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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Crisis --- Letter to Pope Francis - Via Email, April 30, 2016

April 30, 2016 Via Email

From Anna Maria Riezinger

Most Beloved Francis, 

It has come to pass that the so-called legislature representing the "STATE OF TENNESSEE" -- which is the French-Chartered UN Corporation doing business as IMF doing business as UNITED STATES doing business as STATE OF TENNESSEE franchise has decriminalized such crimes as racketeering, extortion, and murder practiced against "persons"--- that is, under their definitions--- corporations. 

See what they have published as "Tennessee Code Annotated" 39-2-701 copyrighted 2016 by The State of Tennessee, repealing Title 39 labeled "Criminal Offenses" and Part 7, decriminalizing "Threats, Intimidation, and Extortion".  

The core of this problem is that the same scam artists have endeavored to secretively redefine all the people in America as "persons" and to seize upon all the assets of their estates as "personal assets" backing the private corporate debts of the UN Corp, IMF, UNITED STATES and so on.   

They claim that we have all agreed to this in exchange for "benefits" that we have then also paid for ourselves. 

Salute to Lisa Havens: Just When You Thought American Journalism Was Dead.....

by Anna Von Reitz

This morning (April 30, 2016) I am re-published information from Lisa Havens with great gratitude to her for ferreting it out and bringing it forward into the public view.  Just when you thought that American Journalism was stone, cold, dead and rotting in the ground, Lisa did the job--- the real job--- that hasn't been getting done for decades.  Oooo- rah, Lisa! 
I am next advising you all of evidence brought to light by Dennis Schleuter and other loyal Americans confirming that the worst of what is revealed by Lisa's report is not only true but has actually been enacted by the "TENNESSEE" legislature, which has "decriminalized" such obvious crimes as murder, pillaging, and racketeering practiced against "persons".  
See TENNESSEE CODE ANNOTATED ss. 39-2-701 copyrighted 2016 by The State of Tennessee.   Title 39 Criminal Offenses, Chapter 2, Offenses Against the Person and Part 7, Threats, Intimidation and Extortion ---- have been repealed.
If you are continuing to allow the IMF to have a backdoor into your life by operating as a "PERSON" this should give you grave cause for concern.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Which Is The Real American Government? --- Unanswered Letters 2 -- Reply to Pat Anderson

by Anna Von Reitz

There has been a LOT of confusion in this process, Pat---- unavoidably so, with the meanings of words being deliberately obscured and many facets of our history buried in reams of the most boring verbiage on Earth. is the skinny of it all, as delved out from the public records we have. 

The Forefathers established nation-states in each of the colonies.  Nations are political entities composed of members of Jural Assemblies--- unincorporated associations of people who join together for the purpose of defining and enforcing local law; and in our case, that means the Common Law of the land, because our nation-states and our jural assemblies are all land-based and this is the form of law that our Forefathers chose to operate the land jurisdiction.  

States are also political entities "standing for" those nations, created for the purpose of administration of public works and trusteeship of public resources.  So you have the nation, a political entity structured as an unincorporated association of free people acting as a Jural Assembly to define and enforce the law, and you have the state, which is entrusted with providing public services and trusteeship of public property which is owned "in common". 

Crazy Like a Fox -- Unanswered Letters 1 -- A Reply to John Smith

by Anna Von Reitz

Below you will find the text of a letter that was sent to me, which among many others, I haven't had the time or ability to answer, but which I will attempt to respond to this morning---

Hello Anna Von Reitz
I do read most of the information you put out, and you have sure put out some
mind blowing information, mind blowing for me anyhow.

Maybe it's because I'm not very well educated, these days I am not sure if that's
a good thing or a bad thing, I am now seventy years of age and I have learned
more about the way this world of ours is run in the last seven years then all the previous
years put together.

I knew there was corruption going on within many Government departments
but I had no idea that it was so wide spread and organised world wide.

Over the last seven years I have seen so many hard working people put up so many
petitions and protests yet nothing changes how can a drop of water thrown into
the ocean make any difference.

Not been well educated I've always had to look for simple solutions to any problem
I have faced.

And today I am facing the biggest problem the world has ever known how do we
as a human race save ourselves and our planet.

And there is a VERY VERY simple solution we all know about superman and
we all know about the one thing that brings him down KRYPTONITE it's colour
is green.

Green is the same colour vibration of money, MONEY IS OUR KRYPTONITE
money is what is been used to enslave us and give our overlords power over us.

So the solution is simple we stop using any form of money world wide
and make everything free worldwide be it goods, services,health education
everything that money buys.

With one condition that every adult 18 years to 55 has to do 1 to 3 days work
each week.

Under 18 and over 55 need not work unless they want too.
By removing money from our world we take away the power of our present
over lords no one can stop us doing this except ourselves we out number
them by over a million to one.

Even if they try to set the law enforcement or military or even mercenaries
on us it will not work because money will be of no use to them plus they
get everything free anyway.

By removing any form of money from our lives:
The banks will be finished, The IRS will be finished, All national debts worldwide will be finished .
all wars will be finished nothing to fight over everything worldwide will be free.

