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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hurricane IRMA -- "War Goddess" --- Hahahahah!

By Anna Von Reitz

It was a bad storm, but nothing like the mass media hysteria you were made to listen to for days and days and days.  

They were hoping you'd all believe in their garbage and make it into the "Storm of the Century" for them, but enough people chose to unlock their inherent abilities (or at least have faith enough to try) and the great frightening "War Goddess" just kinda frittered out and away.

That's the way it is with the Devil's tricks.  He has to dupe you into not taking action, or into taking action under the delusions of half-truths and assumptions. He never had any real power of his own.  He had to piggyback on your power and get you to abuse yourselves and others.  

This is what he has done with the "US Military", too.  

In point of fact, the Territorial United States and Municipal United States together don't amount to much in terms of being able to field an actual army, air force, or navy.  They've had to depend upon us being deluded and sending our sons and daughters to serve in THEIR army. 

The proper name for our armed forces is "American Armed Forces" --- not "U.S. Armed Forces".   It only becomes "US Armed Forces" or "U.S. Armed Forces" when they add in the Puerto Rican Navy, the Home Guard on Guam, and whatever U.N. forces they can bring in.   

Then, all of a sudden, the tiny, insignificant actual contribution of the "US" territories and the municipality of Washington, DC,  morphs the American Armed Forces into the United States Armed Forces ---- because now the actual American Forces are joined by the combined might of all the bureaucrats, who give up their jobs in DC to volunteer, and the aforementioned power house organizations in Puerto Rico and Guam. 

And instead of acting under the command of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America, Unincorporated, they are deluded into acting under the command of the Commander-in-Chief of the US Territorial and Municipal Corporations.  

Kinda like waking up in bed with a woman who you think is your wife, but then.... uh.... not really.  

Time to own your mistakes and come home, fellas. 

We all need to wake up and draw a line of distinction between the bankrupt Territorial United States and the equally bankrupt Municipal United States and the actual, factual United States --- our America.  And our American Armed Forces. 

And we also need to stop acting as unpaid "volunteers" and sending our sons and daughters off to wage wars for profit.  "Citizens" have to register to serve in the US Armed Forces when they turn 18, but American state nationals are not under any such requirement.  Just say, "No."  And keep saying it.  And remind them that citizenship is -- and has to be -- voluntary, otherwise it is enslavement, involuntary peonage, press-ganging, kidnapping, or worse.  

Once you surrender the "FEDERAL PERSON" and expatriate your domicile back to the land and soil of your birth and claim the copyright of your name, there is potent evidence on the public record rebutting their "presumptions" about you and your political status. 

The most potent threat to America has not come from outside our borders, it has always come from within. It's come via all Satan's usual tricks--- semantic deceits, similar names deceits, half-truths, assumptions, fear, intimidation, racketeering --- but it's time for us to take back both our responsibility and our power.  

Just like Hurricane IRMA.  When you face it head-on and execute your Will and tell the storm to lie down, it lies down.   Same thing will happen in Washington, DC, when you get your backs up and your heads screwed on.  

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  1. Lol... That's awesome! GOD don't like ugly!

  2. This is so over the head of 95% of people most think that government is true blue and America always is the good guy ,wrong politicians go to Washington poor and leave filthy rich.

  3. "Citizens" actually do not have a law obligating them to register. There is a stated "duty" however that doesn't compel registration. It is all voluntary!

  4. Amen!
    I made sure i focused on calming the winds of that storm over the weekend, and sure enough it slowed it down enough to limit the damages..

  5. After long years of service, I went through "training" at US Fort. At the end of what was supposed to be a mechanics skill training class we attended a graduation. It was in a church with a hallway where a painting of George Washington was kneeling by his horse along a stream. He was on his knees weeping, praying that his troops would make it. We were mostly young men and women with a few old salts peppered, re-training in new skills. The senior Sgt in charge loudly proclaimed that the Army did not honor God and that no-one need to say it in any of the the ritual word recitings. The focus instead was on the new troops reciting a chant they were forced to make up, that was violent, about how bad they could hurt people, pure killers and what they would do to you, not that they were honorable men and women trained to protect others. It was around then I began to become ashamed of being associated with the US military and began on the long path to finding out just what the heck had happened. Like Anna says I felt like a whore, waking up to the fact I had been lied to and used.

    1. AC - Yes, people might as well just wake up and realize america has become an anti-Christ nation. As that has been happening more and more, approving every wicked thing going, then expect nothing from God. That's just how it works. God does not reward evil, and he does not bless such nations. God is not a kiosk in a shopping mall that can be called upon ''as needed''. It is either 24/7 dedication........or nothing.
      Anyone who thinks they can live a swamp life, and end up in heaven, is deluded.
      ''as a man thinketh, so IS he''.

  6. Here is the arogent answer to your letters judge Anna...!!


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