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Friday, May 25, 2012

Reality Check: Is Georgia GOP Against NDAA Indefinite Detention or Not?

This video shows that absolute knock down drag out battle going on nationwide for the heart and soul of the Republican party. We have a convention coming in June in Montana and I don't expect it to be any different. I expect the party old guard to try every dirty trick in the book to shut out the Ron Paul supporters and try to block any liberty type resolutions or party platform planks unless the folks that love freedom and liberty in the party are very vigilant and up to speed on the party rules and tactics. I am a voting delegate for all three conventions to be held the weekend of June 14-16 in Missoula, the platform convention, the officers convention and the delegate convention.

There are people who will support freedom willing to go to the national convention to vote for Ron Paul but need some financial support. If you can help please call me at 800 889 2839 very soon, since the applications must be in very soon. Every small amount will help, but there are no limits on what you can donate for this cause. This is our last chance and Ron Paul is winning delegates like crazy now. The old guard party hacks at the national level want you to believe that Ron Paul can't win. That is the mind poison they are spreading. I am here to tell you that he IS winning as we speak and the national convention is going to be an absolute free for all battle.

Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look how the Georgia GOP nearly passed a resolution rejecting candidates who favor the indefinite detention provision in the NDAA but suddenly changed their minds.

We have resolutions ready for several issues. We need your support in many ways. Even if you can't vote, you could be there, if for nothing else than to wave a sign in the parking lot. These Republicans need to be given evidence of the huge support for Ron Paul that is really out there, to give them the heart to change the party toward liberty and freedom instead of more status quo party politics.

You can help do that.  Stay tuned for further announcements of our schedule for activities for Ron Paul supporters during the days of the convention, and plan to be there in Missoula  June 14 - 16th if you can.

If the executives and leaders of the Republican state party know what's good for them and our party, they will listen very carefully to what the Ron Paul supporters have to say, and incorporate the ideas of freedom and liberty as outlined by Ron Paul in everything they do.  As a voting delegate and State Committeeman, I would much rather attend a convention where ideas were discussed with intelligence and consideration, instead of having to fight tooth and nail just to be heard. I suggest to the party leadership to show every courtesy to the Ron Paul supporters and if they happen to be in the majority to accept the decision of the party to support Freedom this one last time. We may never get another chance, considering what Obama is getting ready to do to our country if he gets re-elected.

On more thing. It's my opinion that Romney can't beat Obama. Romney can NOT attract the votes of the old Blue Dog Democrats who still believe in the Constitution, and he definitely can't get the votes of the independents. The Republican candidate can't win without the votes of these groups. Only Ron Paul can get those votes. When the voters wake up and realize that more status quo is going to kill their government paycheck anyway, it might be too late. But if Ron Paul is in the whitehouse, that day might be put off some years to give us a chance to inform those voters with what they need to turn the tide.


Paul Stramer
Lincoln County State Committeman
Voting delegate from Lincoln County supporting Ron Paul
Member of the State Republican Central Committee

Ron Paul supporters roil Clark County, Nevada, GOP

This from the Washington Post on the Nevada GOP convention and what happened afterwards.

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