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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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A Sad Farewell to Former Californians

 By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I have received a copy of a letter from former Assembly Chairperson Nancy Kremer and former Federation Coordinator Wayne Whomsley.
It is apparent from the backwards way that California has been organized and from the tactics employed to suppress dissent in California that a foreign agenda has informed the actions of these two people, whether knowingly or unknowingly, from the very beginning of The California Assembly effort.
Oftentimes, a little knowledge kills.
Those who believe that they know something when they don't, are more dangerous to themselves and others than those who know nothing at all.
In the so-called Patriot Movement, this has been demonstrated by generations of Americans who failed to fully inform themselves about the history and the actual situation we face, and who have continued to operate on foreign principles and false assumptions despite great efforts made to fully inform them and protect them from making such tragic mistakes.
We have seen this in the case of Schaeffer Cox and the Colorado Nine, Irwin Schiff and Bill Benson, Heather Ann Tucci-Jareff, Rod Class, and many, many others who have gotten off the trolley, trusted their own ideas instead of the facts, and suffered the consequences.
This is again a case of people being misled by their own pride and false assumptions into thinking and believing things that simply are not true.
The letter in question is addressed to Governor Newsom, claiming that they, Nancy Kremer and Wayne Whomsley, are the "real" California Assembly, when in fact, The California Assembly is defined by Law and Tradition as all eligible people living within the borders of California.
Even with respect to this very basic definition, Nancy and Wayne have failed the test, and that is why they are no longer associated with The California Assembly.
This is a sad farewell to them and whatever fate awaits at the hands of the Federal Subcontractors, who will doubtless seize upon the granted opportunity to misidentify Nancy and Wayne and whoever follows after them as Insurrectionists and/or Secessionists.
One of the other points that Nancy and Wayne have failed to appreciate is that if you are not a properly declared and "peaceable" Californian willing to work within the framework of the existing government and within the stipulations creating the Federation of States, and the Federal Government as a whole, individuals are assumed to be renegade Federal citizens, subject to arrest and imprisonment without bail and without access to Habeas Corpus relief.
Both Nancy and Wayne have made the same mistakes as the Colorado Nine, and are now fair game for the Federales; because by their own words and actions, they have displaced themselves from their honorable estate as Californians, and assumed the position of Federal Renegades.
They have also totally alienated themselves from any protection of The California Assembly which is lawfully constituted and going forward accordingly. They are no longer acting as peaceable Californians engaged in the restoration of the lawful government, and are instead proposing to lead a Separation from the Union, and the establishment of California as a separate country.
In vain, I and others have tried to discourage them from this course of action and away from their misunderstanding of the concept of the "nation state". In vain, we have observed the great debt that California already owes to other Americans and other States and to the Federation of States, which has worked tirelessly to protect California and Californians from false commercial claims, physical attacks, and attempted takeovers.
It should be self-evident that the Union of States cannot and will not tolerate a foreign and unaffiliated entity on our West Coast, a position from which said entity would control the flow of goods and services from the entire Pacific Rim and open a gateway to attack our entire country.
People like Wayne and Nancy may be well-intended, but their overall ignorance, pride, and refusal to learn makes them an endangerment to our efforts and to our country as a whole. Regretfully, they have to be disavowed and allowed to pursue their dangerous, ill-advised, and illegal course of action to its logical conclusions.
The organization which cleaves to them and which claims to be The California Assembly is dissolved with respect to actual Californians and the actual California Assembly; all records established by those who continue on this course will be permanently expunged from the actual Assembly records and a complete severance with these individuals is hereby published.
The current California Coordinators will continue the effort to organize The California Assembly for all those who are committed to a peaceable and lawful restoration of the government that we are owed as Americans.
Those who wish to work for Corporations and to bow down to corporate authority are welcome to join either the District Assemblies or Municipal Assemblies.

And those who wish to separate California from the Union and engage in another Civil War have been fully informed.


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