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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Monsters Under Our Beds -- Take 20 Minutes to Face Them

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember when you were a little kid and you were afraid of monsters and bogey men under the bed, phantoms lurking in dark closets, and ghosts in attics?  I used to sleep with my older sister as a child and she always slept on the side of the bed facing the door, "So if any monsters come in, they will have to eat me first," she assured me.  

Well, it wasn't much assurance. It admitted the reality of monsters.... 

All in all, it was a good life lesson to consider the possibility of monsters at an early age. It prepares one for adulthood, and contesting with the very actual, factual monsters in our world. 

One of the strange things about monsters is that they usually don't realize that they are monsters at all.  They think they are perfectly normal and reasonable, even fashionable and often popular people.  

Please take the 20 minutes it requires to learn this actual very succinct history of the monsters lurking under our national bed and what they did to the indigenous people of America and---- before you blink and think that this history applies only to the Native people-- remember that the same men responsible for the vast genocide of animals and people described in this film were the ones who set up the framework and machinery of the Great Fraud used to steal our identities as living people and genocide all of us on paper. 

This is not a mistake.  This is not collateral damage.  This is the result of a multi-generational rampage by monsters, men blinded by prejudice, greed and self-interest placed in positions of power in our own government: evil in high places. What happened to the Lakota Sioux in physical fact has now been done to all --or nearly all of us-- on paper.  

Russel Means, one of the wisest of the Native Spokesmen, gave a Farewell Address to the Nation as one of his last YouTube videos as he was dying of cancer.  It was called, "Welcome to the Reservation!"  

It was instantly suppressed, though he used no swear words, advocated no violence and only spoke the God's Honest Truth.  From his standpoint it was obvious what was coming down the turnpike --- the attempt the Monsters were making to herd us all onto "reservations" under UN Agenda 21 and now, Agenda 30.  

With sly humor and biting, painful insight honed to a fine edge, Russell spoke as he stared at his own death. 

He knew that you cannot harm others and cannot harm the Earth without eventually harming yourself.  So all of us who have stood around and let the Monsters rule in Washington, DC, all of us who have mistaken the UN Corporation for the United Nations, all of us who thought it was okay to mistreat the plantation slaves and the Native Americans --- have sown the seeds of our own enslavement and destruction.  

It's only logical.  Contempt of any man breeds contempt for all men.  

If they profited from seizing title to black slaves, why wouldn't they try to profit from seizing title to white slaves?  If they practiced genocide against innocent Native men, women, and children--- it's a small step to gunning down white people, too.

So he meant it when he opened his arms wide and smiled and said, "Welcome to the reservation!"  He spoke from a depth of knowing that I can't hope to describe, and he spoke as a warning to all Mankind, friend and foe alike.  

I can't share his almost-final video with you, because it has been systematically removed from YouTube and other networks by those who don't want their evils exposed---- but I can share this brief and factual history and you can fill in the blanks for yourselves.  

This is what happened to the Native peoples and this is what the Monsters have planned for you---- and had guts enough to publish, too, as Agenda 21 and now Agenda 30.  After viewing this video and reading these "Agendas" there should be no doubt in your mind that you need an agenda of your own:

Join the effort to drain the Swamp in Washington, DC, drive the criminal elements of the United Nations back into the sea, force the government of France to liquidate the UN Corporation as a crime syndicate, get the psychopaths out of our military leadership, and put an end to the 150 year reign of these criminal regimes. 

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  1. So the question still arise, what are we going to do as a people, a nation? These people are still lying controlling us through the media, schools, music and not to mention our churches. I do not concent to violate the united states bankruptcy! I attempted to correct my bank account they frozed it. Also I can't go to work or freed myself or my family without agreeing to being a UNITED STATES citizen. They own everthing! Will some one help me... Any answers?

    1. You are a citizen of the Corporation? Corporations do not have citizens.
      Your state is a nation.
      Start there, do not skip any article on Anna's website.
      She cannot do the work for everyone.
      You gotta be spiked up, balled up, and not taking it anymore.
      You can do it!

    2. Typo... "You gotta spined up".

  2. I came across this video last week and posted it on my FB timeline, along with tales of my stay on the Lakota Reservation in Eacgle Butte, South Dakota just last year. They are a proud people.
    A most eye opening video. A necessary watch.

  3. People Don't realize Rothschild own England and France prime minister of England was benjerman.Disrailie.who tried to destroy Europe France was also under Rothschild controld.1860's.America fell to Jewish controld federal Reserve jewelry banks took over our money 1913.print money out of thin air .as today the own all the candidates

    1. We know the Indians were abused but today WE the targets all along book written before ww2. Written by a jewelry called Germany must perish . You can see how the chess board was played like a game of monopoly too Rothschild buys majority of the stock in suez.canal to get next to Egypt in siterror (face flag ) a war and take over Egypt now has in its sites Palestine .

  4. German Kiser had a non agression treaty with Russia worked good till willheim.the 2nd of Germany refused to renew it coming our of liberal college being blood relative. To Victoria thought he could keep the peace he didn't know Victoria didn't own England Rothschild did.

  5. There are no Indians, blacks,whites,Rothschild's,governments
    We are the human family period,wake up from the dream within the dream within the dream their are many many many realms ,worlds dimensions ,this is why all suffer and why this will continue ,we must teach each other how to vibrate to create what we all will collectively out of abundance NOT scarcity like all this is about knowingly or not ! SHIFT ONE BY ONE OR TOGETHER . THAT IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ALL BEINGS IN ONE (GOD)

    1. precise, someone needs to inform you that what you speak here is a very false religious belief which you obviously learned from some very false 'pastor'. I strongly suggest you pick up the One True Book and get some truthful knowledge, for you are traveling on a path that leads into a ditch.

  6. What the ancient texts tried to warn us of long ago:

    People running the show consider themselves the owners of humanity until humanity makes the choice to be self-responsible for their own actions and behaviors. Until then, everything people experience is programmed for them through a massive ‘show’. The false-authority pretends to have the power to permit or block people from realizing the truth. Yet, until people choose for themselves, then that false-power is a reality for them. Until then, people are food, cannon fodder, energy for the artificial intelligence system that runs this universe. Children of war are the sacrifices to this false-authority.

    1. There are No victims in Gods kingdom.judge not,Love they Neighbor.Love you Enemy for he is the reflection in Ones own Mirror,No one need externalize the world of being whole ,otherwise one will condemn ones self and set this example and therefor has become the enemy within ,Hows that for divine IRONY....My own special Heyoka Humor.

  7. Not by food alone, but by every word, each action is important, it matters, every detail, the language is love.

    1. Air, the language is Truth. Words that lack Truth, is not love. I fail to understand just why we seem to have such a wide population of seemingly 'love starved' while at the same time most of them would not even so much as open a door or help somebody get their groceries into the trunk of their car.
      Watch out for those who have that permanent smile on their faces, and their mouth full of just plain insincere MUSH.

  8. One thing people have to remember, even though its rare. But just because a jury finds a defendant "not guilty", doesnt mean the judge cant overule their decision, and in some cases have done exactly that, especially if he thinks the evidence was too overwhelming not to convict. Those people who were found not guilty in the Bundy trail, should be looking over their shoulder, because in my opinion they arent finished with them. The courts will try to convict them of something else, using their hired guns, the police, to run roughshot over them for something else until they get it. If i were them, its time to relocate far away from there no matter how frustrating it may be to them...its better to be free somewhere else, than face this same situation again, and winding up quite differently...maybe years in prison.


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