No more mortgage payments no BLM NSA OR FBI OR KINGS AND QUEENS
No rent the list is endless but I'm sure you get the picture no one can stop us
With money out of the picture no one will need to compete with anyone for money
or power we will work to help each other.

It will put millions out of work and they will make up the work force needed so we all
work only 1 to 3 days a week.

With money out of the way all suppressed technology will come out
the military can be reassigned to clean up the planet

It really is that simple it's up to us to make this happen and make this VIRAL we can do it.

John Smith

PS: I will be sending copies of this letter to others there is really no other way
money has to go otherwise we will always be slaves.

Calling Out John Daresh and NLA--- Round Two

by Anna Von Reitz

Today, I will address Daresh’s “Information”--- which should rightly be titled, “Disinformation” issued a couple days ago.   I quote:

Daresh:   “This brings us to the main purpose of this Information: Government agent provocateurs have been fueling a quasi-shadow government movement that essentially advocates the overthrow of the government.”

Anna:  What government?  A corporation run by international banking cartels is not our government, is it?  In fact, a corporation doesn’t actually have the capacity to act as a sovereign government at all and we are merely stretching euphemism beyond its limit to pretend that it does.

Daresh:  People in this movement, led by de facto Judge Anna Von Reitz, de facto Judge Bruce Doucette and de facto god-graced Administrator Joaquin Folch, who have taken on these self-appointed titles, are duping people from the liberty movements looking for a solution to the subversion within our government who, being ignorant of the law, fall prey to the Pied Pipers .

Anna:  There are no “self-appointed titles” involved including “Pied Piper” and nothing “de facto” about it. Everything we’ve done is firmly based on existing Law.   We are filling vacated public offices that are owed to our own de jure government.  When we offered to show Daresh the facts, he wouldn’t look.  His response was rump in the air, head in the sand.  So there he sits, ignorant as ever, making irresponsible accusations.  NLA deserves far, far better leadership, thank you.

Read the Foreign Sovereigns Immunities Act (FSIA) and the International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA) for yourselves and then read my explanation of how all this happened in the “Common Law vs. Admiralty Law” article posted at   

Daresh:  Many who are following these de facto judges, actually believe them to be properly elected or appointed.

Oath Keepers lead the Nation for being Prepared - Are you ready for the collapse?

Article by Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D., Commander, NECN, contributing writer for

This important article written by Phd. ,  Oath Keeper, and Ham operator, Col. Randall Smith. Ph.D.

Former Air Force Officer Warns Of Atmospheric Spraying And The Coming Collapse

Heads up Oath Keepers.  Spread this article far and wide.

This article is very well written, and please pay attention to the comments below the article.  

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montanablog (dot) us

Thursday, April 28, 2016

How To Identify Liars and Fools --- They Talk About "Sovereign Citizens".

by Anna Von Reitz

There is no such thing.
It is a literal impossibility to be a "sovereign" and a "citizen" at the same time.
"Sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron.
The term "sovereign" cancels out the term "citizen" and vice versa.
Look up the legal definition of these two words and it will be absolutely, glaringly, and forever apparent.
So if you hear people talking about "sovereign citizens" or calling me or anyone else a "sovereign citizen"---- you now know for sure that they are in fact either (1) ignorant as Pat's Pig or (2) are part of the problem and trying to cause trouble by "labeling"---- a propaganda technique which you probably first encountered in grade school.
"Oh, Jenny is a ........." and "Johnny is a......." and so and so is something else.
Anyone who survived High School should hear this kind of gossip and have a retch response.
I do.
And I immediately "tune out" such people, because Number One--- they are divisive, and Number Two, if they don't know the difference between "sovereign" and "citizen"----what can they possibly contribute to the conversation?
The phrase that they are probably striving for and getting all bungled up is, "sovereigns without subjects"--- from United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay: " the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they truly are the sovereigns of this country, but they are sovereigns without subjects."
quoted in ALDEN v. MAINE, 527 U.S. 706 (1999) (2).
Please note--- we are talking about "people" being the "sovereigns" of this country, not "persons" being sovereign over themselves or anything else.
That is again why we are owed a government of the people, by the people and for the people, not of the persons, by the persons, and for the persons.
Wake up, wake up, wake up......
See this article and over 200 others on Anna's website
To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

Common Law v. Admiralty Law, People v. Persons

by Anna Von Reitz

Our Forefathers CHOSE the system of Common Law based on the Law of Moses (Ten Commandments) as the Law of the Land and they chose men to serve as judges from among themselves in every county, state, and region. 

If we want to live under that system of law, we have to do the same thing. CHOOSE to live under Common Law, form a jural assembly for our communities as brilliantly summarized by the Michigan Jural Assembly which has already had their Common Law System in place for decades, elect judges to fill the vacant judicial offices, and live accordingly. 

This is the way this country was set up and so far as I am concerned, the way it is still supposed to run.  Those who don't want to accept that are outlaws.  Those who do are law abiding.  Simple as that. 

