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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rediculous low price on fine silver rounds

Hi Everyone,

One of my silver customers has 150 ounces of Buffalo silver rounds for sale at $45 per ounce.

These are privately minted rounds that are based on the old Indian head nickel design. These are one troy ounce and .999 fine silver per round.

See them on this page. Scroll down to find them. They are the last one down the page.

To buy these you will need to call me at 800 889 2839. They won't last long at that price.
We will accept cashiers check, or wire transfer on these.

There will be a small shipping charge, of probably less than $40.

Paul Stramer
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839

Jon Stewart Bashes the Media Over Ron Paul

The mental prostitutes in the so called main stream media and even fox news are getting caught in their predjudice. Watch Jon Stewart and have fun.


Watch as John Stewart takes on the corporate media machine over their blatant exclusion of Ron Paul from reports.
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Ron Paul Tipping Point. Media and Elite running scared!

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that can beat Obama and they know it!

Have you drank the coolaid that Ron Paul can't win? Think again!

Dr. Ron Paul, whom the media have attempted to keep quietly under wraps and out of the main lights of the presidential race, continues to breakthrough mainstream media barriers. Now, as more people learn about his message, Ron Paul is reaching a tipping point which no one can ignore-- that he is the de facto frontrunner in the GOP field.

Ron Paul won the New Hampshire straw poll with 45%! Mitt Romney - 10 percent Rick Perry - 8 percent Thaddeus McCotter - 8 percent Gary Johnson - 6 percent Michele Bachmann - 5 percent Herman Cain - 5 percent Jon Huntsman - 3 percent Rick Santorum - 3 percent Buddy Roemer - 3 percent Newt Gingrich - 1 percent Fred Karger - 0 percent A cookie for you if you can find ANY news of it in the Mainstream Media (corporation)