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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Confusion About Gun Control Legislation

By Anna Von Reitz

There are various Territorial and Municipal initiatives taking place now at both the Congressional level and the level of their respective States of States organizations seeking to enact gun control and gun grabbing legislation, and I am being queried about this by a lot of very confused Americans. 

All those affected by such legislation are "US citizens" of some kind and "US citizens" have never had any constitutional guarantees of any kind, so the organizations adopting these provisions for their members are within their rights to enact gun control legislation in the same way that IBM or Sonic Hamburgers, Inc. could seek to establish Public Policies forbidding their employees from 
owning guns or bringing guns to work.  

American State Citizens and American State Nationals are not at all affected by their Public Policies and druthers, but many Americans have been misidentified as some variety of "US citizens" and so the legislation could be misapplied to Americans who are not naturally subject to Territorial or Municipal legislation either at the level of their "Congresses" or their "States of States". 

One more argument in favor of reclaiming your birthright political status and explicitly expatriating from all forms of Territorial and Municipal Citizenship.  

I have also heard a lot of confusion about the Dick Act, which was adopted in the very early 1900's by the Territorial Government and which applies by Succession to the current Territorial Government.  

Some people think that because it was enacted after 1860 that the Dick Act is "useless" but they are profoundly confused.  None of this current debate applies to us, American State Nationals or American State Citizens, either one.  But it does apply to Territorial "United States Citizens" and the Territorial Branch of the Federal Government.  

The Dick Act permanently settled the question of Territorial Branch Gun Grabbing and did so in such a way that it can't be revisited. 

The Territorial branch of the Federal Government therefore can't grab any guns or restrict any gun rights whatsoever, and what is so nice about this, is that the Territorial branch of the Federal Government is also responsible for protecting us from any usurpation or misapplication of legislation from the Municipal branch of the Federal Government.  

So the Dick Act though not applicable to American State Nationals or American State Citizens, is applicable to Territorial Branch Federal Citizens, and they are then also responsible for protecting us from Municipal legislation seeking to infringe on our gun rights.  

The Municipal Government has usurped grossly against the limitations stipulated by its Constitution and the Territorial Government allowed this in Breach of Trust, but we are now pulling both of them up by the proverbial hairs and this process of putting both back in their places about gun rights and many other matters must continue.  

So address the Territorial Congressional Delegations and inform them of their obligation as Successor organizations to honor the Dick Act and inform the Territorial State of State Legislatures of the Dick Act, and while making it clear that you as an American State Citizen are not subject to any of this frou-frou-rah in the first place, they are nonetheless prohibited from gun grabbing against their own citizens (by the Dick Act)  and obligated to protect us against any offer of gun grabbing or other usurpation by the Municipal Government, too. 


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Please Remove All References to Destry Payne and "His" Organizations

By Anna Von Reitz

Please remove all references to Destry Payne and until further notice.  

They have gone off the tracks and are trying to establish a different Territorial State of State and Territorial National Government instead of getting their status straight and doing the actual work that has to be done to reconstruct our Federal States of States and restore the fully functional American Government.  

As such, they are in insurrection against the already functioning Territorial States of States and Municipal STATES OF STATES and are operating in these foreign jurisdictions instead of operating from the safe vantage point of the land and soil jurisdiction States.  Their members can be arrested at any time and hauled into the nisi prius contract courts and busted the same way that Bruce Doucette and many others have been victimized.  

And they won't listen to reason or the facts, so, once again, I have to draw the line in the sand and say --- no, don't join the organization.  If you have any association with them, cancel it.  Run like gazelles away.  It's another bust and bull disappointment. 

I will not be held responsible for what happens to them or those who have joined them although I initially supported their efforts, because their leadership is definitely leading them astray now and into unnecessary danger.  Just like Bruce Doucette.  Just like Tim Turner. 

Lacking any clear declaration of expatriation from Territorial and Municipal 
United States citizenship(s) they  are presumed to be some form of Federal Citizen --- either Territorial "United States Citizens" or "US CITIZENS" under the 14th Amendment, or Municipal "Citizens of the United States" or "US CITIZENS" chartered by the Municipal United States Government ----- which unavoidably means that they are subjecting themselves to both the Queen and the Pope and are then also subject to the Statutory Laws and Public Policies of the foreign commercial corporations.  

They will be forced to comply with the statutory laws, codes, and standards of those organizations and will be permanently barred from returning to their original birthright status as soil jurisdiction state nationals and also from operating as American State Citizens and American State Electors because of their own knot-headed ignorance. 