We are free to accept, amend, and reject laws within that system as every jury sees fit. That is why we have JURY NULLIFICATION  built into this whole process.   

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Calling Out John Daresh and NLA

by Anna Von Reitz

John Daresh has made his accusations with his so-called "Information" ---all of which are unsubstantiated and untrue.  Now, I will make mine.

Daresh doesn't know anything about the American Common Law Court System that the Citizens Common Law Grand Juries are supposed to be part of.  He doesn't even know how the Common Law Grand Jury is supposed to interact with the Federal Courts.  And here's the killing point--- he doesn't want to learn.

We have the facts and history and research and court cases to prove that what we are doing is correct---- and we have offered to share that information with NLA.  

In return, Daresh spreads gossip and spews arcane verbiage designed to impress the ignorant.

The result is that five years down the track the NLA is still out in left field, ineffective, and indeed, worse than useless--- a problem and hindrance to actual progress and a literal danger to its own membership.  

As is apparent in the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, there are two bodies of people on this continent---- and always have been: the "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" and the "inhabitants"--British subjects who remained here after the Revolution. 

You have to know which is which--- apple or orange? And you have to know and be able to prove who you are with respect to the two groups--- free or subject?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Let's Get This Straight, Once and For All....Birth Certificate Fraud

by Anna Von Reitz

Let's get this straight---- some schmucks pretending to "represent" you, had you declared legally dead, seized your estate, pretended to be the beneficiaries of your estate, and sold it all on the stock (as in "cattle") market to benefit themselves---- and you think that is okay???

I have people running around like Henny Penny saying, "Your Birth Certificate is worth millions!  Your Birth Certificate is worth millions!"

Millions of what?  (1) Digits on a ledger that someone jotted down; (2) IOU's printed on pieces of paper the same schmucks responsible for this whole scam created by pledging you, your land, your home, your business, even your children as chattel backing their debts?

Bill Holter-Without Price Suppression Gold Would be $5,000 to $10,000

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Saturday, 23-Apr-2016 23:32:38

At some point - very likely before the US presidential election in November - the paper trading system operated by COMEX will finally collapse and the new exchange set up by the Chinese that is based on actual physical delivery will dictate the market price of Gold and Silver.

Found here:

After watching this video, and reading this article I am even more convinced that the end of

price manipulation is near and silver and gold are about to explode in price and become

almost impossible to buy for a while.

If you have already made provision for your preparedness list of food, dry goods, guns and

ammo, a way to make electric power and store it, water purification, fuel properly stored, and

other survival essentials, and if you still have money in a bank or somewhere else that you

don't want to lose, you should consider buying silver.

The traditional price ratio of silver to gold was 16 to 1 for decades.

Right now gold is $1241.00 per ounce, and silver is $17.10  which is over 72 to 1.

At 16 to 1  silver should be selling right now for over $77.

When the COMEX blows up, silver will instantly go to over 70 and will go up rapidly from there.

If you want some silver go look at what we can get for you here:

Then call me for a quote at 800 889 2839   between 8 AM and 2:30 PM on weekdays so I can

lock your order at the mint while we are on the phone.

Paul Stramer

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Notice to Congress Regarding Fraud -- 22 April 2016

by Anna Von Reitz

April 22, 2016
To:  Don Young, Lisa Murkowski, and Dan Sullivan
c/o “Alaska Congressional Delegation”
702 Hart Senate Building, Washington, D.C. 20510
US Certified Receipt:  7006 0810 0003 3541 5755
709 Hart Senate Building, Washington, D.C. 20510
US Certified Receipt: 7013 3020 0002 1837 0399
2314 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515
US Certified Receipt: 7013 3020 0002 1837 0412

From:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Grandmother
I am writing to you today pursuant to my duty to fully inform you.

1. Please be informed that you do not represent me and that I am not your employee.   I am in fact your employer and benefactor and am a Beneficiary of the United States Trust which you are all supposed to be administering as Trustees in my behalf; also be informed that ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER and ANNA M. RIEZINGER and all other franchises created or thought to be created and operated under these names owe their allegiance to the land of Wisconsin, are of age, and are voluntarily expatriated from any allegiance, obligation, or association with the corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES and equally expatriated from any allegiance, obligation, or association with the corporation doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


The living Americans who are the respective Holders in Due Course of these given names and the underlying Trade Names formed in Upper and Lower Case and all other derivative names, labels, accounts, assets and vessels in commerce associated with them are American State Nationals owing their singular allegiance to the land of their birth.

This is your Notice of these facts.

Finally--- a Simple Fraud-Killing Remedy

Finally, Thank God and Thanks to Many People, a Remedy That Cannot Be Stopped or Side-Stepped or Ignored  ---- Judge Anna


First, please be patient with yourself as you read through these facts.  It took years of hard labor by dozens of good people to ferret out each little piece of this.  It’s going to take you at least an hour or two to take it in and follow the logic to its inexorable conclusion. 

