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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Repeal National Firearms Act, legalize machine guns

Finally! Republican Senate Candidate Goes On Offensive: Calls For Legalizing Machine Guns & Repealing National Firearms Act

Seriously, we need more of this!  Lots more of this!  A US Senate candidate from Missouri has ruffled a lot of feather in both political parties, but for good reason and good cause after he called for “going on the offensive” and legalizing machine guns and repealing the National Firearms Act.
American producer, writer, political activist, and commentator Austin Petersen is fed up with hearing the whining from the little Communists and the big ones in our country as they attack our God-given rights and our Constitution.
He has watched as they have advanced their agenda in DC and in the states and wants to stop playing defense with those who attack the Second Amendment and start playing offense.
On Wednesday evening, Petersen sent tweeted something that I have longed to hear on the Second Amendment from a person seeking to represent the people.
“Time to stop playing defense on the 2ndAmendment and start going on the offense. It’s time we start talking about legalizing machine guns and repealing the National Firearms Act entirely,” Petersen tweeted.


  1. Bravo! Now, I'd like to see a tidal wave of support for this in congress -- for this, and all our UNalienable rights.

    1. The Board of Directors aka Congress (minor) are almost all BAR affiliated and would be committing political suicided if they did so. Good thought though!

  2. good idea to level the playing field, at least, if not more in self, family and community defense, and retaliation when necessary.

  3. Remember the resolution to denounce the Charlottesville unite the right? Well guess what they are all bought.

  4. We'll see if the people of Missouri stand behind him. It might be a real good indicator of whos' who in America!

  5. From Bob Jungles:

    The last four (4) words of the Second Amendment, "...shall not be infringed", properly translated, do not leave anything left to interpretation. Said another way, it intolerably says to ​any and ​all, "HANDS OFF"​ How much more clear can that be ?

    Wake the hell up, People. Learn the language. No legislation, no rule making, 'no registration of guns, no record keeping of registrants, no restrictions, no regulations, no anything altering the Second Amendment is Constitutional, or acceptable. This must be the new paradigm. The message to any politician who makes one (1) step in the wrong direction is fired. Our lives are at stake against One-World Madmen. It is that simple, and they will not touch that wording. For Retired Associate Justice John Paul Stevens to have made such a stupid statement to repeal the Second Amendment is no less than a tribute to his tenure, progressive libtardism leading to Communism.

    We, sensible Americans do not accept the same fate the Khazarian Mafia of New York, London, Germany and Russia inflicted on Russia in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 that led to the death of some 60 million or more White Eurasians and Europeans, began 100 years of Wars to create the Khazarian Empire in Israel that is destined to kill 6-1/2 Billion People if we allow it to happen. NO, NO, NO, NEVER - - ENOUGH !

    1. Let me see if I am understanding this correctly. What is the argument here? The argument is not about the Second Amendment.

      In the event you are not aware, you are now being made aware, that the sole purpose of the Constitution is strictly for the purpose of defining the limitations of the jurisdiction of the United States. (Note: not the United States of America).

      The United States is a federal, wholly owned corporation of the United States of America the Confederacy of States.

      The government of the United States, is the written Organic Laws that make up the entire United States Code.

      Again, the United States Code is strictly for the purpose of providing clear limits to those administering United States federal law.

      Should they over reach the carved in stone jurisdictional limits place on them by the Constitution of the United States, guess whose job it is to enforce their law against them?

      How are we going to enforce the Constitution against them if we don't even have any idea it's sole purpose? I say when we spend the necessary time to understand the system of law designed to maximize the freedoms of most, justice will once again prevail.

      But until such time as the kindergarten level of understanding of the Constitution of the United States ceases I am afraid the nation of America will continue to struggle through some very dark times.

      Constitutions govern people, land and law. There are four Organic Laws that govern the United States Code, that in turn governs the people, land and law within the jurisdiction of the United States.

      It is their Constitution to obey, not yours. Only US citizens are governed by the Constitution. It is our job to make sure the United States follows it!

      Free inhabitants of the several states are governed strictly by English common law and not the United States Code.

      The purpose of the first two Organic Laws listed in the United States Code, the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation are to insure the freedoms of American free inhabitants.

      The last two Organic Laws, the Northwest Ordinance and the Constitution of the United States, were carefully planned to begin immediately the process of re-capturing every American possible through banking, taxation and law, just like it had been for thousands of years prior.

      That is the truth of what has transpired over the last two hundred plus years. Nothing more, nothing less. It is time we awaken to the value of the Organic Laws that make up the United States Code.

      If we know that we can effectively restrict the federal government using the U.S.C. written law, we should make an attempt at an understanding the Constitution beyond the kindergarten level.

      Those charged with enforcing the Constitution of the United States are also of those subject to the same.

      American free inhabitants are not, so it does not matter what they do with the second amendment, although the whole scenario is a charade any way.

      This is a perfectly good example of the techniques employed by the deep state to maintain confusion among those who with a little education could easily rise to guaranteeing the federal government stay in it's bailiwick.

      We gotta start getting it or we're doomed.

    2. For the last 200 years....more like the last 2000 years.... this is just one more reason why we need ID's... We should be able to buy a handgun on Amazon without all the paperwork it takes for a US Citizen...and wear it as a plain site and a license plate warning anyone stopping us, we are non resident aliens(Americans) and allowed to carry a loaded sidearm and not bound to US law...!! In fact, why stop with machine guns... How about hand held RPG. I'm a prime member and should receive a major discount...Sidearms are the great equalizer....suddenly, a small man or woman are as big as anyone else...!! But along with it should be a mandatory class on how to load, clean, and use a gun responsibly provided by the state for free, just to prove you have completed a course and "certified" that you know how to use and store a gun properly in your house, especially if they have kids...!! Maybe we can lower the hiring rate of police who all get outrageous pension plans...I just heard on the radio yesterday that the main "fire chief" of 30 years will get a pension of $1.3 million, plus his regular pay of over $200, 0000 a year..!! WTF..!! The incentive to work for govt cannot be overstated..that is just not reasonable thinking..!! Hes retiring RICH for the rest of his life...NOT FAIR..!! There are too many people receiving way to much in retirement while others receive almost nothing...!!

    3. Did I say $200,000 a year...i meant to say a million a year...and four others under him make $900,000 a year....what is wrong with this picture....???

  6. The Truth is, every word of restrictive firearms legislation, regulation, or ordinance, passed, imposed, applied, or mandated, after the the 2nd amendment was ratified is Constitutionally illegitimate and to be ignored.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Keith, you are absolutely correct! The masses continue to chase shadows.

  9. Because of the Second Amendment, machine guns AND LARGER WEAPONS should certainly be part of the arsenal held by patriotic American citizens. The problem is that America has been silently taken over and now the once free slaves have freely agreed (like a bunch of spineless wimps) to live in subjection to the tyrants. When every day life is cushy, our past history looses its significance. People seem to be content to live in the present paradigm of bondage and oppression, giving no attention to the snake wrapped around their necks. Only those who take history and our founding documents seriously would have an interest in risking their necks to fight back. The number of so-called Patriots willing to die for the tenants of American Freedom and Liberty is incredible low. When the Communists, Clinton and Obama were within striking distance of succeeding in their bloodless coups, the underground Patriot buzz was almost audible. Bunkers were being dug in the hillsides and weapons were on the ready. Since Trump's victory that has all but ceased. Even in the most glaring case of take over by the fascist tyrants only a fraction of Americans (even those calling themselves Patriots) lifted a finger to fight back. In the end, even with 200 million guns in the hands of American citizens it is highly doubtful if We the REAL People are militarily capable of defending ourselves, just as our forefathers warned. Our only hope of survival is if more Patriots became vocal and we begin teaching the next generation, just as our fathers and grand fathers taught us. Lavoy Finicum's book, ONLY BY BLOOD AND SUFFERING is a wonderful resource to better understand what we are up against and to teach our children. If the new generation can be taught the founding principles of Constitutional governance before they are thrown into FEMA Camps, perhaps in time we can return to the America we once knew and still love.


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