So be it.  

I am done arguing, explaining, teaching, or trying to help them in any way.  They can just go on running and hiding and pretending that there is some "war" on, when in fact we, American State Nationals and American State Citizens, have never been in any kind of war since 1814 and we are admittedly owed The Law of Peace (AR 27-161-1) from the Territorial Government and the Territorial Government is obligated to protect us from overreach by the Municipal Government, too.  

We are well-protected and well-established as long as we knowledgeably claim our birthright political status and color inside the lines and stay in our own jurisdiction and sail our "vessels" as American vessels ----- any other pathway puts us right back smack dab in the middle of the foreign commercial mercenary conflict which both the Popes and the British Monarchs have engendered and kept going for 150 years.  

If we ever want peace back in our land and an end to foreign meddling and mischief on our shores, we absolutely must get the facts straight in our heads and deal with what is in front of our noses.  We can't afford any more mistakes or Patriot Mythology.  

And speaking for myself, I am sick and tired of listening to disparaging remarks and taking abuse from people who don't really know their butts from tin cups and who also don't want to learn.  I am sick of watching decent Americans arrested and harmed by the Hired Help.  

So, until further notice, cross the Michigan General Jural Assembly off your lists and also the and just as I warned everyone against following Tim Turner and Bruce Doucette ---- add Destry Payne to the long list of those who needlessly stand in harm's way and lead others to do the same. 


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For All The Jural Assemblies - 36 State Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

Now that you know what a "Lawful Person" is, be aware that our assemblies, both the soil jurisdiction assemblies of the state republics, and the land jurisdiction assemblies of the States are exclusively populated by Lawful Persons.  

This is because only Lawful Persons who are still attached to physical reality and to specific locations in space can populate the soil and land jurisdictions which are likewise geographically and physically defined Lawful Persons. 

This follows the Biblical Law of Kinds.  Lawful Jurisdictions (land and soil) 
are populated by Lawful Persons. 

So the American Government is composed of three Unions of different kinds of states, and two of those Unions, The United States (soil) and The United States of America (land) are owned, operated, and governed by Lawful Persons.  

The State Assemblies control the international jurisdiction of the land and sea, which includes international trade, except that the Constitutions made significant concessions delegating away some of their powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea (not all) to the British King.  

The State General Assembly is composed of Electors  -- both State Nationals and State Citizens who own land within the borders of their State can serve as Electors of the General Assembly.  They are chosen at the County level by people who are qualified members of the soil jurisdiction republican states; two Electors act as Deputies (Fiduciary Officers) for each County.  Most States hold their General Assembly after the holidays and it can run for as little as a weekend or stretch on for months, depending on the business that has to be addressed.  

Because the land and soil are inextricably combined, eligibility as a soil jurisdiction republican state national or citizen automatically qualifies one to be a State National or State Citizen, and for practical purposes people from the republics act as People representing their State in international jurisdiction, so that both land and soil are populated at the same time and by the same people, only some of them are further tasked to do business for the State. 

The State Jural Assembly takes up judicial issues that affect the People of the State and the enforcement of the Public Law, including enforcement of the Constitutions and running the People's Court and elections related to the Courts and Peacekeeping functions and officials.  Unlike the State General Assembly, the State Jural Assembly runs all year long and pretty much twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  

The State Jural Assembly, like the State General Assembly, is composed of qualified Jurors who are State Citizens and State Electors, that is, people of the republican states who have volunteered to serve the State Government in the capacity of Jurors. 

Jurors are typically not paid unless they are called to serve as part of a jury, either a Grand Jury or a Trial Jury.  Sheriffs and Justices, both State Justices and Justices of the Peace, Clerks, Bondsmen, Coroners, and other elected and hired members of the People's Court are paid either a monthly salary or on a case by case basis, or as agreed upon.  

The State Executive Assembly is elected at the State General Assembly as one of the first acts of the State General Assembly each year.  The State Executive Assembly continues to function throughout the year and is enabled to conduct routine business for the State, including issuing Public Notices, conducting 
Elections, overseeing use and sale of State resources such as timber sales and public land leases, preparing ballot initiatives for the General Assembly, and serving as an interface for communications with the Federal Government.---including direction of the Federal State of State Corporation, once we get organized to complete the Reconstruction of the Federal States of State. 
The State Executive Assembly also has the power to call the  State General Assembly into Special Session if needed. 

State Executive Assemblies are basically committees of astute businessmen who have a State Assembly Chairman and a State Treasurer and a State Secretary and State Executive Assembly Members from the land districts within the State.  These are called Postal Areas today to delineate them from the sea-going Postal Districts.  