When you get to the end, you will find a template that lays out the very simple one-page Fraud Killer.  This does not mean that you should abandon your efforts to document your own identity and proper standing and that of your relatives---but you now have in your hands a very powerful means to break the shackles of the Great Fraud.   



Definitions of “United States” and “UNITED STATES” and “United States of America” and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.



Monday, April 18, 2016

History Hash by Anna Von Reitz

The most important insight that I have and that I can share with humanity is that your attention is being purposefully deflected and distorted.  You are being taught to consider differences in terms of groups or sets, and taught to consider similarities in terms of individuals or ones.  This programming makes everyone vulnerable to errors of assumption and logic that are mercilessly preyed upon and manipulated to the detriment of all life on this planet.

You MUST step back far enough to see the whole and you must sort your way through what I call the "History Hash" that you have been fed---either because those feeding it to you didn't have enough of the pieces to the puzzle to tell you the truth, or because they deliberately obscured things to serve an agenda.

Pretend that you are out in space, looking back at the Earth.   It is one thing, a unified whole.  There are no lines showing where Texas begins and Oklahoma ends.  At some level you all know this and know that this is the Truth, but because your very brain functions have been programmed otherwise, you instantly deflect away from this information. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Repeat of What Anna Says About Contracts and Quantum Grammar

by Anna Von Reitz

Anna says all contracts created by men are bull.   It's all hokum and fraud.  We aren't competent to guarantee what we will be doing at ten o'clock tomorrow morning, much less thirty years from now when we are supposed to pay off a mortgage.  That is the fact of the matter.  And that means that nothing we promise to do has any binding force or true validity.  It doesn't matter what language you use, or if it is grammatically correct or not.  People have no control of their circumstance or life-span or any of the many, many contributing factors that go into whether or not a contract----even a contract made in "good faith"---can or will be kept. 

Ever tried to enforce a contract against someone truly down on their luck?  Do the words "blood out of a turnip" have meaning for you? 

Therefore, all contracts made by men and even by our institutions--- governments, corporations, etc.,----are rendered ridiculous and void the moment they are signed. If that is not obvious to everyone on this planet by now, it surely should be.  All that a contract can be and all that it can represent is a "good faith intention". That's why a "loan" is not the same thing as a "debt" and why the moral obligation to keep your promises, if at all possible,  matters.   

Neil Keenan, the Chinese, the "All of It" -- by Judge Anna

by Judge Anna

What I know for sure is that the Nationalist Chinese government placed a LARGE sum of gold on deposit with the New York Fed in 1928 just before the fall of the Nationalist Chinese government.  The Fed used that gold for years and were supposed to pay interest on the use of it, and didn't.  They didn't like the Communist Chinese government, so they just wrote off their own fiduciary responsibility to the Chinese people --- the lawful heirs of the gold horde---and proposed to keep it for themselves.

Neil Keenan brought suit against the New York Fed in 2011 to correct this.  But they had already bankrupted the old Federal Reserve System in 2009, so they pleaded bankruptcy protection.  Technically, the gold had been held by member banks in the old bankrupt system, so it was argued that all those assets were part of the holdings of the bankrupt banks and blah, blah, blah.  It was only after the discovery of prior known bankruptcy fraud and willful disregard of fiduciary management on the part of the Federal Reserve that the perps were eventually cornered and forced to cough up.

Now, I have no reason to like the Communist Chinese government, but like it or not, they are representing the Chinese People and the gold belongs to the Chinese People.  It does not belong to us.  It does not belong to the New York Fed.  It needed to go back to China and the interest on it needed to be paid.

Neil Keenan fought hard for that. Any right thinking human being on this planet who would want their property returned in a similar situation has to agree with him and with the Chinese government. It was a lawful debt, fair and square, no question about it.

Unfortunately, when the bankers got to thinking about their options, they decided to turn their lemons into lemonade.  Having been forced to pay the Chinese off they said----what the Hell?  If you can't beat them, join them..... and they moved their focus of operations to China.

And suddenly, the Chinese Elders appeared.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

What to Expect on April 19, 2016

by Anna Von Reitz
1. The Rock:  I expect the UN Corp doing business as the IMF (which is merely doing-business-as the “UNITED STATES” and as the “United States Treasury”) to try to stick us with all their debts, because they are crooks and they naturally don’t want to pay their own debts out of their own profits. They are basically trying to stage a repeat of what FDR did back in the 1930’s when he got the clueless Americans to assume and pay the debts of the “United States of America, Inc.” --- a bankrupt privately owned and operated governmental services corporation – under conditions of constructive fraud and semantic deceit.
[ Special Note about the "New Republique": You may be have heard via a Mr. Cottrell that the French Government filed the paperwork to set up a “new Republic” for us in filings with the Hague. 
Now, why would we want or need the French Government to do that, when we have already done that for ourselves? 

Modus Operandi of Satanists - Recognizing the Hidden Hand

Modus Operandi means literally the "Mode of Operation" --- how do Satanists operate?

by Anna Von Reitz

First, we have to accept the fact that they exist and that they are here among us and that they have infiltrated every major religion, so that it is impossible to trust anyone based on what religion they profess. 

