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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

We Lie To You News - Some of the best Satire I have seen.

An Idiot President, Trans MMA Fighter and More! BREAKING NEWS!

What the End of the Civil War Means For the Military and Agencies

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear General,
As we look across the split rail fence, and you see mountains and I see lakes, it behooves everyone to take in the larger view.
Abraham Lincoln was never President of The United States of America, by which we mean the unincorporated Federation of actual, physically-defined States of the Union. He was never President of the Federal Republic, either.
Instead, he was President of the United States of America --- the British Territorial Government acting as a Federal Subcontractor. They were allowed to operate in our names because they exercised some of our delegated powers. They were loaned the use of our Title IV flag for the same reason.
But they are not us and we are not them and Abraham Lincoln was never an American President.
We can be sure of this because he was a Bar Attorney and Bar Attorneys were prohibited from holding any public office in our Federal Republic, and that prohibition which was always incipient in the original Constitutions, had been made more explicit and given specific penalties as of 1819. I would be happy to provide you with the documentation and the specific penalties.
Because of the similar names, The United States of America being the actual Federation of States, and the United States of America being our Federal Subcontractor, it was possible for Lincoln to obfuscate the offices, making it appear that he had been duly elected as the president of the actual Federation, when in fact, he was elected to a private corporate office serving one of our Federal Subcontractors.
He knowingly and with malice aforethought usurped upon our public office while occupying a similar-named private office.
Simple as that. A ruse. A contrived and purposeful impersonation that led people to believe that he had powers he never possessed and that he was operating in a public office that he was in fact prohibited from occupying.
Acting in Gross Breach of Trust, Lincoln appeared to declare war on the Southern Confederate States, without the benefit of any Declaration from any Congress, and thus, the Mercenary Conflict known as The American Civil War began.
In the middle of it, in March of 1863, Lincoln took another illegal, fraudulent action, and began issuing so-called Executive Orders. His very first Executive Order became known as General Order 100, and among other things, it put the military in charge --- but in charge of what?
The next day, Lincoln bankrupted the Northern Confederacy. His version of "USA" went into receivership, while our actual Federation of States remained apart from the entire conflict.
It was a "war" without any proper beginning, and at least so far as our Federal Subcontractors were concerned, without any ending, either. No Peace Treaty was signed by any competent parties with standing to take action, and so it dragged on and on and on.
Finally, however, the actual States of the Union woke up, We observed that both our warring Federal Subcontractors--- we will just generally call them the US, INC. and the USA, Inc.--- were owned by the Pope, so that the whole pretense of war was phony from beginning to end.
The American Civil War was was actually a Mercenary Conflict, illegal, conducted in Gross Breach of Trust, in violation of the respective service contracts known as Constitutions, and promulgated by fraud in violation of the Treaties of Versailles, Paris, Westminster and Ghent, by Undeclared Agents of the British Crown.
That, dear General, is what the American Civil War was. And absolutely everything coming out of it is tainted by fraud. Lincoln's presidency and all his fine words---- tainted by fraud. All the results of the conflict --- including the practice of issuing Executive Orders --- are fraudulent. So is the entire Lieber Code and the authorities claimed by the Military acting under it --- more fraud.
There is no recourse to The Law of War, because there is no war.
There is nothing to be addressed but a 160 year-old British Confidence Swindle, and that is the essence of the "Special Relationship" that the Brits keep touting.
So the States woke up, the people declared their birthright political status, the State Assemblies assembled, and the State Citizens took a roll call vote to adopt a Peace Treaty ending the purported Civil War.
The authority to do so resides with them, because the Confederate States were all businesses and instrumentalities that belonged to the States of the Union, which are the actual physically-defined member States of our Federation.
So the only Parties with standing to address the issue have spoken, have abolished slavery in all jurisdictions related to this country, and adopted a Peace Treaty ending the Civil War.
There are no other Parties with standing on the issue, because the Pope is just playing with himself. He owns the US, INC. directly, and owns the USA, Inc. indirectly. Last time we looked, you can't wage any legitimate war against yourself.
So this really is an end to the fun and games. The end of the Lieber Code. The end of Executive Orders. The end of Private Attorney Generals. The end of Public Trusts only presumed to exist. The end of all legal presumptions of war. The end of this entire fraudulent stinko system of things.
There is plenty of blame to go around. The Military bears its share for its part and the only saving grace is that the men actually and directly responsible for this Mess are long dead.
Going forward, the Military owes its allegiance to the American States and our unincorporated Federation of States and stands under our Civilian Government, which is now in Session. The same is true of all Federal Agency Personnel.
The very first order of business is to educate, educate, educate. Obviously.
We can't do that with a bought-and-paid-for foreign media monopoly pumping out propaganda every day. That's why you have been ordered to shut those corporations down and seize their assets in the Public Interest. They have exercised a foreign-based monopoly on our air waves and that cannot be allowed.
As the actual Priority Creditors, we are the natural inheritors of all US and all USA Corporations and assets, bar none. Any corporation engaged in unlawful activity or acting against the Public Good is to be liquidated or, at our discretion, turned over to new management.
Essential services must continue, but any and all anti-American activity by US or USA corporations must stop. This is why you have been ordered to shut down the CDC, NIH, Vaccine Manufacturers, and other entities which have promoted the current attack on our populace, seeking to redefine people as human beings and then to redefine human beings as "trans-human" in an effort to deny them their fundamental and Natural and Unalienable Rights.
This activity has already been outlawed in this country and all these corporations supporting these activities must be shut down. This includes the vaccine manufacturers who have colluded in this dirty business. That's why you have been ordered to take the actions necessary to accomplish these results.
The second order of business is to recoup and redeploy our assets. Almost everyone on Earth owes us both assets and credit, and none of that is "abandoned". That's why you have been ordered to assist us in recouping and redeploying our assets, both to settle debts and to expedite trade and commerce.
Janet Yellen is barking up the wrong tree. The "Congress" that she is addressing doesn't have the authority to access our assets or our credit, and except for very limited appropriation ability, never did. None of them have been elected by us and none of them have a contract. Joe Biden doesn't have a contract.
As would-be Federal Subcontractors, they have obligations. They haven't met those obligations in the past, and they aren't likely to meet them in the future. They're fired. Simple as that. If there is any question, we can make our case to the American People in less than fifteen minutes, and the Pope, who is the only other Principal-in-fact, has already acquiesced.
These are matters of business and crime, and should not be mistaken for or promoted as anything based on personalities, race, age, religion, or politics. It's my understanding that the Military is in fact in control of the Federal Civil Service and the Agencies as part of its former presumed-to-exist mandate under the Lieber Code.
Kindly pass the word. The FBI can stop investigating its own Employers as if we were the problem, and start doing what they were created to do. Ditto the U.S. Marshals Service, which should be working in tandem with our Continental Marshals Service.
There's ten days and counting until Janet Yellen passes the word to bankrupt the United States, again, an action which is totally unnecessary and damaging to our country and to the world at large. Let's finish cleaning up this Mess, once and for all, and get everyone on the same page.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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Monday, September 20, 2021

