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Friday, February 3, 2023

More Proof of Deliberate Sabotage and Murder -- Notice to the Court

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to all whom these presents come and especially to Pope Francis and the members of the Vatican Chancery Court: 

The following research has been published since 2020: 

Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgYs) block the binding of multiple SARS-CoV-2  spike protein variants to human ACE2

  • PMID: 33191178
  • PMCIDPMC7608017
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.intimp.2020.1071
  • Keywords: Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies; IgY; Neutralizing agent; SARS-CoV-2; Spike protein variants. 
    Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Further Notice to the Pope and to the members of the Vatican Chancery Court: 

The deliberate infection of flocks of chickens in this country with Avian Flu and the consequent destruction of entire poultry farms resulting in skyrocketing egg prices is additional circumstantial evidence of deliberate murder and malfeasance and corporate lawlessness requiring action by the Vatican Chancery Court and Pope Francis to force the involuntary dissolution of the guilty corporations involved in creating, promoting, and profiting from fraud, medical racketeering, medical profiteering, and genocide. 

As you all know by now, the principal method of murder chosen by the guilty profiteers is a form of AIDS nicknamed "VAIDS".  

VAIDS gradually overwhelms the immune system, because the body is itself producing a foreign protein, called "the Spike Protein", which the immune system has to fight and fight and fight....until it gradually wears out.  

At that point, any number of opportunistic infections or organ failures finish the patient off. 

In effect, the Vermin have given everyone who received the vaccination a form of AIDS, which just happened to be Dr. Fauci's specialty and claim to fame --- AIDS research.  

This has actually been done with malice aforethought by corporations who thought they were immune from prosecution for their crimes. 

The insurance corporations were eager to get rid of the "end of life" expenses of millions of American Baby Boomers.  So the elderly were targeted. 

The pharmaceutical corporations were eager to sell the government corporations billions of dollars worth of products, both PCR tests that don't work to test for any disease, but do work to help spread diseases, and, "vaccines" that cause disease directly via poisonous serum components and the injection of foreign mRNA.    

The hospitals and doctors that were licensed by the same guilty government corporations acted under coercion, for fear of losing their licenses.  That was used as "the stick" to insure their participation and compliance.  They were also rewarded with a very attractive "carrot" in the form of kickbacks --- rewards --- for using only approved "covered countermeasures" known to be ineffective and harmful, e.g. Remdesivir, and more kickbacks in the form of generous payments for every patient the doctors and hospitals identified as having died of so-called Covid.

Under Ecclesiastical Law which governs the functions of the Air Jurisdiction, the Pope is uniquely responsible for dissolving any and all corporations caught engaging in unlawful activities.  The injury has been adequately demonstrated in the "excess" death statistics that have accrued and now amount to 7,500 excess deaths per day in The United States alone, in the five-fold increase in medical services / hospital visits, and in the vast harm done to both local and international economies.  

We, the People, defined as the State Citizens of this country, and our lawful government operating in international jurisdiction, The United States of America --- Unincorporated, call upon the Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court to take prompt and effective action to dissolve the WHO, INC. organization responsible, the World Bank, which engaged in fraud via the issuance of "Pandemic Bonds", the White House Office, Inc. being run as a shell by Joseph R. Biden, and the guilty franchise PERSONS/Persons associated with this gross crime, including by not limited to the DOJ/Department of Justice, Inc, the HHS/Health and Human Services Department, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., Astrazeneca, Inc., Moderna, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Inc., and all other corporations that have created and voluntarily participated in these crimes against the living people and their lawful governments.  

We also wish for the immediate dissolution of the IMF/International Monetary Fund and the so- called US Treasury and U.S. Treasury and United States Treasury, and the return of our inheritance to our lawful Government and the people of this country to whom all physical assets belong.  

Issued by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                  The United States of America. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

To All White Hats and Military Officers and Diplomatic Officers

 By Anna Von Reitz

There were 36 States formed prior to the 1860 Fraud that fundamentally damaged and partially vacated our actual American Government, but as of October of 2020, all those Original States were in Session and polled by Roll Call Vote to accept and enroll the 24 Territorial Confederate (States of States) as actual States of the Union.  That action was unanimously approved with one abstention. 

As a result, all fifty (50) States of the Union are present, fully enrolled, and accounted for.  

The former Territorial States are endowed under the Due Process of the Northwest Ordinance and the Equal Footing Doctrine with every right, protection, and prerogative of the sovereign States that existed prior to 1860. 

So, the People of this country, which means the State Citizens of the individual sovereign States, have already decided the issue of the status of the Territorial Confederate States. 

This issue has been properly decided by those who have the inherent birthright political standing to decide the issue, who have also properly declared and recorded their birthright political status and provenance, who have accepted the responsibility of State Citizenship, and who have lawfully "returned" to the land and soil of this country and brought their States back into Session. 

This has already been done.  There is no reason or need to do it a second time.  As our States are republican in nature and not democracies, it does not require large numbers of people to make decisions or take action for our State Governments; only a few with the proper standing and allegiance are required to conduct business.  


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Forwarding a Grenade

 By Anna Von Reitz

You will note that the so-called Germ Theory of viruses has never been proven.  Rather, the existence of viruses has been inferred from other things --- symptoms of cold symptoms and the proven existence of bacteria, for example. 

The genesis of The Germ Theory of viruses was built on the existence of bacteria and symptoms caused by bacterial infections.  The idea was that if bacteria, (which are orders of magnitude larger than viruses), caused disease, then why not postulate the existence of disease-causing agents that were much, much smaller, but still doing the same thing?  


Over time this theory has been questioned effectively and many scientists now recognize "viruses" as "exosomes" --- nanocapsules that carry waste products out of the cell and into the bloodstream whenever the cells are under stress and need to jettison waste products-- which are often scraps of protein chains or DNA or bits of other substances.  

In The Exosome Theory, these little packets of waste cause allergic or inflammatory responses simply because they are waste products of cellular metabolism and need to be escorted out of the body the same way as any other toxic substance.

According to The Exosome Theory, not only are "viruses" dead, having no characteristics of any known living thing, but they cause symptoms of disease because they are toxic--- poisonous, not because they are alive and invading the body like bacteria. 

Obviously, too, the cells must be under stress to produce exosomes in the first place, so something is wrong in River City at the cellular level when exosomes are present. For example, exosomes are present in and around dying liver cells, but it was a poison, alcohol, that caused the liver cells to die and to produce the exosomes in the first place.

The strongest thing The Exosome Theory has going for it,  is that it makes logical sense and fits the facts; while The Germ Theory extrapolated to create the concept of "viruses" based on the existence and behavior of bacteria really doesn't.  

Bacteria have cause to invade hosts and set up shop, but a non-living thing like a virus does not.  

A dog may seek shelter and food, but a garbage bag is just a garbage bag full of crud. It may be moved from Point A to Point B, but not of its own volition, and it gains no advantage either way. The so-called "replication" of viruses can  be explained in terms of sick cells producing more of the same kind of waste and bundling it up in the same kind of exosome wrapper for disposal.

All this to say that The Germ Theory is not the settled truism that drug companies and enterprises like The Pasteur Institute and NIH would have us believe--- the very existence of "viruses" is very much in question and always has been. 

For example, a "polio virus" was the theoretical culprit causing the outbreak of polio in the 1950's, but there are other credible explanations. 

Just before "polio" became an epidemic, farmers started using certain pesticides on fruit orchards. Those pesticides were water-soluble neurotoxins that could easily cause the symptoms of "polio" and also cause the poisoned cells to produce characteristic "polio" exosomes.  

The advantage of The Germ Theory is that it kept suspicion off the petrochemical industry and let them quietly remove the pesticides from the market, minus millions of damage claims.  Bereaved parents and crippled children could blame a "germ" too tiny for anyone to see, instead of Dow Chemical.  

Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.  My Shinola Sensors know what to believe, just as they knew what to believe about Agent Orange.  

With this little discussion as background, let's take stock of this report from Jon Rappoport (The Last Living American Journalist other than James O'Keefe) who interviewed the same Pfizer Executive that Project Veritas caught on camera.  

We have no explanation for why this particular half-dead Pfizer Executive has chosen to come forward and provide all this provocative information, except perhaps that there is still a human ghost alive inside the machine. Continue reading Jon's report below: 

The Pfizer exec who confessed to Project Veritas now tells me the whole truth

And nothing but the truth about the virus and the vaccine---in the back room of an Irish bar after a few Bushmills


Last Saturday, I woke up to the sounds of my pigs squealing out on the land. My wolves were herding them back into their pens.

I struggled out of bed and plowed through the 16 messages on my cell. FOX, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. They somehow knew I was on to The One, and they were clamoring and pleading for an exclusive.

No dice.