Instead, as Jesus, a Nazorean as well as a Nazarere, told us, we must look at their works and judge their fruits.

Pay no attention to what people say or how they dress.  Give no credence to how many times a day they pray nor how many fiery speeches they make or how pious they appear in observation of every tiny bit of dogma.  None of that matters.

Keep your eyes on what they do and the results of what they do.

What does the Bible and other ancient world scripture tell us about the situation we are in?

Emergency: Jihadists Planning Western Tet Offensive- Alex Jones with Stewart Rhodes

Published on Apr 13, 2016
Alex Jones talks with Stewart Rhodes, the founder and President of Oath Keepers, a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders, who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”
Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family:

Found here:

Definitions You Need to Know

by Anna Von Reitz

The "IMF" is the "U.S. Treasury". The "Secretary of the Treasury" is the head of the IMF Board of Governors. Like the "FBI" and "BLM", the "U.S. Treasury" is just a familiar brand name and trademark that was acquired by the IMF, and because nobody bothered to tell us, we assumed that the brand was still under the management of "our" government.
The IMF functions as an agency of the United Nations, chartered in France at the end of World War II. It's a bank syndicate run for the benefit of the UN Corporation which was also formed in France years before the United Nations Charter was ever approved. Go figure.
"Controlled Opposition" is a term popularized by William Cooper on one side and Saul Alinsky on the other, and which my British Grandmother roughly translated as "stirring the pot" for someone.
One starts an organization supposedly dedicated to a cause near and dear to one's opponents, hangs out a shingle, and draws people who hold those sympathies into the net. Then, one simply controls the organization, takes names, spies on the participants, makes sure that they don't actually accomplish anything, and in the extreme, sets them up for criminal charges.
Please note that in order to run a controlled opposition scam it is necessary to do two things: (1) set up an organization that espouses some aspect of your opponent's cause, and (2) make sure it doesn't progress or actually do anything effective or meaningful.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Your Future is at Stake

by Anna Von Reitz

Who is Karen Hudes?  An attorney for the World Bank who left employment with them in 2007 but continued to represent herself as a World Bank employee.  This finally resulted in the World Bank bringing suit against her in their efforts to distance themselves from her and the Global Debt Facility. 
Who does she really work for? The Global Debt Facility, sometimes called the World Bank Global Debt Facility.  So you see, Ms. Hudes does, in a sense, work for the World Bank and any pretension otherwise on either part is just a question of political liability.
Exactly what is a “global debt facility”? 

'Revelation: Dawn Of Global Government' Premiers Today!

Published on Apr 13, 2016
On today’s worldwide broadcast, we talk with Chuck Untersee, director of Behold A Pale Horse: America's Last Chance, starring country music legend Charlie Daniels. 

Retired Oregon Police Officer Comments on LaVoy Finicum’s Murder

Posted on April 14, 2016 by Dirk Williams, Oregon Police Officer (ret)

There is zero doubt regarding the murder of LaVoy Finicum that OSP and FBI HRT, set this up, a kill box. Due diligence, I AM a retired Oregon Police Officer, from two counties away. While from a grand jury standpoint, this murder was never going to see the inside of a court room for criminal charges, that’s just how police shootings work, I DO NOT AGREE with the white washing of Justice.
In reviewing the Deschutes County Reports, I’ve never read such garbage. Specifically, Officer #1 stating all OSP SWAT had been called to HQ in Salem Or, and briefed on the” anti United Nations” position of Grant County and many Malheur County citizens, that there existed an anti-United Nations authority sentiment.
I’m appalled. Shouldn’t EVERY US citizen be anti UN, operating within the
United States of America. This is simply astounding. To think that our State Police were actually called in and briefed on what their political positions should be.
Shot three times in The Back while maybe reaching for a gun.
Listen I’m unaware of ANY situation in which the police can set a road block in a poorly placed location, on a curve and leave I think the report said 360 feet of roadway to stop a vehicle traveling at 70 mph.
And THEN shoot at the vehicle” because you were afraid for your life. Since when can the Police create a set of ” Expedient Circumstances ” and then use that created deadly situation to fire on a moving vehicle. Without consequences.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Letter to the Pope - 14 April 2016 from Anna Maria Riezinger

April 14, 2016
Big Lake, Alaska

His Holiness Pope Francis
Via email

Most Beloved Francis,

The perpetrators have now involved the Chinese in their schemes and are proposing to lend our gold to the Chinese ---who are in turn offering to lend it back to us-- profiting the criminals and the Chinese in the process. This money laundering scheme is so transparent that a small child can see it.  How then, does anyone propose to excuse it now or ever?

We deeply regret the injustices that the Chinese and many other people have suffered, but we do so from the standpoint of those who have been similarly afflicted by the same disease and suffered like injuries.  The American people are not at fault for the evils which have been committed both against us and in our names.

Upon waking, we see that we have foxes in charge of hen houses, rats in charge of grain storage, and proven criminals in charge of banks---and from that perspective, it matters not whether the products these banks are purveying are gold coins or engraved pieces of paper, stamped with the name “China” or the name “United States”. 

