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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Urgent Message for Donald Trump

By Anna Von Reitz

This is an urgent message for US President Donald J. Trump: 

Help is on the way.  

What appears to be an insurmountable obstacle will melt away like morning mist. 

You have been chosen to enter the vacated Office of President of the United States of America (Unincorporated).  We have seen your heart in your actions and we approve of the steps you have taken to get the Ship of State back on course.  

The so-called "New Republic" does not have a contract.  Mr. Rothschild has been repeatedly rebuffed and informed that we have made new arrangements and have new contracts with new federal service providers in place following the attempt to vacate the federal obligations and commercial service contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America.  

The assistance that FRANCE has rendered as part of the transition to new vendors is appreciated, but only approved on a month-by-month service for-hire basis. 

This counteroffer has been published widely and accepted, so there is no excuse for FRANCE to continue making efforts or claims otherwise.  The so-called New Republic may represent the failed Territorial United States during its reorganization, but does not represent us.  

Likewise, upon your acceptance of the Office of the President of the United States of America and your return to your birthright political status, you will be fully indemnified and enabled to act in concert with Michael Stephan Young to represent the interests of the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc.  

Our claims are in place and our Sovereign Letters Patent are recorded along with all the other documentation and corrections of the Public Record needed to enforce the Will of the People and their organic states.  

You are not limited to be the President of a bankrupt Municipal or Territorial Government Services Corporation.  You have the Office of the President of the United States of America (unincorporated) ready and waiting for your acceptance. Your indemnification bond will be sent to the treasury early next week, and until then and in the interim you can shelter your office under the indemnification bond of your birth state:  AMRI00001 RA393427640US. 

The United States of America is among the last standing land jurisdiction governments on Earth.  It is the only entity (now that the Holy See has abdicated) competent to sort out this Mess, to forgive odious international debt, to restructure and exchange debts among nations, and to re-settle and re-venue the national governments owed to all the people on Earth.  

As President of the unincorporated United States of America, you will be representing the interests and security of the actual states and people, who are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. and all their franchises, subsidiaries and agencies. 

This is a sacred calling in the universal sense, not to be undertaken lightly.  

If you love your country, as we believe that you do, you are now enabled to occupy the land jurisdiction office and to act as a faithful fiduciary and agent of the unincorporated United States of America. 

If Paul Ryan does assume office as President of the bankrupt Territorial United States, it should be regarded as a private corporate issue and not as any transfer of power or delegated authority affecting your public office as President of the United States of America upon your acceptance of the duty owed by both of you to the actual states and people.  

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  1. Thank you so much Anna. You are the brightest light in the distance and I follow everything you write like a guiding star with hope and gratitude.

  2. Anna, I don't know what method is being used to formally inform President Trump or to make this official offer to him so he may respond, but Gen. Kelly, his new chief of staff, has recently put himself in charge of making the decision on just what the President gets to see, read, or is informed of. Naturally this means that he could easily prevent the President from even knowing anything at all about any of this. He and many others at the WH are serving to isolate him and keep him in the dark. Gen. Kelly is a globalist and is not in favor of the Trump Agenda. He cannot be trusted. Do NOT assume that such people will ensure the President receives it. These days, probably Melania is the only one who gets to actually talk to him, who cannot be stopped.
    Something like this will best be hand delivered, and directly to the one it is addressed to.

    1. From Anna:

      General Kelly is a loyal American. He is placed in a difficult position because of the bankruptcy of the Territorial and Municipal Governments. The Territorial Government oversees the bankruptcy of the Municipal Government. I hope that makes more sense of his position. It is certainly not a matter of globalist or not globalist. Most of these guys had only an inkling how deep the quagmire was when all this started.

      You may be sure that every word that we write gets read and discussed at the highest levels in Washington, DC, because at the end of the day, we are their Creditors. We are the only ones that can forgive their debts, fund their activities, or do anything else to help them.

    2. Anna, thank you for the response. My reference to globalists is that they work in opposition to Trump's campaign Agenda. A house divided cannot stand, and that has been the worry of many out here; we thought our plane was beginning to get off the ground, only to see what looked like a belly smacker.
      Thanks much for the assurance Trump will get informed, and
      this whole thing is just beyond astounding. I will keep watching for the updates.

  3. This is the best approach to bypass the globalist agenda swamp scum.

  4. Be Not weary of well doing for in Due Season You will Reap IF YOU faint Not. Gal 6:9 Thanks Judge Ana for your steadfastness in these things, cause I am growing Weary in this Chaos. I scarcely feel like I have a grip. It's Way too much like trying to get a hold of a Greasy Watermelon. Your updates, and posts are 'Always that 'Voice Crying in the Wilderness, and it anchors me afresh each time. Thank You so much. I have a Deep Appreciation for who You are, and All you've accomplished in getting these Truths out.

  5. i am humbled by your thorough overview and remedies prepared for such an inconceivably huge Mess!
    Thanks so much! (seems inadequate)
    All The Best,

  6. the 6th great mass extinction is well underway.that includes everyone. the system is part of that extinction because the the words, intention and vibration are in conflict with Universal principles /Law and truth. therefore the aforementioned vibrational conflict of injustice and deception continues to weaken the platform the system is built on (sand /untruth). so the system eventually implodes on itself through conflict brought about by people awakening to fact there is no true justice. Just a convoluted world of double speak aka word magic that is subjectively controlled / interpreted by the public trust reps.

  7. Rock and Robin tweet tweet @@

  8. Dear Anna, I have found your message on a german web site and I come to here now. I have a blog on google and I know that the person you want to reach some time read on this blog. I have put the link from your message on this blog. So Jesus it wants, he will be read it. Look here!

  9. Im really not that assured that Trump is actually getting all his mail or reading the suggestion to help make America great again on his own web site. I never received one response from him on that site, which i left at least 5 or 6 messages about the true nature of our govt. and even told him i would take a bullet for him if you allow me to help you. I should have at least received a "thank you" for that....nothing!!! I gave up writting. He doesnt seem to understand the power of his position thanks to our congress. He is the Lord High Admiralty Commandor and Chief of our ship of states Courts. And yet he refuses to get rid of all attorneys, or at least create a choice in venue of jurisdictions a person chooses to be tried under...Either Common Law, or Admiralty. He has the power of a dictator and he either wont use it, or doesnt know he has it. He is trusting to many traitors to him and us. Steve Bannon and Spicer were both good people, and Trump should have been listening to Bannon instead of the obvious people positioning themselves around him with every lie possible, including his own family. The Kennedy family worked together much better in watching each others back and making discisions together, especially John and Robert. Between the two, they took on the entire congress. Even if Trump didnt get my messages on his site, someone has to be running it and should have respoded to all the suggestions coming from people...otherwise why have the site. Even you judge Anna has the courtesy to at least admit that you cant respond to all our remarks, but you do read them. He hasnt ever said that one time to all his responders or one off his delagates...!! I know hes busy, but there are plenty of people good with computers that can spend their whole time just managing that site and keeping us informed...After all our time is just as presious as his.

  10. McMaster and Mattis are disasters . Trump knows damn well 9/11 was an inside job and the media is complacent with them . Why he has not revoked the press credentials of CNN & MSNBC is beyound me . Obama holdovers still running the show while the DNC continues to murder anyone who tries to expose them . The Clinton Foundation runs child sex trafficking yet Jeff Sessions wants to give them a pass . Trump needs to hold true to his promises yet he is blocked at every turn by the Likes of Chuck SChumer Mitch McConnel McCain Graham and Ryan

  11. From Anna:

    The generals are the Trustees of the Territorial Government which is in receivership.


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