Sunday Sermon • 17th Sunday after Pentecost • 2021

They Don’t Like It

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Big Shots. The Brass. The High Ranking Officers left in charge of this country by an imposter, Lincoln,  who was working for the then-British Queen, Victoria, don’t like to take orders from a woman. 

Too bad they didn’t voice their opinions back then.

Come to that, what do they think they have been doing since 1953? 

Not only have they taking their orders from a woman, they’ve been taking their orders from the wrong woman. 

Isn’t that just Absolutely Fabulous?

How many tens of thousands of our young men have died obeying the illegal orders of British Usurpers since 1860?

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I want an accounting from the War Department / Department of Defense. 

I want a head count of every American soldier who has died on active duty since 1860.  Then I want a head count of those who died while in the Reserves.

I think the numbers will speak for themselves.

Those are our sons and daughters, our husbands, fathers, uncles, wives, mothers, aunts, and cousins—— all of them lost.

Their lives have been wasted by men operating in treason against this country and against the actual American Government and they want me to take it as a joke.

A gee, whoops, Ma, I forgot?  Couldn’t tell the difference between you and the British Queen? 

They don’t like to be scolded.  They are hurt and insulted by my criticism, but then, they don’t see the world from the perspective of a Great-Grandma.

They don’t count the actual cost.   I do.

When we discovered that our “honorable soldiers” were selling themselves as cheap mercenaries, it had the same impact as telling me that my daughter is  a Hooker.

If you don’t count the undeclared military confiscations, the illegal taxation, the pillaging, plundering, and racketeering your country has suffered at your own hands,  it’s all good. 

If you don’t count the graft, fraud, and debauchery, and pay no attention to the military courts misaddressing civilians, then we are all A-Okay here.

I guess the  theory is that our military kept us safe from the Other Guys doing the same criminal and evil things to us? 

A familiar rapist is better than an unknown thug?

 If you don’t count the armed robbery of your own employers and  families and ignore the gross disrespect of your own oath, it’s all fine and dandy.