A One Page Reduction of the Situation


I have spent so many days explaining and explaining and trying to drum this into people's conscious awareness so now,  I have reduced it down to simple graphic form and a single page.

by Anna Von Reitz

These private corporate tribunals are only "giving an appearance of justice" ---- which the courts boldly state in their own published rules---- and you can believe them or not, based on your own experience. 

Governmental Services Corporation             Dates of Operation                 Operational Code

United States of America, Inc.                              1868 - 1999                      Federal Code Titles 1-50

(under bankruptcy administration)                       1933 - 1999

UNITED STATES, INC.                                          1944 - 2015                                 Title 50

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                  2009 -                            United Nations Law

USA INC.                                                                1944 -                                Puerto Rican Law

Your political status determines your "law" and your "persona" so long as that corporation exists and you are "enfranchised" by it. . 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Restoring America, In Response to Bill Goode, Kingman, AZ

by Anna Von Reitz

This is what Bill wrote: 

Dear Friends and Family,
There is a specific movement occurring to restore America to the Constitution, and being the optimist I am, I expect it to occur soon (t his year).  This movement is utilizing the court system.  It is not civil disobedience, as was the case at the Oregon Standoff in January.  It most certainly is not a violent revolution, which is totally unworkable.  This process will make use of Common Law, US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
There are generally two types of courts in the United States - Article 3 courts established under Article 3 of the Constitution, and Article 4 courts established with regard to Article 4 of the Constitution.  All of these courts require the application of due process, as called for by the 5th Amendment: "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime .... without due process of law ...." (my emphasis added)

​There are a group of individuals (not government officials in any way), who are attempting to subvert this restoration.  Some of them by name are "Judge" Bruce Doucette, "Judge" Gary Darby, "Judge" Anna Von Reitz and Joaquin Mariano.  The first three of these individuals have themselves attached the title of "Judge" to their names, with no election or appointment to such a position by any civil authority, as is commonly and appropriately practiced in government.  These individuals preach the Constitution, but fail to apply due process in their legal activities, presuming themselves to be Common Law Attorneys.  I personally have seen some of the documents they have attempted to apply, and there is no due process in them.
These individuals are seeking the arrest of presumably corrupt government offic ials by well meaning, but gullible and naive Constitutional sheriffs, without legal indictments, which denies due process to those arrested.  Those government officials may well be corrupt, but they should be allowed due process, just as anyone else.  These erroneous arrests would subvert the real legal process underway to restore the Constitution.
I am calling attention to these individuals to make known the falseness behind them and their erroneous intent.  They should be avoided and ignored.

Bill Goode
Kingman, AZ

This is what Judge Anna replied: 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Interview with Judge Anna Von Reitz About Our History

5:56 We have all had our identities stolen and have all been removed from our natural birth-right jurisdiction on the land to the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea. Our estates have been held in “abeyance” under international law. That has allowed members of the BAR to come in and act in sedition against our lawful government and against us, and has allowed us to be plundered and pillaged under the laws of international commerce. Here we are thinking we are protected under the Constitution and that we have certain guarantees, but the Constitution is the law of the land.

Once you incorporate anything, including the franchise of a corporation merely named after you, which is what they’ve done, they can then pretend that you are the same as the corporation, which is the crime of personage and they can bring false claims against that person, which is another crime named barratry named after the BAR association. They have been committing this crime against us, they’ve created these persons, these corporations without our knowledge or consent and that is the person being charged in every single court case that you can bring before me. There are only a limited number of these persons out there and they’re trying to create more all the time. Every single court case that I have ever examined, which is many thousands of court cases by now, has been against a person and not against living people. This is what they’re doing. They are using these two crimes which are basically identity theft. They’re kidnapping us and our land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea, which is a crime known as press-ganging.

Monday, April 11, 2016

LB Bork, the Red Amendment, and The Dual System of Law

by Anna Von Reitz

As Mark Twain said, it's not what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so that gets you into trouble.
LB Bork, The Red Amendment, and The Dual System of Law is a case in point.
Bork rightly realizes that people are organic states and that our nation states including the organic states of wisconsin, illinois, new york, and the rest are in a different status than the State of Wisconsin and STATE OF NEW YORK, but then he and his Followers go limp-wristed and brain-dead and start making a whole lot of assumptions that simply are not borne out in the historical records.
I filled in those vital missing pieces, explained and documented what all these different entities are, but like so many people in the Patriot Movement, Bork and his Followers are immune to any new, different, or more complete information. If it didn't come from them, it has to be a Communist Plot. I went back and changed all the records from the 1802 Congressional Record (single handedly) just to discredit their arguments.
That makes sense, doesn't it?
Or not.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Ancient Language We Are Heir To and the Web of Trusts

by Anna Von Reitz

The Ancient Language of Our Kind and the Web of Trusts
The ancient language you are heir to is mathematics.
The letters (and the sounds we translate them into and use to communicate verbally) are just symbols in the same way that numbers are symbols.
Our brains are hard-wired to function mathematically and our bodies are hard-wired to function according to vast networks of mathematical formulas and within set parameters of probability.
The atoms and the molecules they form all follow and derive their order and structure and meaning from mathematical structures interacting first with electromagnetic energy to form templates and then with the awe-inspiring leap into material existence.
If you can grasp Einstein's simple (and somewhat incorrect, but you will get the point) equation--- Energy equals Mass times the Speed of Light Squared--- and stop and think about how much "mass" is represented by your body or a tree, much less a mountain, you will begin to have some idea of how much energy it takes to create and maintain and preserve the planet called Earth.

