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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where is the Truth that will set us Free?

It is quoted often that "The truth shall set you free".

So the opposite must also be true. Falsehood will enslave us.

By whose standard do we decide what is truth and what is falsehood?

So then "What is truth" quoting Ponitus Pilate, who condemned Jesus while the truth personified (the Eternal Word of God made man) was staring him in the face?

Truth is seeing things the way the Creator of all things sees them.

In short then, Truth is truly seeing things as they really are in the eyes of God.

And that kind of truth is the only one that can set us free.

So again the opposite must also be true.

If one wants to be so free as ignore and disobey the Divine laws of the Creator, (10 commandments and more) then that will make us slaves to the arch enemy of the Creator God, who is Satan.

So we make our choice, which is something God never interferes with.

Why doesn't He interfere? Because He created us in His own Image and likeness, and one of His absolute and eternal traits is FREE WILL.

So then we choose, either truth that sets us free, or falsehood which enslaves us, but choose we must before we take our last breath, and will will live forever with the result of that choice...

God Bless You All,

Paul Stramer

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