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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Another Victim of Human Trafficking. Meet Thasja

By Anna Von Reitz

Another Victim of Human Trafficking. Meet Thasja.
She’s a highly skilled photographer, late 20’s, beautiful, bright, and kind.
She has been kidnapped and sold to a high end Mexican brothel keeper. 
And the monsters responsible are moving her to the Mexican Border crossing at El
 Garrita Chapparal this afternoon.
The US Attorney General, Summer Stephan, has been alerted and done nothing.
The police in Oklahoma City, Oakland, and L.A. have been given detailed up-to-the-
moment information pin-pointing her whereabouts and the names of her abductors ---
 everything necessary to make the arrests. 
Nothing has been done. 
I ask you, the men of this country, how long is this going to go on?  How long before we 
mete out that they've got coming to them? 
When are these criminals going to be brought to justice the Old Way, with a jury of their 
Peers standing outside in the open air, a Justice of the Peace, a short rope and a tall tree?
If the “law enforcement officers” responsible for riding herd on all these foreigners won’t
 do their jobs, then we must still keep the peace and uphold the Public Law of this
The UN has nothing to say about it, because the UN has done nothing about it. 
Except profit by it.
It’s time the world woke up and began the enforcement actions necessary to bring the
 bankers causing all this corruption to their knees, and to fire all these useless politicians
 and even more useless police. 
They aren’t doing the jobs we hired them to do, so what good are they?  Have we finally
 defined "Useless Eaters"?
Please, America, listen up.  Get out your mops and your buckets and your Winchesters, too.  
Either take responsibility for running the world, or the criminals will.  
I know what I'd be doing if she were a member of my family and I wouldn't be asking any
 judge for permission to do it, either.

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  1. Anna, make a call out for the Assembly calls, minmally needed thresholds to elect constitutional sheriffs... perhaps a call out for persons that can fill the position would be appreciated too... Our Alaska Assembly, our next meeting will be at 7:00p.m. Alaska time at our free conference call line:
    1-641-715-0874 access code 772884#

  2. Dog the Bounty Hunter has a web site where he offers his services.

    Maybe her family should contact him.
    He's gone over the border previously to arrest Andrew Luster.

    1. That's right, I remember that...i wonder if "DOG" would enforce one of our bonds against a judge if we file it and he doesn't drop the case with prejudice....!!

    2. This whole thing reminds me of the movie "RED DAWN" with Patric Swazyze who woke up one day to find that our country had been taken over by foreign troops...!! Movies reflect real life...We have been invaded by foreign agents working for a foreign principal and it's about time we take our country back....!!! I'm surprised law enforcement didn't tell you that this is a "civil case" mam , like they tell us every time we report fraud or or unlawful forecloseures..!! Things will never change here unless people put aside their petty differences and come together as one to physically remove all the bankers and storm city hall and start destroying it throwing rocks or anything else...thats what the people of Iceland had to do to finally get justice and kick out or arrest all the bankers...!! Things turned around almost overnight after they got rid of the commercial banks....and people got to keep their homes.....But Iceland has an advantage over most countries because it is a relatively small island nation and a close knit fishing community. So it wasn't difficult for everyone to come together in mass to get their remedy, especially since they are far from equipped like our police forces here...!! If you remedy from the Hague court, it better be well advertised somehow here in America what and why you have a case going in the Hague ...!! It needs to make front page or your case will just find its way to the trash pile...!!

  3. I took an oath , although not physically able to respond(surgery) I am still duty bound. At risk of personal injury I will go to extreme means to honor my duty and office...CM KTC

  4. We need to know where the local police stand in knowledge and action.
    Try asking your local police officer a few questions.

  5. Indeed the scum have all defaulted on their assigned duties and now it reverts back to We the People to uphold the Public and Organic Law of the Land. Lock and load, stand your ground, and administer the true and rightful justice where the bought-off creeps have FAILED! They will be lucky to get off with only 20 years to life in prison. Give us liberty (we take it ourselves) or give us death (you can try)...or better yet, go to your account with all your sins on your head.