Law of Contract is Void; Law of Covenant is Valid

by Anna Von Reitz

People are very confused about how religions create the vast bulk of the 'law" we encounter so I have recently delved into the subject a bit and pointed out that except for Natural Laws like the Law of Gravity or Thermodynamics, all law comes from religion because religion is where --- for whatever reasons --- mankind has defined what is "wrong" and what is "right". 

As discussed in a recent article, the Law of the Land in the western world is defined by the Law of Moses, specifically the Ten Commandments, which are known as the Moral Law, and the Christian and Islamic variations that derive from Mosaic Law are also part of the Law of the Land tradition by inheritance of this foundational Moral Law.  This is why many courthouses had (and many still do have) art depicting Moses receiving the stone tablets containing the Moral Law.  It is upon this Law that our nation-states are founded and that The Constitution is part of. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

People's Awareness Coalition Comments About

by Anna Von Reitz

Several people have asked my opinion of the PAC  and the organization's guru LB Bork. 

I first read the Red Amendment several years ago, and while the material was well-reasoned within the information the author had at the time, it was immediately apparent to me that LB Bork didn't have all the pieces.  

For example, not knowing that the United States has always been foreign with respect to the states, that the United States has always embraced dual citizenship--- and not just after the Civil War, that the United States Trust is what the United States of America was organized and tasked to protect,  that the names of documents as well as the legal style of the name matters, that these things are meant to operate in completely different jurisdictions than the organic states--- that is, the reason that the Federales call us "non-resident aliens".  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Claim Your Babies Now - Stop the Crime at the Source

by Anna Von Reitz

I got an urgent call today, a young man whose wife is in labor.  Thanks to the wonders of ultrasound they have known for some time that she is carrying a son.  

My advice---- in this day and age there is no excuse for being caught napping on this issue. Pick out a name for your baby BEFORE they are born and record their Trade Name by publication in the local papers or by recording it with the local Land Recorder's Office prior to them being born.  It can be a very simple little Notice:

Debunking We Go --- An Endless Game of Whump the Weasels

by Anna Von Reitz

Debunking We Go----An Endless Game of Whump the Weasels
Now that the information is finally getting out and being understood, that is to say, "critical mass" has been reached demanding reform and redress, the big danger is that we will be "fooled again".
The crooks responsible for this are parasites and like any parasites, they know when to leave a dying host like the UNITED STATES, INC. They packed up in 2009, folks, and by 2012 had found business partners in China willing to help them get a new start in exchange for not only return of Chinese gold that was legitimately owed to the Chinese, but the use (loan) of vast amounts of gold that is in fact owed to us.
Recently a lot of well-intentioned people have been passing around notices and "news announcements" about the "New Republic" and about the "Global Reset" and how we have $800 trillion in European banks and how NESARA was supposedly passed at the point of a gun back in the 1990's and "somehow" just never got here, either. Oh, and let's not forget the "Chinese Elders" who came out of nowhere and kindly offered us the loan of billions of dollars of gold so that we could play in their new casino.
Grow up and wise up, people.
It's true that practically everyone else on the planet owes us a lot of money instead of us owing them. That much is absolutely true.

Passport Fraud

by Anna Von Reitz

April 7, 2016
Big Lake, Alaska

John Forbes Kerry
Secretary of State
2201 “C” Street NW
Washington, WA 20520

Ban Ki-Moon
UN Secretary General
1st Avenue and 46th Street
New York, NY 10017

Dear Sirs:

As I have already brought to your attention millions of Americans have been defrauded and have suffered mischaracterization of their political status.

I am a living woman whose nativity came on June 6, 1956 on the land of the organic wisconsin state.  These are Matters of Fact. 

The governmental services corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc. and its franchise known as the State of Wisconsin were in Chapter 11 Reorganization at the time.  These are also Matters of Fact.

According to the sworn and recorded affidavit of my Mother  the only Party having first-hand knowledge of the facts, unidentified people came to her immediately after 36 hours of labor and employed semantic deceit and confusion to misrepresent registration of a commercial vessel as recording of a physical birth and to misrepresent the Federal United States as the Continental United States and thereby secured her signature on a misrepresented and undisclosed contract naming the State of Wisconsin franchise of a self-interested private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation being operated by the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico as the usufruct of my estate and giving them the right to copyright my given name.

