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Monday, November 14, 2016

A Worthy Case for a Presidential Pardon if ever there was one.

Someone should tell Donald J Trump about this case

standbydaniel site header

This was found here:

Like always, this writer believes Daniel is IN THE WRONG COURT. 

They are once again using their Admiralty Court against an American State National by birth.

Jurisdiction is the issue that could free this man, but Donald J Trump could strike a blow against the cabal and drain this FDA swamp by simply pardoning Daniel and wiping his record.

If Mr. Trump intends to keep his campaign promises he should be given the opportunity to review this case as a way to reign in the COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL FDA and the tyrannical Federal courts who empower them.

This man deserves a pardon, and should be paid a lot of money for the persecution they have put him through, let alone the actual monetary damages and physical damage they have caused him.


  1. MMS works and so flies in the face of New World Order population control. Taking this cure away from the people is almost akin to abortion. Let's all pray for this guy.


  2. One more comment...they really should use the Bundy defense challenging jurisdiction as the "crime" didn't occur on land owned and properly ceded to the United States. Maybe the attorney's should be made aware of this.


  3. Published by Paul for Jacques

    Paul, in the case of Daniel, jurisdiction is NOT the issue.
    IGNORANCE is the issue. From the beginning of this case, I offered to provide knowledge. They refused. Those who know will be persecuted until the masses begin to become enlightened.

    The private corporate government and its prison sub-corporations profit greatly from the prison, industrial, military complex. Donald Trump will not go against the creditors of the corporate government because in January he will take an Oath to protect the mother corporation.

    1. Just a note on the president's oath of office. That oath is unlike any of the others, it provides for some "wiggle room." I've taken the military oaths three times, twice the oath of enlistment and once as a commissioned officer. The later is the same as members of congress and have no wiggle room. Only the presidential oath includes the words, to the best of my ability.


  5. Capt kent that was certainly enlightning. I never caught that before...thank you for posting that. But as you said, the rest of them have no wriggle room. What Donald really needs to figure out is how to re-finanace America immediately if the banks decide to close. Unless he solves that problem first he wont be able to solve anything with a "banking Holiday" hanging over his head. Really the only option , even for the bankers is to go digital. Lets do it first this time before they do.

  6. WOW I have MMS. Thanks to Jim Hummel. Daniel needs to be pardoned. MMS needs to be pardoned. The FDA is corrupt which means that we the Truthers have to join forces to end the tyranny of the FDA.

  7. I would like to help you, but I think the law would have a problem with me cause I have a problem with them! They have a lot to get rid of, namely they would like to throw me in jail, and throw away the key! They manly told me to go home and forget about them! I do not wish to do that, because once I get to the point and asking them it will be in common law court, and they seem to be afraid that will happen!
    Thank you,
    Glenn I. Vanden Bosch


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