Together the General Assembly, Jural Assembly, and State Executive Assembly conduct the international business of each State of the Union, and work together to enforce the Public Law, make decisions about land and natural resources, ensure protection of property rights, postal roads, free public elections and other business of the State.  

As has already occurred to many people, the lack of regularly meeting and well-defined State General Assemblies has left Federal Caretakers like the BLM in charge of state lands and policies regarding state land and resources for far too long.  

Let us also note that our Federal States of States are supposed to be involved at a "federal" level in representing our States internationally and globally, but owing to the fact that we have not reconstructed our confederated States of States that "federal" duty has been usurped by Territorial "States of States", a situation that leaves our States and People largely at the mercy of the British Monarchs and Popes.  

We must reclaim our natural birthright political status now that we know that we have suffered gross Breach of Trust and unlawful contracting processes pretending to establish commercial contracts with infants, and we must boot up our State Assemblies and enforce the actual Constitutions on these renegade Service Providers.


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From the National Assembly forums

This is a post on the forums for the National Assembly that you should read and comment on.

From C.Johnson:

There is NO PRIVATE LAW that governs you.

If you are going to live free, you must understand the difference between the 2 sides [realms] of law. There is both PRIVATE and PUBLIC.

When Congress passes laws it is called; PUBLIC LAW. Have you ever asked yourself why? Because that is ITS jurisdiction! It has ABSOLUTELY NO JURISDICTION over PRIVATE AMERICAN NATIONALS. IT only has jurisdiction over PUBLIC ENTITIES/PERSONS known as U.S. CITIZENS. Congress only writes PUBLIC LAWS! Why? Because American Nationals have un-a-lien-able RIGHTS protected and secured by the Constitutions [National and FEDERAL] and State and STATES.

So when they write PUBLIC LAWS they only write them for U.S. CITIZENS! They do not write PRIVATE LAWS! Why? Because WE THE PEOPLE [unincorporated, men and women, non-registered] make our own laws for how we want to govern ourselves in our own communities and neighbors.

This is why, the UNITED STATES, was created by the ORGANIC CONSTITUTION of 1787. It was to protect the rights of the People to have locate govts made up of themselves and to be excluded from all federal powers. Nowhere in that organic Constitution was power over the People ever given. The Constitution not only created the UNITED STATES [in law defined as DC, enclaves and territories}, it created a pact that the several States would remain free also from the UNITED STATES control, except for the limited jurisdiction given to the UNITED STATES written within the Constitution.

But, in 1866 per reconstruction all REPUBLIC GOVTS seat were evacuated by the tip of the bayonet of the UNITED STATES. It was an invasion of the several States, by the UNITED STATES. Congress in 1871 wrote a PUBLIC LAW and named it the Constitution of the United States and it is found in this PUBLIC LAW District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871. Congress by its PUBLIC LAW ACT, created a corporation and named it the UNITED STATES. In law it is known as the UNITED STATES, INC...municipal [city corporation]. It is not the United States that was created by the Constitution of 1787, that created Congress. It is a new UNITED STATES and its citizens are U.S. CITIZENS and it was created by an Act of Congress. All of ITS CITIZENS are citizens of IT and IT is a PUBLICLY REGISTERED CORPORATION and IT REGISTERS all of ITS PUBLIC citizens within its jurisdiction. IT registers all the property, land, possessions, trade, kids, bodies, etc...of ITS PUBLIC CITIZENS for ITS own purposes. ITS citizens are 14th Amendment citizens of ITS corporations and ITS subsidiaries...the STATE OF STATES, INC. The PUBLIC REGISTRATION OF THAT CORPORATION CAN BE FOUND WITHIN THESE PUBLIC LAWS: District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871,,28 U.S. Code § 3002

So what happened to all WE THE PEOPLE? We are still here, with our ORGANIC CONSTITUTION, waiting for the other Private American People to wake up!


2016 District of Columbia Code
Title 28 - Commercial Instruments and Transactions. §§ 28:1-101 - 28-5210
Chapter 35 - Statute of Frauds. §§ 28-3501 - 28-3505
§ 28–3501. Estate created otherwise than by deed.
§ 28–3502. Special promise to answer for debt or default of another.
§ 28–3503. Declaration, grant, and assignment of trust.
§ 28–3504. New promise or acknowledgment of contract — Action against joint contractors.
§ 28–3505. New promise or acknowledgement of debt incurred during infancy.


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