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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Secrets of La Salette

"Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Anti-Christ."
Many people claim to know what will happen in the end times and about the rise of the political leader predicted to rule the earth with an iron and murderous hand known as the Anti-Christ.
Most of these authors are looking at this from OUTSIDE of Catholic thought and predictions.
Many are tainted with a definite vicious anti-Catholic bias that they have because they have never read much written by true Catholic Popes or contained in Catholic Theology.
There are exceptions but not many.
I thought you might want a different perspective. One that is from the inside of traditional Catholic thought and events.
I have found an article and several websites that are less sensational than most and seem to get at the truth in a more serious manner than I have seen recently.
Remember that I am a cradle Catholic, that is still "old school", with a somewhat extensive library on the subject and a student of current "catholic" affairs. My wife and I raised 8 children and have not followed the new religion created by Vatican Counsel II held in Rome in the early 60s. We believe that the Roman See is vacant and has been since the death of Pope Pius XII in October of 1958.
We even helped make an effort some years ago (apparently unsuccessful) to fill that vacancy.
I don't claim to know all there is to know about this, but I do remember several things that might clarify some of what you will want to watch for in the near future. 
First some background in a recent article by Thomas Horn, the author of a recent book called "Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here".   Petrus in latin means Rock. Christ changed the name of Cephus, to Peter saying in Hebrew, here translated into latin, Tu es Petrus, et super hanc Petrum. In English  "Thou art Peter, and upon this Rock....    (I build my church etc.) Thereby designating Peter the Rock.  ( I told you I would bring a Catholic perspective to this argument). He went on to say "Feed my lambs, feed my lambs, feed my sheep". The Church has always understood that to mean that as head of the Apostles (Pope) he had the duty to not only teach the lambs (people) but also teach the sheep ( clergy, priests, and bishops).
Then some predictions from Catholic prophecy from France in 1846.
Without reading the two links above, you won't be able to understand what I am going to say here so they are must reading before you continue.
Here is what you want to watch for.
Watch for a new political leader that uses false miracles to ensnare the public. This will be some dynamic leader that people flock to who claims to have the answers to "save the world" from itself and "redeem" people who become his disciples. In short he will turn everything Christ said when he walked this earth upside down, inside out, and backwards. He will be the ape of God, the demon in the body of a man, and will retain his demonic power derived from his former angelic nature when he rebelled against God and was driven out of heaven by Saint Michael the Archangel.
This man/demon will suck in the sheeple who have not paid attention to their eternal salvation and have emersed themselves in the culture of the world, and hedonism (the worship of pleasure) first, then he will try to "deceive if possible even the elect" with his power and apparent light. Remember that Satan will "pass himself off as an angel of light" to deceive us.
This person may appear in the office of the papacy, considering what you have read above in the articles.
Since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 we have seen a real departure from what the Church taught for almost 20 centuries. When you go back and read the writings of the long line of Popes who didn't try to change the teaching of the Church for all that time, and then compare it to what these "modern" so called popes have written there are many major changes.  One Catholic teaching that applies is that a true Pope can never contradict what a previous true Pope has declared Ex Cathedra.  Type Ex Cathedra into Google to find out what it means.
My opinion, for what it's worth, is that, as the false pope Paul VI said the "smoke of Satan" entered the Church back then and very successfully deceived the lukewarm Catholic hierarchy and people into giving them the buildings and seats of power, while changing what was being taught into something completely foreign while keeping the outward appearance of Catholicism. I can't expect you to understand and agree with that without some extensive study into it's history, but suffice it to say that you won't find true Catholic teaching coming from Rome at all, and that doesn't interfere with the promise of Christ to be with His Church to the consummation of the world at all.  He never did promise His Church that they would always, from year to year have a true and orthodox Pope at the helm. There have been several times that the Church was in a state of "sede vacante" or vacation of the papacy in history, one time up to 40 years in length, the current one being the record length of 55 years.  This NEW RELIGION coming from Rome is known among true Catholics as the Novus Ordo, or new order, and is entirely a creation of that second Vatican counsel held in the early 60s.
Mention is made in the first article above that one person predicts the next "Pope" will be called Pius XIII.
Well if one is to count the anti-popes mentioned by Malachi Martin that one might have already lived and died. I reserve my opinion about whether this was a true Pope or anti-Pope and probably won't know until eternity.  To find more information go to Google and type in  Pius XIII or  Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher.
Just know this.  WE ARE IN THE END TIMES, and we will probably see this Anti-Christ in our lifetime.
In any case if you have Christ's true Faith, be careful of what you believe coming from Rome, and study the history and what Catholic Scholars have said about the end times, before making any decisions.
There is a reason that Satan concentrates on Catholics and the Catholic hierarchy.
Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!
Paul Stramer

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