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Friday, April 5, 2019

Faces of the Cross

By Anna Von Reitz

All over the world, the cross is recognized as "the" symbol of Christianity, yet, as we all have cause to know now, Jesus was executed on a Roman torture stake, not a cross at all.  

Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey, and Greece, the Romans used torture stakes, simple posts set in the ground, without cross arms. They didn't waste good wood on criminals---especially not out in the backwater and arid territories like Judea. 

So we may be sure that Jesus had his arms stretched out above his head on a single post without a crossbar---- a torture stake, not a cross at all. 

Astonishingly, the symbol of Christianity is a lie.  

Among all the other odd truths I have had to share with you, there's one to think about.   Why have we been taught to venerate a lie?  Was it just a mistake made by later generations, and if so, why hasn't it been corrected? 

The actual symbol of "a" cross pre-dates Jesus by many, many centuries.  It goes back to what is called "the World Cross" --- an equal-armed cross still used by the Knights of Malta, which symbolizes the intersection of the world of spirit and the world of flesh.  

Symbolically, we all live at the intersection, in a moment called "now" --- which is a time without a time, in a space without a space, where Alpha and Omega meet and everything that was meets everything that is and everything that will be.  

The Cross is the sign of God in us, but not an accurate sign of what Jesus suffered. 

As a Lutheran I grew up with a "plain cross" --- a simple, unequal armed cross that is empty.  There is no trace of the body of Jesus hanging upon it.   Not even the nails are left.  Just a plain empty cross.  

As a child, I liked that, because it proclaimed to me --- he is risen.  He is not here.  He is not hanging on this horrible, gruesome contraption like a piece of meat.  I still like that.  That is, to me, the true take-home message. 

The Catholic Crucifix by comparison is a totally different thing that intersects reality at a different moment.  Here we find Jesus still suffering, or still dead, depending on how you look at it and how the artist portrays it.   

One day I was at a local Catholic Church for some meeting or other for Foster Parents Plan and Habitat for Humanity and some of the other charities including Catholic Social Services.  The leaders of these groups had all had a big meeting and it was late in the afternoon as we broke up.  

Everyone else hurried homeward.  I wandered through the Nave of the church, past the baptismal font, and paused, looking up at the giant life-sized crucifix and the figure of Jesus attached to it.  His face was slack, no longer in agony, but dead.  Yes, definitely dead.  

The priest of the parish walked up almost silently behind me, his feet making no sound on the deeply carpeted aisle.  I was startled when he spoke. 

"What do you see?" he inquired.  

"Jesus, dead on the cross, waiting for Joseph to come take him down."

"What do you think it means?" he asked. 

"I think it is a reminder of what our sins have cost and what we owe." 

"What else?"  

"I think the Devil is laughing.  I think it is a reminder that, in some sense, he won. At least, temporarily. " 

"There," the priest admitted, "you have it all."  

I thought --- not quite.  

There is the Rest of the Story, the plain and empty cross. 

Or, as it turns out, the empty torture stake, standing like any other innocent post in the world, his blood being washed away by the wind and the rain, bleached by the sun.  

There is the veil between life and death being torn asunder, just like the edges of the Red Sea being pulled apart. 

I left the pensive priest standing there, still looking up at the scene of death and defeat.  I had someone to meet.  I went home and lit a candle, poured myself a glass of red wine, and ate my crust of bread and soup for dinner that night. 

And he was there with me, the Lord of the Heavens, being remembered as he asked for us to remember him, whenever we drink wine, whenever we break bread.  

Because I know Jesus, I can tell you that he didn't mean to make Communion into a franchise operation.  He meant it to be exactly what he said --- a remembrance of him, an in-dwelling of his spirit and his teaching in us, in the same way that we drink in wine and eat our bread.  

"For man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."  

He wants to be with us.  Not just when we are being holy, but when we are celebrating, when we are sad, in all the circumstances and places of our lives.  He wants to sit down at the table with us, and be remembered. 

Imagine what would happen in the world if we all just did what he asked us to do, and remembered him every time we drank wine, every time bread passed our lips?  

I don't take the cross as my emblem, much less the crucifix.  For me, its what he asked for, the glass of wine, the loaf of bread.  Its the silent remembrance when nobody is looking.  Communion is my heart reaching out and sharing my life with him, day by day.  

There are so many people who feel such emptiness within, who search and don't even know they are searching.  It never occurs to them that we are in God, and God is in us, inextricably combined, part of the same family in spirit, never alone, never apart, not separated from All That Is.  

