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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Russia, Ukraine, Crimea and the big picture

It has been reported for some time now that there are Russian troops in the country, perhaps Spetsnaz. Many seem to believe that, though I cannot personally confirm those reports. Next I note that DHS/FEMA has in fact signed documents in which the Russians will be authorized to work in conjunction with DHS. Since China was also reportedly involved in a recent drill in Hawaii, it might be safe to assume that they too have been included in plans to police the US.

I have remarked before that I do not view all these countries as separate and distinct but rather controlled and manipulated by the very same controlling hand like chess pieces on a chess board.

Recently we have a lot of saber rattling over the Ukraine in which Russia and the US appear to be pitted against one another in a reportedly potential future war. Now, that presents a real contradiction of the facts. Are the US and Russian governments enemies or are they allies?

Well, since DHS has signed agreements to allow Russian troops to work in country I would suggest that the truth is they are working together...that is the US government and the Russian government are allied in a much bigger plan. That being the case it does not negate a manufactured war over Ukraine, but what it does is make it apparent that the friction and possible war are really just a manufactured event to provide excuses for other designs.

War is something they want for many reasons but the Russians are not really enemies to the government; they are allies. So, one might ask, to what end?

I would suggest history can answer that question. The plan to merge countries, eliminate borders and national sovereignty of countries was written in the mid 1700's and has progressed steadily along those lines ever since.

The first merger took place at the end of the civil war when the American Union was formed and the states forced into it at gunpoint and lawfully elected governors and reps were replaced by military force as authorized by the federal government. The American Union formed in 1860's and 1870's was the first "union".

The second was modeled after it and formed after the second world war. The communist revolution in Russia removed the Czar after WW I and after WWII the UK and the US agreed to give Russia a number of countries in Europe at the end of the war to form the USSR "union". 

I spent a great deal of my life wondering why and by what right the US government and the UK government would agree with Russia to re-draw Russian borders to absorb so many countries into the USSR. I now understand that it was to form a second "union" eliminating country borders and national sovereignties to form a larger "collective".

These same people behind this also supported Mao by funding and supporting his communist takeover of China. 

In every case it was war and takeover by force of arms. The civil war facilitated the formation of the American Union. The first and second world wars facilitated the formation of the USSR and communist China. These events facilitated the formation of the United Nations.

Subsequent to this the European Union was formed and currently nations are being forced into the EU using debt and control of money and economies.

We know that they have been working behind the scenes to form another American Union that would then include Mexico and Canada and I suspect that before they are finished with it that it will include all of both north and south america.

That merger may well require another war and once again massive death and force of arms to complete. These people are ruthless and bloodthirsty. Knowing all this changes nothing whatever for we are not likely to change their plans. The only thing I might suggest is to be damned sure to be prepared; mentally and physically.


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