My agent and lawyer, Gloria Torquemada, showed up as I as was downing my 4th cup of coffee. Her CIA contacts had located Jordan Walker, the suddenly infamous Pfizer exec. He was now waiting in Mick Flaherty’s bar 16 miles away from my farm. I called Tucker and told him to hold on, I’d get back to him by nightfall.

I donned my white coat, hung a stethoscope around my neck, pinned an old Blockbuster member card to my chest pocket (“Jon Rappoport, MD”), and we were off in the Bentley.

An hour later, Jordan and I were sitting in Mick’s back room. We had a few drinks and chatted. Maybe more than a few.

Then this is what followed:

What about the virus, Jordan?

What about it?

The isolation problem.



You get right down to it, Jon.

Time is money.

Of course. Well, you have to promise, first, that none of what I tell you in this conversation will go public. This is on background only.

Of course. I would never reveal your comments.

OK, good. So, the virus. Well, scientists never actually FIND a new virus. They INFER its existence.

Infer it from what?

A bunch of presumptions about their own lab procedures.

What they’re doing in the lab—

Is really just a hodge-podge of mumbo-jumbo. They don’t isolate anything. And then, using computer programs, they stitch together genetic sequences for “the virus.” These sequences are metaphors.


Mythical science.

So there is no proof SARS-CoV-2 exists.

No more proof than, say, “demonstrating” there is a bath house on Mars. Or a gay caballero is roaming the galaxy singing Country and Western.


But we need these metaphors. They satisfy so many interests.

Not least of all, vaccine manufacturers.

Right. If there are no viruses, why would we produce and sell vaccines?

Then all this talk about Pfizer intentionally mutating the virus and giving it more power…which is what you told Project Veritas…is sheer nonsense?

No, not nonsense. High level bullshit.


It’s simple. 99.999 percent of virologists in the world believe their own bullshit. They really think they’re discovering new viruses. They really think they can increase the power of those viruses. They’re actually doing METAPHOR, but they think they’re doing LITERAL.

My, my.

Yes. It’s a WOW. And it works brilliantly. No one wants to rock that boat. Too many people are making too much money and exerting too much political power.

So there is no need for a COVID vaccine.

No. And it’s not actually a vaccine. It’s a shot of nanoparticles. They supposedly instructs cells of the body to produce a spike protein. The nanos contain RNA, which does the instructing. So I’m told.

A lot of rigmarole.


So why is the injection injuring and killing so many people all over the world?

I don’t know. There are all kinds of theories. The point is, when you screw around with the human body, forcing unnatural processes on it, with genetic material [RNA], there is a ripple effect down the line. Things happen.

Unpredictable things.

Yes. The processes of the body are interlocking. Disturb one process, and you get bad reverberations.

Does Pfizer understand this?

All legitimate researchers realize it. It’s not a secret. The COVID injection is experimental. The open medical literature is very frank about the dangers of putting nanoparticles in humans.

In a sense, Pfizer is a marketing firm.

I would call it a PR firm that is also injuring and killing huge numbers of people. We front for an operation that aims at political control of populations. Hence the lockdowns. The lockdowns were a prime political objective. The fake science—which Pfizer peddles—was the cover story.

So you’re personally corrupt.

Of course.

You don’t care?

I’m just trying to make a good living.

With no conscience.

Having no conscience helps.

It occurs to me that this claim Pfizer is doing gain of function research on the virus could send people up a blind alley.

Well, sure. Because legally, Pfizer can quite probably get off the hook. They can say they’re protecting the public by mutating the virus and developing new vaccines that prevent these more dangerous variants from harming everybody. Whereas, a real court case that attacks the VACCINE for the harm it’s causing…that would be a jackpot. A verdict against Pfizer THERE would be devastating. If you could ever get the case into court…

Then why did you tell Project Veritas about Pfizer mutating the virus?

I was speaking metaphorically.

In what sense?

I was telling Veritas what Pfizer is doing with an imaginary virus. Think of it this way. This is a rough analogy: At the end of World War Two, an exec at a major American corporation tells the New York Times his corporation supplied badly built weapons to US troops in Europe. There is no truth to that, because his company didn’t make weapons—but the real story is, his corporation was supplying vital parts to the US AND Germany. Parts used in factories that manufactured planes. Making money from both sides. But the exec says nothing about THAT.

He pointed the finger at his own company. But for the wrong reason.


And that’s what you did when you talked to Project Veritas.

Sort of. Yes.


I was pissed off about a few things at work I don’t want to go into. And I might have been a little high.

On drugs?

Absolutely not. On one drug. Maybe.

You fucked up.


So what are you going to do now?

I think the question is, what are they going to do to me?

