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Friday, January 15, 2021

Misinformation About the Act of 1871 is an Ongoing Problem -- Part 2

 By Anna Von Reitz

We dealt with the Prelude understanding of the Big Picture and Nomenclature and Credits to other Researchers in Part 1.  In Part 2, we discover other important aspects.... 

There is nothing called "The Act of 1871" is the first bit of pure gold.  The fecund and feral 41st Congress of "the" United States of America chunked out dozens of "Acts" in 1871 and it is open to question which Act is purportedly "the" Act.  

The second piece of critical need-to-know mission information is that you will never understand any Act of 1871, no matter which one you pick, without first grasping the importance of what I call "the" Act of 1870 -- the prior year's mischief  promoted by the Rump Congress.  

I am providing the document via attachment to my email list, but FB Friends will have to go to my website, to get their copies of the more interesting Act of 1870 that I am now referencing. 

The Act of 1870 is in its way far more interesting and deplorable, as the Vermin gave themselves rights that they don't actually possess --- and that is, to charter corporations "for" the District of Columbia, which is not now and never was a sovereign nation or State of the Union.  

The Act of 1870 was blatant usurpation executed under the False Presumption of the "absence" of our States and our Federation of States and sought to make the District of Columbia a separate Commonwealth (British) entity with the powers of a sovereign nation --- which it is not then, nor now.  

The ability to form corporations and to incorporate them for the benefit of a sovereign entity is a uniquely sovereign activity that has never extended to the Territorial Government of the District of Columbia by these United States and which was never allowed to the British Monarch under The Constitution of the United States of America.  

So right there, in public, is a fundamental Breach of Trust and the action, along with so many others, is rendered void both for fraud and for violation of The Constitution of the United States of America, because it seeks to redefine the nature and character of the Territorial Government and make it a sovereign government and imbue it with "Powers" never delegated to it.  

The verminous import of "the" Act of 1871 is only made possible by the earlier usurpation and Breach of Trust embodied in the referenced Act of 1870.  
The ability to form corporations "for" the District of Columbia self-evidently had to come before the effort to create Municipal Corporations "for" the District of Columbia --- which is another, separate, and never allowed "Power" of incorporation.  

Virtually everything that the Congresses from 1865 to 1888 accomplished, is illegal, unlawful, immoral, deceptive, and forbidden under one form of law or another, and they simply played "Dodge Ball" trying to evade the consequences of their actions by trading hats -- acting first as "the" Congress of "the" United States Municipal Government, and next acting as "the" Congress of "the" United States of America Territorial Government. 

No doubt it was a heady prospect to usurp upon the States and People, who trustingly slept on for another hundred and fifty years, none the wiser.  

And yet today, it is apparent that all that they "accomplished" was done under conditions of Breach of Trust, violation of commercial contract, and fraud. It's all null and void under Roman Civil Law and under International Law as well. 

It leaves both the Municipal United States Government and the Territorial United States Government guilty of Gross Breach of Trust, Usurpation, and Fraud. 

And we are still talking about "the" Act of 1870 and the creation of the power to form corporations for the District of Columbia. 

The next Act in 1871 presumes upon the first Act in 1870 to access a further power, that of incorporation.  

Basically, our Subcontractors have been exercising powers of our sovereign governments that were never granted to them.  And now, the infamy of what these men did in the shadow of the Civil War is coming home to roost.  Unfortunately, once the infection of corruption set in, it spread worldwide. 

When you step back and view both the Corporations Act of 1870 and the Act to Form a Government for the District of Columbia in 1871, it becomes crystal clear that the object of all this was to make a Municipal Corporation the Government of the District of Columbia, and to usurp the Territorial Government that was already responsible for the District of Columbia's governance, and to substitute a Municipal Governor for the Territorial Governor. 

This made it a Double Coup d'Etat, one by secretive fraud and usurpation against the lawful American Government and our Federation of States, and second, against the British Territorial United States via legal manipulations and chicanery designed to substitute a Municipal Corporation for the Territorial Government.  

Overall, it's what you would expect from the scheming Papists, if you realize that all of this was predicated on the ownership of two corporations by the Pope, both the Territorial Municipal Corporation dba UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the Municipal Corporation dba UNITED STATES.  Of course, the Pope would own the Commonwealth entity as well as the Municipal entity, and he would want the Commonwealth corporation to be explicitly subservient to the parent Municipal corporation, in order to better control everything. 

