because on Christmas this last year, on live TV she began to apologise to everyone about was really going on, which the network went into fits about and finally cut her off..But not before the Brittish people and Australia heard her complete story....the rest of us never heard it.... But she was placed under house arrest immediately, until they could determine if she had all her faculties..!! So she knows now, but I don't know when she finally learned what happened or how long she has kept this secret..!! But you see how fast she retured to normal...!!

  9. Once again Anna says so much that seems to put her squarely in the middle of our interests. Like a deft practitioner of sidewalk three card monte, she distracts everyone's eyes away from the real issue. Most of the onlookers are so impressed with her rhetoric they fail to see when the Queen is moved from where they thought she was to where she goes to take all their money. Anna is really slick. Maybe she actually thinks she is doing what is best for all of us. Maybe she truly subscribes to the alleged divine right of kings to rule over all of us mere plebes. Maybe she honestly believes her husband is the best choice for all the people of the North American States. As one of my dearest friends, who just happens to be one of the smartest people i've ever known, has said, "Well, it's a whole lot better than what we have now"! But i always come back to this: Do the people who so happily applaud Anna's verbosity really understand that at the end of the game, everyone who put their money on the table will lose it all simply because they thought it was THEIR sovereignty about to be revealed, when in fact, everything she ever wrote and said was about James Clinton Belcher, her husband, being crowned King over these American States? THAT'S THE REAL ISSUE! Do any of us really want to trade one monarch in England for a new one here in our own backyard? Do any of you understand that the alleged "divine right" of monarchs to rule over the common wealth actually means the phony vicar of christ is the ultimate head of state, ALL States?! Wake up, people. You are being conned, again! As the original American patriots declared, "No King but Jesus"! That includes the phony would-be king Jimmy Belcher. No Queen Anna!

    1. Steven, since you are new here I will give you the benefit of the doubt but you are totally misunderstanding Anna and James intent. She is definitely not looking to become queen and neither is James looking to become king. Instead they have worked all their lives to correct the record of their and our heritage for free at zero pay and even out of their own resources living in a tiny house in Alaska, why on earth would you believe that they are now looking to cash in and put themselves "squarely in the middle of our interests". Quite the opposite, my friend. She has been holding down the fort, including yours, from your bed being sold out from under you. What have you done that even comes close? Anna is not slick but she is way smarter than you are and as you are exposing yourself to be. Your banter is off base. Prove to all of us where she has ever claimed to want her husband to be king or she queen? You cannot. So either read up on all her over 900 posts and several books and become knowledgeable about what you are talking about or please hold your peace.

  10. 1FreeMan, et al.; First off, i am not as new as you seem to think. My sons and i took up arms against the federal perverts up in Montana in the spring of '96. You may have heard of the 81 day siege that followed. It was the lead story worldwide for months. If you want to know "where she ... claimed her husband wants to be king...", all you have to do is read his "Declaration of the Flag". It's on Anna's website. They went to extraordinary lengths to "give notice" to the world that he is in fact the "hereditary head of state" of The United States of America. That is, by definition, an international claim that he is the king. The terms are interchangeable. As his wife, that makes Anna a claimant to queenship. So, it's not a matter of him "looking to become king", as you say, it is a formal claim that he IS king! As i've pointed out before in this forum, that phony claim is the very reason for Anna's perverse infatuation with that phony "flag of peace". She knows it's a fraud, yet she persists in beating its drum. Since she knows it is a fraud, probably invented by the old boy who called himself Barefoot, there must be ulterior motives involved. You can still find his bogus assertions on the web archives along with several scholarly rebuttals that prove categorically that he made the whole thing up. Anna knows all this, so why does she persist? Honest minds want to know. I do, or i did until i finally saw through her charade. If you accept the phony "flag of peace", you are claiming to be King Jimmy's subject! With that acceptance, you are also validating his stupid and fraudulent claim! So, you see, it is not too difficult to put the pieces together. Do you understand the significance of the "law of the flag", the jurisdiction it evokes? Next step in arriving at actual understanding is the realization of who gains the most from this whole "divine right of monarchs", other than the monarchs themselves and their dangerously inbred families. Who claims to be the arbiter of all things "divine"? Il Papa, the Pope, the phony vicar of christ! That's who. As for her 900+ posts, who has time to read so much claptrap as that? I have dissected several of them and found so many errors, mistakes and outright fabrications that it made me dizzy. FYI, i've been reading, studying and thinking about all these things since 1991, so spare me the intellectual superiority. She and her husband may actually believe all this tripe about him being King Jimmy. They might even truly believe themselves to be the very best hope of the American people. I don't. All elitists truly believe themselves to better than the rest of us.


  11. U r going to have to do better than your last post to debunk Anna's abilities to delineate source material u claim to have so much knowledge of

    I eagerly await your silitating ongoing posts here.


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