Will you testify in front of Congress?

I doubt they’ll invite me. Pfizer has a lot of clout. And several hundred Congressional legislators and other federal officials don’t want me in public under oath. But if I had to appear, I’d lie. I’d say my comments to Project Veritas were misinterpreted, with no context.

You’d try to bullshit your way out of trouble.

Yes. It’s a time-honored tradition. And think of how many journalists would come to my aid.

Pfizer is evil.

I thought we’d already established that.

Why do so many people work there? Some of them must know it’s a nest of evil.

They have bills to pay. They want to live a comfortable life.

It’s that simple?

For most people, it always is. Look, there’s a guy at Pfizer. He knows everything I’ve been telling you here today. He makes about 700K a year. He snitched to the head of security about a woman in his department who was about to go all whistleblower. He snitched because he wanted to protect Pfizer, the cash cow, who hands him his paycheck every month. That was the long and short of it for him. His paycheck. His standard of living.

The truth, the facts, the crimes meant nothing to him.

Less than nothing.

Were you always corrupt?

I’d say I went through three stages. As a child, I was pretty much like other children. After I went to work for Pfizer and gradually saw what was really happening there, I was troubled. But when I was promoted and got a substantial raise, I settled in. I experienced the perks of my new life.

“The banality of evil.”

Yes. Hannah Arendt’s phrase. To describe the Nazi bureaucrat, Adolph Eichmann.

Didn’t Arendt say Eichmann was unaware, detached? He was following orders in order to advance his career. You’re aware.

I am, but it doesn’t SINK IN. I’m like a researcher who’s designing a death ray shot from space, but focuses on the MATH problems in front of him. In a sense, he knows what he’s doing, but it doesn’t bite him.

The vaccine. It’s a killer.

Yes. But you have to remember, it’s the first vaccine given to so MANY people. I dare say if this was, say, the HPV [Human Papilloma Virus] vaccine, the results would be even worse.

If nobody from the company goes to prison—

We never do. We’re aliens.

Excuse me?

When you settle into one of the big pharmaceutical companies and work there for a decade or more, you’re not quite human anymore.

Is it cold in here? I just felt a chill.

You’re not the first person I’ve talked to who’s told me that.

-- Jon Rappoport

Read Jon's Blog here:

Episode 34 of Rappoport Podcasts—“We Are Living In the Era of Nanotechnology, Science Beyond Our Control; A Clear and Present Danger”—is now posted on my substack. It’s a blockbuster....


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Make This Go Viral Folks. Your Lives and Pocketbooks Depend on It.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, our phony "government" corporation is at work protecting and profiting itself at your expense. 

The Feds are buying up all the unpolluted food stocks and socking them away in giant underground bunkers so that they have something to eat while your rotting irradiated corpses are littering the ground, victims of 5G "mercy killings" and Russian nukes that these warmongers are making inevitable.  Listen very carefully to what Biden actually said. 

They were talking about ways to do what?   "How we could increase and disseminate.... food shortages...."   He just admitted that they are manufacturing food shortages deliberately, and it's easy to see how they are doing it. 

That is, by blowing up meat packing plants and creating artificial epidemics of bird flu and foreclosing on farmers hard hit by inflation these Vermin are deliberately causing, and creating monsoon like floods, followed by droughts, and, last but not least, using your money to buy up vast quantities of food for your feckless disloyal Public Employees, which empties the shelves and makes the cost of what is left skyrocket.

We want Pink Slips now.  Lots of them.  Better step up your communications to all the "local leaders" and politicians. 

And what's their "worst case" scenario from doing this?  They have vast stockpiles of food that they can use to coerce people to do things, and once the new currency is established, if we somehow "fail" to have a nuclear war and kill ourselves off as a species once and for all, they will be able to sell food for more than gold.  Call it an investment win-win. 

Unless vast numbers of Americans wake up and I do mean --- WAKE UP!----everything and everyone will be destroyed by these madmen.  We have to get rid of them, because they are actively, with malice aforethought, making their move to get rid of us. 

Go to: and join your lawful State Assembly Militia  
Convene together and make your plans to protect and provide for your families and neighbors. 

And pass the word!  Make sure everyone on your Christmas Card List gets this.  


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Oh, Boy. Now the Fat Hits the Fan and the Fire

 By Anna Von Reitz

We heard that CPS was charging $6,000 per day per kidnapped sons and daughters, and $9,000 per day if the kid has any kind of disability.  And then we saw the budgets.  

