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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Border Security Of, For, and By

By Anna Von Reitz

President Trump needs help and he needs it NOW. 

He has asked for help and we American State Nationals have a vested interest in supporting his performance of his duty to secure our borders. 

Please show your support for maintaining our border security by going to:

and putting some money where our mouths are. 

Trump is in a tough position and he is trying to do the right thing for this country. 

We all owe him support as long as he stays true to his promise to Make America Great Again. 

We can't vote for him, but we can make sure he has the money to do his job and the support he needs to perform. 

I am semi-retired and recovering from a disaster and I and my team are hard pressed to say the least, but we are all united in our support of border security and so, even if we can't afford much at the present time--- we are putting some Widow's Mites behind Mr. Trump on this issue. 

Remember -- without enforced borders, America ceases to be a recognizable country.  

There is no more important or existential issue facing us now. 

Go to:
and do what you can to show your support.



My two cents,
Paul Stramer
This is from Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers today
President Trump, please declare a national emergency and deploy the full weight of the U.S. military to secure the entire 2,000 mile border with Mexico, with military boots on the ground, and to also order the U.S. military (the Army Corps of Engineers and military combat engineer units) to build the necessary layered system of wall/steel fencing, patrol roads, and surveillance systems - all backed up by ongoing military,  National Guard, and militia boots on the ground that are needed to finally and fully secure the entire 2,000 mile border with Mexico.
Call the White House at:  202-456-1111
Email the White House here

So Now, The Payseur Myth

By Anna Von Reitz

We have yet another European Bunko Operation to deal with: the Payseur Myth, which claims that a bastard son of the French King owns all the resources and corporations of America. 

Let's begin with the fact that "Payseur" is the name of an Office--- that of "Purser" or "Paymaster" of the Army, not a surname at all, and that putting a bastard son of a king into such an office was (and is) common practice of the European Monarchies who practiced "Bastardy".  

Illegitimate children were considered proof of the king's sinful nature, which they inherited in full, so that their illustrious fathers could remain unblemished. 

In essence, Royal Bastards got drafted to do all the dirty work for Dear Old Dad.  They were the assassins and Daredevils and political instruments of Empire, the bankers and paymasters of government, the Svengalis behind the throne quietly connecting the web of monarchic interests worldwide. 

Hence the saying that "the world was founded by a bastard son". 

Payseur and his Purser position was no different, and once you realize the position of the French Government being used by French and Benelux and English Commercial interests, the whole entanglement of France in American affairs becomes clear. 

Remember when the Templar Empire "disappeared" in the very early 1300's?  The same thing happened four hundred years later when the Dutch East India Company disappeared, too, taking all its ships and tonnage of cargo and insurance providers with it. 

We know also that the British Throne has been conquered by French interests since the Norman Conquest and that the monarchies of both nations have colluded continuously ever since.  

In essence, the same Paymasters have worked for both France and England like two pockets in the same set of pants.  This was made permanent and inviolable and has held steady since 1702 when the Dutch East India Trading Company was given "safe harbor" in America by the British Monarch. 

We have had the interests of the Dutch East India contingent (France and Benelux) preying upon us on one side (The United States Company) and the British East India Company (The United States of America Company) preying on us from the other side, ever since. 

And, once again, we have the Pillar (United States, Inc.) and the Post (United States of America, Inc.) with the American States and People being kept confused and driven from one side to the other by these "service providers". 

One had best remember that when the Union Army took over responsibility for our money in 1863, their Purser or Paymaster in effect confiscated all the assets of the Northern Federal States of States in receivership.  

Thus, the Paymaster-- the Payseur of the Grand Army of the Republic-- operating as an employee of "the United States" Company owned and operated by French-Benelux and complicit Americans --took over everything in sight and in the "legal sense" owned it. 

The legal definition of "ownership" is as you will find very different from the common meaning of the word.  Mr. Payseur became the Caretaker and Trustee of all this American property --essentially holding it in impound and using the US Army to enforce this "Guaranty Arrangement" until such time as the Americans paid back the "war debt" incurred by the Northern Federal States of States. 

What is particularly irritating about this is that these two European Commercial Companies, both deceitfully infringing on names we associated with our government, caused the entire bogus "Civil War" and staged it on our soil as a commercial mercenary conflict to enrich themselves and enslave us to pay debts that were never rightfully ours. 

You can see this pattern again in what happened in the so-called French and Indian War (actually an extension of the Thirty Years War in Europe) just prior to the Revolution and in the much more recent "Vietnam Conflict" which was also an illegal mercenary action  involving us in French wrong-doing and forcing us to pay for their debts. 

So much for Payseur "owning" everything, and also an end to any confusion about who or what has been infringing upon us using deceitful names and False commercial claims to set up their Pillar to Post game in America. 

It's France-Benelux using the United States Company (now Corporation) and a puppet Municipal "Congress" and the British Crown using the United States of America, Incorporated, to cause all this confusion and trouble for us and the rest of the world. 

And neither of these commercial entities have a thing to do with our actual government or country except that they are vendors of "governmental services"--- subcontractors in the business of providing us with services we could (and should) be providing for ourselves. 

The actual Puppet masters of this entire farce are the members of the Roman Curia and the Holy See (another Pillar and another Post) running FRANCE and France, which runs the UK and Westminster. 

It's all a show, a play, replete with actors pretending to be something or someone else--- and until we all wake up and see through this unholy lot of claptrap and take back control of our own affairs, we shall continue to suffer the consequences of Gross Breach of Trust, inland piracy, illegal conscription, illegal confiscation, identity theft and the other evils with which we are all familiar. 

The answer does not lie in participating in their corporations and trying to take over political parties. 

