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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

ernie wayne ter Telgte Motions in Liminis

( The following document was filed May 21, 2014 3:39 PM in GALLATIN COUNTY JUSTICE COURT, State of Montana, not Montana state, and forms evidence which contributed along with presentation by the author of the document, that resulted in acquittal) (Lines in Italics and parentheses are not part of the original handwritten document bearing the original court stamp, which I have in my possession)

1. Authority: 1789 Constitution of the united States of America;
My notice: Amendment #1 to said Constitution thru which i claim Full freeness, unabridgeable, to form common, comprehensible sounds as speech, including sounds as symbols on media; nor in any way, do i voluntarily waive any intent positive, towards myself as a living man, as may be expressed, or silent, in said Constitution and Bill of Rights accompanying;

2. Authority: Medical Science;
My notice: i am a natural, living man, composed of the elements of water, soil, air;

3. Authority: Ecclesiastical trust law as began in 1540 a.d., and which is held under CROWN COPYRIGHT LAW;
My notice: that i am not an officer of said trust; nor have i ever, with full knowledge resultant from full disclosure of proffering parties, volunteered to IMPERSONATE any OFFICER;

4. Authority: Judge ARTHUR J. BEHAR'S handwritten notice, on a paper in his possession, that: 
My notice: i proclaimed #s 1-3 to the ADMIRALTY COURT of his jurisdiction, yet he required me to enter into a FOREIGN COURT, reserved only for CORPORATE OFFICERS and THEIR BANKING  activities, which said requirement instantly caused i, the living natural man to be placed, by force, into a state of duress, duly noted by Judge ARTHUR J. BEHAR; and now opens the door to the possibility of tort having been done to my signature intentionally by various county and STATE JUDICIAL and LEGAL ENFORCEMENT ACTORS; some of whom bear TITLES of NOBILITY: ESQUIRE/ATTORNEY, with such titles being forbidden to the States;

6. Authority: 1789 Constitution Article 1- Section 9- sub-section 8 - line 1: "No Title of Nobility Shall be granted by the united States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or Foreign State."; and again in the

7. Authority: 1789 Constitution - Section 10 - subsection 1 - phrase 9: "No State shall ... grant any Title of Nobility.", and such Titles show then, that such BEARERS of Title hold said Title thru the consent of Congress alone, as a Congressional Seal of Approval, such seal called British Accredited Registry, the B.A.R, while the other un-marqued actors afore-mentioned are simply private pirates out for themselves; but, both types require some-one to FALSIFY documents as IMPERSONATING an EXECUTOR;

8. to the proceedings of thich, i do not consent;

9. nor do i consent to being the Surety, the tangible, living mineral asset for, or to , any FICTITIOUS, COMMERCIALIZED, SECURITIZED TRUST; and now, due to the State of duress thrust upon myself by the Court,

10. i command that the ACTORS/STATE bond be immediately brought forward as to establish the evidence, for my inspection, as to who is going to indemnify me, should tort result, in any way to me;

11. Furthermore, i do not consent to the Actors usage of TERMS OF ART,  A.K.A, TERMS OF LEGAL CONTROL/POWER, A.K.A, LEGALESE; to wit, an

12. Authority: UNITED STATES 9TH DISTRICT SUPREME COURT JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA, directly referenced in DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA v. DICK ANTHONY HELLER 554 U.S. __ (2008) See p. 3-..."technical meaning"; - "secret or technical meanings that would not have been known to ordinary citizens in the founding generation."; Further such quotes by Justice Scalia, are found in various cites through-out this 63 page CASE: therefore, i here-by motion this current ADMIRALTY JURISDICTION COURT to immediately CLOSE ALL STATE CASES against the Name of i, the living, natural man,.

duress and coercion prime evidence standing
ernie wayne ter Telgte

Certificate of Service and acknowledgement:
that i, the living natural man known as

coercion and duress prime evidence standing
ernie wayne ter Telgte,

have here-by filed this motion in Liminis as my response to the STATE OF MONTANA vs. (not me) ERNIE WAYNE TERTELGTE, and such response/filing a result of coercion and duress, as noted by JUDGE ARTHUR J. BEHAR on 16 May 2014.  i do not use in any way, any document for the purpose of COPYRIGHT  infringement.

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