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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ron Paul actually winning this nomination right NOW

Rachel Maddow breaks this big story about Ron Paul winning delegates! Ron Paul can take home all the marbles with this.

Was Ron Paul cheated out of victory in Maine?

Ron Paul - The Mischief of the Fed System

Drinking the New World Order Koolaid a new currency for the whole world

Conscious Media Network, whose motto is "Question Everything" was "chosen" to announce the new world order New Global Economy and has put a video on their website about a soon to be announced new world currency that might be asset backed by some commodity or commodities.
Be careful. We know these so called elite banksters have been planning a one world government and currency for decades, and now all of a sudden some of them are supposed to be turning to good and truth and exposing others who won't buy their new ideas and who are too greedy to accept the new age solution proposed by their, up to now, partners in crime. It is interesting to me that they pick this "New Age" website to make their announcement.

Well this author isn't buying it. I offer the video and their articles so you can see what they are proposing and can follow the announcements they come with in order to be forearmed to protect your wealth before they try to steal it all from you.

While there may be some in the international financial conspiracy who are now suffering from some pains of conscience ( I doubt it, I think it's more like fear of the masses waking up); telling everyone they are in control and will now all of a sudden become the financial saviors of us all is just so much more bull.  They are talking about some kind of banking debt jubilee or forgiveness of debts world wide. Where is the justice in that?  Many of us have struggled to keep out of debt and to live within our budget, while saving and working hard for our families and putting up with a lot less than those who have racked up their credit cards to the max and refused to have the responsibility of a family.  Now all of a sudden those who lived carelessly are going to be rewarded and have their debts forgiven. So I guess to be fair these new sterling white banksters on their big white financial horse who are going to save us all, will be making big cash payments to those of us who are out of debt and have practiced what we preach about saving our money and living within our means?   Don't count on it.

To me this is just another sugar laden jar of poison kooooolaid designed to drug us into continuing to play with their paper fiat worthless junk currency, regardless of what they come with.

The answer is NOT a new world currency supposedly backed by some commodities.

The answer is and always has been FREEDOM, AND NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY!  Let the various countries in the world each have their own culture, and then trade with one another and with diplomacy deal with each other. We should be leading by example, and with firm convictions of morality, NOT by force.

Let us in American have our own sovereignty and a strong national defense, and then from that footing of self preservation deal with the other nations on a fair trade basis to get the things we can't produce for ourselves.
We used to produce almost everything right here, and should do so again as soon as possible.

Let it be very clear that with our own sound monetary system based on our own sound currency backed by our own natural resources and commodities we can once again become the most prosperous and the most powerful federation of states on this planet and then by good works and good example we can teach the rest of the world how to be free and prosperous rather than by the barrel of a gun, force them to accept  any so called democracy which is really an invention of the neo-cons to use as a vehicle of subjection to their new world order.
Let us also make it known that anyone, in any country, can trade with America, but if anyone tries to attack us they will be dealt with by our military immediately and harshly, and then left to their own devices to rebuild their life.  NO more nation building, and no more prolonged conflicts paid for by American taxpayers, and no more debt to finance a huge military industrial complex in America designed to force our ways on the world by force of arms.

Of course such a plan of action is impossible without some major changes in  the way Americans do things here at home. Here are some big points that require our attention immediately.

1. We are killing off our work force before they are even born. Over 60 Million babies have been aborted since Row v Wade. Without even considering the immorality of such and the wrath of Almighty God that it brings on our country, we have to realize that one of the strengths of some other countries is their ability to throw unlimited labor at many problems. How do you think illegal immigrants are getting a foothold in our country. Yes, by having lots of babies at our expense. We need to wake up to this and start obeying God's commandments regarding artificial birth control and abortion. Without that the independent sovereignty plan won't work.

2. People need to wake up to reality and see that government can't supply jobs. Government can only supply you with what it steals from someone else. There is no free lunch. We have been hoodwinked into believing that we can print our way out of debt. Well now even the banksters realize that can't go on and their whole house of cards (paper fiat currency) is coming unglued and will collapse, so they are trying to use our pain to keep their control of us by conning us once again into accepting yet ANOTHER currency they have control of. In the process they will devalue our national currency probably around 40% while telling us to live in poverty (their word is austerity).  Sorry but I don't buy it. But I will tell you what I will buy, and that is precious metals like silver to counteract this for my own family. The jobs they talk about will only come when government is OUT OF THE WAY. The proof is our history in  America.  When people were free to do what they want,  we became the most prosperous nation on the planet. It was lack of government interference that allowed us to prosper, not government regulations.

3. We have to make ourselves worthy of freedom. What do I mean by that?
Ask yourself this question.  What have most Americans used their freedom for?  How many of us are really worthy to be free.  John Adams said our Constitution would only work for a moral and religious people. He was right. See what has happened because we have become hedonistic and have turned away from a virtuous life. I could go on with a whole book about this, but you get the point. Look to your own life, and like my mother used to say, we should clean up our own doorstep first.

4. We have shipped most of our jobs overseas because of too much government. The same applies to what is happening now in North Dakota. The Bakken oil field extends in to Montana also, but all the drilling is going on across the line on the North Dakota side. Why is that? Simply one thing. TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT in Montana. The business climate is nowhere near as good in Montana, so they drill in North Dakota instead. Do  you blame them. Well the same thing applies nationally. Get government out of the way and the jobs and manufacturing will come home.

5. Now the big one. SAVINGS  How many people do you know who are saving any money at all?
I have worked as an equipment operator in the logging game in 5 states. One was Alaska. I noticed something about the atmosphere up there. Many people had good paying jobs, and worked hard all week, but then on the weekends they went to the bars and spent money like water getting drunk and raising hell.
Well that is not only immoral but very wasteful, and nobody that lives like that has any right to complain about not being able to find a good  paying job. But aside from deliberately stupid behavior, which is probably a small percentage of the population, how many of us have managed to put any money aside for retirement?  My wife and I raised 8 children on a loggers pay of less than 35 thousand per yer, most years lots less. So we didn't get to save any money either. Now that they are grown and on their own, we have been able to save a little but not much. No where near enough to retire on, so we are also depending on Social Security when we can't work any more. Wow. That is tough to say.
If I could get the government to pay me back all the money that was sent to them in the name of social security by myself and my employers in one lump sum right now, and let me invest that money as I see fit they could keep their social security payments. I could do a lot better. The system is designed to PREVENT the average person from saving any money for retirement. The system encourages debt because the money (currency) is based on debt. If you don't believe it you need to watch "The Secret of Oz" on Youtube here:

I could go on about this subject but suffice it to say that what the banksters have in store is just more of the same slavery, and although I will be watching their propaganda I am warning everyone to stay with something you can get your hands on that has intrinsic value like silver or food, or other commodities you know you will need when times get really tough soon in America.

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