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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ultimate Power Profits webinar answers all your questions

Scott Evans  from Global One  and Ultimate Power Profits answers questions about the future.
Listen to the recorded version with this link.  This is a webcast replay and has lots of information for you.
If you have questions go log in to your back office. Here is the log in link
Have patience because the servers have been maxed out from time to time at over 1 billion hits.  From all the traffic we are already over 400th in the world for site popularity as you will hear on this webinar.
On the news page is the latest information including links to the conference calls. This should be the first page the login takes you to, but you can get there any time by clicking the "News" button on the top left of the page.
There will be an opportunity for your "Affiliates" who had decided to join free, to upgrade to founder at some point down the road. Then second in line there will be a future chance for new people to become founders. Nothing was said about what this will cost, and I would guess it will be higher than the original $23 that most of us paid.
I would also guess that window will not be open very long when it opens.
The site will have software backed up by live translators to translate the whole site into a bunch of languages.
There are 6 call centers around the world that will go live soon to answer questions in several languages. They will also have live text customer service on the websites. This should all happen within 60 to 90 days.
The pay plan is a patented structure. There is NOTHING out there like this. Everyone gets paid.
What make this different is that nobody will quit because they are all getting paid. 100% of all members will earn commissions every 6 days or less.
I will be using the Veretekk system along with the new landing pages the Global One company provides to send this out to millions of people. As time goes on I will be showing everyone how that works, and will lead the way to building your business.   My Veretekk system is here:
Go get yourself a free version of the Veretekk system at that link so you can see how it works while you are waiting for Global One to launch. Then I will show you how to use Veretekk to surpass the competition and sign up thousands of people in your Ultimate Power Profits business.
I have been getting lots of questions about the products. This webinar gets into that also and they will have an entire website system on the products.
There are people in 168 countries already signed up right now for this. Remember this is in Pre-launch.
It will be officially launching very soon. They will be LIVE IN AUGUST!
Your job right now is to send people to your opportunity page.
You should have your link. Mine is
Yours will have your user name at the end instead of  pstramer. Send people to that link!
Here are my original emails that resulted in over 35 people signing up in just 3 days.
In recent years I have been less involved in network marketing because most of the companies
are greedy and want to keep most of the profit for themselves, and even if they have great products
they are not really willing to share enough of the profit that EVERYBODY can afford to stay in and
promote their business model and products.
Network marketing has a terrible record with most companies and fully 95% of people who try it fail and quit because they don't make money, and they usually end up with products they would not buy otherwise.
There are a few exceptions. I am still buying a product or two that my family get much benefit from, but there is usually not enough profit to warrant putting much time, money or effort into it as a business.
This one promises to be an exception to that rule. Everyone will be in the money.
Just look at this page and then call me at 800 889 2839 between 8 AM and 8 PM weekdays.
You can start this FREE or you can become a lifetime founding member for under $25.
If you want to be a founder you need to act quickly since I am told that the founders offer ends Monday at Midnight.
Paul Stramer
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839
Here are some instructions for signing up that went to these same people.
Hi everyone,
Many of you have attempted to sign up in Ultimate Power Profits and are shown in my back office at the company server as a "Wannabe Founder", and that means the process of paying the founder sign up fee has not been completed yet.
You can log in to your website and complete that process. 
I used a debit Visa card that is attached to my bank account, which was easy. They work like PayPal in that they send a small deposit to your account that your credit or debit card is attached to. You must either use your online banking to get that amount, or call the bank and get the amount of the deposit, then put it in the correct box during the signup payment process at e-wallet. 
During your signup they ask you to create not one, but two pin codes. They should be a 4 digit number, different for each of the pin codes. The first one is the pin code for the UPP website, and the second one is for your e-wallet account.
When you get in your back office at  there is a button that takes you to e-wallet to complete the process. Add your debit or credit card information the click the blue link to verify the credit card. That generates the small deposit to your bank account. Access your bank account that your card is attached to and get the amount of the small deposit, then go back to e-wallet and enter the amount in the verification box. Then complete the process at e-wallet and you will then be listed in my back office as an affiliate and founder.
If you have questions call me at 800 889 2839

SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839

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