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Friday, March 16, 2012

Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members - 2012

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Feds force guilty pleas on drugs with threats of firearm prosecutions.

This is one for the books.

Yet another example of out of control feds. ONE GOOD SHERIFF IN EACH COUNTY could have prevented all of this.
It's time to kick the feds out of Montana when they violate our laws. It's time for the Montana legislature to slap heavy prison time and fines on federal agents who overstep their authority and violate their oath to uphold, protect, defend and obey the US Constitution.

These people are hypocrits of the first order and need to be charged with their crimes. Each sheriff should learn how to obey his/her oath and then stop these black suited, jack booted thugs with white letters on their backs from violating your rights under the color of law.

The sheriffs should form a possee to stand against federal tyranny.

FEDERAL LAWS DO NOT TRUMP STATE LAWS. Read the Mack/Printz decision here:

For the whole story on the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Heads up folks. We are only getting one chance to stop these federal criminals operating under the color of law while slamming our freedoms, and persecuting our citizens who were obeying the laws of Montana.

I have never used drugs of any sort, but anybody can see that this "drug war" is just another excuse to bring a police state in Amerika.

Paul Stramer
From Gary Marbut.

Medical Marijuana: Firearm penalties used to force pleasThe March 14 Missoulian reports that four of Montana’s medical marijuana providers swept up in federal busts a year ago have pleaded guilty. It’s time, as Paul Harvey used to say, to tell the “rest of the story.”

It is estimated that over 90 percent of Montana households contain firearms, and that the average number of firearms per home is more than 20. Predictably, many of the medical marijuana providers busted by the feds possessed multiple firearms.

Because of that, those busted providers were also charged with multiple counts of firearm possession “during commission of a drug crime,” with each firearm count carrying a separate, multi-year, mandatory minimum sentence. So, federal prosecutors are stacking the firearm charges to force the accused into guilty pleas for the drug charges

When you see these guilty pleas in the media, remember that such pleas are extorted by federal prosecutors from people facing $100,000 in legal defense costs and a century in federal prison if they don’t roll over and plead guilty to federal “drug crimes.” To further undercut legal defense for these accused people, federal prosecutors have sought orders from federal judges to prohibit defense attorneys from mention to jurors that the accused believed what they were doing was legal because it was affirmatively sanctioned by state law, and that the U.S. Attorney General promised publicly that such federal busts wouldn’t happen.

While the media may make it look as if the accused have admitted to being criminals, the truth is the accused have been forced through the knothole of a process powerfully rigged by zealous federal prosecutors and complicit or federally-tolerant judges. While these federal machinations may be technically legal, they are definitely not any sort of justice, outrageously using otherwise-legal firearms as a club to force Montanans to accept federal criminal penalties.

Gary Marbut, Candidate, House District 99, Missoula

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Dinesh D'Souza - Obama & 2016 If Obama got back in????

Journey into the heart of Obama, new movie called 2016.

Another JPMorgan Chase employee Whistleblower comment left on CFTC

This is going to blow the lid off JP Morgan Chase bank.

This whistleblower is one of many inside this major central bank that knows about the fraud going on in our financial system and is exposing it to the public. This comment was left on the website of the regulatory body, the CFTC ( Commodities Futures Trading Commission) that is supposed to stop this kind of market manipulation and the fraud in the market.  Pay special attention to what he says about the silver market.
Take advantage of the dips caused by this manipulation and you will protect yourself from these crooks.
Dear CFTC Staff,
Hello, I am a current JPMorgan Chase employee. This is an open letter to all commissioners and regulators. I am emailing you today b/c I know of insider information that will be damning at best for JPMorgan Chase. I have decided to play the role of whistleblower b/c I no longer have faith and belief that what we are doing for society is bringing value to people. I am now under the opinion that we are actually putting hard working Americans unaware of what lays ahead at extreme market risk. This risk is unnecessary and will lead to wide-scale market collapse if not handled properly. With the release of Mr. Smith’s open letter to Goldman, I too would like to set the record straight for JPM as well. I have seen the disruptive behavior of superiors and no longer can say that I look up to employees at the ED/MD level here at JPM. Their smug exuberance and arrogance permeates the air just as pungently as rotting vegetables. They all know too well of the backdoor crony connections they share intimately with elected officials and with other institutions. It is apparent in everything they do, from the meager attempts to manipulate LIBOR, therefore controlling how almost all derivatives are priced to the inherit and fraudulent commodities manipulation. They too may have one day stood for something in the past in the client-employee relationship. Does anyone in today’s market really care about the protection of their client? From the ruthless and scandalous treatment of MF Global client asset funds to the excessive bonuses paid by companies with burgeoning liabilities. Yes, we at JPMorgan that are in the know are fearful of a cascading credit event being triggered in Greece as they have hidden derivatives in excess of $1 Trillion USD. We at JPMorgan own enough of these through counterparty risk and outright prop trading that our entire IB EDG space could be annihilated within a few short days. The last ten years has been market by inflexion point after inflexion point with the most notable coming in 2008 after the acquisition of Bear.