The answer lies in drawing a clear line between who and what they are and who and what we are, so that they can no longer pretend to be the "United States" nor the "United States of America" nor any Trustee or Agent of ours. 

They must be unmasked and recognized for who (France-Benelux and Great Britain) and what (foreign commercial service providers) they are. 

They are not American and they do not  represent America.  They are just filthy dirty European commercial corporations infringing on our Good Names -- corporations that need to be liquidated and forced to pay their own debts for a change. 

And until we do this, they will continue to try to control us and to steal our resources and hold our purse-strings "for" us.  They will continue to use our sons and daughters as cheap mercenaries. And they will continue to use us and our country like a giant puppet to terrorize the rest of the world, while taxing us to death at home. 

Time to make them pay-- literally-- for their sins.  And expose them for the cheap, immoral cads and criminals that they are. 


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The Big Con

By Anna Von Reitz

For most people, contemplation of how our American Government has been commandeered by foreign con artists-- British and Papal Agents-- will be hard enough to deal with.

However, beyond this deplorable breach of trust and criminality is a far more common, pervasive, and universal con scheme --The Big Con -- that underlies the world as we know it. 

I will call it "The Pillar to Post Scheme".  It is very simple ---and it is the necessary condition needed to "divide and conquer"-- as in divide and conquer all of us. 

Basically, the Fraud Artists deliberately set up two sides to everything and use this mechanism to --as my Mother used to say, "Play both ends against the middle". 

Here is a stellar example of it:

We now know that in the Dark Ages, the Roman Catholic Church paid  Mohammed to popularize the Quran throughout the Middle East, apparently in order to create a "Pillar to Post" situation for itself-- that is, to give itself something to fight against and an excuse to confiscate property from the Moors and the Jews.

This creation of religious controversy was the "necessary condition" for The Crusades and all the money, power, and property assets that the Church acquired as a result. 

The whole enmity between Islam and Christianity was ginned up with malice aforethought-- created, and not by accident. 

We were all used by the "Belief Makers"--- for their gain and our loss.

The Crusades depopulated Europe leaving the Church as beneficiary of most of the resulting largess.

We have all been "played" throughout history in exactly the same manner.  

The Perps create two sides and we stupidly line up and choose one side or the other, as if all our choices suddenly dwindled down to that. 

Statutory or Common Law? 

Allopathic or Naturopathic Medicine? 

New England Patriots or Dallas Cowboys? 

Republican or Democrat? 

Catholic or Protestant? 

It's all the same game-- Pillar to Post. 

One of the most obvious and vicious examples occurred during the British Protectorate in the Middle East. 

They drew some lines on a map and labeled it "Palestine".  Everyone inside the border of Palestine was this labeled a "Palestinian" and redefined as such. 

Where, the day before, a peaceful polyglot culture of mostly Arabic and Jordanian people co-existed with a large contingent of European Christians and Jews--- we now had all of them arbitrarily labeled as "Palestinians".  Side One was created. 

Then all the Perps had to do was create another "side" for the newly created Palestinians to fight against. This was accomplished by importing large numbers of Jews. 

Pillar to Post.  A recipe for endless war for all of us and endless profits for arms dealers and "defense" manufacturers--- also endless excuses for foreign governments to meddle in the region. 

The Vermin are trying to do the same thing throughout the world. 

The Masters of the Big Con are busy setting up multiple two-sided hate complexes-- Muslims against Christians, Immigrants against Americans, Immigrants against French, immigrants against Germans, Jews against Everybody, Blacks against Whites and so on. 

They are desperately promoting "sides" to everything, and if they have their way, we will soon be fighting each other over which brand of toothpaste we use. 

Crest or Colgate? 

The important point here is that we are all being played--- conned, set up, used by these Vermin, who are sitting back and profiting themselves from our misery, and never even being identified as the Cause of it all.  

Look at what the Church gained from the Crusades?  Most of Europe was de-populated, with the Church being the single largest beneficiary of the wealth and assets left behind.  

The Church also gained the power of taxation -- a power formerly held only by secular governments.  

Remember that the Income Tax began as "Peter's Pence" --a tax imposed by the Church on Parishioner's income for the prior year, collected by the Inquisition and due April 15 of each year -- to support the cost of The Crusades. 

And what is the current Income Tax? 

Technically, and top IRS officials will tell you this to your face- it's a gift and estate tax. 

They are taxing you for the privilege of gifting your estate to them, and you are presumed to be doing this voluntarily as a religious subscription to FDR's "Holy cause". 

If the Bushwah got a quarter of an inch deeper, we'd all drown. 

And what is this "Holy cause"?  

War, eternal, perpetual, horrific, endless war to please Lucifer, the "god" who "loves the smell of burning flesh".  

You and millions of others are being defrauded every year out of large portions of your earnings to finance your own destruction and the destruction of other innocent people around the world. 

Technically, it is being done by a web-like interlocking trust directorate linking 147 key corporations worldwide and via commodity rigging of the world currency markets by the euphemistically named "Exchange Stabilization Fund" --- but in truth and in fact, in a greater sense, it is only possible because we have been fooled into choosing sides and falling for all this malarkey. 

I have one "side"-- the side of life and love and sharing and justice and passion and pleasure and abundance and freedom and peace.

These are the fruits of waking up and putting a stop to their Pillar to Post schemes and withdrawing all support from the organizations that promote these evils.

Are you ready? 

The next elections held in this country need to be Public Elections for Public Offices---not Make Believe private corporate elections for political lobbyists. 

Declare your political status on the public record and join your State Jural Assembly.

Wake everyone up and spread the word.  

Be not like dumb driven cattle. 

It's easy. 

Stop choosing sides. 


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