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Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Mark of the Beast?

By Anna Von Reitz

Why are people stewing around asking about this?  It is plainly described in the First Book of the Bible --- Genesis. 

The Mark of the Beast is a name.  

Having a name which is not a description marks you as a beast --- an animal, because Adam was given the task of naming the beasts, but never told to name people.  

Hello?  Is this not obvious?  

This was reprised again, at the end of the Bible, when you were all told that you will be given a name in the future ---- how can that be, if you have a name now?  Hmm?  

People have no names.  

Cows have names.  Dogs have names.  People, at most, have descriptions. 

You can use a name and possess it as an object outside of yourself, but it remains an object, like a bookcase or a bicycle.  

It is your property.  

It allows you to do certain things.  

But if you mistake its nature and meaning, and think that your name is you, then you adopt the "Mark of the Beast".  

This is why they can't bring you to trial in their courts, unless you answer to the name they call out. 

They presume that you are answering as "a beast" to a name, and you give them no rebuttal, such as, "I own that name."  they proceed as if you were a sheep in queue to be shorn.

That is how you become subject as a beast or animal, to legislative law.  

Beware then, how animals are treated in your country and your world, for the same standards you apply to them, will be applied to you.   

We have reason to know that this is true and that in some venues of the law this has already been recognized and applied to unwary people.  

The ability for THEM to ever implant RFID or "Microdots" as ear-tags in your bodies, the authority for THEM to legislate mandatory vaccinations or legal tender laws and misapply these statutory "laws" to living people, their ability to claim to "own" you --- all of it depends on your acceptance or rejection of the Mark of the Beast.  

So wake up.  Read the first and last books of the Bible, even if you never read anything else.  Make it clear that you aren't adopting the Mark of the Beast.  Make it clear that you own your own name, it doesn't own you. 


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Plandemic Movie coming

Found here:


Found Here:

Scenes clipped from a Movie series titled " The Dead Zone - Plaque"
Season 2 Episode 14, which was released in July 2003.

The episode portrays about a Corona Virus.

Share this EVERYWHERE! . They always tell us about what is coming in movies.
This is amazing!  PLAN-DEMIC!  17 YEARS AGO...... You will shake your head!
You will really flip when you hear them talk about the cure! (used for Malaria)