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Friday, April 28, 2017


From Sharon Holmes

I know you may be sick and tired of that name, because I keep harping in it, And for the moment the first group of defendants on trial in the Federal Court in Las Vegas, are just back in jail awaiting that fair and speedy trial you thought was your right, The only defendant who was found guilty of threatening anyone, was Greg Burleson, a known FBI informant sent in by the government.  And yes,  President Trump and his administration are trying to roll back many of the federal abuses of past administrations that sought to steal land from states as well as from citizens.  But that is not the whole story.  I wish I had known about this article by Doctor Coffman a long time ago, because it really does put all of us in the crosshairs of the federal government, and explain how we got here..

Every American needs to understand where all of this land and water theft started and why it matters to every American.

This article is a six part history lesson.  Not of the Bundy Standoff, but of the world, America and the unalienable rights of the people.  Please read it, distribute it to your friends, and remember there is a lot more at stake here than a bunch of cowboys and a journalist who was covering their story, who have been sitting in prison month after month, awaiting that fair and speedy trial you thought was your right under the Constitution.  If not now, when;   if not Bundy, who;   if not in Nevada, where.  Look away at your own peril.

By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D
May 17, 2014


  1. Bundy Ranch Case Declared Mistrial for 4 – 2 Convictions

    1. Mistrail is just another word that next time the prosecution recharges them, and they will, they will be careful at jury selection and their arguements to make sure they get a conviction....!!

    2. Gregory Burleson of Arizona is reported to have been an asset of the FBI sent there to foment violence.
      "Gregory Burleson of Arizona, was convicted on eight charges, including threatening and assaulting a federal officer, obstruction, interstate travel in aid of extortion and brandishing a weapon. Burleson had told a video crew after the standoff that he had come to the Bundy Ranch to kill federal agents. The video crew was made up of undercover FBI agents.

      "Gregory was actually an FBI plant to try to stir up trouble. Of course, he will go free."

      Todd Engle from Idaho is a good patriot that was railroaded by these crooked judges and prosecutors and has already served more time than he could get from the two counts he was convicted for, but they put him back in jail anyway.
      Trump needs to pardon every one of these people the minute the court gets done doing their dirt. That would send the right message. There has to be a way to remove these tyrants from the system.

  2. Bundys loose in administrative and case law but poised to win in constitutional law.
    A tactic they isolate a case bundy charged with resisting arrest but he was in fear of his life you get senescence for resisting arrest never mind you were in fear for Your life.

  3. Two distinctly diffiren law systems ,the Constitutional we all know and love serving as a model for the world and then the carpet baggers system of all our creations of shit we pass patroit act ect..

  4. I requested of my mother and my older brother in Australia a notarized document acknowledging that they have known me their whole lives. I want those documents to register as a State national of the state that I was born in. They refuse to do so citing my Facebook posts defending the Bundy men. They say the government considers me to be a "Sovereign Citizen" and thus a terrorist. So they decline to acknowledge my existence, though they are my family and the only people alive who have known me my whole life. Cowards. Big.

    1. WOW!!!
      You may be surprised to find out that, more often than not, the hardest thing you could do is get a blind man to realize that he can't see!
      Be thankful you can see & love them enough so that it may be possible for them to 'see' someday...
      All The Best,

  5. What is happening is nothing new. Ever since exterminating the people on the land, claiming most of it using "right of first claim doctrine" or sticking a flag on the ground and claiming it for some monarch, then using slaves and "poor folks" to fight wars and do all the work as unknowing, uninformed slaves even in worse conditions this scheme has been going on. Newspapers, magazines, schools, really fooling people right along and monopolizing violence using obedient order followers. Fear of some Them, they, or a non-existent God like power due to ignorance rules many. Knowledge is the key, this small tiny group on the planet that robs, steals, rapes, murders, breaks laws, defies reason etc., depends on deceit and lies to survive.


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