Step by Step -- Emancipation

by Anna Von Reitz

People have been asking me--- how do I correct this mess? Let's look at what should have happened when you were born and what didn't. Your name should have been recorded on the land jurisdiction of the state you were born in, NOT "registered" as a "vessel" NAME in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea. Your Trade Name should have been recorded in the County Land Recorder's Office instead and you should have been listed as a State National belonging to--- for example, the wisconsin state or the massachusetts commonwealth.
That is what SHOULD have happened, if the United States of America, Inc. run by the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury had been doing their jobs and if their named Successors to contract and Bankruptcy Trustees had been doing their jobs.
As it is, they self-interestedly were NOT doing their jobs. So now you have to take things in your own hands and make it perfectly clear to them and to their creditors and to the entire world exactly who and what you are, by going back and doing what should have been done from the outset:
Claim your name(s), record them with the Land Recorder's Office, and at the same time, declare your political status and emancipation.
First Step:
Declaration of Political Status

Where Does Law Come From? -- Everything You Need To Know and Were Afraid to Ask

by Anna Von Reitz

The short answer is that all law, except "Natural Law" like the Law of Gravity, comes from religion. Some people wrinkle their noses,  but it has to be discussed because it is the truth.

Modern psychology tells us that about five percent of us are born without a conscience.  We call these people sociopaths and label them with various other descriptive names, but the bottom line is that they have no natural compass with respect to right or wrong.  They learn what the rest of us consider right or wrong by rote, the same way a dog learns to fetch a newspaper without being able to read it, but they truly don't have a clue why the rest of us consider certain things like stealing, lying, or adultery to be "wrong".  So how do we get these ideas in the first place? 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Questions for Anna - Please provide us with direction. How do we stop this evil?

by Anna Von Reitz

Questions from one of our Readers:

When will a "Call to Action", answer Gods prayer that we "Man Up", against EVIL. God directs us to MAN UP. Words are easy, and that's all we do in the name of Jesus. The Chemtrails are thickening and my sickness is threatening to complete my murder, in the presence of God.  If just 10% of the 72% of Americans who are christian were to stand up, (and Man Up), ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS would begin to evaporate over-night. Paul, I beg you and Anna and all others in this effort to provide us with "direction".  Our time is numbered in days.

War is my very last wish, but it seems to be the major goal of the cabal, both the global powers and our police agencies, local governments, schools,etc. The VA hates veterans, as an example of our twisted, emaciated cultures and social orders,... in disorder. I believe that WE must approach and demand frequent resolution to forced social doctrine that includes our acceptance of servitude , and prison for profit,...poverty for the rest. Our governments and media expect us to "eat up and shut up". The wheels are flying off of everything we ever thought we knew about the human experience.  As an alternative to mass murder, genocide, anarchy, and the end of life as we know it, my suggestion that we step in front of evil and get its attention. Iceland with American Virgin Isles did this very thing over the loss of their ways of life. They found instant freedom and a return of some stability, by stepping before the USSC, bypassing all other elements of arbitrary nature .  At this very moment the socialist freak show in the EU is being challenged and redirected back in the direction from which it came... the people are shouting , in most cases respectfully.  I watched a couple of productions of the killing of Jesus over the past week, and it seems that to this day, being forced into anything EVIL has never worked before and it's not working for 7.5 billion people today.  HAARP is headquartered right up the road from me and I want to scream (respectfully) at the military monsters at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio, that the Chem Trails containing, Lithium Hydroxide and Lithium hexa chlorides, Lithium Carbonate, Barium Salts, Sulfur hexa chloride, Aluminum Oxide, Strontium, Synthetic Chaff, Dried Re-engineered Red Blood Cells, lead, copper..., just about anything Doctor Mengal may have tried years ago, are robbing me of my health. My eyes burn, my balance is iffy, my brain constantly clouded, my oral tissue burns, my lungs burn, my joints ache, my skin itches, and those are just the symptoms I am aware of.  I'm sure the autonomic systems are in chaos also with these many carcinogens working hard at their productions.... HAARP is "Militarized Weather Control", illegal globally and signed off at the UN , NATO, and in most all nations in the Global Military Industrial Complex.   I came to you with the request for "Direction" because I Respect the sincerity and power of the efforts put forth by Anna Von Reitz aided competently by Paul Stramer. When I looked to the sky on "Easter Sunday" and saw more geometric spray patterns than usual, (for a Sunday), I sent you that first plea for guidance.  Control the weather you control food production and with the added toxins you destroy mans bodily health. Genocide is believed to be the primary military purpose of the more than 30 countries now engaged in this new Global War Technology being brought against man.  Thank you for caring. I have completed more than 4 college science, tech, medical, and global topics / programs, and by no means am the wisest. I study daily, reading what you and Anna provide for our thirst at enlightenment. I had noted nothing of significance on this issue of HAARP (in your reports),and it seems to be killing me the fastest of all of the rich topics you investigate. I feel nothing but urgency, in light of the coming of more EVIL than I can stand.  ...DIRECTION please.  Love and Peace to you and Anna, and all others working for God and creation.

Anna's  Answers: