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Friday, October 16, 2009

No Recall, No Recourse, No Remedy, Just Tyranny

Is this what Sheriff Anderson is willing to let happen? He says he will lay down his badge and walk away if they ask him to collect guns from the citizens of Lincoln County.

Now just wait a minute. The recall didn't go through and some of you out there who have put allot of effort into it are probably feeling pretty discouraged, I bet. There seems to be no end and it's at every level of government corruption. Can there be a another way to get the sheriff out of office, or get him to step down. I believe there is. I am angry at the rape issues just as much as you are. I am angry of the entire lack of due process denying a concealed permit. Those are issues hard for me to be able to get involved with. I have not the proof of the rapes, and I did not apply for the permit. But one issue that does effect me and every single one of you in this county is the people elected with a fiduciary obligation.(An individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money. The relationship wherein one person has an obligation to act for another's benefit). That would be a Sheriff,judge,cop, what have you. They contracted into this obligation through their oath of office. While these people are in this capacity, and they commit fraud, theft or conspiracy to deprive you of your rights it makes a simple crime they commit a whole lot worth.

So to get to my point I am talking about the issue of Mr. Sheffield. With him not being a peace officer under state law, and the sheriff appointing him, with all the money they stole from you, with the courts who took your money, the clerk who received your money, the jailer who took you when he released you to him. All of this constitutes fraud and conspiracy, and theft of the highest sorts. All because of Mr. Sheffield was never a cop ab initio(from the beginning). There never was any jurisdiction. Every one that touched the tar baby is in violation of law.

It is almost Halloween and there are allot of costumes out there to buy. I think this year I want to be a COP. I buy my cop suit, and my badge, I grab my gun and oh yea let me not forget my bubble to put on my car. I take my car driving around and watch other drivers. I all of a sudden think I see some one violate a Motor vehicle code. I turn my bubble on and he pulls over for me. I go through all of the same traffic routine as all the other cops and this guy has no idea I am in my Halloween costume. Now I give him a citation and I give it to a judge. The judge, either knowing or not knowing, it doesn't matter because they are deamed to know. So this judge sees the man and tells him to pay the clerk. The man gives his hard earned money to the clerk. Do you see where I am going with this? This is Fraud, Theft, and robbery with a weapon, because I was carrying my weapon. And every one who touched it is involved. Or what if i arrested this person? I take him to libby and now I give him over to the jailer. Now I just committed aggrevated kidnapping, displaying my weapon. I give him to the jailer, who now is complicite. This jailer then posts a bond(ransom). None of this is real because I am not really an officer and all I want is your money, and also all of these other people.

Now to my real point, would any one out there who reads this and has been pulled over by Mr. Sheffield and has not been retracted their money , or has lost their liberty in any way, even a roadside stop!!!! Please contact me at I think there could be a great RICCO suit. But at the very least, we need to get Criminal complaints Flying!!!

Do we really want this for us in our future?

Posted by notyranny
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