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Monday, April 15, 2013

What will happen to the stock market and the dollar?

Here is a great article that shows why my customers are still happy with their silver purchases. Even those who bought silver at over $40 per ounce ARE NOT SELLING NOW because they know what is coming, and they never did get into silver to make money on short term swings in the silver price.
They are waiting for the inevitable collapse of the federal reserve note which will send silver prices beyond what gold is doing now.
I know, you think I am completely nuts after that statement. Well I am not the only person saying it.
If the law of supply and demand has any validity any more, when the ability of the price manipulators to drive the prices of these metals up or down fails, those laws of supply and demand will take over.
Right now there is far more gold available than silver, and the demand for silver for industrial uses far surpasses gold.
Here is the article that might help you make sense of what is happening right now in the markets and with the dollar.
If you want some silver:   ignore the prices on the website and just call me for a great price.
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