And now we know where they get the Endless Payola to perform this "service" --- from who else? The Fairy Godmother of them all, Bill Clinton.  Just imagine him wearing a tutu. 

The Adoption and Safe Families Act signed in 1997 by the Clinton Administration gives their own State-of-State franchises a million bucks per child seized. 

A million dollars. 

How's that for filthy lucre motivation to go out and steal kids from their own parents under color of law and armed threat?  

Imagine the impact that a million dollars per year would have on a struggling single parent home?  

That parent could afford to hire a housekeeper and a cook and nanny, too.  They could get some sleep and go to school or go to work without a worry and everything would be so much better..... but instead the Vermin kidnap the kids and don't help anyone.  

Instead, they send out people who have never had a child of their own to tell parents what to do and how to do it.  For real.  Social workers straight out of college with all sorts of "ideas" and no practical experience at all, standing there with their little clipboards telling real life parents all about parenting.  

They make crazy unrealistic demands of working parents --- "classes" that last 2-3 hours per class, two times a week, in the middle of the day?  As if these parents don't have jobs and lives and can just magically afford to spend three days a week going to child visitations and classes and taking drug tests and all sorts of other inane bureaucratic bunk --- and if they don't, they are considered a "risk"?  A risk of earning a living for themselves and their children?  

The only people who could ever meet the CPS demands are people who don't work.  Welfare scags, unemployed deadbeats of all kinds could make it to class where they teach parents of four year-olds how to diaper babies. These people are so dumbed down that when they are told that 12 out of a 100 is 40% --- they believe it.  They spread it. It's in their textbook because the idiot who wrote the textbook can't do math either, and together, their "opinion" becomes the "law".  

Are you getting a taste for just how @$#%# bat guano crazy this is?   And what drives it all? Federal kickbacks to their own State-of-State franchise organizations.  They are wallowing in graft so deep the average career bureaucrat is in danger of drowning.  

And now, we know who to thank for this endless barrage of fake "community concern" and the plague of bullies who have been encouraged to breach our constitutional guarantees, break down our doors, invade our homes, and steal our children from us---- all in the name of what? 

Corporate greed.  

The Accusers, who turn someone in as an "unfit" (Margaret Sanger word) parent don't have to come forward and be identified.  Their accusations don't have to be proven. Anybody with an ax to grind -- a disgruntled Ex or angry employee or some dumb sicko on a lark--- can just drop a dime and turn your family life into a nightmare with no evidence at all.  And no accountability. 

None of this would be happening except for the Federal Payola funding all of it.  It's time for CPS to be kicked to the curb along with the State-of-State Administrations and Legislatures belly up to the trough and the Federal Pigs responsible for it, too.


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A Little Thought Exercise for Ron Vrooman, Et Alia

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ron is always asking for proof, receiving the citations, and then refusing to read them and is perhaps unable to read well enough to extract what the public records, court cases, etc., are telling him.  My reply is always the reply I got from my own Mentor: you can never prove anything to anyone, especially an Army Mule, but you can observe the facts and make them liable for them just the same. 

So I do not belabor myself attempting the impossible; I observe the facts and let the chips fall. 

This goes for the Oregon pseudo-Assembly that Ron is trying to organize and for all the so-called "National Assemblies" that different groups are trying to float --- 

Imagine that you are plunked down in the middle of America --- in Kansas City, perhaps. 

You can start out from Kansas City and walk as long as you like in any direction at all.  You can go to the tip of South America, you can go back the other way and hike through Canada and slog your way over the pole, you can reach Russia and China, one step at a time, and then you can go East or South or both and tramp around India and Burma and Pakistan and all the Middle East and Africa and then you can stomp your way north and back around the Levant to Anatolia and Greece and the Balkan States and make it all the way to Europe, too.  

But you will never, ever, ever be able to walk to Australia starting out in Kansas City. 


Thanks to having your "birth" event registered and all the manipulation that went into creating clearinghouse certificates in your name, your political status has been changed, and your identity has been transported off the land and soil of your Native Country, so that it appears that you are a British Territorial Warrant Officer, adrift on the High Seas, missing. presumed dead, and all your estate rolled up in a Cestui Que Vie trust run by the Municipal United States.  

You aren't counted as an American anymore.  You are not even counted as being alive, 
And even if you come staggering back like Robinson Crusoe and establish who you are and reclaim your rightful identity and your reversionary trust interest in your Good Name and Lawful Estate, you can only do so by entering the same door you exited from.  

And that door only exists in International Jurisdiction.  

You can travel all around the globe in the Jurisdiction of the Air and just like Kansas City to Australia, you can't get back to the land and soil from the Jurisdiction of the Air.  You  can also circumnavigate the Earth as many times as you like on the High Seas and never get to port. 

There is only one way to unravel the ball of wax, and that is supported by Maxim of Law: As a thing is bound, so it is unbound. 

You have to retrace your steps from where you find yourself marooned as a Municipal Estate Trust or a Municipal Public Transmitting Utility or whatever else they dream up and attach your identity to, come back to life as a British Territorial Person, and then back-track and reclaim your Lawful Personhood on the international jurisdiction of the land ---- and finally, you get to populate your County and stand on the soil again.  

It's a mental exercise, granted, but if you've been kidnapped and marooned on Puerto Rico, cast adrift, declared legally dead, and suffered all the rest of the Great Fraud seeking to separate you from your identity and political status as an American, you have to pay attention.

You can't just walk to Australia.  

There is only one State Assembly per State, and no reason for anyone to claim that there are two, three, or however many more.  So, go to: to connect with your State Assembly.  

Anything else calling itself a "National Assembly" or a "Jural Assembly" or anything like that is not --- by definition -- The State Assembly, which is what you want to support and belong to if you are an American and not a Federal Employee.  


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District of Quantico --- Here We Go Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

As I have explained on numerous occasions to Americans and people throughout the world, the District of Columbia was carved out of two of our States of the Union, Virginia and Maryland, to serve as a separate and distinct base of operations for our three (3) Federal Subcontractors --- one American Federal Republic, one British Territorial Democracy, and one Municipal Theocracy, which were to do their organizational business within the District and use the District of Columbia as their administrative headquarters.  

This is the way it was set up and the way it was run for decades, and then, with the Civil War, the American Federal Republic fell dormant and silent, because the original American Confederation of States that operated the Federal Republic was never "reconstructed".  

There was really nothing to stop the States from completing the Reconstruction of both the Confederation and the Federal Republic, except that they were not told what was going on, and those men who could have solved the riddle were systematically murdered, unjustly branded as outlaws, burned out of their homes, robbed, and forced to flee by Undeclared British Agents. 

The District of Columbia was established to house the Federal Subcontractors.  If you examine the paperwork associated with this, you find that the District exists under a use permit; so long as it is used for the purposes agreed upon, it is allowed to remain.  A similar agreement attaches to the Municipality of Washington, DC.  The land and soil was never ceded by the Maryland or Virginia Legislature, either one. 

Efforts were made by the State of Virginia Legislature to annex the land and soil back to Virginia in an acrimonious wrangle about the misuse and abuse of the use permit, however, the State of Virginia and its Legislature had no clear standing to make this move, because the use permit was granted by the State, Virginia, not a State-of-State business organization.  The State of Virginia established that the use permit was indeed being violated, but because they were not Party to the contract, they could not actually enforce it.  

The Municipality of Washington, DC, was similarly set aside as an enclave within the District meant to serve as "sacred ground" where business could be conducted on a safe and even playing field.  The members of the American Federal Republic Congress were supposed to serve as the plenary Government of the Municipality, but with the American Subcontractor out of the way, the Brits took over the District of Columbia for its operations, and the Holy See took over the Municipality

Now, out of nowhere, we hear that U.S. British Territorial Citizens are setting up shop in what they call the (District of) Quantico Virginia.  This is apparently based on the fact that the land and soil underlying the Quantico base was set aside as a Federal Enclave and has specific use, however, the organizers of this go a bit beyond any grant made by the underlying State and claims that this "district" is the Seat of National Government ---- apparently the British Territorial National Government and its citizenry, the U.S. Citizens, have been kicked out of the District of Columbia, and are seeking to establish a new base of operations.

This does not mean that our States have agreed to this change of use, nor does it imply the existence of  a separate "National Government" involving  the General Public of this country. 
The British Territorial United States has always been a separate foreign "national government" and the U.S. Citizenry attached to it have always been acting in a foreign international capacity. 

As we have explained before, many nations may inhabit or live in the same State of the Union at the same time.  The U.S. Citizens make up one such "nation" and if they need to establish a new seat of government for themselves, they can do so, so long as the State has actually granted the land and soil under Quantico and dedicated it for their use. 

Otherwise, Quantico could not serve as a seat of government for them. 

The actual State Assemblies of Maryland and Virginia, the Grantors and Donors issuing the original use permit, stand ready to accept back the District of Columbia and claim it as property abandoned by the Subcontractors. 


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