I wish to remain anonymous as of now as fear of termination mounts from what I am about to reveal. Robert Gottlieb is not my real name; however he is a trader that is involved in a lawsuit for manipulative trading while working with JPMorgan Chase. He was acquired during our Bear Stearns acquisition and is known to be the notorious person shorting in the silver future market from his trading space, along with Blythe Masters, his IB Global boss. However, with that said, we are manipulating the silver futures market and playing a smaller (but still massively manipulative) role in manipulating the gold futures market. We have a little over a 25% (give or take a percentage) position in the short market for silver futures and by your definition this denotes a larger position than for speculative purposes or for hedging and is beyond the line of manipulation.

On a side note, I do not work directly with accounts that would have been directly impacted by the MF Global fiasco but I have heard through other colleagues that we have involvement in the hiding of client assets from MF Global. This is another fraudulent effort on our part and constitutes theft. I urge you to forward that part of the investigation on to the respective authorities.

There is something else that you may find strange. During month-end December, we were all told by our managers that this was going to be a dismal year in terms of earnings and that we should not expect any bonuses or pay raises. Then come mid-late January it is made known that everyone received a pay raise and/or bonus, which is interesting b/c just a few weeks ago we were told that this was not likely and expected to be paid nothing in addition to base salary. January is right around the time we started increasing our short positions quite significantly again and this most recent crash in gold and silver during Bernanke's speech on February 29th is of notable importance, as we along with 4 other major institutions, orchestrated the violent $100 drop in Gold and subsequent drops in silver.

As regulators of the free people of this country, I ask you to uphold the most important job in the world right now. That job is judge and overseer of all that is justice in the most sensitive of commodity markets. There are many middle-income people that invest in the physical assets of silver, gold, as well as mining stocks that are being financially impacted in a negative way b/c of our unscrupulous shorts in the precious metals commodity sector. If you read the COT with intent you will find that commercials (even though we have no business being in the commercial sector, which should be reserved for companies that truly produce the metal) are net short by a long shot in not only silver, but gold.

It is rather surprising that what should be well known liabilities on our balance sheet have not erupted into wider scale scrutinization. I call all honest and courageous JPMorgan employees to step up and fight the cronyism and wide-scale manipulation by reporting the truth. We are only helping reality come to light therefore allowing a real valuation of our banking industry which will give investors a chance to properly adjust without being totally wiped out. I will be contacting a lawyer shortly about this matter, as I believe no other whistleblower at JPMorgan has come forward yet. Our deepest secrets lie within the hands of honest employees and can be revealed through honest regulators that are willing to take a look inside one of America's best kept secrets. Please do not allow this to turn into another Enron.

Kind Regards,

-The 1st Whistleblower of Many

Protect yourself and get some silver here:

Ron Paul Revolution in front of 5000 people in Illinois

Please support efforts to elect Ron Paul and donate to RevPAC so we can broadcast more videos like this and boycott the media blackout of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is treated like a rock star by the young peeople because they know what many older folks can't seem to figure out - that this country is about to go broke and they are on the hook to the banksters for the bill.