And that's what the scheming rats did. 


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Misinformation About the Act of 1871 is an Ongoing Problem -- Part 1

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am, therefore, publishing this information --- again --- for those of you who are still vulnerable to believing a bunch of hucksters bent on saving their own hides. 

Facebook Friends will have to go to my website to get copies of the documents. 

Many thanks to Team Law which is quoted in Part 3 and which took the time to unravel the considerable tangled up history of "the Act of 1871" which was repealed in 1874---- and where it went from there.  

Many thanks also to Frank O'Collins who rooted through the public records and published them and to the indefatigable "Informer" whose life's work was to uncover The Great Fraud.  

First, however, we begin with an instructive quote from Bouvier's Law Dictionary, published in 1856, which explains in no uncertain terms the fact that a "United States of America" corporation existed prior to the Civil War, and exposes the incipient "similar names deceit" made possible by using the name of a country as the name of a private corporation:  

Quoting from "A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States" by John Bouvier. Published 1856:


          (1) Definition of United States of America:             “The name of this country. The United States, now thirty-one

in number, are Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, and California. “     


           (5) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA The United States of America are a corporation endowed with the capacity to sue and be sued, to convey and receive property. 1 Marsh. Dec. 177, 181. 

But it is proper to observe that no suit can be brought against the United States without authority of law."  -- end quote. 

This tell us that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a Municipal Corporation chartered by the Municipal United States Government dba "the" United States, and that this corporation can't sue its parent corporation without "authority of law" --- meaning that the Municipal Government has to create specific laws allowing its franchise corporation dba the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to sue it.  Without that, there is no remedy for any wrong practiced by "the" United States -- the Municipal United States Government -- against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA--- incorporated. 

Please notice the "legal style" convention.  The name of this country is simply scribed in upper and lower case: United States of America.  And though it is not mentioned in Bouvier's, our Federation of States is also simply scribed in upper and lower case except that the definite article is added and made part of the name: The United States of America.  

By creating commercial corporations, that is, Municipal Corporations, "in the name of" entire countries, the Municipal United States Government has promoted confusion and fraud which has allowed it to "latch onto" the credit owed to entire countries.  

Thus, China is not CHINA and Great Britain is not "the" UK.  

These entities appearing in all capital letters are in fact foreign Municipal Corporations with respect to the countries they are named after.  

It all started in the 1840's when the banks began this process of mirroring actual nations with corporations named after entire countries.  This is a first step necessary to subject the victims of identity theft via assumption to foreign law; once thus "subscribed" and enclosed -- in this case, "incorporated" -- the victims have no recourse to sue the "parent corporation". 

You can see this same principal at work today.  Your local Burger King franchise, for example,  has no ability to sue its parent corporations at the national or international levels.  

Via these loopholes and deceits, the Municipal Government set itself up in a rather impregnable position with respect to its own fraud scheme.  If and when CHINA was mistaken for China, for example, China would become liable for CHINA's debts.  And if CHINA, INC. was subsequently blamed for this, it would have no recourse to sue "the" United States --- that is, the Municipal United States Government allowed to exist under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. 

And neither could the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ever sue "the" United States nor the parent corporation it set up for itself, "the" UNITED STATES, nor the Municipal Umbrella Corporation standing as a parent to "the" UNITED STATES--- the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.  

The Perpetrators spared no effort to render their victims paralyzed and without remedy, and equally spared no effort to protect themselves with layers upon layers of parent corporations which could never be sued either by the victims or by the "slave" corporations they created as franchises for themselves. 

Only one law pertains to them, The Perpetrators, that can be used against them --- Roman Civil Law. 

Ironically, while the Roman Civil Law allows deceit and will not punish deceivers so long as their victims remain deceived as a Maxim of Law ---- "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived." --- when fraud is discovered and objected to, another Maxim of Law kicks into gear---- "Fraud vitiates everything it touches." 

We discovered the fraud and invoked their own law against them and had standing to do so.  

You can begin to see the vastness of the worldwide fraud that went on here and the enslavement and racketeering that resulted in virtually every country on Earth. 


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You Have A Home

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyday I get tons of mail and phone calls and pleas from people who are cast adrift, not knowing who they are, not knowing that they have a home and a home port and a place to be, where they can be safe and at peace. 

Oftentimes, I have spoken about the work set before the State Assemblies as a "rescue mission" akin to what happened at Dunkirk during the Second World War.  Our urgent duty is to "go over the sea" (of commerce) and bring other Americans home. 

The actual remaining Government of this country is engaged in a mighty effort to rescue our people, Americans born in every State of the Union, and to bring them home to the land and soil jurisdiction they are heir to.  

This may not make sense to those who are unaware of the fact that they have been deliberately misidentified as something other than an American, and who are unaware that falsified records have been created in support of this misidentification and impersonation.  

Most of them don't know that they have been "seized upon" and shanghaied on paper, with the result that they have been subjected to foreign laws, and made subject to foreign governments, as if they had been kidnapped and trafficked into the Foreign Legion, and all without their knowledge or consent. 

They have no idea what obligations and debts have been heaped upon them as a result of this "legal" process, but they can observe that their entire world is not what it should be and if they are honest, they will admit that they are not free. 

As the title of our book put it --- they know something is wrong.  Everything is upside down and backward.  The schools don't educate, the doctors don't heal, the lawyers don't defend, and no matter how much people pay in "taxes" it is never enough, and it never manages to fill the potholes.  

Something is definitely wrong in this country and throughout the world and you would have to be dead-in-fact not to realize it.   So people try to find out why things are in such deplorable condition, and they spin off all sorts of theories about it.  Some blame "the Jews" and others blame "the Catholics" and others blame "the bankers" and others blame "the whites" and others blame "the Republicans" and so on it goes.  

And there is plenty of blame to go around, the end of the day, nothing is better because of all that.  Instead, all the blaming just causes other problems, in addition to the problems we were trying to solve in the first place. 

So, what is the solution?  Come home. 

The first part of the solution is to realize that, as a result of lies told about you when you were a baby not old enough to know or protest, you have been cut off from your birthright political status and inheritance as an American.  

You have been denied your constitutional guarantees.  You've been subjected to foreign law and foreign governments.  You've been made to pay taxes you never owed, and to pay mortgages you never owed, either.  

You have been, unwittingly, feeding the beast that is bent on devouring you.  

The good news is that you can stop the insanity. 

You can declare and record your proper political status as an American and you can return to your home--- the land and soil jurisdiction of your State of the Union. 

Once you do, the protections of the Constitutions are yours again, your Public Law is enforceable again, your public employees are obligated to serve and protect you, the foreign laws and governments drop away, and all of a sudden, the world is no longer upside down.  

This change is possible because you woke up and took action to correct the lies that have been told about you.  You came home.  

One by one, as we do this, Americans return home and take up their position as the landlords of this country, and as we join our State Assemblies, we put ourselves in position to enforce our constitutional guarantees and our Public Law.  This is our right and our responsibility.  Both. 

There are still millions of Americans languishing in foreign chains, living as slaves subjected to foreign governments that are run amok on our shores. Those millions of Americans need to be rescued and brought home to safety, and those run amok Subcontractors need to be put in their places. 

Nobody can do this for us.  We have to do it for ourselves -- and for each other. 

If you are weary, fighting insurmountable bills, being harassed by "law enforcement", suffering diseases and getting no help, hiring lawyers and getting no defense, seeing that your votes don't count, and that your good faith is being trashed ---- and that your entire country is going to hell in a handbasket, well, then, come home.  

You still have a home, thanks to us who kept the home fires burning. 

Home is a wonderful place, where private property still exists, and freedom still reigns, and your right to live in peace is guaranteed, a place where government interference and government debt is almost non-existent, and you can live your lives without fear of Covid Testing, forced vaccinations, IRS liens, mortgages, property taxes, titles, registrations, or any of the other evils that have infested the world. 

So, what more do you have to know?  That as an American, you are very rich.  As a U.S. Citizen --- member of the UK Commonwealth, you are very poor.  And as a Municipal citizen of the United States, you are bankrupt.  

It's up to you where you want to live and how y
ou want to live, which government you support, and which values you espouse.  If you love America, then it is time to come home.  If you want to live in a Third World slum, you can just stay where you are. 

For assistance navigating the trip home, go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly. net. 


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Download for Your Records

 By Anna Von Reitz

In detailing and dealing with the worldwide fraud, it is necessary to track it's trail all the way back to Babylon and forward to the present day, however, there is one particular juncture in the long road that bears special scrutiny: 

Where did "Mystery Babylon" enter the modern world?  

Remember that Mystery Babylon was successively, violently overthrown and its followers were suppressed and hunted from ancient times until now; remember that Mystery Babylon survived by going to sea, and that it has remained a "religion" popular with sailors and associated with seaports. 

It should not be any great leap of logic to grasp why, given the foregoing, that the Mystery Babylon cult would settle itself in Britain, the acknowledged world Naval Power for centuries.   

Here, for your edification, is where it came to debate in 1609--- and attempts to control it prior to the Great Fire of London, firmly placed in the parliamentary records.  See also the references to the formation of the Mystery Company discussed by the Government of Westminster --- the Crown. 

Here is the record of the start of the Shadow Government in Britain.

Another two hundred years and much bloodshed would attend its ascendency and its establishment of the franchise system used to impersonate living people and unlawfully convert their Proper Names, that is, Lawful Persons, into Legal Persons---- so as to bring them into the jurisdiction of the sea and to subject them and their assets to Westminster.  

The repeated violent suppression of this "religion" and those practicing it has led to their adoption of the Phoenix as their emblem, and wherever you see a phoenix depicted on any flag, any book, or emblem, you will know that you are dealing with them.  The Phoenix is winged, but not necessarily depicted as a bird; instead, in their culture, it is depicted as a winged serpent --- a dragon.  

You will see the Red Dragon prominently on display in the courtyard of the Lord Mayor's residence in the Inner City of London, which is also the home of the Inns of Court and the worldwide Bar Associations. 

The depiction of the Red Dragon and White Dragon and the defeat of the White Dragon in British history following hard upon the heels of the Roman departure from Britain (remember that the Romans violently suppressed Mystery Babylon) heralds Mystery Babylon returning to public power in the British Isles and records the political battle between two factions of Mystery Babylon (Red and White) fighting over the spoils left behind. 

This indicates along with many other pieces of evidence that Mystery Babylon was already well, if secretively, in place in Western Britain, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland and Scotland, as Druidism, and was being practiced there well-prior to the Roman invasion.  

Thus, what we are seeing in modern times, is merely the reassertion of a very ancient evil, which now infests the Halls of Westminster and many other governments and corporations worldwide.  It has been kept alive and fostered by skillful practitioners of "diabolism"--- the chicanery we all recognize as Legalese which subverts the common meanings of words, and diabolical logic patterns which serve to deceive the victims via various means of fraud including similar names deceits, trick questions, terms of art, unilateral contracts, unconscionable contracts, constructive fraud, impersonation, barratry, unlawful conversion, enfranchisement, enclosure, and political identity theft

What you now see going on in Washington, DC, is not about Donald Trump.  It's about Mystery Babylon and hopefully, the final defeat of this pernicious evil. 


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I Can't Say It Any Plainer

 By Anna Von Reitz

That THING is Washington, DC, is a foreign entity.  

It is allowed to exist under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of any Constitution (US or USA) that you can lay your hands on.  Go read it for yourself.  

No need to take my word for it. 

That Municipal Government is a plenary oligarchy run by the members of Congress --- and it conveniently fails to say which Congress.  

There are four (4) Congresses possible.  

First, there's the Continental Congress which is a Congress of our States attended by State Deputies. 

Second, there's the Congress of the Federal Republic, which is supposed to be operated by our long-defunct Confederation of States of States.  

Third, there's the U.S. Congress, composed of "representatives" from the foreign Territorial State of State organizations that have been illegally and immorally commandeering our actual American Government since the 1860's. 

Fourth, there's the Municipal US CONGRESS, composed of franchise operators of the Municipal United States --- the aforementioned Municipal Plenary Oligarchy.  

Not only have the foxes been in charge of the hen house and eating well for the past 175 years, they've been increasingly arrogant and corrupt about it, until we now finally find it necessary to wake up and take action. 

Since the Municipality of Washington, DC, is an "independent, international city state" squatting on our shores, and its government is a "plenary oligarchy" run by the members of some unidentified "Congress" we are left with a gang of international criminals operating a pirate base on our East Coast. 

Our options are to: (1) clean up our own mess and clear the vermin out of DC --- which can't be done by any electoral process thanks to computerized voter fraud; or (2) wake up our own populace and the rest of the world, and take more "effective action".  

I suggest that instead of blaming us for "the" US Debt, the other Creditors of "the" United States Municipal Government, join with us to put an end to it.  

During dozens of shut downs of this infamous den of thieves, I have never noticed any significant harm to the General Public.  Except for them conjuring up the "Covid 19" scare, there'd be no notice of their absence now.  

We don't need them.  They don't represent us.  They don't provide us with any service we can't provide ourselves --- and do it better.  They are just noxious, self-absorbed, run amok subcontractors that can't keep their hands in their own pockets. 

So, America, get off the couch.  Turn off their Talking Heads.  Stop listening to their pathetic propaganda machine.  Notice how many times you have heard some Dweeb intone "In these challenging times...." and start wondering who made the times "challenging".   And then take action, action, action.  

Come on, China.  You already got paid by being able to counterfeit  "US DOLLARS" to your heart's content.  If you want to take possession of "the" US Capitol and raze it to the ground, it's all the same to us.  We don't have a contract with the rats.  It's their debt, not ours. 

Our capitol is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

And as for the U.S. Military --- you are lucky that you are organized under the British Territorial Government, but don't press your luck.  Do your jobs. Protect this country and its people.  Obey Trump.  Because once our sons and daughters realize how they have been lied to and misdirected and used as guinea pigs and cheap mercenaries, they are liable to turn on you with a mighty vengeance.  

I know I would. 


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Our house was vandalized last night and we need your help.

 Last night someone snuck up to the front of our house in the dark at about 9:45 PM, right after we had just sat down from a hard day's work, and threw a bunch of eggs all over the front of the house including on the sliding patio doors. It had to have been more than one person as there was only one sound, all at the same time, like someone had coordinated the event with several people to throw the eggs, and then run off in the dark before we could get outside.

I have made up my mind to light the place brightly at night, and install video cameras and perimeter alarms as well. We could use your help with some donations to cover the cost of the equipment and the ongoing power bill that it will create to run bright lights all night.

The strange thing about this is that we live over 5 miles out in the country from town, with only one neighbor just down the road about 150 yards away.

I called the sheriff's deputy and he came right away and took pictures.

We are well known in the area, and I fly the US civil flag above a Don't Tread on Trump flag underneath it, on a 20ft. flag pole close to the road, and I also have a large crucifix in a display case on the side of the house. I will take pictures of both today and add them to this post. 

If you want to help with this security project just hit the PayPal button on this blog.

Thanks in advance. It's not paranoia when the threat is real!

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183 

Black Lives Matter Activist Who Stormed Capitol on Jan. 6 Charged

From one of our readers in Australia - Larry


2020/01/15th – A simple summary –

There are hours and hours of videos and articles of speculation and theories. Some are sincere while some are deliberately fake. We cannot know, so stop worrying.  Here is a well written basic summary – author unknown.  

Trust Romans 8:28 (KJV) And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

  1. Trump was not running for just another 4 year election in 2016 – Trump was approached by the military to run and his entire win has been and still is a military operation.

  2. Trump’s first 4 years was to drain the lower swamp first. The swamp was/is deep and incorporated every industry in the world, banking, movie, pharmaceutical, food, you name it they controlled it; much has been handled.

  3. Barack Obama before leaving office signed an executive order to pardon anyone prior to any crimes in the government. This is WHY no one was held accountable when Trump took office.

  4. These swamp rats could not be tried for those crimes (ie: Hillary email scandal, Clinton Foundation, FISA spying on the Trump campaign etc) ~ only crimes AFTER Obama left office could tried – therefore, new crimes had to be snared.

  5. The military needed to catch them in the act committing crimes with proof.

  6. President Trump said in his speech January 7th, 2021: there will be “a smooth, orderly transition of power.”

  7. This in no way means that President Trump is transitioning power from his first term to Joe Biden! Did you hear him say Joe Biden?

  8. We are transitioning from the defunct UNITED STATES INC, a Corporation, to the Republic of the United States of America (not Biden).   President Trump will not technically get a “second term” and as he tweeted, “won’t be at the Inauguration Day in January” ~ this means there won’t be an Inauguration Day. This was the last recorded term of a President who served in the “American Corporation”.

  9. President Trump dismantled the Banking Act of 1781 from England. The United States is going back to being a Republic and Donald J Trump will be the first President of the new republic with the Constitution fully intact.

  10. The start date for the new Republic is March 4, 2021 ~ this was the original start date of the new President (until it was changed under FDR in 1933).

  11. At the end of President Trump’s speech he said: “Our incredible journey is only just beginning.” Boom

  12. No matter what it looks like, it’s all optics; Military operations have thought of everything.

  13. Trump won an overwhelming victory and will be the President ~ of the New Republic.

  14. The swamp rats needed to commit their crime during the last 4 years; and they have now been snared.

  15. Certifying a knowingly fraudulent election as Pence and Congress just did is treason.

  16. Now President Trump is still the President of the United States until January 20, 2021. He has the power to invoke the insurrection act. The Insurrection Act deals with treason at a military level.

  17. Why did the president not involve the Insurrection Act before? Because it involves the military and people would have accused him of being a dictator. He has given everybody ample opportunity to come clean with the fraudulent election: the Supreme Court, the DOJ, the courts, congress, and the vice president. They all picked their lane for the most part and chose to certify a (knowingly) fraudulent election.

  18. Many Trump supporters have been pressured and threatened by the deep state, they always have been.  

  19. Do not underestimate the President and this military operation. Trump often appears weak before he wins (read The Art of the Deal). Twitter and Facebook are now banning (censoring) the President ~ this gives the President the opportunity to use the Emergency Broadcast System (set up in 2018) in order to contact all Americans for what they will need to hear regarding the next steps.

  20. Trump has said over and over: “we have it all (the evidence).” He has also said: “we will never surrender.” And, he said: “the best is yet to come!”

  21. The Corona thing is a hoax as documented by thousands of doctors world wide. It is a scare tactic solely designed to get everyone vaxxed with a potentionally lethal injection/mark which will alter your DNA to control you via 5G – Social distancing and lockdowns are part of it. People exposing big empty hospitals are being jailed and fined.  

  22. Do not watch or trust the MSM; they are the deep state. Do not give up, keep the faith.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

I Saw Provocateurs At The Capitol Riot On Jan. 6

General Flynn Interview - New VP After Pence.

BREAKING: John Solomon Confirms Trump Will Declassify "FOOT HIGH" Stack Of Documents Exposing Obamagate And Russiagate

BREAKING: Trump Team’s Peter Navarro Drops Third Major Report on Historic Election Fraud — Confirms “Trump Won”

Situation Update, Jan 14th, 2021 – An astonishing theory: FEMA and the US military will save America at its final hour

(Natural News) Today’s Situation Update for January 14th examines the two competing theories for the outcome of the rigged 2020 election. In one outcome, Trump has given up, Biden will be sworn in, and the United States of America will be plunged into a communist-controlled authoritarian police state that silences conservative dissent.

Another theory is emerging, however, that claims the United States is in a military coup against illegal civilian traitors and that a combination of FEMA and the military will actually save America, not enslave it.

This theory gained momentum yesterday when Steve Pieczenik appeared on the Alex Jones Show and claimed a military coup was under way to carry out mass arrests against the traitors on or before January 20th. (See video below.)

During the interview, Alex Jones express skepticism and told Pieczenik sounded like he was spouting nonsense theories that mirrored “Q-tards.” Pieczenik responded with a wager that if Biden wasn’t arrested by the 20th, Pieczenik would never appear again on the Alex Jones Show.

Pieczenik was a former psychological operations intelligence official with the US Statement Department and helped the United States carry out military coups against foreign nations. The question being asked now is whether Pieczenik is running a psyop on the American people, or if he’s telling the truth.

This is a must read article with must watch videos. It's very controversial but you need to know what is being said.

To the Clueless in America

 By Anna Von Reitz

First, this country has been under "Martial Law" since March of 1863.  It has never been taken out of "Martial Law" because the people here were kept in the dark and fed you-know-what by our military subcontractors and the vermin running "the" Congress of "the" United States. 

The only differences now are: (1) the American People finally woke up and brought their States of the Union into Session; and, (2) the corporations that have been acting "for" us and beating us into the ground have both been bankrupted. 

That leaves the Federales out of a job and scrambling to get back into power. 

The "New World Order" represented by the Pope's Municipal Government staged out of Washington, DC, which by the way is an "independent, international city-state" run by a plenary oligarchy formed by members of the U.S. Congress --- not our Congress of States --- see Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 --- is trying to take over and deceive people into believing in its authority, when it has none. 

The Military Junta that has been running things in violation of their oaths and contracts for 176 years,  has been caught flat-footed, and because most of them were "following orders" issued by the Municipal Government and mistaking that THING in DC for our civilian government, that is no surprise.  

So the Fraudsters and Traitors running the Pope's Municipal Government are fighting with the mostly clueless British-directed Territorial Military Government and the American People are being told to "shelter in place" while they hash out their differences. 

These are your Employees.  They are running amok.  It's up to you to direct them, not for them to direct things "for" you.  You now have the lawful means to present yourselves.  Your State Assemblies have been brought into Session.  Run don't walk.  Go to:  

Learn how to lawfully self-govern, or you will continue to be slaves for your own erstwhile Employees.     

Two pieces of complete Horse Hooey are circulating in the rumor mills today which I wish to debunk.  

The first is the idea that our country and nation somehow "disappeared" and became a British Crown Corporation in 1871.  That is not what happened.  What happened is that our Employees saw an opportunity to pull a fast one and usurp power, and they did.  They were functioning as foreign Subcontractors of our Government and they usurped upon our lawful government, formed a Scottish corporation doing business "in our names" and impersonated us.  

Via this deceit, they accessed our credit just like any credit card hacker, and have robbed us blind ever since.  

The second idea is that Trump is going to lead us to glory as head of yet another foreign commercial corporation doing business as UNITED STATES REPUBLIC.   

Anytime you see something spelled in all capital letters you know for sure that you are looking not only at a corporation, but an incorporated entity --- meaning that it is being chartered by a sovereign government and made subject to that government for commercial purposes.  

Since our own sovereign government just recently got back on its feet, you know that the UNITED STATES REPUBLIC has been formed under the law and auspices of a different sovereign government, just like they went offshore in 1868 and created a Scottish commercial corporation and operated it "in our name" as The United States of America, Inc.

So where in the Hell was this would-be Interloper incorporated and what was it incorporated into?  From the look of it, the UNITED STATES REPUBLIC is another foreign Municipal CORPORATION straight out of the Pope's bung hole.  

None of these foreign corporations are necessary.  

None of them are desirable. 

We have our own actual nation and country and government.  We are competent to charter our own corporations if we need to create new instrumentalities for ourselves.  

They've been using our Title IV flag as a loaner and operating "in our names", but they are now bankrupt, and we have reclaimed our property interests and our flag by Operation of Law.

Possession by pirates does not change ownership. 

And since our country is not a democracy and never has been (that's the British Territorial Government, not us) we don't need large numbers of Employers to come to the table and provide direction for our foreign Subcontractors.  A few from every State can do the job if necessary and we have already proven that we will.  

So, all the corporations can get back in their boxes and settle down.  If they don't we can pull their charters, nationalize their assets, and knock them down like kingpins. 

The only Federal Employee left with a contract and any authority at all, is Donald Trump, acting in the Office of Commander-in-Chief, not "President" of any bloody, nasty, self-important, disloyal, dishonest, self-serving foreign commercial corporation seeking to deceive and enslave the unsuspecting American People. 

And if Joe Biden is "inaugurated" as "President" of a new Municipal corporation, we could care less.  It has nothing to do with us.  Nothing to do with the Territorial United States, either.  In fact, the Creditors of "the" United States are invited to come take possession of the Municipality of Washington, DC, all one square mile of it, and raze it to the ground.  

Our lawful seat of government is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

As Gomer Pyle would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" 

And no, we are not part of China. 


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