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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Banksters might be in real trouble from their own Uniform Commercial Code

I have not verified this information about commercial liens against the banksters, but this makes sense from what I know about UCC and the history of the Montana Freemen. These liens have teeth, and the very FBI agent that went around Montana collecting Leroy Schwietzer's instruments had one of these liens against him. In any case read this and decide for yourself. I present this to you just to keep you up to date on what is going around the internet about this.


I got a Wilcock update this morning you may wish to read. (link down below) I listened to a Drake interview a couple of days ago and got my first glimmer of hope that what he has been claiming might have elements of truth. In the interview he said something to the effect that the movement to restore constitutional government had hit a bit of a snag and they were having to make some adjustments and address some newly discovered facts. He said he got a heavy education on the FED and found they control EVERYTHING....he said he had not realized how extensive their control was and that the higher ups in the effort were having to work out some additional details on how they could sever those tentacles with minimal disruption to the country. (for those who are not aware of the Drake announcements of the past 2 or 3 weeks...he claims he is spokesman for a group representing a number of free states who have made international declarations of intent to return to free republics and that they are working with the military to arrest the criminals and restore our national republic.)

The explanation of that "snag" was the first thing I have heard that I thought gave them a degree of credibility. He claimed he had met some new high up in the movement and that some of their next steps had been explained to him but he was asked not to announce them yet. He also made it clear that they have him telling the things that he has revealed only to serve as a heads up and to help the process go along with minimal chaos caused by people caught off guard as there could be some disruptions of services in the process. No doubt that would be true.

Now, the Wilcock update declares the guys who filed the lawsuit against the FED last fall have now perfected COMMERCIAL LIENS ON ALL 12 FED BANKS. This is a process I understand and had suggested a couple of years ago as the way to take them down. It is a process using their own commercial laws against them; laws they violate consistently and do not follow except as it benefits their thefts. I never had a great deal of faith in the lawsuit making much difference...but commercial liens are serious. That starts the war in the view of the FED.
The liens and affidavits are in the Wilcock update. I have read them, and based on my understandings of the law and the commercial system....UCC...these are the real deal and make perfect they are not make believe written to fool the uninformed. I remind you that it was commercial liens which caused the feds to take down the Montana freemen. I put no real hope in the lawsuit they filed last fall but these commercial liens are real...they are serious...and NOW, I think we are seeing evidence there is a real effort to take these pricks down.

It is no guarantee of success, but if the Drake claims are true and they are now working with the folks who have perfected the commercial liens we may have a joining of forces which may be the real deal. The link to the update, which is long, is below. The commercial lien info is way down the update. It takes about 60 to 90 days to perfect these commercial liens and the time frame fits as they have had just about enough time since the law suit was filed to draft and perfect the liens.

The government can possibly make the court case go away since they own the courts, but they cannot make the commercial liens go away easily. This is the first real reason I have seen to indicate we may indeed have some folks working to overturn what exists. It is, at least, reason for some hope. I have remained skeptical for some time, in spite of the prior claims by these folks, but I see these commercial liens as important. We still are not seeing arrests of the individuals involved but these liens are a major step in that direction. This is worthy of notice.


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