There are so many who feel alienated from the Church and from any spiritual practice at all.  They are well and truly lost.  Unable to trust in anything beyond themselves and bearing witness to nothing more than death and taxes. They rant about all the evils of the world or stare sullenly and silently at the eventuality of their own death, grim and vacuous and so superior to the rest of us because they believe in "the uselessness of it all".  

One wonders why they bother to live, or if they do?  

And me, I plod forward, and keep my way, not deterred by all the failings of men and their institutions; the Sanhedrin failed, and so may the Church, and all the Governments, but the Goodness of the True God does not fail us, come what may. 


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Passing The Hat

By Anna Von Reitz

Strange as it is, as we are actually the richest government in the world next to the Holy See, we are still pressing our claim to our own country and kicking bank butt.

We need the help of our countrymen to keep The Living Law Firm and the rest of this whole effort moving forward. 

We have travel expenses and material expenses and expenses from setting up two new websites, and in just this past month.  

We need to add to these websites and pay illustrators to produce graphs and charts that will make the circumstance easier for Americans to understand at a glance.  

On top of that, spring is coming early to Alaska and repair work that we set aside "until spring" from the 7.0 Earthquake last fall is coming due. 

So we are doing what Americans do when there is no other option.  We are "passing the hat" and asking those who can contribute, to do so.  Don't agonize. Just send what you reasonably can and as you feel drawn to. 

Our PayPal is:   The Snail Mail address is:  Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  

Thank you, all of you, who have made the difference so far possible. 


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March 6, 1933

By Anna Von Reitz

On March 6, 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was addressing the Conference of Governors. These "Governors" were not our American Governors. They were elected corporate Franchise Managers of British Territorial organizations operating on our shores as "States of States" like "the State of Vermont".
These British Territorial citizenship organizations had secretively replaced our own American States of States in 1868, using a Similar Names Deceit to do so.
They crept in like Cuckoo Birds and replaced our American State of State doing business as, for example, "The State of Vermont" ---with their British Territorial version doing business as "the State of Vermont" ----and the innocent trusting American People were not told that truth about this at any time.
So, it's 1933, and the same monsters that pulled this fraud on the Americans in 1868 are getting ready to pull another.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt is bringing big news to the Franchise Managers calling themselves "Governors". In his own words, "The United States of America [Incorporated] is bankrupt!"
And what do these fake foreign Governors do?
They "pledge" the "good faith and credit" of their "states and the citizenry thereof" --- by which they could only mean their own British Territorial States of States [which are Confederate "States"] and their own British Territorial "United States Citizens".
We've already seen in my Article --- "For All the Jural Assemblies 46 -- No Pledges Ever" --- that pledging is a feudal act of serfs and tenants promising to support their sovereign. It's a peculiarly British thing.
It had nothing to do with us then and it has nothing to do with us now, except that people all over the world assumed that it did. In this way, the schemers set up a false legal presumption and helped themselves to our assets as collateral backing their debts.
This is called "hypothecation of debt" and it is a venal, foreign, patently immoral and unlawful practice.
Being unaware of the First Fraud, Americans were totally unaware of and unprepared for the Second Fraud from our British and Holy Roman Empire Employees.
As a result of what the filthy Brits did in 1868 acting in Gross Breach of Trust, and what they did in 1933, also acting in Gross Breach of Trust, generations of Americans were falsely "presumed" to be United States Citizens---and taxed and abused by the Queen accordingly.
As a further result, their "Persons" and the assets attached to their "Persons" were unlawfully converted from being recognized as Lawful Persons standing on the land and soil of this country to being "presumed to be" Legal Persons operating under the auspices of the British Monarch.
Nobody told us a thing. They all slapped each other on the back and thought that their treason, their breach of trust, their nasty criminal venture, would never be discovered.
The Americans were fast asleep, lulled by deceits and misrepresentations and endless repetitions of the Big Lie that they were free and living in the land of the free, while in fact, their identities were being stolen and their assets were being purloined by foreign interests and they were being robbed blind by their own employees.
So what do you say, Queen Elizabeth II?
You can start with a public apology and admission of guilt. We have the proof of what went on and who benefited from it, down to a gnat's eyelash. All of it. All the pay-offs, all the banks involved.
What do you say, Pope Francis?
You can start with a public apology, too. In some respects, your employees and affiliates were even worse.
These shameful con games and crimes were initiated and carried out by your employees and actual franchises on our shores, all under color of law, all in Gross Breach of Trust and also, breach of commercial contract.
This has been our thanks for supporting Britain in two World Wars, and our thanks for rebuilding Europe. This has been our thanks for giving the Roman Catholic Church tax-free status on our shores.
You both knew what was going on, because you were profiting by it.
We do not intend to keep on talking for another twenty years.
All that correspondence is safely recorded and stowed away and all of it has been scanned into computer records and the thumb drives have been sent out worldwide, ready for distribution.
The full and ugly details of this malfeasance, maliciousness, and criminality will be known all over the world if you don't make haste to make lasting peace with your brothers and bring relief and redress to the people of this country.
Begin by cleaning out the Congress.
Begin by paying your debts.
Begin by making correction and reforming the "US District" and "State of State" courts.
Begin by putting an end to the media circus and propaganda.
We are dealing with the facts, and so must you: Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritas.