If you don’t count the innocent people going “to serve their country” and serving Monsters instead,  if you don’t count our babies being sold and betrayed in their cradles, if you don’t count the innocent Mothers swindled into signing their children into slavery unaware, then everything is right as roses and our military has performed brilliantly.

If you don’t count the censoring of our once free press and the press-ganging  of our youth and the enslavement of our economy and the constant lies being engineered to control every aspect of public opinion, if you don’t count all the rights turned into privileges,  then we are all doing just fine.

If you don’t count actual ballots and don’t allow proper tallying of votes and don’t count the popular votes in a  Presidential Election anyway—- who cares?  There is always some uninformed fool ready to sit in the chair.

The plain fact is that the military has been in charge of this country—- illegally and under conditions of fraud—-since 1863. 

Stand up and take a bow.

If I were the Top Brass I’d be thankful to only be blamed for part of it. And I’d take my orders from an American. 


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The Philippines Fraud and More

 By Anna Von Reitz

The short history is summed up by one line paraphrased from Wikipedia:
The Commonwealth of the Philippines was acquired from Spain by the Territorial United States Government as a result of the Spanish American War, the results of which were settled by the 1898 Treaty of Paris and Treaty of Versailles.
Forty-eight years later, the Territorial United States relinquished its claims on the Philippines and Philippine Independence (from the Territorial United States) was celebrated July 4, 1946 as a result of the Treaty of Manila. Our separate claims against the Philippine Islands remain.
The Territorial United States used our money and our men and abused our delegated powers to engage in the Spanish American War in the first place, and having done the deed and secured the conquest in our names, had no power to relinquish our separate interest in the land and soil of the Philippine Islands and still owe us the costs related to the Spanish American War and the cost of defending and retaking the Philippines during World War II.
In between these two debacles the British Territorial United States Government, the Government of Westminster, the Scottish Government, and the British Crown used the United States Navy to transport 186,000 metric tons of American gold for "safekeeping" offshore in the natural caves of the Philippines and Indonesia without telling the American Public a word about it.
When the commercial corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc. went bankrupt in 1933, the Territorial United States Congress passed legislation in 1934 providing for an "independent government for the Philippines". This action was undertaken for one reason and one reason only ----- so that this new independent government could act as a Trustee for all the American gold already transported to the Philippines.
This is how Ferdinand Marcos and other Filipino leaders wound up in control of our gold resources and making decisions "for" us about how our precious metal assets are used.
In the course of World War II the Japanese discovered the gold stored in the Philippines and began transporting it wherever they needed gold. They shipped it on planes and Japanese naval transports all around the Pacific Rim and as far away as the Mideast and India. This gold had to be recovered, a job that took over twenty-five years, and resulted in the recoupment of 154,000 metric tons of the original 186,000 tons.
Obviously, 22,000 tons of American gold is still missing and it continues to pop up in unexpected places, including shipwrecks.
Gold extracted from the Americas has unique metallurgic properties so we can readily determine its origins. As a result, we can tell that "Yamashita's gold" isn't really Yamashita's.
When Ferdinand Marcos and John F. Kennedy met and negotiated for the return of the remaining recovered 154,000 tons of American gold it was a historic moment, and the beginning of the end of the Federal Reserve System. Everyone worth spitting on drew a big sigh of relief. We would be returning to lawful money, settling debts, and freedom.
The only "Funny Money" needed would be used where it should be used, as commercial script, in the realm of commerce.
Instead, those who benefited from the Blood Money and usury of the Federal Reserve System conspired to kill President Kennedy and continue their vicious assault against common sense and decency. They continued their bankruptcy and impersonation frauds against the American people, and continued to manipulate the commodity markets on a worldwide basis. They launched the "Petrodollar" and made the oil companies King for a Day.
They successfully stymied scientific and social progress throughout most of the world for the next six decades. They unleashed a period of unequaled corporate lawlessness and violence. They misdirected and misused the military forces of this country to conduct mercenary activities on a worldwide scale. They pillaged and plundered the American people under color of law. They turned our Patent Office into a crime scene. They used our healthcare system as a weapon and our airwaves and media as a licensed propaganda machine.
And now, as silently as it began, this lawlessness is coming to an end.
We need to talk to the people of the Philippines, who got stuck in the middle of all this intrigue. We need to say the words that heal. We need to find our ways forward. But most of all, we need to talk to each other, face to face, with no middlemen grinding their axes in between.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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Your House -- a Parable

 By Anna Von Reitz

You have arrived home after many years away. You were kidnapped as a young child and raised in a foreign country. You learned United States History in school, but unless you are 65 or older, you were never taught American History to any extent at all.
Now you have come home to your own land and soil. You have little or no background in your own history. You don't know how your own American Government is supposed to work, yet, here you are.
Most likely, you are upset or have suffered an attack from people who are your employees. You may be disoriented, and it's about 90% certain that you are confused.
But you know that something is desperately and definitely wrong in this country, and you have by accident or by searching, stumbled through the door of your own home at last.
Things are dusty and disheveled. As you look around, there are holes in the floorboards and the roof. It's clear that no maintenance has been done in many years. The windows rattle. An air of loneliness prevails. Yes, there's a lot to be done to make the house weather tight and pleasant again, but it is not beyond repair.
With love and patience and understanding, it can be restored and your house can be just as beautiful and safe and sheltering as it ever was.
Unfortunately, you aren't a carpenter. You don't know how this plumbing works. And forget the electrical system that has to be torn out and redone.
This little analogy tells you where you are and the conditions you are facing as you join your State Assembly.
The house is still standing, and there are others with you who are willing to help rebuild it, but there are only a few carpenters and plumbers and electricians to do it all, so, you either have to learn the needed skills yourself, or be patient and support the rest of the team that is struggling to turn on the lights and water.
Too often, newcomers walk in and expect that everything is going to be ready to go, with a dozen bureaucrats scrambling around ready to serve. The idea that this is your house and that you have to do your own work or hire people to do it, can be difficult for some to grasp.
They are used to being served by the government they are familiar with. They've been told that they are "entitled" to a plethora of services and those services appear to be for free, though they are really not.
For many, it's a shock and disappointment to discover that the American Government has been let go for so long. For many, the first impulse is to try to fix it according to the blueprint of the foreign governments they are familiar with---but this is a profound mistake.
The point of all this is to rebuild your own house, not make a carbon copy of someone else's house.
With all its challenges and all the updates needed, this is still the Government that shelters you. This is the Government that holds the enforcement power of the Constitutions. This is the Government you are owed. It's the Government that makes it possible for you to own land in this country. It's what defines you as an American. It's yours. It doesn't belong to the Queen or the Pope.
So even if it is a bit dowdy and disorganized, a bit dog-eared, a little lop-sided --- the all important difference is that it's your house. You are responsible for it, and you have to repair it, ---- if you are going to enjoy it and live in it. It takes effort. It takes money. It takes learning how to do things you have never had to do before.
This can be daunting.
"Me? I am supposed to organize elections? I have to serve in a State Militia? I might have to arrest people who break the Public Law? I may have to accept jury duty? Or even learn about American Common Law and learn to administer a court? I may have to learn how to record and preserve public records? Me?"
Yes, you. It's your house.
Nobody else, except other Americans, will help.
There are some others who want you to pay rent to them instead of repairing and living in your own house. They will try to interfere and sabotage your efforts, give you bad advice and wrong instructions.
If you let them, they will discourage you and confuse you. They will tell you about all the rules and laws that apply to them, or which they assume apply to them, and they will try to convince you that all these same laws and codes and regulations and obligations apply to you---- when they don't.
If you let them, they will have you paying the mortgage on their house and spending your time worrying about their taxes and you will be up on their roof nailing down their shingles for them, while your own house goes to ruin.
See the problem? Oh, yes, they have a house and a government, but it isn't yours.
They will point out that their house is comfortable enough for them, even if the rent is high, even if they are only tenants, even if they have to live their lives as indentured servants or slaves. They have a government that tells them what to do and how to do it from cradle to grave.
Some people like that kind of government. They like not being responsible for anything. They love to stand around and gripe and play the role of victims. It's always someone else's fault. It's always someone else's decision.
But then, it's also someone else's house. They are renters. Lease-holders. Tenants. They are "residents" just passing through.
Living as an American and embracing the Government you are heir to isn't easy. There's walls to paint and gutters to hang, grass to mow and trees to cut down and more to plant. There's books to read and things you want to get done that you have to pay for, because you aren't an Employee. You're an Employer.

You finally found your way home and stumbled through the door of your own house. Take a look around. See the potential of it. Begin to dream. It's a Fixer Upper--- but it's yours.


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Sunday, September 19, 2021


Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost

 Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's

The Church's Year

At the Introit of the Mass the justice and mercy of God are praised:

INTROIT Thou art just, O Lord, and thy judgment is right; deal with thy servant according to thy mercy. Blessed are the undefiled in the way; who walk in the law of the Lord. (Ps. CXVIII.) Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

COLLECT Grant to Thy people, we beseech Thee, O Lord, to avoid the defilements of the devil, and with a pure mind to follow Thee, the only God. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end, Amen.

EPISTLE (Ephes. IV. 1- 6.) Brethren, I, a prisoner in the Lord, beseech you that you walk worthy of the vocation in which you are called. With all humility and mildness, with patience, supporting one another in charity, careful to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. One body and one spirit, as you are called in one hope of your calling. One Lord, one faith, one baptism. One God, and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in us all. Who is blessed for ever and ever. Amen.

ADMONITION Implore God continually for grace to accomplish and make certain your vocation by practicing these virtues, recommended by St. Paul.


One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all. (Ephes. IV. 5. 6.)

These words of the great Apostle of the Gentiles show clearly, that it is not a matter of indifference, what faith or religion we profess. Yet in our times so poor in faith, we often hear the assertion from so-called enlightened men: “It is all the same to what religion we belong, we can be saved in any, if we only believe in God and live uprightly." This assertion is impious! Consider, dear Christian, there is but one God, and this one God has sent only one Redeemer; and this one Redeemer has preached but one doctrine, and has established but one Church. Had God wished that there should be more than one Church, then Christ would have founded them, nay, He would not have preached a new doctrine, established a new, Christian Church; for the Jews also believed in one God. But Jesus cast aside Paganism and Judaism, promulgated a new religion, and founded a new Church. Nowhere does He speak of Churches, but always of one Church. He says that we must hear this Church, and does not add, that if we will not hear this Church, we may hear some other. He speaks of only one shepherd, one flock, and one fold, into which all men are to be brought. In the same manner He speaks always of one kingdom upon earth, just as there is only one kingdom in heaven; of only one master of the house and one family, of one field and one vineyard, whereby He referred to His Church; of one rock, upon which He would build His Church. On the day before His death, He prayed fervently to His Heavenly Father, that all who believe in Him, might be and remain one, as He and the Father are one, and He gave His disciples the express command to preach His gospel to all nations, and to teach them all things, whatsoever He had commanded them. This command the apostles carried out exactly. Everywhere they preached one and the same doctrine, establishing in all places Christian communities, which were all united by the bond of the same faith. Their principal care was to prevent schisms in faith, they warned the faithful against heresy, commanded all originators of such to be avoided, and anathematized those who preached a gospel different from theirs. As the apostles, so did their successors. All the holy Fathers speak with burning love of the necessary unity of faith, and deny those all claim to salvation who remain knowingly in schism and separation from the true Church of Christ.

Learn hence, dear Christian, that there can be but one true Church; if there is but one true Church, it naturally follows that in her alone salvation can be obtained, and the assertion that we can be saved by professing any creed, is false and impious. Jesus who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life , speaks of but one Church , which we must hear, if we wish to be saved. He who does not hear the Church, He says, should be considered as a heathen and publican. He speaks furthermore of one fold, and He promises eternal life only to those sheep who belong to this fold, obey the voice of the shepherd and feed in His pasture. The apostles were also convinced that only the one, true Church could guide us to salvation. Without faith it is impossible to please God, writes St. Paul to the Hebrews, (XI. 6.) and this faith is only one, he teaches the Ephesians. (IV. 5.) If the apostles had believed that we could be saved in any religion, they would certainly not have contended so strenuously for unity, they would not have declared so solemnly, that we should not belong to any other than to Christ alone, and that we must receive and obey His doctrine. As the apostles taught so did their successors and all the Fathers agree that there is no salvation outside of the true Church. St. Cyprian writes: "If any one outside Noah's ark could find safety, then also will one outside the Church find salvation." (De unit. eccl. c. 7.) From all this it follows, that there is only one true Church which insures salvation, out of which no one can be saved.

But which is this Church? The Roman Catholic, Apostolic Church, for she alone was founded, by Christ, she alone was watered with the blood of the apostles and of thousands of holy martyrs, she alone has the marks of the true Church of Christ, [see the Instruction for the first Sunday after Easter] against which He has promised that the powers of hell shall not prevail. Those who fell away from the Church three hundred years ago do, indeed contend that the Church fell into error and no longer possessed the true, pure gospel of Jesus. Were they right, Jesus might be blamed, for He established this Church, promising to remain with her and guide her through the Holy Ghost until the end of the world. He would, therefore, have broken His word, or He was not powerful enough to keep it. But who dare say this? On the contrary, she has existed for eighteen hundred years, whilst the greatest and most powerful kingdoms have been overthrown, and the firmest thrones crumbled away. If she were not the only true and saving Church, founded by Christ, how could she have existed so long, since Jesus Himself said: Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. (Matt. XV. 13.) If she were not the Church of Christ, she would have been destroyed long ago, but she still stands today, whilst her enemies' who battled against her have disappeared, and will continue to disappear; for the gates of hell shall not prevail against her, says our Lord. He has kept His promise and will keep it, notwithstanding all the oppositions and calumnies of her implacable enemies.

You see, therefore, my dear Christian, that the Catholic Church is the only true, the only saving Church; be not deceived by those who are neither cold nor warm, and who say: "We can be saved in any religion, if we only believe in God and live uprightly," and who wish to rob you of your holy faith, and precipitate you into the sea of doubt, error, and falsehood. Outside of the Catholic Church there is no salvation; hold this firmly, for it is the teaching of Jesus, His apostles, and all the Fathers; for this doctrine the apostles and a countless host .of 'the faithful have shed their blood. Obey the teaching of this Church, follow her laws, make use of her help and assistance, and often raise your hands and heart to heaven to thank God for the priceless grace of belonging to this one, true Church; forget not to pray for your erring brethren, who are still outside of the Church that the Lord may lead them into her, that His promise may be fulfilled: There will be one fold, and one shepherd.

Tenth Sunday After PentecostGOSPEL (Matt XXII. 35-46.) At that time, The Pharisees came to Jesus, and one of them, a doctor of the law, asked him, tempting him: Master, which is the great commandment of the law? Jesus said to him: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind.

This is the greatest and the first commandment. And the second is like to this: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments dependeth the whole law and the prophets. And the Pharisees being gathered together, Jesus asked them, saying: What think you of Christ; whose son is he? They say to him: David's. He saith to them: How then doth David in spirit call him Lord; saying: The Lord said to my Lord, Sit on my right hand, until I make thy enemies thy footstool? If David then call him Lord, how is he his son? And no man was able to answer him a word: neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions.

What is meant by loving god?

It means to find one’s pleasure, happiness and joy in God, because He is he highest and most perfect Good; to rejoice in His infinite majesty and glory; to direct one’s thoughts, words, and actions towards Him as our only end: to do His will in all things, an be prepared always rather to lose everything, even life itself, than His friendship.

What is meant by loving God with our whole heart, our whole soul, etc. ?

These different expressions all properly mean the same thing, namely, that we should cling to God with a true, sincere and heartfelt love, but by our heart our will may be understood, that power by which we wish God all glory, and desire nothing more than that He be known, loved, and honored by all men. The soul signifies the intellect by means of which we should endeavor to arrive at the knowledge and love of God, praise and glorify Him above all things. The mind may signify our memory, with Which we continually remember God and the innumerable benefits bestowed on us by Him, praise Him for them, thank Him, and always walk irreproachably before Him. Finally, we love God with all our strength, if we employ all the powers and faculties of our body in His service, and direct all our actions to Him as to our last end.

Is it true love, if we love God only because He is good to us?

This is grateful love, which is good and praiseworthy, but it is not perfect love, because the motive is self-love and self-interest.

What, therefore, is perfect love?

When we love God only because He is in Himself the highest Good, and most worthy of all love. In this manner we should endeavor to love Him; not through self-interest not through hope of reward, not through fear of punishment, but only because He, as the greatest Good, contains all goodness and, therefore, deserves to be loved only on account of Himself. Such love had St. Francis Xavier, which he very beautifully expressed in the following canticle, composed by himself:


O God, I give my love to Thee,
Not for the heaven Thou'st made for me,
Nor yet because who love not Thee
Will burn in hell eternally.
In dying throes on Calvary,
My Jesus, Thou didst think of me,
Didst bear the lance, the nails, the tree,
Rude scoffs, contempt and infamy,
And pangs untold, all lovingly, -
The scourge, the sweat the agony,
And death itself, -all, all for me,
A sinner and Thy enemy.
Why therefore, should not I love Thee,
O Jesus, dead for love of me?
Not that I may in heaven be,
Not that from hell I may be free;
Not urged by dread of endless pain,
Not lured by prize of endless gain,
But as Thou, Lord, didst first love me,
So do I love and will love Thee.
To Thee, my King, I give my heart,
For this alone that God Thou art.

Can fear exist with love?

Servile fear cannot, but filial fear may. Servile fear is rather a fear of punishment than a fear of offending God. Where such fear exists, love cannot dwell; for in love, writes St. Augustine, (in Joann. Tr. 9.) there is no fear, for perfect love casteth out fear. ( I John IV. 18.) Filial fear, on the contrary, is the fear of offending God. This fear leads to love and is also an effect of love; it is the beginning of wisdom. (Eccles. I. 16.) Let us cherish this fear, for it will drive away sin, as sentinels expel thieves; (Ecclus. I 16.) it will replenish us with joy, and gladness, and obtain for us in our last moments divine blessings and a holy death. (Ecclus.. I. 27.)

How may we obtain a perfect love of God?

By meditating on His infinite, divine perfections, such as His almighty power, His wisdom, His splendor, His beauty, etc.; by contemplating His boundless love for us, in the incarnation, sufferings, and death of His only-begotten Son; by frequently practicing this virtue; by fervent prayer; and by making acts of love, such as are found in good prayer-books.

When should we practice the virtue of love of God?

As soon as we have arrived at the age of reason; when the world, the devil and the flesh, endeavor to withdraw us from God, by their apparent goods and pleasures; when we have separated ourselves from God by mortal sin; when we receive the holy Sacraments, particularly holy Communion; when we receive a particular grace from God; when we use food and drink and other lawful enjoyments; when we contemplate God's creatures; often during the day.; and especially in the hour of death.

[Concerning the love of our neighbor , see the twelfth Sunday after Pentecost].

Why is the commandment to' love God and our neighbor' called the greatest commandment?

Because in it are contained all the other commandments, for Christ says, in it consists the whole law. He who loves God with his whole heart, does not separate himself from God by infidelity, does not practice public or private superstition and idolatry; he does not murmur against God, does not desecrate the name of God by cursing and swearing; he does not profane the Sabbath, because he knows that all this is displeasing to God. On the contrary, he hopes in God, keeps Sundays and days of obligation holy, and observes all the commandments of the Church, because God wishes that we hear the Church; he honors his parents, inflicts no evil upon his neighbor; does not commit adultery, doe's not steal, calumniates no one, does not bear false witness, does not judge rashly, is not envious, malicious or cruel, but rather practices the corporal and spiritual works of mercy; and all this, because he loves God and his neighbor.

What is the meaning of the question What think you of Christ?

Christ asked the Pharisees this question in order to convince them, from their own answer, that He was not only the Son of David, but that He as the only-begotten Son of God was the Lord of David and of all men from eternity. (Fs. II. 7.) , Unhappily, even today there are men who like the Pharisees deny the divinity of Christ, the Son of the living God, consider Him merely a very wise and virtuous man, and do not receive His doctrine, confirmed by so many miracles. Beware, my dear Christian, of these men who rob you of the peace of the soul, and the consoling hope of a future resurrection and eternal life, together with faith in Christ, the divine Redeemer. But if you believe Christ to be the Son of God and our Lord, Law­giver, Instructor, and Redeemer, follow His teaching, and do not contradict indeed what you profess with your lips.

PRAYER O most amiable Jesus! who hast admonished us so affectionately to love God and our neighbor, pour the fire of Thy love into our hearts, that all our deeds and actions, all our thoughts and words may begin and end with Thy love. Grant, that we may love Thee with all the powers of our body and. soul, ,and thereby be so united to Thee, that, like St. Paul, no temptation, no tribulation, no danger, not even death, may be able to separate us from Thee. Grant us also, that we may love our neighbors, friends, and enemies as ourselves for Thy sake, and thus be made worthy to possess Thee as our Redeemer and merciful judge.

Rome and Slaves

 By Anna Von Reitz

One of the crucial bits of knowledge we are seeking to impart is that Rome never died. The Ancient Evil still survives.
The Roman Civil Law has continued to live on, as the Municipal (City) Law and what we call Maritime Law.
In the morass resulting from The American Civil War, two entities both of which practiced Roman Law remained on the field.
Both were Roman forces, one obviously and overtly so, one commanded by a foreign king, but still owned and operated by Rome.
The British Territorial Raj nominally directed by the British Monarch in his role as the Overseer of the Roman Catholic Church's Commonwealth faced off against the Municipal United States Government which was also under the Roman Pontiff's control.
It's best to remember that in Ancient Rome, slaves are how the Romans enriched themselves, above all else.
No Roman Government ever approved of guaranteed freedom for anyone, and it is not a mistake that the Municipal United States Government fought for the South.
Nor is it a mistake that the British Territorial (Commonwealth) Government that fought for the Northern Confederacy also approved of slavery --- so long as it made a profit, because they were under the Roman thumb, too.
The Revenue Act of 1863 was booted up because of the bankruptcy of the Northern Confederacy and its British-led Commonwealth Allies announced by Abraham Lincoln in March of that same year; it happened the day after he, Lincoln, issued the first-ever Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief and established the Lieber Code as instructions for the U.S. Army going forward.
This Revenue Act of 1863 is the origin of the "Bureau of Revenue" which began operations as the Internal Revenue Service shortly after the armed hostilities ended.
The Revenue Act of 1863 was enacted under the assumed "War power authority" of the Territorial Government and made trade in a huge list of goods "Federally Privileged." One had to be licensed to buy and sell such diverse things as playing cards, gunpowder, and feathers, and all these things were subjected to an Excise Tax.
Now, it is plain to see from the Constitutions and other records that no American Government ever considered buying and trading in all these goods to be privileged in any way. According to our treaties and agreements the only Federally regulated goods are alcohol, tobacco and firearms ---- and the word "firearms" does not generally fall under the definition of "arms" which we are guaranteed.
Americans could not be subjected to such a scheme, but the defeated Municipal United States citizenry could be, and they were. This is where it becomes so glaringly evil and self-serving for the then-Territorial Congress to gratuitously "confer" Municipal citizenship on the freed plantation slaves ---- the infamous "Fourteenth Amendment citizenship" ---- so as to enslave them all over again, to corporate masters. Soon the victims were stuck paying taxes and licenses of all kinds to pursue careers of common right, too.
They even had to pay for and prove up for a Marriage License.
All of this is illegal and unlawful, but they got away with it, right here in a free country, by sleight of hand, by pretense, by legal presumption, by false registrations, and undisclosed, misrepresented enrollments and foreign implied and unilateral contracting processes and adhesion contracts that have never been valid on our soil and don't apply under American Common Law or any Constitution.
Freed black plantation slaves, and Chinese railroad workers and "resettled" Native peoples and former Southern Rebels were all lumped together as part of the Municipal Government citizenry, and prosecuted under Roman Civil Law for debts they didn't owe, taxed for privileges that were never privileges, and forced to foot the bill for the war-mongering Territorial Raj.
The usurping Territorial Government sought to disarm these second class citizens from the start, the better to parasitize them; so, the first federal gun control laws were enacted, but they only impacted people of color, Federal Civil Servants, and Southern Rebels. For them, buying a gun was against the law in a country that guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms. . These laws were called "Slave Codes" and the only way this evil encroached upon this country was that other Americans who were not effected by these codes didn't protest and come to their aid.
We saw the same trick in Nazi Germany sixty years later, only this time the marginalized portion of the population happened to be Jewish.
It really doesn't matter who the scapegoats are, it only matters that some people are labeled as second class citizens, and separated from the bulk of the population using some excuse --- skin color, religion, ethnic background, disease, age, or what-have-you --- because then the Old Roman System can crank up and begin selectively enslaving people.
Once that begins it is only a matter of time until they enlarge upon the slave population to include nearly everyone, and settle down to feed, like the parasites they are, on the labor, creativity, assets, and skills of others.
Under the Roman Civil Law (on land) and the Maritime Law (on sea) all this is perfectly legal and has been for thousands of years. And this is how the free peoples of America, Europe, and the Commonwealth have been misidentified and enslaved by these fraud artist parasites and made to kneel to Rome, which is today less than a piss ant in reality.
The "Slave Codes" were gradually expanded to include the rest of the population of America and most European countries by 1940, and nobody was the wiser. If you have any doubts about the slave status of the Municipal United States citizens, read the Buck Act published in 1940 by their Territorial United States brethren.
Thank you, Dustin, yes, an excellent article on the subject of racially motivated gun control can be found here, cited below, but keep in mind that the same kind of oppression was applied to the Jews on the basis of religion, and nearly any such excuse for scapegoating can be applied. It is completely plausible that Democrats would try to impose gun control on Republicans, or on rich people, or on University graduates, or on people who aren't vaccinated.
It's the same Old Evil using the same Old Legal System to promote the same Old Result --- the abuse of a smaller population by a larger population, followed by the gradual enslavement of almost all those partaking in this "System" for a very few Patricians sitting on top of the stinking pile.
We forgot that what impacts one of us, impacts all of us.
So let's all just recognize it for what it is: an Ancient Evil with known results.
As the Chinese began with the people of Tibet, they will end with the people in Beijing. As the U.S. Territorial Government began by enslaving and denigrating people of color and Southerners, they have also gradually enslaved themselves.
And now, all of that must be recognized for the sham and the crime that it is, and the Old Roman System has to be recognized, broken apart, and cast aside forever.
When they try to separate us, we must ever more solidly unite.
When they try to undermine our law and substitute their law for ours, we have to kick them to the curb. And when they tell their lies and start in with their deceits, we have to call them on it, each and every time, until they grow weary and starve for lack of prey.
At all times and in all ways, we must guard ourselves against prejudice and bigotry and blame, hypocrisy, fear, and herd behavior. We must stand with Patrick Henry and Daniel Webster and learn the Credo of Freedom as our Victory Song.
Nobody is free until we are all free.

And then, say it again. And again. And again....


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