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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now mathematically impossible to save the dollar

The media won't tell you about this,
because if they did there would be a run on the banks and the fraud would end. That run on the banks is starting in Europe right now, and it's coming to America soon.

Two factors make it impossible to save the dollar. 

See the reasons in graphic form here below.  Most people can't grasp this unless they see it in picture.

Reason #1. The size of the so called "national debt"

Reason #2. The banks are playing the deriviatives market with your money.

None of the above really shows the cost in human suffering and financial waste of the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. See this

What are the solutions?

The so called "national debt" is a fiction.  It can be repudiated as the fraud that it is.

The banking system is coming apart at the seams anyway.

We have been paying for our own destruction and it's way past time to stop it.

And the final and very detailed SOLUTION TO THE "DEBT PROBLEM" is contained in the four part series just published by probably the most knowledgable Constitutionial scholar on the planet, Dr. Edwin Vieira, called "A CROSS OF DEBT"

"Notice that, through this procedure, invalid “public debt” is not “repudiated”; it is not “nullified”; it is not “cancelled”; it is not even “dishonored”—rather, it is recognized as never having come into legal existence in the first place. Neither can it be said that invalid “public debt” is left unpaid. No debt is ever “unpayable” in principle. And all debts are always paid in practice: if not by the debtor, then by the creditor, or by some third party surety or guarantor. The only question is, “Who pays what?”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

NOW IF YOU HAVE READ THESE ARTICLES YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR NOT KNOWING HOW OUR FINANCIAL SYSTEM IS A TOTAL FRAUD, and you have no excuse if you don't protect your own financial interests before it's too late.

You can call me to ask what I am doing to protect my family at 800 889 2839 weekdays between 8 AM and 4 PM or just go to our websites at :    Silver               Radio Gear                Fuel Preservative   Solar Power