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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Police brutality and murder by cop.

If the people who are responsible for these out of control cops don't get control of these psycho officers they will be responsible for the consequences.
The officers themselves are ruining the whole history of peace officers and are changing the public's perception of police in general.

If this continues to it's logical conclusion, there might come a day when patriotic, freedom loving and law abiding Americans will be shooting anyone in uniform on sight rather than to take a chance on being murdered by one of these psychos. If you don't believe that could ever happen, put yourself in the place of the people living in a community where their police chief is a convicted murderer.

Pay special attention to what is said at the end of this one:

Don't believe it could get that bad?   Read this article by Devvy Kidd.


The question that needs to be answered is in the title of the article.


Don't tell me these are just "isolated incidents" because they are not. This is going on all around the country and is reaching epidemic proportions.

There are many other officers who are not out of control, but most do NOT understand their duties to preserve the freedom and liberty of the people. That is because many of them have never been given an in depth training of their OATH OF OFFICE TO THE US CONSTITUTION and what it requires of them.

ANYONE WHO WEARS A UNIFORM AND BADGE must be held to a higher standard of knowledge about what they swore to uphold than the average man on the street.
Anyone who has the awesome power of arrest ABSOLUTELY MUST have the knowledge required to observe the supreme law they swore to keep.

THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.  We are all required to have the requisite knowledge of the duties of our station in life. If I didn't know how to start up a jet airplane and fly it away I would not be held to be ignorant, but if I were a pilot I would.  The same applies to the police. If they can't control themselves within the parameters and requirements of their job description they should be fired and those in charge should find someone that can.

I have a friend that was on an interview board for hiring new police officers some time ago. They routinely turned down a high percentage of the applicants because with their attitude discovered during the interviews they WERE NOT FIT TO WEAR A GUN AND BADGE.

Ultimately it is up to the people who pay the salaries of these police to stop the brutality. Period. Enough said.


Obama should be marched out of the White House in handcuffs for this

The Perpetrators of the Coup against Obama!

Part One detailed how Obama is piling up a bigger body count with his senior command military officers than he is with Taliban forces who are opposed to the CIA’s drug trafficking activities in Afghanistan. This article will detail who are the main players involved in trying to bring down Obama’s presidency.

Low Friends in High Places

While leading forces in Iraq and in Afghanistan, for CIA director Patraeus had close dealings with AFRICOM commander, General Hamm. As revealed in part one, Hamm was relieved of command and arrested for disobeying orders in trying to launch a rescue mission to save Ambassador Stevens. Come the post-election period, and Patraeus was immediately gone.  Itnow appears very likely that the former CIA director was not on board with the murder of Ambassador Stevens. It is now clear that Patraeus, Hamm and Admiral Gayoutte were all involved in a coup attempt to take Obama down. However, as will be revealed, they did not act alone.

Read the rest here:

You can bet the Chinese won't use these chips in their own military hardware.

Counterfeits Can Kill U.S. Troops. So Why Isn't Congress and DoD Doing More to Stop it?

Sometime in the not-to-distant future, a submarine will sink. An air defense missile will detonate far from its intended target. A Seahawk helicopter will intercept a suicide speed boat headed for an aircraft carrier only to see its infrared targeting system goes dark.
These chilling scenarios won’t be the result of human error or terrorist plots: They will directly result from a $2 counterfeit electronic tucked deep within a billion-dollar military technology.
It’s not a matter of if, but when. Just this month, the Department of Justice indicted a Massachusetts man for selling counterfeit semiconductors to Navy contractors. Some of the fake parts were intended for nuclear submarines.
The vast majority of counterfeits discovered in military equipment are semiconductors, the stamp-sized silicon wafers that act as the “brains” of nearly every type of modern electronic system. The U.S. military is a huge consumer of these tiny products; a single F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet is controlled by more than 2,500 semiconductors.

Read more here: