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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Arizona Attorney General Joins in Battle For Forensic Audit of Maricopa County Elections Equipment and Ballot Images

Trump Commemorates Death of Thomas Becket With Religious Freedom Proclamation

In yet another example of his unwavering concern for religious freedom and steadfast support for the most persecuted religion on earth, Christianity, President Trump released a proclamation yesterday calling for an end to worldwide religious oppression on the 850th anniversary of the martyrdom of English Archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170.

Read the article here: 

12th Amendment Explained; Mike Pence's Exclusive Authority to Overturn Election? | Facts Matter

According to a provision inside the 12th Amendment, Mike Pence might be able to certify Donald Trump as the winner of the 2020 election. But what would the ramifications of that decision be? Lawsuits across several states are attempting to allow the State Legislatures to decertify the election results. President Trump signed the $2.3 Trillion Relief Bill, but at the same time, he asked for several revisions from Congress. Over in Nevada, a high school student is suing his school because they are conducting, what he calls, “ideological indoctrination” using Critical Race Theory.

GOP Lawmaker Sues to Give Pence ‘Exclusive Authority’ to Overturn Election Results

‘Dozens’ of House Members to Challenge Electoral College Results, Rep. Brooks Says

Latest intel: CIA, FBI de-cloaking to destroy key evidence of election fraud

Here are the highlights from today’s podcast, which is especially hilarious at certain moments:

  • “Missile theory” for Nashville gains credibility with new analysis and sources via Jeffrey Prather.
  • Lack of a street crater is now explained by the bomb being a penetrator munition, dropped from altitude and guided to the final target via IR painting. In its final moments, it may have fired its own propellant to accelerate velocity for maximum penetration. This explains the “missile trail” in the skyline video.
  • The NY Times is now warning Pence to not invoke his authority on January 6th, thereby confirming that this tactic would be effective and should be invoked by Pence.
  • Biden confirms the Trump administration is keeping Biden in the dark on national defense, further demonstrating that Trump has no plans for any transition of power to treasonous China puppet Joe Biden.
  • Grocery stores and pharmacies across America are engaged in “prison camp training” with mask mandates, floor placards for social distancing, and coming mandatory vaccines. This is attempting to normalize Americans to the upcoming FEMA camps which will house, and then eliminate, tens of millions of new homeless whose livelihoods were deliberately destroyed by punitive lockdowns.
  • Most people have joined an insane covid cult called the “Branch Covidians,” and obedience is mandatory.
  • Masks no longer have any justifiable purpose since recent science proves that asymptomatic people don’t spread the coronavirus.
  • A secret provision in the government funding bill has the US Senate demanding all government agencies reveal everything they know about UFOs within 180 days. Is the world preparing for disclosure? (I’m getting more hints of orbital weapons tech now in play, by the way…)
  • Most likely explanation of the Nashville attack involves a 250 lb. SDB (Small Diameter Bomb) dropped from a CIA-controlled MQ9 Reaper, which was able to escape because the explosion also took out the ZME air space comms and controls of the FAA.
  • The FBI rapidly appeared on the scene in order to bury the evidence of their crimes, confirms Prather. This has long been the role of the FBI: To cover up the crimes of the deep state and shape the ridiculous public narrative.
  • US Army is now outfitting Stryker vehicles with high-energy laser weapons systems in the 50 kW range of power. That’s the public explanation. Secretly, the power is no doubt much higher.
  • Trump campaign files with SCOTUS to overturn Wisconsin fraud. We don’t expect this to achieve victory, but it’s establishing the justification for Trump to invoke military solutions after exhausting every possible civil court / legal option.
  • AZ GOP electors join the lawsuit against Pence, hoping to force the courts to conclude Pence has absolute authority to throw out electoral votes from fraudulent states.
  • Sidney Powell lays out evidence for rampant election fraud.
  • The GOP is history. Trump supporters prepare to abandon the GOP. Trump is the model for the future of any pro-America party. Mitch McConnell just committed political suicide, and he’s going to drag the entire GOP down with him. Good riddance! Ditch Mitch!
  • Full reveal of the ownership structure behind Dominion.
  • The use of modems on voting machines renders all such elections “uncertifiable” and invalid.
  • More proof the covid-19 vaccine is spreading covid, just as we warned would be the case. People are getting sick from covid after getting the vaccine.

This is War: Trump Must Act to Stop The Fraud

In this explosive interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman, constitutional lawyer and former military attorney Joanna Martin (also known by her pen name as Publius Huldah) gives a lawful and constitutional roadmap for President Trump to defeat the 2020 election fraud and the effort to destroy America’s constitutional republic. After outlining how Congress, the Supreme Court, and even the executive have failed so far, Martin explains that Trump still has not just a right, but a duty to invoke the Insurrection Act. Article 4 of the Constitution requires the federal government to guarantee to every state a Republican form of government. And the Constitution also provides for the militia to execute the laws of the union and put down insurrections, both of which are required right now. Trump must act now, especially if Congress does not do its duty on January 6.

The Frozen Logic Circuits Thaw Out

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have known for a long time that the lab in Wuhan, China, is owned by an American drug company--- GlaxoSmithKline. 

We have known that Dr. Fauci's National Institutes of Health gave over $3 million in assistance to the Wuhan Lab. 

We have known that Dr. Fauci's main specialty and claim to fame is his work on the HIV virus, which he patented for profit. 

We have known that GlaxoSmithKline, the owner of the Wuhan Lab is managed by a Black Rock subsidiary, which also works for George Soros and AXA, the giant French insurance corporation. 

We have known that George Soros built the lab in Wuhan and sold it to a Vanguard company, while Vanguard itself is a shareholder in Black Rock and which is internationally famous for dirty Special Ops involvement.  

We have known that Black Rock is one of Bill Gate's major investors, while Gates is a major investor in Pfizer, the GlaxoSmithKline-owned company that is producing the vaccine, and Bill Gates is also a primary donor and supporter of the World Health Organization that declared a "pandemic" based on 187 unconfirmed cases, and which is a primary beneficiary of Pandemic Bonds foisted off on investors by the World Bank. 

We have known that fragments of HIV virus spliced into a normal coronavirus are what have made the Covid 19 virus more infectious. 

We have known that Pfizer, the vaccine company producing the Covid 19 vaccine is owned by GlaxoSmithKline--- the owner of the Wuhan Lab. 

We have known that the Australian Government shutdown distribution of the vaccine -- reportedly because people who received it were testing positive for HIV. 

We have known for a long time, almost from the beginning, that the Chinese Government had little or nothing to do with the development of the Covid-19 virus and even less to do with its escape. 

What emerges is a textbook example of the Hegelian Dialectic in action. 

Self-interested schmucks causing a problem, then presenting themselves as the experts with the handy, dandy, patented solution to the problem they caused--- and then, profiting from it. 

These criminals are American, not Chinese--- an inevitable conclusion of logic.  

So tell me why these people are not in jail after what they've done and the damage they have caused?  

Tell me why these corporations aren't being charged for crimes against humanity?

Why should any despicable excuse for dirt who deliberately increases the efficiency of the Common Cold be rewarded? 

GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Vanguard, Black Rock, WHO, the World Bank ---  any corporation that had any hand in this hideous fiasco --- why shouldn't they be gone, gone, gone?


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Hawley Becomes First Senator Committed to Challenging Electoral College Results

What Is About To Unfold Will Be Earth Shattering, Birth Of A New Nation, Checkmate

“For Five States to Stop Counting on Election Night Is Absolutely Unprecedented”

 Sidney Powell Lays Out Evidence of Rampant Election Fraud in Latest Interview (Audio)

USA PATRIOTS – The PEOPLE protect their town from thugs and rioters June 2, 2020

Coming soon to your town USA! Be Ready.

Connecticut freedom fighters Dawn Jolly and Brian Festa unveil action plan to save America

Here they talk about Ham Radio as a main means of communication for Americans very soon.

Can you really rely on phones and Internet when the balloon goes up? To get a good idea of what needs to happen look at my ham radio systems here.  We have to start somewhere. Start with a handheld radio.

These are good examples of how many people are waking up right now. They are very late to the party but I am happy to see what they are doing. We have been doing this for many years. Get your ham radio license, and also your GMRS license. These licenses run for 10 years. By that time we will either have a free country or we will be absolute slaves living under complete tyranny. Time is running out to get these.

The GMRS license is $70 for 10 years, NO TESTING. This is a family oriented system. One license covers everyone. 

Study for your ham license here:

Paul Stramer  KC7MEZ  WQVW245
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839  Paul Stramer's radio store on line       Internet Radio Linking Project, Eureka Montana nodes are 3363 and 3303    Ham Callsign Directory. Type your zip code to get a list of hams in your area    Study for your ham exam.  Free practice tests are also on   Find any Ham repeater in the USA  Find information on EMP protection   Nation Wide Frequency guide for all police and emergency services    Shows ham regs allowing emergency comm and emergency operational guidelines.   The permanent link to the latest version of the Oath Keepers national comm plan.   An example of an Oath Keeper ham radio base station for communications coordination.    AmRRon video explaining how to connect average non licensed people to emergency information and to hams and others.   My article on emergency communications that was published on the Oath Keepers website.

Read other articles on radio use, radio terms, and getting a license on the Oath Keepers website.

Here is a real treat. Listen to the Space Station Crew use HAM Radio to call earth.