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Why Are You Here, Reading This?

By Anna Von Reitz

Many of you are here, because you are in trouble.  Or you are afraid that you will be in trouble in the future.  You see the coercive power of what we call "the government" and you feel the chill when someone says, "FBI" or "IRS".  You can't even drive home from the grocery store without feeling oppressed and afraid of your own employees. 

You are here because you know something is wrong, just like the title of my book: "You Know Something Is Wrong When..... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause".  

You know or have cause to know that whatever you build, whatever you create, can be stolen from you by soul-less corporations and mindless bureaucrats. Even your children can be taken away by these same thugs in nice suits. And that is why you are here---- to learn how things got this bad and what you can do to protect yourself. 

But if you stop there, if you are content with just that much, then you are okay, but "the" problem remains, and it gets worse year by year.  Nothing has really changed. 

How about your children?  None of us last forever.  So you have to teach them.  They have to learn what you learn, so they can protect themselves, too.  Lord knows, the government isn't going to protect them.  The government thinks its job is to protect itself at our expense. 

The government has to learn otherwise. 

We are just a tiny part of the world's population.  It's nice that we are making progress and claiming back our lawful estate, but billions of people are still clueless, still enslaved---- and as long as they are, is anyone safe?  Really?  For how long? 

You see now why you are being empowered and called to lead? 

To make the world safe and sane again, to turn what is upside down right side up.  That's why you are here.  That's why you are all leaders.  

Now, it might not have occurred to you when you started that you were called to do anything more than save yourself from a traffic ticket, and maybe you might not have come, if someone told you --- hey, you! You are going to save this country, and right after that, you are going to save the world! 

But as amazing as that is, that's why you are here. 

That's what you are being called to do: save this beautiful country. Save your countrymen.  And then, reach out and save the world. 

You can do this.  How do I know you can do this?  Because you are here. 

What you learn, you are going to share.  What we do together, you are going to do alone and with other people, until everyone knows what you know.  

If you never thought of yourself as a leader, start thinking of yourself as a leader now. 

Because you are one, a leader, and the change we all need starts here and now, with you.  It starts at your dinner table, your church, and your health club. It starts with your spouse, your children, your best friend, and the guys at work. 

They may not want to hear the bad news, but they will want to hear the good news.  And the good news is that the Americans are back, standing on the land and soil, and not accepting any suppositions otherwise.  

That's good news.  It means that the surreptitious theft of our own identities and the theft of our country and our resources is at an end. 

How do I know that this vicious con game is at an end?  Because you are here, and once you know the truth, you can't "un-know" it.  

You are now in possession of your heritage and you are beginning to learn who you are and how powerful you are.  

You've been told that you are stupid.  
You've been told that you are a "US Citizen". 
You've been told that you are in hopeless debt. 
You've been told that you have to obey your own employees. 
You've been told that you are a tenant on your own land. 
You've been told that you have to take I.O.U.s in exchange for your labor. 
You've been told that you have to take I.O.U.s in exchange for your goods. 
You've been told that your allegiance is pledged to a borrowed flag. 
You've been told that you have to give up over half your earnings to taxes. 
You've been told that the perpetrators of all this are bankrupt. 
You've been told that that THING in DC is "your" government.  

And none of these things are true.  

Day by day from now on, you are going to rise up and restore the American Government you are owed.  And so will I do the same.  And so will those we teach and inspire to know what freedom is and how our government and the rest of the world is supposed to operate. 

Being misinformed, being purposefully misrepresented and defrauded, is not a matter of stupidity or politics.  It's a matter of premeditated crime.  

The reason you will push yourself outside your Comfort Zone and begin talking to people about these things ---- even those people who don't want to hear --- is because you want this to be a good, safe, and decent country again, for your own sake, for the sake of our children, and for the good of the whole world. 

That's why you, even the least of you, are going to be leaders.  

That's why you are here, reading this. 


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A VERY BRITISH COUP D’ÉTAT to take down Trump

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