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Monday, October 9, 2017

It's Time Again to Report on Our Progress

From Paul Stramer

Webmaster for the Annavonreitz dot com website and the Montanablog dot US blog.

Here are the tables from Statcounter for last week:

For Anna's website:
Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 1,358 1,239 1,229 1,147 1,278 1,533 1,267 9,051 1,293
Unique Visits 1,132 989 1,033 969 1,078 1,254 1,026 7,481 1,069
First Time Visits 656 548 580 542 617 771 577 4,291 613
Returning Visits 476 441 453 427 461 483 449 3,190 456

For the blog:
Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 1,855 2,364 1,894 1,512 2,723 4,793 2,401 17,542 2,506
Unique Visits 1,156 1,710 1,431 1,155 2,010 3,236 1,597 12,295 1,756
First Time Visits 651 966 895 690 1,351 2,012 903 7,468 1,067
Returning Visits 505 744 536 465 659 1,224 694 4,827 690
Notice the totals have gone up again.

Between the two we have 26,503 individual page loads last week.

We have also had 11,759 people around the world visit for the very first time in one week.

We now have 3393  subscribers to the announcement list for new articles from Anna.

The reason of this is your active participation in forwarding these articles and emails to your people.

It's also partly due to the paid advertising we are doing thanks to your donations.

Here is the best performing ad we have had so far. There are more in the works.

Here is the website link that it goes to:

Here is where you can help us spread this ad around the world:

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