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Friday, December 4, 2015

The US Civil Flag - What does it mean?

This is the U.S. Civil Flag sometimes flown at ports of entry and formerly flown on Revenue Cutters before they became Coast Guard Cutters. It's purpose is to be a demarcation between the Jurisdiction of the Sea, or Admiralty/Maritime law, and the Jurisdiction of the Land, known as common law. It also denotes Peace on the Land and says the inhabitants of the land in America are at peace not war. It's only the mostly foreign owned, for profit corporation calling itself the federal government that is at war, NOT America's people. We should be PEACEMAKERS and we should be in a strictly defensive posture at home and abroad, unless and until we are attacked. We should not be fighting wars of aggression abroad, and thereby creating additional enemies. But if we are attacked, like we seem to be right now with all these shootings, then we should spare no effort to find those responsible and bring them to justice. If that requires war, and the perpetrators have left no doubt as to their intentions against our country, then we should bring the wrath of Almighty God against them in order, and only insofar as it is necessary to STOP THE THREAT to our peace and tranquility. Sadly that has not happened since the 2nd World War. It's time to change our policies, not only overseas but here at home as well. It's time to revitalize the Militia of the Several States under the elective and delegated power of the Sheriff and/or Governors.
Find a copy of the new movie called "Midnight Ride" and watch how real Americans are supposed to act in time of mortal threat against our country!
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If you want a flag like this one, which I am flying on my deck at home go to
Paul Stramer  KC7MEZ

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