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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Statement from the LaVoy Finicum family


  1. dark days. very dark days in america. the ignorance of the population that have no clue. my question is did the fbi do this or the oregon state police per orders of the Gov. the blm is a foreign operation. most have no clue and believe these guys were nuts. they were protecting you you meatheads. condolences to the family, steve the polesawguy.

  2. Agreed... America is grossly ignorant of laws and their own rights. The BLM and all alphabet agencies are criminal corporate agencies outside their DC jurisdiction. The States need to defend the people or the people will do so, and eliminate all traitors in our midst...

  3. This is what we are all coming to understand.
    After he stopped...with their hands out the window, one of them attempted to stick his head out the window & communicate with the jackboots behind them but they shot at him and either missed or he ducked away just in time.
    Realizing that "they" were going to try & kill them...LaVoy decided to run for Grant County and get to the Constitutional Sheriff there...Sheriff Palmer.
    Seeing the road block eventually up ahead...he tried to go around it but one of the "officers" (jackboots) got in front of the truck which LaVoy then attempted to miss, driving his truck deep into the snow...all the while bullets were coming in on them. (Heroic #1 by LaVoy).
    Immediately, LaVoy got out of the car and faded far from the truck in order to draw the attention upon himself in an attempt to save his passengers (Heroic #2).
    Bravely standing alone with hands over his head (struggling to go through the snow) he gave his life for us all & showed himself to be the TrueBlood American Patriot that he was.
    He was NOT brandishing a weapon but he may have begun to try to give a feeble attempt for self defense due to them shooting him (at him), even though they had him surrounded, out numbered and had superior fire power...but in the end, it didn't stop them from shooting that wonderful man down like a dog. (Heroic #3).
    LaVoy Finicum will live forever (like William Cooper) in the minds and hearts of every American Patriot from here to the end of time.
    Posterity will remember him for the honest, God loving husband, father & grandfather that he was as America lost one of her finest on 1/26/2016.
    HOOYAH & God Bless his memory...he will be sorely missed but never forgotten.
    Thaddeus Deane
    Veteran SEAL (BUD/S class 163).

  4. I hope there can be a final outcome of this tragedy & many others a cross America to end the tyrannical government who has abused the authority of power to kill. Without any justification. My heart is with u folks.

  5. We can rhapsodize all we want about heroics. But it is not courage alone that wins battles but tactics. Tactics recognizes both the potential and attitude of the adversary. Unfortunately a realistic comprehension of the capacity and nature of the bureaucratic militarism we have and are facing is lacking. It is insufficient to categorize this 'bureaucratic militarism' as murderous with intent or as composed of bullies. The fact of the matter is that there is not only an ideological divide between the protestors and the bureaucrats but a genuine fear on both sides that any weakness in principled action will lead to anarchy. That intention both colors and precipitates the tendency to violence.
    What should be apparent to the 'Bundy Types' -at least now- is that if you arm yourself you will precipitate the 'right' of the bureaucrats to kill you. The bureaucrats are controlled by firm regulations and are generally fearful, as all people are looking forward to a comfortable retirement, of breaking their own rules. So the Lavoy killing is telling us their internal, unpublished regulatory norms have changed.
    In other words, you wear a gun and we will find any excuse we can to kill you.
    This should have been apparent to the 'Bundy Types' after the stand-off over the Bundy grazing situation. "Protest Free Speech", in terms of preventing ordinary bureaucratic activities of normal duties, is now only possible through armed militancy, because obviously the Feds will just sweep away ordinary protestors with mace or whatever. Armed protestors will be, at least temporarily while the bureaucrats marshal their forces, allowed through default.
    But if the constitutional protestors, armed to prevent the feds from removing them do not think in terms of military tactics - the feds will kill them once isolated.
    If the Bundy types insist upon their version of the Lexington Green, they had best gather their 'militia' in one spot indisputably backed by a popularly conceived and supported 'government' abuse of people and property. Then the bureaucrats will attack and slaughter them as per the 'New Rules' they have internally decided upon to prevent the 'anarchy' they fear.
    Then the 'Bundys' will have their just cause, revealing the cruel authoritarianism of the regime that does now rule is ... and we will see if this country will rise to the manhood that created what was once this Free Nation.

    1. "If the Bundy types insist upon their version of the Lexington Green, they had best gather their 'militia' in one spot indisputably backed by a popularly conceived and supported 'government' abuse of people and property."

      While I consider myself educated, I'm afraid I do not understand the point you are attempting to convey. Can you please restate this sentence in a way that I can clearly understand the meaning. The 'Bundys' will never have their just cause as the mainstream sheeple do not know their constitution nor understand what sacrifice those who stand for it undertake. I have observed too many comments by the sheeple that indicate they do not understand what is at stake and believe these folks were terrorists. These same sheeple open wide their arms to muslims/terrorists who want not merely refuge but to CHANGE our once great way of life. God help the USA.

  6. I am overwhelmed in grief, for the loss of La Voy's life, the loss for his children and wife and friends and the country and the nation. I am overwhelmed in grief from the greed of a few casting the shadow of on the many with destruction of our precious planet, people, and sentient beings. I am overwhelmed in grief for the lack of consciousness of those living in Amerika. I am overwhelmed in grief for those mercenaries who work for these criminal 3-letter agencies (passing themselves as government) that are destroying our freedom. I am overwhelmed in grief at the number of mass media and "agency" prostitutes taking money and spewing their venom in words, images, actions, and bullets in true Nazi-Amerika style. I am overwhelmed with grief at the picture of a possible future if this continues.

    1. Me too...and "their" intent is so much more sinister than most people are willing to believe for all my research, down through History has proven to me that it is ALL about the Eternal Struggle Between Good & Evil.
      Everyone...just remember matter what happens to our mortal coils here on this physical plane, if you are aligned with God...then He will bring you Home.
      In the end, God wins and so shall our Righteous cause.
      HOOYAH & God Bless the Restoration of the Republic.

  7. The confluence of powerful and predictable circumstances altering reality will soon become apparent to all living humans.

    Ask departed loved ones, to assist us through dark days planet wide, and pray living humans summon the courage to surrender EGO to Creative Universal Power, the only Power to smooth transition through a rare and natural world shift.

    E G O
    Edges God Out
    Edges Goodness Out
    Edges Growth Out
    Edges Grace out

  8. And shame on the LDS Church for ignoring the loss of our Brother.


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