  6. Trump them all with the Delta Force to the Rescue!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I'd gladly be the constitutional land sheriff for Whatcom County, and County Prosecutor and Coroner, clean the scumbags out for covering up the murder of my beautiful wife, Gloria Jean Brown, 67, after emergency responders punctured her internal jugular vein yet claim to DOH they didn't. Autopsy was done in King county who reported it, otherwise I'd probably never have known. Governor, DOH covering up that Peacehealth St. Josephs caught forced a DNR without informed consent by risk management employees, according to eyewitness affidavit. Hospital security and ER nurse told responders Gloria was DNR and I was going to shoot them, hospital security got false allegations from sheriffs dept regarding granddaughters incident, all discovered to be erroneous by Bellingham Police, still some respectful and honorable people in our police departments. Six years later, all the way through state and federal courts only to be turned down by Justice Kennedy at the U.S. Supreme Court who refused to grant a two month extension of time to file my writ of certeriorari. What started all this was Whatcom County Sheriff covered up the luring of our seven year old granddaughter after she was lured into a stranger's apartment. They charged me with assault on a canadian neighbor, who testified for the luring suspect, and testified I hit him in the ear, judge was related to deputy who allowed deputy to lie on the stand who had taken a report from stranger who said the child was at his condo for a sleepover yet deputy never thought to ask if he had permission from the parents, they still don't know where their child slept that night, child was suppose to be sleeping over with a friends grandmother who was the ex mother in law of the stranger, but she testified our granddaughter never slept over her condo that night, parents can only presume their little girl slept in the strangers condo who only had a two year old baby, what kind of policeman would allow a creep to get away with that, and instead arrest the grandfather for disorderly conduct after allegedly swearing at the deputy for not going and getting the child. Prosecutor got caught lying by the clerks office to the Washington Supreme Court, saying their witness for the stranger never testified against me, witness turned out to be the biggest goldrobber in Canadian history, having robbed Air Canada of millions in gold bullion years ago, but now big canadian child dentist. Whatcom County lied because they left another little girl in the same situation in Lweis v. Whatcom County where they had to pay the parents 8 million dollars, thats why they all lie, one lie led to the murder of my wife, Whatcom County needs to cleaned up, than God we still have some honorable judges and police officers who I know would love to see a change, time to bring back common law and order, too many young families afraid to travel on our roads and have to sleep out in the woods because they fear the sheriffs, it's time to take back our counties peacefully, so help me God. bobby brown Talk GrandParents Rights

    1. Doctors from pretty much explained why there is so much fraud and dishonorable people in the one wants "liability" for anything anymore because "premiums " quickly increase with every "claim" that is won against the "insurers" , which "Risk Management will protect at all cost. In fact in order to sue the county for anything, Risk Mgt will tell you you first have to file one of their forms so it can be reviewed by the county to see if you really have a "Claim". In other words you have to ask permission first before you can sue them..At least that is what they are taught.. Of course they turn down at least 99.9% of all cases for financial reasons. What people should be doing is going to risk Mgt. and asking them nicely for the counties "insurers", which is more than likely a "pooling" of several insurers, in order to spread the liability of insuring cities and counties who have degraded so low that most of them are unisurable because of the fraud that is just allowed to run rampid....So what we really should be doing is going into risk Mgt of the county and ask them nicely who insures them ...that should be public information, but of course the first question out of their mouths is "Why are you looking for that"..!! Just make up an excuse, saying you are taking a course at a university about economics and the role insurance plays...!! The main thing is don't leave without that info, because we don't need to ask risk Mgt anything..We simply must bypass all the normal channels and middlemen and sue the insurers of the county itself because of fraud and lies for covering up their mistakes...and you can always add that they have no oaths of office and using you instead of being legitimately bonded, because no one's word is good anymore and that "do you realize that you yourself are insuring unlawfully unregistered foreign agents who work for a foreign principle and not America...!! That should get their attention.. And further , that the Corp. State is in chap 7 bankruptcy right now and that you are insuring "insolvant" municipalities....!! Which includes you..!! If you can convince the insurers of the county that they are committing fraud by indemnifing them.. it's worth a try. Because if they loose their insurers, they cannot function as a municipality....!!! Think about it..!!


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